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now in Towne that all p’sons Concern'd may have a full and Cleare understanding of the matters in Debate, And no oppertunity given of misreporteing the matters Debated And that the Conference be forthwth in the Councill Chamber

A Message from the Deputyes in writeing vizt

To the Governor and Councill According to our Message this morneing this house has Chosen four of their Members to meete as many of the Councill as the Governor and Councill shall see good to appoint wch said members are ready to attend

p. Order of the house Joseph Parker & v


May the 28th 1683

It's agreed that Such Conference as is p’posed be ffree and wth Such Members ss the Deputyes by their Message say the have appointed and that the Governor and Councill lay aside all other matters and give way to the said Conference

Richard Hartshorne, Edward Slater, Thomas Johnson and John Gillman came here in pursuance of the Message, Sev’all people came in wherein was related our former p'ceedure wth the Deputyes,—and some p'ticulars relateing to the Concessions -Richard Hartshorne alledged hee was to meet a Com’ittee of the Councill and not the Governor in Councill—it was Answered that our Message was to acquaint them the Governor and all those of the Councill in Towne should meet them and their Answer to o's did not oppose it-soe wee desired a free Conerence wth both houses,— After a long stay till past Twelve A Clock It was agreed and ordered that the further p'ceedure on such Conferrence as p'posed should be Deferr'd till Wednesday morrow morneing 7 A Clock, To wch tyme the Councill Adjourn’d accordingly

Adjourn d'to 7 A Clock wednesday morneing

Att a Councill held the 30th Day of May Anno Dni 1683


The Deputy Governor
Captn Berry
Captn Palmer
Lawrence Andresse

of the Counc:
Banja Price

A message from the Deputyes in writeing To the Governor and Councill

The house of Deputyes haveing some things in Considerac'on at this p'sent, Crave the patience of the Governor and Councill awhile for the Deputyes waiteing vpon them and they will attend as soone as possible

Answer was given them the Governor and Councill were ready when the Deputyes would come here and that they might take their owne tyme

In the afternoone the Deputyes came Downe and Delivered in this paper following vizt

Whereas on the 26th instant the Governor and Councill vrged the Deputyes for an Answer either to owne the Concessions or Deny them our possitive Answer is wee Disowne them May 30th 1683

p: order of the house


The Governor and Councill then takeing the same into Debate in Free Conference wth the Deputyes—acquainted the Deputyes, first that owneing or Disowneing was not a terme vsed by the Governor and Councill but the p'position was the 26th to Confirme make voyd or review the Concessions of wch this is not or p’posed in words of Act of gen’all Assem


2 That the makeing voyd of our fundamentall of fotindac'on of Governmt was not like ministers of State or gen’all Assembly but to p’pose something in the place of that made voy'd, Considering that the priviledges of gen’all Assembly Depends thereon.

3 That if he had anything to p’pose in order to Confirme or make voyd the gen'all Concessions by way of Act p’pose it and as pt of gen’all Assembly wee are ready to Answer the same

The Deputyes made Answer that they could not Determine any such matter untill they Considered thereof amongst themselves and thereupon wthdrew from the Councill

Adjournd till 7 A Clock to morrow morneing


Att a Councill held the 31st Day of May Anno Dni 1683

The Deputy Governor ! p'pr
Thomas Warne
Captn Berry
Captn Palmer

} of the Councill
Lawrence Andresse & I
Benja Price

A message from the Deputyes in writeing The house of Deputyes desire the Assent of the Governor and Councill for an Adjournmt of this gen'all Assembly to the 3d Tuesday in october next May 31st 1683 p. order of the house of Deputyes

John Bound.

Ordered that Captn Berry and Captn Palmer forthwth goe to the Deputyes and acquaint them that he attend this board ordered that the Governor and Councill Concurr wth the Deputyes for an Adjournm to the 3d Tusday in November next

The Deputyes Attending this board by mutuall agreem of the Governor Councill and Deputyes, in gen’all Assembly mett and Assembled agreed to Adjourne the said Gen’all Assembly to the 3d Tuesday in November next to wch tyme the said gen'all Assembly Adjourned accordingly

The petic'on of William Broadwell of Elizabeth Towne Setting forth that he had a warrt from the late Governor and Councill 26 ffeb 1679 to lay for him in Right of his wife 60 Acres of Land, Agreed that in Case hee make his rights to appeare to the Deputy Governor and Surveyor gen’all, that then the Deputy Governor, Issue out his warrt to the Surveyor gen’all to lay out the same according to the petic'on

The petic'on of Robert Travis Blacksmith of Elizabeth Towne setting forth that in the yeare 1679 as a free man he Came into this p’vince and has been ever since here resident Desires Land according to the now Lords p’prieto's published Concessions, Agreed and Ordered that this matter be left to the Deputy Governor and p’prietors now in this p’vince to search into the Truth of the Allegac'on-and if They see cause that the Deputy Governor issue out his warr' to survey and lay out the same as Desired

The petic'on of ffrancis Drake of piscattaway seting forth that 28th ffeb 1681, hee had a warrt from the Late Governor



for 120 Acres of Land wthin the bounds of Piscattaway-vpon examination it appeares not wherefore the same was grantedand that his p'tence is Convey'd or Assigned to Daniel Hooper, The Substance of the same petition is left to the Considerac'on and Determinac'on of the p'sent p'prieto's and if they see cause the Governor to issue out his warrt for laying out the same as Desired

The petic'on of Richard Clarke of Elizabeth Towne for 300 Acres of Land for head rights according to the Concessions, Agreed and ordered that he makeing his rights appeare to the Governor that then a warrt be issued out by the Governor to the Surveyor Gen’all for laying out the same according to the Tenor and effect of the petic'on

The peticion of Gersham Bowne by Joseph Bonbridge his Attorney to have a pattent for 500 Acres of land according to the order of Councill the second of March last at I p Acre, and the Addition of 120 Acres att such rent as the p'prietors and the petic'oner cann agree-It's ordered the matter of the petic'on be left to the p’sent Deputy Governor and Surveyor gen'all to Determine and Agree wth the petic'oner to make a pattent for part or all as they see meet

The petic'on of Joseph Bainbridge for the like quantity of Land upon the termes above expressed, it's ordered and agreed that the like reference bee as in the petic'on last above mentioned.

The petic'on of Jeremy Markham read-Desireing that land may be laid out for him wthin the bounds of This Towne, according to the p'portion expressed in the now p'prieto's Concessions—It's ordered and agreed that he makeing his right appeare the Deputy Governor issue out his warrt for the laying out the same as is petitioned

Vpon the Inspection of the gen’all Concessions of this p’vince, And vpon Consideration of the Absolute necessity of Laying out of Lands (Agreed and Ordered by the Governor and Councill to bee laid out and Survey’d) to sev’all p’sons, who have petic'oned to have the same in pursuance of their respective Rights granted by the said gen’all Concessions

It is Agreed and Ordered that the Surveyor gen’all Do not onely make such Subscripc'on for the faithful p’formance and Execuc'on of his office but also p'sent ynto the Deputy Governor, Two or more Deputy Surveyors for the more effectuall p’formance of that office of Surveyor who may make such subscripc'on for the ffaithfull p'formance of their respective Dutyes in that behalfe, And in Case the surveyor gen’all shall not p'sent such p'sons for Deputyes vnto the


Deputy Governor wthin the space of ffourteen Dayes now next Ensueing, That then the Deputy Governor appoint and Com'issionate Two or more p’sons skillfull in Surveying Causeing the said p’sons to make such Subscripc'ons as aforesaid wch said p'sons so p'sented appointed and Com'issionated and Subscribeing as aforesaid shall and may execute all warrts given out vnto them for Survey and make returns thereof, in order to the pattenting of Lands, that right may be Don ynto all p’sons and Justice neither Deny'd or Delay'd to be Don vnto every one The want whereof heretofore Dureing the late Govermt vnder the late Lords p'prieto's has bin the occasion of many Contentions Quarrells and offences taken agt the Goverm wch we finde is not to bee wthout trouble and Dificulty Allayed.

Ordered and Agreed that Eliakin Wardell of Shresburey in the County of Monmouth gent bee High Sheriffe of the said County, and that the Deputy Governor issue out his Com'ission to him vnder the Seale of the p’vince

Att a Councill held at Elizabeth Towne the 14th Day of August Anno Dni 1683

p'sent The Deputy Governor

Captn Palmer
Captn Sandford { of the Counc:
Benja Price

It's ordered and agreed that a new Com'ission be forthwth issued out under the seale of this province for the Justices of the Court of Com’on Right, And that the Justices to bee Commissionated vntill the Governor and Councill otherwise Doe order shall bee Coll Lewis Morris, Captn John Berry Captn Palmer Captn William Sandford Benja Price, Members of the Governors Councill, Thomas Warne Captn John Baker Samol Dennes Benja Parkis Thomas Codrington M'chant, Daniell Hooper M'chant, and Lieuetent John Ward

Att a Councill held the 15th August 1683 att Elizabeth Towne


The Deputy Governor
Coll Morris
Captn Palmer
Captn Sandford Sof the Counc:
Lawrence Andress &
Benja Price


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