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9 That in all Causes & Cases where the plt shall not declare the first terme after the Arrest made (and Com’on Bayle or Spetiall Bayle Entred as the Cause or Case shall require as aforesaid) The Deft Entring a Rule for the plt to Declare the plt shall bee nonsuited—and the Defendt shall have reasonable Costes agst him

10 The Defend' shall have six dayes to give in his plea after the plts Declaration delivered—And after issue Joyned the plt shall give to the Defend reasonable notice of tryall, that is if in Case the Defendt lives wthin the Countys of Essex & Middx and the tryall to be in either of those Countys—eight days notice, Exclusive, and if in the Countys of Bergen or Monmouth and the Tryalls to be had in either of the Countys of Essex or Middx fourteene days notice of tryall Exclusive.

11 That every first day of terme the Justices or Judges of the Court shall according to their direc'on appoint and sett vp in writing one or more days for tryalls of Causes the first to be sixteene dayes att least from the first day of the Terme that all p’sons may be prpared

In Case the plt shall give to the Defend' notice of Tryall as aforesaid and shall not wihin reasonable tyme forbid the same, but the Defendt shall attend the Tryall to his Costs, the Court may alow the Defendt his reasonable Costes for the Same

In Case the plt after issue Joyned shall refuse to goe to Tryall the Terme after issue Joyned nor shall discontinue his acc'on on Record Then the Defendt moveing the Court to p'ceed may bring on the Cause by p’viso to Tryall, And if the plt be nonsuite att Tryall or discontinue his acc'on the Defendt shall bee allowed reasonable Costes

That all process and writts issueing out of this Court shalbe made in the name of the Governor & p’prietors of the p’vince of East New Jersey, Directed to the Sheriffe, Com'anding him in the kings name to Arrest sumʼon Attach &c the Defendt &c and sealed by the seale of the p'vince and Tested by the Governor or Deputy Governor for the tyme being

The house of Deputyes Concent to these Rules above written no otherwise then yntill the next gen’rall Assembly wthin wch our experience may informe vs soe as either to Continue them or to vrge alterac'on p. order of the house of Deputyes ISAAC WHITEHEAD Clerk to Depts

Justices Justices of the peace for the severall Courts of Sessions and other officers appointed wthin the severall Countys wthin this p’vince to hold Duranto bene plito

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Coll Lewis Morris
Captn Berry
Captn Palmer

Captn Sandford
Monmouth Jus- Lawrence Andresse

of the Quorum
Benja Price
tices of the peace John Bowne

John Hans
Peeter Wilson

Rich Gardner
Joseph Parker & į Clerk of

(John Throgmorton ) the County Courts Richard Hartshorne High Sheriffe of the County Richard Lippingcott Coroner of the County

r Coll Lewis Morris
Captn Berry
Captn Palmer

Captn Sandford
Bergen Justices Lawrence Andress

of the Quorum
Benja Price
the peace Nicholas Bagard
Claud Arentson

Will Dougles
Hans Dederisky

Clerke of
Enock Mackillson
Abraham Vohirty

s the County Courts Michael Smith High Sheriffe of the County William Lawrence Coroner of the County

Agreed that Com'issions bee issued forth by the Deputy Governor to Com’issionate all & every the p’sons above named for the respective offices and places respectively expressed, And that he grant to them Com'issions respectively vnder the seale of the p’vince to be signed by the Deputy Governor

Justices of the Court of Com’on Right
The Governor or Deputy Governor for the tyme being
Samll Groome one of the p’prietors & Surveyor Gen’all
All the Members of the Councill Excepting Captn Sandford

John Bowne )
Sam!! Dennis [ James Emott Clerk
Henry Lyon & John Warren Marshall
Benja Parkis



Captn William Sandford the King's Attorney Generall for this p’vince

Ordered and Agreed that respective Com'issions be made and graunted for the Judges of this Court under the seale of this p’vince & Signed by the Deputy Governor

A Bill to p’hibitt Rudenesse & Irreligious Excercises of the first day of the weeke—Read and agreed to be passed the Deputyes Concurr therewth

The petition of Thomas Young here read-desireing redresse agsi the taking away the meadow lyeing betweene him and the Creek-wch matters altho true yet it's not in the power of the Councill to Redresse but he may take his due Course of


All the Acts of this Sessions Transcribed and the Deputyes being here p'sent Agreed that the same be signed & Authentick Coppyes sent to every County in this p’vince

Adjourned to 7 A Clock next second day moorneing

Att a Council held the 26th of March Anno Dni 1863

[blocks in formation]

A Bill sent from the Deputyes to vacat the Entryes of some p'tended Records made & Entred by Robt Vicars read amended and Agreed to be sent vp wth amendmts

A Bill Entitled an Act directing subscriptions by Magistrates and ministers of Justice—Read and agreed it be sent vp to the Deputyes Captn Berry Captn Palmer & Coll Morris to Carry vp the two Bills

A Bill to Rectifie abuses in some late Records sent vp from the Deputyes amended here Transcribed and ordered that it. be signed & sent vp to the Deputyes wth the Bill last above mentioned

A Message from the Deputyes desireing our Concurrence to the bill long since sent Downe to Disenable &c Sam" Etsall and Robt vauquellin—the said Bill being read amended & Transcribed & ordered that it bee subscribed by the Dt Governor & sent to the Deputyes

A Bill sent downe from the Deputyes relateing to the Countryes publick debts, wch being read was Transcribed and


amended and Entitled an Act in order to the satisfac'on of the publick debts of this p’vince, Agreed and Ordered that it be signed & sent to the Deputyes by Captn Berry & Captn Palmer

A Message from the Deputyes to desire the word ligall to be put out of the Bill to wch the Councill did Concurr

Ordered that a Message be sent to the Deputyes for their Concurrance to two bills now before them sent hence vizt A Bill Entitled An Act to enable the freeholders to p’pose & agree divers orders relateing to fenceing and the like, A Bill to p’hibitt Arbitrary p'ceedure before the Governor and Councill

A Bill to rectife abuses in some late Records sent here from the Deputyes, wth their Concurrency

The house of Deputyes here in free debate p’posed and Agreed some amendmts in the Bill

Adjourned to 7 A Clock to morrow: moorneing

Att a Councill held the 27th of March Anno Dni 1683

[blocks in formation]

A Bill sent here from the Deputyes titled an Act in order to satisfie the publick debts of this p’vince, To wch the Governor and Counc: cannot Concurr and offer for reasons as followeth, first for order:

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1st The Deputyes yesterday sent here a Bill to the subject matter of this Bill to wch this board made their amendmts & returne the Bill yesterday.

2 It has bin vsual for dispatch of business if one house has p'sented a Bill, the other has offered amendmts to wch if the other has not agreed a Conference has bin desired, and reasons offered for and aginst the amendmts

2 In Case the Councill & Deputyes after a Bill p’sented by one house & amendments made in another, agree not to Con


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