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The Governor and Proprietors of the Province East New Jersey To our trusty and well beloved Collonoll Lewis Morris Capt John Berry Capt John Palmer Capt William Sandford Lawrence Anderson and Benjamin Price Send Greeting Wee being well Assured of every of your Capacity wisdome prudence and Integrity in the management of the publick affaires of the said Province bave made choise of Constituted and appointed and by these presents doe make choise of Constitute and appoint you the said Collonell Lewis Morris Capt John Berry Capt John Palmer Capt William Sandford Lawrence Anderson and Benjamin Price and every of you to bee of the Councill for the management of the publick affaires of this Province and to be Assistant to the Governor or Deputy Governor of the said Province in all debates Consultations Resolutions and prosedures as well in the Councill as in the general Assembly of this Province and otherwise and in all matters causes cases and things belonging to the office and place of a Councellor you and every of you are to doe and Act to the best of your skill knowledge & discretion and according to our Instructions and the lawes and Constitutoins of this Province. Given under the seale of the said Province att Elizabeth Towne-this tenth day of December Anno Domi one Thousand Six Hundred Eighty and two Anno: RRs Carti Sidi Angt &c ccciiiio


Province of East) The Subscripc’on of the Councill the 28th New Jersey- day of ye 12-mo called February 1682—

Wee and every of us whose names are hereunder written Doe Severally and each for himselfe, Solemnly promise to beare true Allegiance to the King of England his heires and Successors And to bee true and faithfull to the Interest of the Lords Proprietors of the said province and to their heires Executors and Assignes and Endeavor the peace, and wellfare of the said Province And that every of us respectively now being of the Governors Councill Shall and

will to the best of our Judgement and at all times Freely and
Faithfully give our advice to the Governor for the good man-
agement of the Publick affaires of this Province. And Shall
not nor will not reveale directly nor indirectly to the Injury or
prejeduse of the Governor and Lords Proprietors any matters
as shall bee debated in Councill or Committed by them to our
Secrecy But in all things doe and act as true and Faithfull
Counsillors when thereunto required-
Lewis Morris-

John Berry-
J. Palmer-

Lawrence Anderson-
Wm Sanford-

Benjamin Prise

Att a Councill held the day and year above written

[blocks in formation]

The bookes and papers relateing to the publick concerns of the said Province and which Capt Vickars the late Secretary had delivered to the Governor now brought here and Inspected which are as followeth viz

1 One bound booke writt by Capt Bollen late Secretary deceased one Side Entituled the Record of Lands from the yeare 1665 to the yeare 1677—the other side of the book Entituled Record of Articles Conveyances and Leases for Land &

2 One other bound booke writt and Entred by the said Capt Bollen Titled on one Side Record of those that have taken and Subscribed the oath of Allegiance to the King and fidelity to the Lords Proprietors of New Jersey Anno Dmn 1665 the other side of the book titled the Record of Concessions Warrants &c granted by the Governor of New Jersey Anno 1665

3 One other bound booke writt and entred by Capt Bollen Titled Record of Warrants for the laying out of land and the Surveyors Certificates Anno 1675 1676. The other side thereof titled Records of Pattents for Land Anno 1678–

4 One bound book writt and entered by Capt Vickers the one Side conteyning 15 folios being the Entry of the Retorns of Surveyes Indian Pattents and Inventoryes of Estates of persons deceased. The other Side Containeing fol 36 being the Entry of Indian Graunts the Governors Pattents for Land and Entryes of the present proprietors Deeds for this Province and Some other matters

5 A paper book not bound but about a quire of paper Stich't up and writt by Capt Vickers one foľ' and a peese of the Retornes of Surveyes and a license for a marriage entered in a leafe att some distance from the former

6 A Trunk of Capt Bollens papers putt into order by the Governor Clerk and Cattalogued but whether all not known the said trunk being broke open and the papers promiscous when delivered–The trunk were Capt Bollens papers and all bookes entered by Capt Bollen were by the mutuall consent of the said Governor and Councill and also the Deputyes in their last Assembly Sealed up in the said Trunk at this Councill is Informed, broke open by Capt Vickers & al without consent of the Deputyes

Att a Council held the first day of the 1st moneth called March Anno Dmn 168}


Thomas Rudyard Deputy Governor & Pro

William Penn-
Samuell Groome Pro

Collml Lewis Morris
Capt Berry
Capt Palmer
Capt Sandford
Lawrence Anderson-
Benj Prise

The Deputyes of the Province appearing—the proprietors Deed of purchase from the Excrutrix and Trusttees of Sr Geo. Carterett" deceased as also the letter from the Governor and proprietors to the Inhabitants of this Province and also the Depty Governor's Commission were openly read and Shewed to the Deputyes, After which were directed to choose their Speaker and Clerk in order to present them here—And withdrew

It's Agreed that George Jewell bee the Messenger of the Councill untill further order

It's agreed that the Messenger of this Councill forthwith Summon Capt Vickars to appear before the Councill

Capt Vickars came here before the Councill and being desyred to deliver up the Seales and papers hee answered that as to the Seales he hath them not but that they are in the hands of the widdow Carterett And as to the papers and publick concernes of the late Governor and Councill in his hands power and Custody hee Shall deliver them up to the Governor and Councill--and that they bee given up by him forthwith

and a Solemme Attestac'on under his hand that directly or Indirectly hee hath retained none which hee hath not delivered up either in his own Custody or in the power or Custody of any other person by his order or for his use--And upon further debate hereof it is agreed that Samuell Groome one of the proprietors and and Capt Berry see the papers SecuredAnd Capt Berry and Samuel Groome are also ordered that they desire the Widdow Carterett to send here to the Councill the two Seales of the province One used in the tyme of the joint proprietors'p of the Lord Berkely and Sr George Carterett and the other in the tyme of the proprietorship of Sr George Carterett and which were made use of in the time of the late Governor Capt Carterett,

The Deputys comeing were called in to the Governor and Counc : presented John Bound for their Speaker and Isaac Whitehead for their Clerk who were approved of by the Councill—The Speaker acquainted the board that there was a want of their Deputyes viz-Coll Morris who was Elected for Shroesbury-Agreed that a new writt bee Issued out for the choise of a Deputy to Serve in his Stead

A petition of Jno Inions and Joseph Benbriggs read—the purport thereof requesting yt lands which they and their Associates had purchased of the Indians which had by the late Surveyor Generall been Surveyed and a returne of the Survey made into the Secrettaryes office might be pattented according to the said Survey—on perusall of the bookes it appeares that warrant was granted to lay out for the peticioners & Associates 30th gr 1681 6000 Acres and that the Surveyor had layed out 7680 Acres, and had not reserved any Sevenths to the Proprietors—The Further Consideration thereof is deferred until to morrow morning

And the Councill Adjourned to the Eight houre tomorrow morning


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