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in Councill at 3 A Clock this afternoone to Attend a Conference relateing to them wth the House of Deputyes

The petic'on of Capt Palmer and Thomas Codrington here read Capt Palmer wthdrawing the case was debated, hee Cald in againe Inquirey then was of Sr George Carteretts Gift to Pardon wch was p'duced and was dated 31s: July 1674

Then Inquiry was made when Pardon Assigned to Captn Palmer &c And that was the first of December 1680_S? George Carterett in Dec 1678 devised att East Jersey &c—and dyes

Adjourned till 2 afternoone

Post Meridien The Deputyes came to the Conference the D. Govt gave them Accompt of the occasion and matter of Conference wch was to debate the objections and matters Criminall in those p’sons whome by bill they would make Incapable of future office-Captn Vickers-Henry Greeneland-Sam!! Etsall and R Vauquillin came alsoe here—and after ye Deputyes Charge and Answer by R. Vickers &c to the matters objected the sthey) withdrew-and after due debate and Consideration of the p'misses It's the sence of this board That the matters alledged by the house of Deputyes agt Robert Vickers ( lately officiateing as secretary of this p’vince] wth his defence being duely and thrughly heard before vs, and after a serious Considerac'in of what hath been urged on both sides— Wee doe declare it as our sence That the said Robt Vickers hath behaved himselfe Impiously and vexatiously agt the former houses of Deputyes—And therefore that he ought to Confess his Errors in the house of Deputyes tomorrow, And there doe aske forgiveness or else that hee bee declared Incapable for the future of bearing any office of publick Charge of truste wth in this p’vince dated as abovesaid

Adjourned till 8 tomorrow moorneing
Att a Councill held 6th Day of mo-l called March Anno Dni
P'sent Tho Rudyard Dy Governor & p'pr-

William Penn & ! p'pr-
Samol Groome-
Coll L. Morris
Captn Berry
Captn Sandford

} of the Counc-
Captn Palmer
Law: Andress-
Ben Prise-


The house of Deputyes sent here a message desireing the bill brought from their house for disonableing severall p’sons from beareing office & might bee reterned to them

They were answered that wee would send a message of our owne

Then read the resulte of the Conference and debate relateing to Robert Vickers late Secretary wch after reading was agreed by the Councill to bee signed by the Deputy Governor-wch was done accordingly-And its agreed that the same bee sent up by Captn Sandford and Ben Price

A Message sent by the house of Deputyes—as followeth viz, By the house of Deputyes In answer to yors before vs, wee say wee retaine the same dispositions as in our bill before you

But the p’misses Considered wee see noe reason both for the safety of Countrey and reputation of this house but earnestly to moove the excluc'on of Captn Robert Vickers and Captn Henry Greeneland from publick place of authority wth in this p’vince,—That is to say according to our bill before you

Vpon reading hereof the bill sent downe by the Deputyes was read and after Alterac'on & amendmt thereof-It was Agreed to be transcribed and sent to the Deputyes by the hands of [William Penn's name erased] and Captn Sandford

Adjourned till 3 this afternoone

post meridiem

The Bill to disenable Captn Robt Vickers and Captn Henry Greeneland to beare office in this p’vince sent here from the house of Deputyes read and after due Considerac'on thereof-It's ordered that the same bee

[At this point in the original Record about one fourth of the page has

been cut out, leaving only the following terminations of lines.]

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of Wm Pardon deceased but this is not to be a p’sident for any other

A petic'on of John Gillman and Edward Slater in behalfe of Piscattaway Inhabitantes for 200 Acres of Meadow now in possession of Cornelius Longfeld--read and agreed that Cornelius Longfeild have notice thereof in order to a hearing and further determinacion thereof

Captn Bakers peticion for 1200 Acres of land being read and Robt vauquellin being alsoe here p'sent, It's agreed, That the further Consideraton thereof bee deferred untill there bee some settlement of the Concernes of this Town

Rich : Mitchill's petic'on read and ordered that hee have the head land for himselfe and wife according to Concessions

The Address of Lewis Morris desireing hee may have his land pattented wch hee has lately bought of Samol Leonard and Leonard Hunt-It's agreed and ordered that hee have pattents for the same

A Message from the house of Deputyes desireing to morrow moorneing a private Conferance betw'ne some of the Councill and some of the members of the Deputyes to Confere about setling the Countyes and such like Concerne-It's agreed that a Conference bee had, and that Capt Berry Capt Sandford Capt Palmer Lawrence Andress and such other of the Councill as will attend it to meet heere in the Councill Chamber at 7 Clock in the moorneing

Adjourn’d till 8 A Clock to morrow moorneing

[A portion of the page cut out of the original, being the other side of the leaf referred to above. The matter lost, if any, cannot be conjectured, although it may have reference to the Conference.]

Att a Councill held the 7th day of the mo-l called March 168

p'sent Tho Rudyard Dt Governor & p'pr

Coll Lewis Morris)
Captn Berry .
Captn Palmer
Captn Sandford of the Counc:
Lawr: Andress &
Ben Price

Vpon the request of Lawrence Andress It's ordered that hee have liberty for two dayes to goe home-upon some vrgency of affaires

Samol Moores petic'on read and agreed, that the same being for land for wch there's a bill now wth the Deputyes for Redress—It's therefore deferr'd till wee see the effect thereof

Sam Barons petic'on read and ordered as above in case of Sam” Moore

Agreed that the pap's of Captn Robt Vickers bee p'vced and hee bee sent for, whilst they are sorted that such as are of his privat Concerne hee may have, and the other of publick concerne may be sorted and put into some method or order.

Adjourned till 3 afternoone

post Meridiem

Captn Vickers pap's called over

A bill sent downe from the Deputyes for devideing the p’vince into Countyes read and agreed vnto

A bill sent from the Deputyes agt Sam Edsall and Robt Vauquellin-read, the Considerac'on of this bill deferred untill to morrow moorneing

Agreed that an Order bee sent from this board requireing Robt Vauquillin late Surveyor generall to bring here forthwth the Journall of his Surveyes of land laid out in this p’vince

Adiourned till 7 a Clock tomorrow moorneing

Att a Councill held the 8th Day of the mo-1 called March Anno Dni 168


Tho Rudyard Dt Governor & p'pr
Coll Morris
Captn Berry
Captn Palmer of the Counc:
Captn Sandford
Ben Price

> 01

Vpon Complaint of John Toe agt John Carter & Robt Morg not onely for monyes wch the said Carter owes the said Toe But alsoe for other ronges and abuses wch he has suffered and undergon from the said Carter & Mors—It's agreed that the said Carter as alsoe the said John Toe's wife now absent from him, and the said Robt Mors father of the said Toe's wife, bee Sum'oned to appeare before this board forthwth to answer the Complaintes of the said John Toe

Vpon Consideration of the application made here by Daniel Hoop and Order made in Councill the third instant

- And p'senting here a small Chart of land lyeing on the Rariton

It's agreed that hee have the South west side or pt of the land p'sented to lye fourty Chaines vpon the Rariton from the South branch and to Run backwards from the Rariton South westerly two English miles little more or lesse to Compleate his number of Acres to the number of six hundred, and that hee may settle im’ediately upon the Same, vntill it can bee Surveyed and pattented,- And that hee shall enjoy the Same to him and his heires at one halfe penny pr Acre pr Anm

A bill Sent downe by the Deputyes to have four Justices of the peace in Each County- The Consideraton of this bill deferred vntil tomorrow moorneing

One other bill Sent downe by the Deputyes for Justices of the peace and Sheriffs a double number to bee p'sented by Each County-wch being read the further Consideraton deferred until tomorrow moorneing

The bill to rectifie abuses in Some late records, read & agreed that the Same bee Subscribed by the Governor and Sent to the Deputyes

The bill for Establishing Courts of Justices read and amended-and ordered that it bee Subscribed by the Dty Governor and Sent to the Deputyes and Captn Palmer and Captn Sandford are to carry the Same as alsoe the bill for division of the p’vince into Countyes

The Petic'on of Ben: Price sen' for fourty or fifty acres of land lyeing by him, requesting that hee may have it Surveyed and pattented, hee wthdrawing- It's agreed and ordered that hee have the Same as hee desires, provided noe other p'son have right thereto by pattent or otherwise by some agreemt of the Towne

Adjourned till 2 a clock afternoone

post Meridiem

A bill to disenable Sam" Etsall and Robt Vauquillin from beareing further office charge or truste unlesse they make publick Acknowledgmt & being read in Councill it's ordered that a Coppy of the bill bee sent to each of them, and delivered to Captn Vickers who has undertaken to send forward the Same forthwth to them that they may be here the 12th instant

A Message from the house of Deputyes to desire a Conference-It's agreed that a Conference bee had wth the house of Deputyes at four this afternoone att Isaac Whiteheads and that it bee managed by Captn Palmer Captn Berry and Captn Sandford


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