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New London, Conn.: company news,


News from Stone & Webster Companies, see Companies

Northwest Electric Light & Power Association, Thirteenth Annual

Convention, 377

Notes on the Old Battle Front (Ralph Adams Cram), 95-101

Nevada, see Reno

Nova Scotia, see Sydney

OBSERVATIONS in France, Belgium and England (Charles A. Stone and Edwin S. Webster), *88-94

Oil Fuel, Unusual Efficiencies in Installation (Joseph Pope and Frank G. Philo), *194-201

Outings, see Entertainments

PADUCAH, KY.: business conditions, 47, 134, 206, 366, 457; company news, 64, 215

Paris Revisited (John D. Street), 168-175

Pawtucket, R. I.: business conditions, 48, 135, 207, 457; company news, 66, 147, 468

Politics (F. J. Whiting), 6-12

Ponce, Porto Rico: business conditions, 135, 207, 285, 366, 458

Porto Rico, see Ponce

Principles of Sound Banking, The (Charles A. Morss), 398-404
Pulverized Coal for Boilers (Fred A. Scheffler), 28-40

QUOTATIONS on Securities of Companies under Stone & Webster Management, 77, 150, 226, 306, 386, 478

RAILROAD RATES, Mr. Howard Elliott on, 126-128

Rates: Ruling of the Michigan Public Utilities Commission, 145; Mr. Howard Elliott on Railroad Rates, 126; Increase granted to the Houghton County Traction Co., 213; Renaissance Fare (L. R. Nash), 275-280; Increased fare in Bellingham, Wash., 291; Increase in gas rates in Haverhill, Mass., 292; Increased fares in Fort Worth, Texas, 372; Increase in Houston rates, 374; Valuation for RateMaking Purposes (L. R. Nash), 425-444; Increased fares in El Paso, 462

Reims: see page 98, 104

Renaissance Fare, The (L. R. Nash), 275-280

Reno, Nevada: business conditions, 49, 136, 208, 458

Rhode Island, see Pawtucket, Woonsocket

Russia (W. L. Sands), 317-324

SAFETY CARS, see Birney Cars

"Safety Week" in Sydney, Nova Scotia, 377

Seattle, Wash.: business conditions, 49, 136, 285, 367, 458; company

news, 66, 148, 377

Seattle, Washery Sludge Burned in Pulverized Form at (Charles H.
Bromley), *188-201

Shipbuilding, The World's Record in (B. F. Doran), 180-187

Some Observations on Commercial and Financial Conditions in South-
west Europe (J. E. Case), 332-336

South American Situation, The (M. D. Carrel), *337-341
Standardization of stationary forms, 149

Stone & Webster construction contracts, 140, 288

Street Railway Problems (Ed.), 314-316

Sydney, Nova Scotia: business conditions, 136, 208, 367, 459; company
news, 67, 296, 377

TACOMA, WASH.: business conditions, 50, 137, 367, 459; company
news, 297, 378

Tampa, Fla.: business conditions, 50, 137, 209, 286, 368; company news,
67, 150, 216, 298, 468

Texas, see Beaumont & Port Arthur, El Paso, Fort Worth, Galveston,

UNUSUAL Efficiencies in an Oil Fuel Installation (Joseph Pope and
Frank G. Philo), *194-201

VALUATION for Rate-Making Purposes (L. R. Nash), 425-444
Verdun: see pages 81, 88, 90, 96, 98, 100, 101

WASHERY Sludge Burned in Pulverized Form at Seattle (Charles H.
Bromley), *188-193

Water Power of the Feather River and the Caribou Development of the
Great Western Power Company (J. H. Anderton), *260-266
Water Power: The Federal Act and Its Administration (O. C. Merrill),
251-259; Water Power of the Feather River and the Caribou De-
velopment of the Great Western Power Company (J. H. Ander-
ton), *260-266

Westinghouse Lamp Company (C. E. Nichols), *356-360

Why Things Go Wrong (Ed.), 161-167

Wood Pipe, see An Ancient Industry Modernized (H. K. Munroe), *176-

Woonsocket, R. I.: business conditions, 51, 137, 209, 368; company
news, 68, 150, 217, 379, 469

[blocks in formation]

ALLEN, ELBERT G.: By-Products of An Engineering Trip to France
and Italy, *102-117

Anderton, J. H.: Water-Power of the Feather River and the Caribou
Development of the Great Western Power Company, *260-266

BROMLEY, CHARLES H.: Washery Sludge Burned in Pulverized Form at Seattle, 188-193

Bullard, W. Irving: Insuring America's Business Prosperity, 239-259 Burke, W. H.: Accidents Lessened by Safety Cars, 267-274

CARREL, M. D.: The South American Situation, *337-341

Case, J. F.: Some Observations on Commercial and Industrial Conditions in Southwest Europe, 332-336

Cram, Ralph Adams: Notes on The Old Battle Front, 95-101

DORAN, B. F.: The World's Record in Shipbuilding, 180-187

ELLIOTT, HOWARD: Railroad Rates and Efficiency, 126-128

GREENE, EDWIN FARNHAM: Industrial Reconstruction in Europe,


MERRILL, O. C.: The Federal Water-Power Act and Its Administration, 251-259

Morss, Charles A.: The Principles of Sound Banking, 398-404
Munroe, H. K.: An Ancient Industry Modernized, *176-179

NASH, L. R.: The Renaissance Fare, 275-280; Valuation for Rate-Making Purposes, 425-444

Nichols, C. E.: Westinghouse Lamp Company, *356-360

Northrop, Albert Allen: Brazil as Seen in Passing, *405-424

PHILO, FRANK G.: Unusual Efficiencies in an Oil Fuel Installation, *194-201

Pope, Joseph: Unusual Efficiencies in an Oil Fuel Installation, *194-201

SANDS, W. L.: Russia, 317-324

Scheffler, Fred A.: Pulverized Coal for Boilers, 28-40

Stone, Charles A.: Observations in France, Belgium and England, *88-94

Street, John D.: Paris Revisited, 168-175

WADSWORTH, ELIOT: Bolshevism; and Its Offensive Against Western Civilization, 118-125

Wallace, C. F.: A Glimpse of Korea and China, *342-355

Webster, Edwin S.: Observations in France, Belgium and England,


Whiting, F. J.: Politics, 7-12

Wood, D. M.: Impressions of Japan, *13-27


ABBOT, V. E., entered the treasurer's office, 140

Alexander, Jefferson L., appointed local manager of the Keokuk Electric Company, 52, 56, 61

BAKER, EDITH, resignation, 142

Bailey, Jeannette, resignation, 290

Bancroft, E. L., appointed chief engineer at Paducah, 216
Barrett, Miss M. B., resignation, 210

Bell, W. R., transferred to Haverhill, 210, 292

Bogrette, J. S., resignation, 140

Bolton, Charles, transferred to Key West, 146, 150

Boyle, J. F., marriage, 371

Burlingame, Walter S., transferred to Pawtucket, 297

Butler, William, entered the employ of the Haverhill Company, 58

CADORETTE, GRACE E., resignation, 469

Cannon, Michael, resignation, 465

Canter, Sterling W., resignation, 298

Carpenter, J. E., entered the Baton Rouge accounting department, 371
Carroll, R. S., assumed duties as manager of the Galveston Company,


Chalmers, W. D., transferred to Baton Rouge, 143, 210

Chapman, W. I., transferred to Port Arthur, 54

Conkey, C. E., marriage, 379

Crawford, William T., marriage, 52

Crews, W. P., resignation, 54

Crossan, Thomas E., transferred to Houghton, 292

DAGGETT, A. K., assumed duties of statistical clerk of the Keokuk

Electric Company, 61

Dimond, John W., resignation, 61

Donald, A. H., resignation, 67

Doud, Arthur, T., joined the engineering department, 370

Drummond, C. C., resignation, 294

ENDER, J. E., death notice, 68

FISH, GUY R., resignation, 69

GALE, J. W., transferred to Beaumont and Port Arthur, 289, 294

Gallaher, J. E., resignation, 54

Gamans, J. B., entered the treasurer's office, 140

Gibbons, H. C., marriage, 68

Gleason, Raymond E., transferred to Houston, 294

Gwynn, F. D., transferred from Tampa to the Boston office, 139, 150

HOLLICKY, J. J., resignation, 54

Haskell, Warren, joined the electrical division at Pawtucket, 148

Hearne, W. B., transferred to Tampa, 68

Hillin, W. L., resignation, 465

JETTE, CLARA E., resignation, 468

KARGER, RALPH G., resignation, 140

Kennedy, William H., transferred to Savannah, 213, 293
Kerr, D. H., transferred to the Tampa Electric Company, 146

King, F. H., transferred to Pensacola, 298

Kirkland, R. N., transferred to Houghton, 213, 293

LACROSSE, E., temporarily transferred to Baltimore, 210

Lamb, J. C., transferred to Baton Rouge, 210, 216

Lemmon, Henry A., transferred from Halifax to the Boston office, 52 Lewis, Sallie Lee, resignation, 298

Loud, Mrs. B. G., resignation, 210

Loup, R. E., transferred to Beaumont, 461

Lucas, George, transferred to the Key West Electric Company, 62, 68

MCAULAY, ROSS, resignation, 296

McCaffrey, G. E., entered the employ of the Haverhill Company, 58 McCluskey, J. C., transferred to the Haverhill Gas Light Company, 215, 292

MacFadden, S. P., resignation, 289

McLaughlin, J. F., transferred to the Boston office, 294, 466

McLeod, Miss L. V., resignation, 378

McMillan, Miss O., resignation, 297

McNeil, R. J., resignation, 296

McPheeters, Sara J., resignation, 468

McRae, Catherine, resignation, 296

McSween, James, resignation, 296

Martin, N. J., joined the force of the Paducah Company, 65

Martin, W. J., resignation, 216

Martzall, F. M., transferred to Savannah, 60

Meeks, C. H., appointed chief engineer of the Beaumont Station, 54

Mesa, M. A., resignation, 215

Mills, R. J., resignation, 371

Mitchell, Grace E., resignation, 293

Moore, David, transferred to Galveston, 463

Morgan, Arthur G., resignation, 61

Morton, F. C., transferred to Savannah, 467

Munt, George E., transferred to Ponce, 377

Murray, J. E., transferred to Reno, 464

NIXON, F. A., resignation, 62

Norman, Miss F. U., resignation, 214

O'LEARY, CORNELIUS E., transferred to Jacksonville, 375
Oliver, N. F., entered the employ of the Sydney Company, 67

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