Proceedings of the American Street and Interurban Railway Association, Volume 2

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Halaman 315 - This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present at a regular meeting...
Halaman 153 - ... the terms and conditions under which such through routes shall be operated...
Halaman 227 - Rules and Requirements of the National Board of Fire Underwriters...
Halaman 317 - A majority of the members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum of the Committee.
Halaman 153 - ... when that may be necessary to give effect to any provision of this Act, and the carriers complained of have refused or neglected to voluntarily establish such through routes and joint rates, provided no reasonable or satisfactory through route exists, and this provision shall apply when one of the connecting carriers is a water line.
Halaman 143 - The number of passes and speed of train shall be so regulated that on leaving the rolls at the final pass the temperature of the rail will not exceed that which requires a shrinkage allowance at the hot -saws, for a 30-ft.
Halaman 308 - The president, if present, or in his absence one of the vicepresidents, in their order, if present, shall preside at all meetings of the association, and of the executive committee, and shall represent this association on the executive committee of the American Electric Railway Association.
Halaman 310 - All papers read at the meetings of the Association must relate to matters connected with the objects of the Association, and must be approved by the Executive Committee before being read, unless notice of the same shall have been previously given to the Secretary, as hereinbefore provided.
Halaman 316 - Committee, and provided that a copy shall have been sent to each of the active members at least thirty days prior to the date of the meeting at which the proposed amendment is to be acted upon.
Halaman 229 - Such cements, when tested neat, shall, after one day in air, develop a tensile strength of at least 300 pounds per square inch ; and after one day in air and six days in water shall develop a tensile strength of at least...

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