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Halaman 345 - THE ANCIENTS HAD OF INDIA ; and the Progress of Trade with that Country prior to the Discovery of the Passage to it by the Cape of Good Hope. With an Appendix, containing Observations on the Civil Policy, the Laws and Judicial Proceedings, the Arts, the Sciences, and Religious Institutions of the Indians.
Halaman 379 - Travels into the inland parts of Africa, containing a description of the several nations for the space of six hundred miles up the River Gambia ... To which is added, Capt.
Halaman 249 - HISTORY of MODERN EUROPE. With an Account of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ; and a view of the Progress of Society, from the Rise of the Modern Kingdoms to the Peace of Paris in 1763.
Halaman 345 - Difquifition concerning the Knowledge •which the Ancients had of India ; and the Progrefs of Trade with that Country prior to the Difcovcry of the Paflage to it by the Cape of Good Hope.
Halaman 19 - Anain and the Discoveries of De Fonte. Elucidated by a new and original map, to which is Prefixed an Historical Abridgment of Discoveries in the North of America.
Halaman 13 - Philadelphia; interspersed with authentic documents; the whole tending to exhibit the progress and present state of civil and religious liberty, population, agriculture, exports, imports, fisheries, navigation, shipbuilding, manufactures, and general improvement.
Halaman 21 - Beisende und Beytrag zur Länderkunde, herausgegeben und mit Anmerkungen erläutert, von M. Philipp Friedrich Binder, Pfarrer in Haberschlacht.
Halaman 25 - ISLAND: compiled from Authentic Papers which have been received from the feveral Departments. To which are added, The JOURNALS of Lieut. SHORT-LAND of the dlexaidef; Lieut.
Halaman 318 - Rey que fue del Africa, y de las Arabias, y vida del Rey Jacob Alman^or.
Halaman 208 - Projet d'une dixme royale, qui, supprimant la taille, les aydes, les douanes d'une province à l'autre, les décimes du clergé, les affaires extraordinaires, et tous autres impôts onéreux et non volontaires : et diminuant le prix du sel de moitié et plus...

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