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of Land wthin the bounds of Elizabeth Towne or somuch thereof as has not of the number or quantity of Acres hin laid out to him by Robert Vauquillen the late Surveyor gen’all wch said Lands are granted him in Compensac'on of the heads he brought here at his first settlemt in this province

The petic'on of Captn John Baker here read, And ordered that the like warrt be granted to lay out 1200 Acres of Land . for Captn John Baker in Elizabeth Town according as hee Desires in his peticion

Samuel Moores petic'on to have the Lands granted him by order of Lord Bartlett and St George Carterett read, and after some Debate thereupon Agreed that the same bee cal'd over againe when Samll Groome is here in Councill

A Bill sent here from the Deputyes for the Orderly keeping of Swine read and after some Amendmts and Additions made it's agreed the same be Ingrossed againe wth the same and sent back to the Deputyes for their Concurrance by Captn Palmer and Captn Sandford

The petic'on of John Shottwell being here read, and vpon reading thereof it being alledged that the Lands for wch he Desires a Survey and pattent is now or late in the possession of Elizabeth Caterett Widd : the Relict and Executrix of the late Governor Captn Philliph Cateret Deceased It's agreed that the ffurther Consideration thereof be Deferred till the next Seventh Day morneing being the 12th instant at 8 of the Clock in the fforenoone and that notice there be given to the widdow Cateret that she may then appeare, and if she as ought to allege agst the substance of the petic'on she may then be heard

Then Adjourned till tomorrow morneing 7 a Clock

Att a Councill held at Elizabeth Towne the 11th Day of May Anno Dni 1683

The Deputy Governor & p’pr
Thomas Warne p’pr
Coll Lewis Morris
Captn Berry
Captn Palmer
Captn Sandford

of the Councill
Lawrence Andresse &
Benj” Price

A Bill Drawne vp and read, A Bill for makeing and setting of high wayes, passages, Bridges and fferryes wthin this prov

ince and agreed the same be sent to the Deputyes by Benja Price and Lawrence Andresse

A Message from the Deputyes as ffolloweth

The Request of the house of Deputyes is to Desire the Governor and Councill to send a Coppy of the ffees of the Court of Com’on Right Samuel Dennis and Benj" Parkis Messingers

Eliz Towne May 11th 1683


. A Bill sent here from the Deputyes Entitled an Act to Enable the ffreeholders of this province to propose and agree Divers orders relateing to the good and welfare of Each Towne

wch being read this board agreed on these exceptions to the p'ceeding thereon

18t This Board has allready had a bill from the house of Deputyes to the same affect to wch the Governor and Councill has made some amendmts and sent it back to the Deputyes for their Concurrance wch bill still lyes wth them not returned here wth their Consent

2 There are other particular Bills now Depending for remedying the matters expressed in this Bill vizt for that against hoggs and for makeing and setting out highwayes

3 In this Bill is a Clause, Dubious uncertaine and vnp'sidentiall vizt to settle and impose Town rates not only for the matters Contained in the said Bill—but alsoe for the like-wch word (and the like) are without lymit and uninteligable

4 The locall and prudentiall Lawes by the Townes to bee made not to Come under the Considerac'on of the Governor and Councill, their Lawes may be such as may oppose and contradict the Acts of the gen’all Assembly-The lib’tys p'pertyes and ffranchises of the planters and Inhabitants of this province and may be of Dangerous Consequence to the Government

Thereupon it's Ordered that the Depuytes be Desired a ffree Conference upon the subject matter above expressed and that


the Deputyes will Attend it between three and ffour this Afternoone, and Captn Palmer and Captn Berry are Desired to acquainte the Deputyes therewth

Captn Berry and Captn Palmer give account that the Depuytes will give Answer to the Message by their owne messingers at the tyme above p'tixed A Message from the Deputyes in writing as followeth

viz That forasmuch as Captn Robert Vicars, Captn Henry Greenland Mr Robert Vauquillen and Mr Sam Edsall were p'sented by Bills to the Grand Inquest as persons guilty of Crimes or evil and illegall practices wch tended to the great Disturbance of the peace and quiett of the p’vince to the apparent Damage of severall Inhabitants and Contrary to the peace of our Soveraigne Lord, the King, his Crown and Dignity, the wch Bills are ffound by the grand Jury true Bills, Resolved by this house of Deputyes now sitting that ffour of their Members namely Samuell Dennis, Samuell Moore, Thomas Johnson and Benj” Parkis, Doe repaire to the Governor and Councill and there in the behalfe of all the Com'ons of this province Desire that the above named Robert Vicars, Henry Greenland, Samuell Edsall and Robert Vauquillen may be by some Due means safely secured in Order they may be brought to Answer to the p'misses Eliz Towne

p Order of the house May 11th $ 1683


Vpon Consideration of the p’mises it's agreed that Captn Robert Vicars as already secured by sufficient Bayle given by him to Answer the p'mises

Whereas by the gen'all Concessions of this province of East New Jersey amongst other things it is provided that the Constables of the said province shali Collect the Lords Rents and shall pay the same to the Receiver that the Lords should appoint to receive the same unlesse the gen’all Assembly should p'sente some other way whereby the Lords might have their Rents Duely Collected wthout Charge or Trouble to them, It is therefore ordered by the Governor and Councill that Captn Berry and Captn Palmer attend the Deputyes and Recom'end to them their Case in the p’misses, That such Care may be taken for the Collecting and payment of the said Quit rents as may Answer the p'scription and Direc'on given in the said Concessions

A Message from the Deputyes in writing as followeth vizt

By the house of Deputyes in Answer to what this Day was Desired by the Governor and Councill Relateing to a ffree Conference, Wee Desire that either wth respect to what is before yor honor8 or as occac'on may require for the future there may be a Com'ittee Choosen by both houses to Debate the same, Messengers Richard Hartshorne Samuel Dennis Joseph Parker & John Gillman Eliz Towne

p. order of the House May 11th 1683


Vpon Consideration of the Message from the Deputyes now Delivered here in Answer to that of the Governor and Councill this Day sent them It's ordered there bee a Com’ittee of not lesse than ffoure p’sons appointed from the Governor and Councill to meet a Com'ittee of the Deputyes to Debate of such matters as now are or shall Come before them And that for the more expeditious Dispatch of business it's agreed and p’posed that the same Com’ittees meet Dayly in ffree Conference between the houres of Three and ffoure every afternoone at the house of the Deputy Governor, And that the Deputyes be Desired to send downe here the names of their Com’ittee that this board may also nominate and send to them the names of the Com’ittee to bee here appointed, And it's ordered that Captn Palmer Captn Berry and Captn Sandford Carry up this Message

A Bill for the better p'ceedings of County Courts sent here from the Deputyes, wch being read and Considered it's ordered that this board Concurr therewth and that the same be signed by the Deputy Governor

Captn Palmer's petition being here read, it's ordered & agreed that the Deputy Governor, Issue out a Warrt to the Surveyor Gen’all to Devide the Tract of Land cald Rariton lyeing on the North side of the Rariton River wch the said Captn Palmer Thomas Codrington and others lately purchased of the Indians into Eight Equall p’ts in order that the same may be afterwards disposed of by pattents according to right

A Third Message from the Deputyes in writing as followeth vizt

In Answer to an order of the Governor and Councill Delivered to this house by Captn Palmer Captn Berry and Captn Sandford

It is Consented and agreed that there be a Com’ittee of ffour p’sons appointed from the Governor and Councill and five of this house to meet Dayly for Debateing of such matters as now are or shall Come before them and that for the more expeditious Dispatch of business the said Com’ittee to meet Dayly between the houres of three and ffour every afternoone the said Members of the said Com'ittee to be Dayly Chosen as each house shall see Cause and the Com'ittee themselves to appoint their owne places of meeting

(p order of the house

John BOUND Messengers Henry Lyon and Joseph Parker

Eliz Towne May 11th 1683

Vpon Considerac'on of the Message here sent from the Deputyes by Henry Lyon and Joseph Parker relateing to a Com'ittee of both houses, It's the sence of this house

1st That the Deputyes Denyall of a ffree Conference at the Desire of this board is unp’sidentiall and the first of that kind that ever has bin Deny'd in this province, and the same appeares to be more strange for that open and ffree Conferences wth this board and whole house of Deputyes are most effectuall for Dispatch of busines, ffull vnderstanding of the sence of Either house, and most gen'all satisfac'on to all persons that are Desireous of Expediteing matters in the gen’all Assembly and p'vents misreportes and Errors wch may happen by mistakeing or in rendring the sence of Either house otherwise than Intended

2 But this board Desireing rather a Delatory dispatch then noe effecting of businesse wth the Deputyes have receded from our first modest request, and Condiscending to a Dayly Committee of Both houses and have sent a Message to that our purpose that this board will appoint persons not lesse then ffour Dayly to attend

3 But to be Lymitted by the Deputyes to the number of ffour and to meete the number of ffive of the Deputyes and to be obliged to Choose our Com’ittee Dayly—and to meet as ffour of this house and ffive of the Deputyes house shall Dayly agree, is p'scribeing such Lawes to this board


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