The Canadian Album: Men of Canada; Or, Success by Example, in Religion, Patriotism, Business, Law, Medicine, Education and Agriculture; Containing Portraits of Some of Canada's Chief Business Men, Statesmen, Farmers, Men of the Learned Professions, and Others. Also, an Authentic Sketch of Their Lives...

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William Cochrane
Bradley, Garretson & Company, 1891

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Halaman 8 - tis something ; we may stand Where he in English earth is laid, And from his ashes may be made The violet of his native land. Tis little ; but it looks in truth As if the quiet bones were blest Among familiar names to rest And in the places of his youth.
Halaman 457 - The alumni association takes an active interest in all that pertains to the welfare of...
Halaman 8 - Whose cross he bore, whose wrongs he righted, — Could he but know, and rest with this ! Yet stay, through Death's low-lying hollow, His one last foe's insatiate hiss On that benignant shade would follow ! Peace ! while we shroud this man of men Let no unhallowed word be spok.en ! He will not answer thee again, His mouth is sealed, his wand is broken. Some holier cause, some vaster trust Beyond the veil, he doth inherit : O gently, Earth, receive his dust, And Heaven soothe his troubled spirit !...
Halaman 3 - The Canadian album: men of Canada; or, success by example, in religion, patriotism, business, law, medicine, education and agriculture...
Halaman 471 - He was also a public-spirited citizen, taking an interest in all matters pertaining to the welfare of the community, educational and otherwise, and was for many years superintendent of schools.
Halaman 455 - Chairman, it took an active interest in all matters pertaining to the welfare of the public health.
Halaman 5 - ... the art of judging of the character from the external appearance, especially from the countenance. The art is founded upon the belief, which has long and generally prevailed, that there is an intimate connection between the features and expression of the face and the qualities and habits of the mind ; and every man is conscious of instinctively drawing conclusions in this way for himself with more or leas confidence, and of acting upon them to a certain extent in the afl'airs of life.
Halaman 447 - Bar in 1881, and at once began the practice of his profession in his native town.
Halaman 305 - He received a good common school education, and, at the age of twenty-one, he engaged in the lumbering business in the township of Logan, County of Perth.

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