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sent here from the Deputyes, And this board is ready according to the orderly p'ceedure of the gen’all Assembly to heare in Conference or otherwise such reasons wch the Deputyes may offer agst these amendmts made by vs & sent wth the former Bill to the house of Deputyes, ordered, that Captn Berry and Benja Price carry vp this Message

A Bill sent here from the Deputyes agst the sale of strong Liquors to the Indians wch being read some amendmts were made therein, And ordered that the same be transcribed wth the amendmts and sent to the Depuytes for their Concurance, and that Captn Berry and Captn Sandford carry vp this Bill

The bill Entitled an Act for the Due Regulac'on of Execuc'ons-sent here from the Deputyes wth an amendm of these words vizt (men of good reputacion) to wch amendm this board agreed

A Message from the Deputyes in writeing vizt

Considering the season of the yeare and the necessity of the Representitives of this p’vince to bee at their habitations the wether being so wett by wch reason their Cropps of Corn may be in much Danger to their great Damage and Losse wch possibly may be p’vented by their Speedy repaireing home wherefore the Deputyes mooves for an Adjournmt of this Assembly till the Third Tusday in October next

Eliz: Towne, May 22th 16835

p. order of the house


Adjourned to 7 A Clock tomorrow morneing Att a Councill held the 23th Day of May Anno Dni 1683

p'sent The Deputy Governor & p’pr

Sam" Groome p’pr
Captn Berry
Captn Sandford
Captn Palmer

Yof the Councill Benja Price A Message from the Deputyes in writeing to The Governor and Councillwch being read and the Messengers vizt Richard Hartshorne Sam! Moore and four more being here Supposeing the same not admitting of the Councills Concurrencie or opposition or reasons to the Contrary, therefore the Messingers carryed back the said Message


A Bill to Regulate Treaties wth the Indians read and agreed the same be signed and sent up to the Deputyes by Captn Berry and Captn Sandford

A Bill Entitled an Act agst tradeing wth negro Slaves being read agreed the same be Transcribed and sent up to the Deputyes by Captn Sandford and Benja Price

A message from the Deputyes in writing vizt

To the Governor and Councill

This house Desires that there may be an amicable Concurrance between the Governor Councill and Deputyes for an Adjournm' to the 3d Tuesday in October next, and that the Deputyes of Each respective Towne at the publicac'on of the Laws may give notice to the Inhabitants of Each Towne that if any Debts be oweing to them from the Country they may bring in their accompts to this Assembly at the next Sessions Mess: M' Hartshorne & ) Mr Moore

p. order of the house Eliz: Towne,

John BOUND May 23th 16835

The Governor and Councill having Considered of the Message in writeing this Day sent from the Deputyes by Richard Hartshorne and Samll Moore Do Declare that they are and ever shall bee ready Amicably to Concurr wth the Deputyes for an Adjournmt of the gen'all Assembly according as is p'scribed in the gen’all Concessions of this p’vince, wch Directs the same. But the Deputyes intimateing the publicac’on of the Lawes now made it's the sense of this board, That for the tyme the gen’all Assembly have now sate Dureing the last Session or meeting (wch is but a continuance of the fformer) there has been so few Bills passed into Acts, That the publicac'on thereof must rather occac'on misapp'henc'ons amongst the people then satisfacc'on, And in as much as there are sev’all necessary Bills now Depending in the gen’all Assembly wch are not yet Concluded and passed into Acts, Altho of p'sent necessity for the good of this p’vince, ffor want of wch this board is senceable, occasion has been taken to Reflect (dureing the late Recesse) upon the Governmt and p'ticularly vpon the Governor and Councill, Therefore to remove all just occasion to be taken ags’t us


or the house of Deputyes we cannot but p’pose it as our sence, that it's verry necessary that in gen’all Assembly we either passe those Bills into Acts whch lye before vs before our Adjournmt or otherwise agree in an amicable way to satisfie the Country wee will not at all medle wth the same as not of Service to the Country and of Duty therein, And so soone as in gen'all Assembly we have Duly Dispatched the same, the Gov-. ernor and Councill are and shall be willing (no Inevitable accident p'venting) Amicably to Concurr wth the Deputyes in the adjournmt p’posed and as they have Desired in their Message now sent vs, ordered that Captn Berry and Benja Price carry this Message to the Deputyes

A Bill Entitled an Act agst tradeing wth Negro Slaves this Day sent to the Deputyes was sent back wth their Concurrence thereto wth out any amendmts.

The petic'on of Sam” Moore late p’vost Marshall of this p’vince now high Sheriffe of the County of Middx and the keeper of the Com'on Goale for this p’vince being read, therein setting forth his former great Cost and Charge in keeping and maintaineing the prisoners wth out any allowance for the same wch charge is yet Continued upon him there being noe p’vission to this Day made for him, It is the sence of this board as well his former as his latter Charge expended is p’vinciall and ought to be borne by the Country for wose service it is, Therefore it is ordered that his Case bee recommended to the Deputyes now assembled that they may Consider of some effectual way for his redresse, And it's further p’posed that the petic'oner being in a p'ticular of his Charge that some Due Course may be taken to settle by Act of Assembly or otherwise such a Sallary on that office or other p’vision that the office wch is so necessary may not onely be borne wthout Cost or Charge to the officer but a due Encouragemt for such who undertake the same, it's ordered that Captn Berry and Cap Palmer carry vp our sence to the Depntyes

Adjourned to 7 A Clock to morrow morneing

At a Councill held the 24th Day of May Anno Dni 1683

p'sent The Deputy Governor

Captn Berry
Captn Palmer
Captn Sandford ļ of the Councill.
Benja Price

A Message left here last night after the Adjourm Councill & is in writeing vize

of the

This house desires such a number of the Com'itte as the Governor and Councill will please to appoint may meet five of this house in a Com’itte to morrow morneing about 8 A Clock to Debate the Bills concerneing the militia and the p'bihiting of selling of Drinke to the Indians

p. order of the house Eliz: Towne,

John BOUND. May 23th 1683 )

Ordered that a Com’itte be appointed by this board to Confirr wth the Deputyes as in their message is directed

Ordered that Captn Berry Captn Palmer and Captn Sandford go to the hovse of Deputyes and acquaint them therewth and that they also attend that service, and make report of what they Doe therein to this board.

Captn Berry reports from the Com'itte appointed that their Debate was onely on the two Bills above menc'oned, And first as to the Militia,—they Debated as to that Claus wherein by the second bill sent from the Deputyes the Townes are to nominate and appoint their own officers whom the Governor and Councill should Com'issionate, The Deputyes said that the would bee thankeful if it would be granted, and if not they would not contend for itt

As to the Claus being the p'amble setting forth that by the Concessions the gen’all Assembly should by Act Constitute Train'd bands &c-to this the Deputyes objected that Such Claus was a Confirmac'on of the Concessions wch the would not. It was offered by the members of the Councill that wth. out the Claus of the Concessions they have no power to concerne themselves about the Militia for that it is a p'rogative due to the Governor and so is in all Govermts in America and it was replyed that they did as respecting naturall Safety wch all were concern'd in-to wch they were answered that then they ought by Addresse or petic'on to have made their Desire Knowne to the Governor and Councill and not by Bill

Vpon Considerac'on of the force of the matters Debated about the Bill for setling the Militia it is the sence of this board that the recitall of the Claus of the Concessions is a truth and plainely and gennuinely recited, and to sett forth in a Bill of gen’all Assembly the reason wherefore a matter comes in Act before the Assembly is necessary espetially in setleing the Militia wch is a p'rogative and right in the Governor and


Councill if the Concessions gave not the priviledge thereof to the gen’all Assembly_Therefore it is the sence of this board that the Governor and Councill ought not to Condiscend to passe that Act of the Militia wthout that p’amble--the Gen’all Assembly haveing no power to settle the same but by the Concessions, And the Governor and Councill are of opinion that al'tho the setling of the Militia bee a matter requisite for the quiet peace and safety of the p’vince yet wth respect to the Concessions will not Doe it by their owne Authority untill there has been tyme and opp'tunity given to the gen'all Assembly to settle the same according to the Concessions. And the Governor and Councill Do adhere to their Amendm's of the said Bill in all parts as they amended the same and cannot p'ceed vpon the second Bill sent here from the house of Deputyes, however the Governor and Councill are willing and shall agree to a ffree debate wth both houses, if the Deputyes have reasonable Exceptc'ons agst the Bill as it was sent up from this board to them desire the same

Captn Berry reports from the Com’ittee meet this Day about the Bill to p’hibitt the sale of strong liquors to the IndiansThe Members of the Deputyes insisted to have the Bill of p’hibition to passe wthout any the p’visoes here inserted by the Governor and Councill vpon, Consideration thereof it is agreed that the Latter p’visoe shall bee waved and not insisted vpon by us, but the former wee adhere ynto and are ready to allow a ffree Conference of both houses to hear their reasonable excepc'ons, agst the same, if they have anything to offer agst the same

Adjourned to 7 A Clock to morrow morneing At a Councill held 25th Day of May Anno Dni 1683

p'sent The Deputy Governor

Capt Berry
Captn Palmer
Captn Sandford &

Benja Price A Bill sent here from the Deputyes Entitled an Act concerneing Juryes wch being read and Considering that the Bill p’vides for grevious punishmt of Sheriffes for misbehaviour in their office before any p’vission made by Act of Assembly sufficiently to punish such p’sons as shall not take vpon them the office of Sheriffe when Com'issionated which p’vission in the latter before the former is to Deter p’sons from beareing that office and obstinately to refuse the same. Therefore it's the sence of

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