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Author of these Sermons has been recently charged in a dissenting Review with 'not suffering men in general to hold converse with the Bible, unless the Church in some way be present at the interview, like the jailor when the prisoner receives a visit from his friends! Whether this statement is true respecting an individual Clergyman, is a question of immense importance to him, of little to the world. But I am supposed to be afraid of the Bible, because the Church of which I am a minister is afraid of it. In many other instances, the Reviewer says that my relations' with the Church are "unfriendly;' in this part of my conduct, he believes I am its too faithful representative. This accusation therefore concerns us all. It has nothing to do with the sins or the follies of me, or of any who may happen to agree with me. Every

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* Eclectic Review, September 1851, p. 269.

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