Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Volume 68

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Published papers whose appeal lies in their subject-matter rather than their technical statistical contents. Medical, social, educational, legal,demographic and governmental issues are of particular concern.

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Halaman 53 - Incorporation for the purposes aforesaid. 1. ^OtD ilHOU) ?C that We, being desirous of encouraging a design so laudable and salutary, of Our especial grace, certain knowledge and mere motion, have willed, granted, and declared and Do by these Presents, for Us, Our heirs and successors, will, grant, and declare that the said Sir Rawson William Rawson, Knight Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of St.
Halaman 61 - Regulations not inconsistent with these bye-laws, which shall be and remain in force until the next Annual General Meeting, at which they shall be either affirmed or annulled; but no Council shall have power to renew Regulations which have once been disapproved at an Annual General Meeting. 28. The Council shall have the custody of the Common Seal. The Common Seal shall not...
Halaman 61 - The Council shall publish a Journal of the Transactions of the Society, and such other Statistical Publications as they may determine upon, and may from time to time pay such gums to Editors and their assistants, whether Fellows of the Society or not, as may be deemed advisable.
Halaman 53 - Society, but so that the yearly value thereof to be computed at the rack rent which might be gotten for the same at the time of the purchase or other acquisition, and including the site of the said hall, or house, do not exceed in the whole the sum of Two thousand pounds. 3.
Halaman 61 - Member damaging a book, either replaces the work, or pays a fine equivalent to its value. 7. Books taken from the shelves for reference, are not to be replaced, but must be laid on the Library table. 8. The Secretary shall report to the Council any infringement of these regulations, and lay upon the table at each regular Meeting (a) a. List of any
Halaman 53 - Institute) may, notwithstanding the statutes of mortmain, take, purchase, hold and enjoy to them and their successors a Hall, or House, and any such messuages...
Halaman 20 - ... 2. That in each sanitary district a registered medical practitioner should be appointed as public medical certifier of the cause of death in cases in which a certificate from a medical practitioner in attendance is not forthcoming.
Halaman 57 - Secre'taries for the time being, that he ' desires to withdraw from the Society, ' he shall be free thenceforward from
Halaman 438 - Such indiscriminate and unlimited. employment of the poor, consisting of a great proportion of the inhabitants of trading districts, will be attended with effects to the rising generation so serious and alarming, that I cannot contemplate them without dismay, and thus that great effort of British ingenuity, whereby the machinery of our manufactures has been brought to such perfection, instead of being a blessing to the nation, will be converted into the bitterest curse.

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