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" Alters not the sence but orders to have the force of Lawes and to be put in execuCon as Lawes, and the Infringers of them to be sued at Law and punished for the breach in Courts of Justice are equally Lawes in those Townships as any Lawes of this province... "
The Journall of the Procedure of the Governor and Councill of the Province ... - Halaman 53
oleh New Jersey. Council - 1872 - 245 halaman
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Journal of the Governor and Council...

New Jersey. Council - 1890
...the word orders — For the Deputyes Bill instead of by lawes expressing themselves in other Termes and calling them orders — Alters not the sence but...DeterminaCons in Towneshipps are called By Lawes and so are agreem" this Day of all the CorporaCons in England, so much as the great City of London. 4 Wee must...
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Journal of the Governor and Council, Volume 13

New Jersey. Council - 1890
...Lawes in those Townships as ajiy Lawes of this province are to the gen'all not improprly but prperly called Lawes. And the Deputyes calling those Agreem" their Bill is imp'per the word orders being not prperly appropriable to agreem" of any Towne or Incorporated body of people, but only to the Councill...
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Essays in the Earlier History of American Corporations

Joseph Stancliffe Davis - 2013 - 547 halaman giving towns certain powers "to make local and prudential orders," (1683) that "the Deputies calling those Agreem*" Orders as they Doe in their...Courts of Justice — all other Determinac'ons in Townships are called By Lawes and so are agreemu this Day of all the Corporac'ons in England, so much...
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