Authentic Recipes from Indonesia

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Tuttle Publishing, 17 Apr 2012 - 112 halaman
Cook delicious and surprisingly easy dishes with this beautifully illustrated Indonesian cookbook.

Authentic Recipes from Indonesia includes over 60 easy-to-follow recipes with detailed descriptions of ingredients and cooking methods, enabling the reader to reproduce the flavors of authentic Indonesian food at home.

The fabled Spice Islands of Indonesia encompass the most astonishing physical and cultural diversity in Asia. Authentic Recipes from Indonesia introduces a sampling of the most popular Indonesian food from across the archipelago. Included in this unique collection are spicy Padang favorites from West Sumatra, healthy Javanese vegetable creations, succulent satay and poultry dishes from Bali and Lombok, and unusual recipes from Kalimantan and the eastern isles of Flores and Timor. In addition to the range of exciting recipes, this book acquaints readers with Indonesia's varied cultural and culinary traditions.

Featured Indonesian recipes include:
  • Avacado Smoohies
  • Balinese Style Chicken or Duck Satay
  • Beef with Coconut
  • Fragrant Chili Sambal
  • Pork Stewed with Potatoes
  • Shrimp in Hot Coconut Sauce
  • And many more…
Increasing numbers of travelers are discovering the rich cultural diversity of Indonesia, venturing off the beaten Bali-Java-Sumatra tourist track. Let Authentic Recipes take you on a voyage of culinary discover.

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Food in Indonesia
An Invitation to a Feast 14
Wrapping Foods in Banan Leaves 19
Pickles Sambals and Dipping Sauces
Balinese Style Chicken or Duck Satay 38
Rujak 48
Sambal Soto 34
Eggs in Fragrant Lemongrass Sauce 76
Stewed Pineapple with Coconut and Indoesian Spices 59
Grilled Chicken with Chili Sauce 69
Spicy Padangstyle Eggs 76
Fish Stew with Lemongrass and Turmeric 86
Makassarese Sparerib Soup 96
Banana Fritters 106
Spiced Coconut with Peanuts 34
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