Gas, Gasoline and Oil Engines

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D. Appleton, 1919 - 206 halaman
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Halaman 179 - Where smoke pipes pass through a lath and plaster partition they shall be guarded by galvanized iron ventilated thimbles at least twelve inches larger in diameter than the pipes, or by galvanized iron thimbles built in at least eight inches of brickwork.
Halaman 184 - This tank also to have an approved pressure relief set to operate at a safe pressure and connected by an overflow pipe to the main tank. These receivers when...
Halaman 179 - The smoke and vent pipe shall, where practicable, be carried above the roof of the building in which the apparatus is contained, and above adjoining buildings. When buildings are too high to make this practicable the pipe shall end at least 10 feet from any wall opening. No...
Halaman 184 - ... pressure and connected by an overflow pipe to the main tank. These receivers, when arranged with engine supply pipe connections below the oil level, to be so arranged that the oil will automatically drain back to the main supply tank when the engine stops, leaving not over one gallon, where necessary for priming. In case the supply of oil for the engine by piping is connected above the oil level the automatic release of the pressure without the draining of the oil may be permitted.
Halaman 179 - Where not otherwise provided for, regulator should be arranged with an automatic gas shut-off to prevent the flow of gas into the room in case engine shuts down from any cause. 6. EXHAUST PIPE. — Exhaust pipe, whether direct from engine or from mufflers, shall, where practicable, be carried above the roof of the building in which the engine is contained, and above adjoining buildings.
Halaman 183 - Due consideration shall be given to the cleaning of the cylinders, valves and exhaust pipe as often as the quality of the fuel may necessitate.
Halaman 179 - Exhaust pots must be placed on firm foundations and mufflers and exhaust pots to be kept at least one foot from woodwork or combustible materials. (b) Exhaust pots of the closed type must be provided with plugged opening, placed near the bottom and below the exhaust pipe connection. 5. GAS BAG OR PRESSURE REGULATOR. — (a) Gas bags, if used, must be enclosed in a substantial gas-tight metal drum, of approved construction, vented to the outer air through a pipe used for no other purpose. (b) Where...
Halaman 180 - ... 8 inches of brickwork or other incombustible material. They shall not under any circumstances be connected into chimneys or flues, except that the pipe may pass up in flues used for no other purpose. No exhaust pipe shall pass through any floor, nor through a roof having wooden framework or covering. NOTE. — This pipe is liable to become very hot and should have additional protection where dust or inflammable flyings are present.
Halaman 182 - PORTABLE GASOLINE ENGINES. In this class are included so-called "self-contained" engines, mounted on wheels, or on skids, or otherwise so arranged as to be conveniently moved from place to place as the necessities of the service may demand. These engines are considered more hazardous than stationary engines having separate underground storage tanks, and should not be used as a substitute for stationary engines. Where used, their hazards should be recognized by the inspection department having jurisdiction,...
Halaman 178 - Piping and connections shall be run as direct as possible and be thoroughly tested before being placed in service. 3. IGNITER OR EXPLODER.- — Electric ignition only must be used. NOTE. — Hot tubes and any provision for their installation , on engines are prohibited. 4. MUFFLER OR EXHAUST POT. — (a) Exhaust pots must...

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