Annual Report of the Board of Indian Commissioners, Volume 30,Bagian 1898

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Halaman 3 - An act for the relief and civilization of the Chippewa Indians in the State of Minnesota.
Halaman 24 - ... agency is becoming a machine through which large sums of money are disbursed to immoral, dissipated, and utterly thoughtless persons, who have neither occasion nor disposition to resort to labor, and many of whom are without moral perception.
Halaman 7 - The ratio of the good to the bad is remarkable from any standpoint, but is emphasized particularly as showing the value of an educational system which can in a generation develop from savages 76 per cent of good average men and women, capable of dealing with the ordinary problems of life and taking their places in the great body politic of our country.
Halaman 3 - THE BOARD. No change in the membership of the Board has occurred during the year. The regular quarterly meetings required by law have been duly held and well attended. There have also been five special meetings, mostly occasioned by the prevalence of small pox in the State. Notice of them will be found in the Secretary's records. The necessity of some direct and systematic...
Halaman 28 - MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF INDIAN COMMISSIONERS, WITH THEIR POST-OFFICE ADDRESSES. DARWIN R. JAMES, chairman 226 Gates avenue, Brooklyn, NY MERRILL E. GATES, secretary 1429 New York avenue, Washington, DC ALBERT K. SMILEY Mohonk Lake, NY WILLIAM H.
Halaman 16 - Sir, In compliance with your request I have the honor to give you herewith a written statement of what passed between his excellency Manuel de la...
Halaman 9 - ... feasibility, and estimating in detail the cost, of the construction of a dam across the river at that point for the purpose of irrigating the Sacaton Reservation, and for ascertaining the average daily flow of water in the river at that point, twenty thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be necessary, the same to be expended by the Director of the United States Geological Survey, under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior : Provided, That nothing herein shall be construed as in...
Halaman 8 - ... following questions? 1. How many allotments have been made to Indians of your agency? 2. How many patents have been issued? 3. How many Indians are living on their alloted lands? 4. To what extent are they cultivating their lands? 5. To what extent are their lands leased, and for what purposes are they leased, and with what results? 6. What, in your opinion, are the benefits or the evils of the allotment policy? 7. What proportion of the lands of the reservation of your agency is so well...
Halaman 18 - In reply to circular letter of the 5th instant I have the honor to submit the following : 1,971 persons were allotted 160 acres each 315, 360 9 persons were allotted 40 acres each 360 5 churches received 40 acres each 200 1 church received 160 acres 160 1 church received 17 acres 17 12783 2 1 Government school received 480 acres .. 480 1 mission school received 160 acres 160 1 agency school received 170 acres 170 Total 316.907 Thrown open to settlement 601,873 Grand total...
Halaman 23 - This operation seriously interferes with carrying on the work properly. The dock at the fish commission is in a very dilapidated condition, and it is only a matter of a short time when the Anemone will not be able to dock there or keep a working supply of buoys and appendages. The front of the wharf has already been taken away and the remainder will not last for any great length of time. Detailed estimate: Dredging channel...

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