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Att a Councill held 2 day of the first month called March
Anno Dmi 168
Prsent Tho Rudyard D Governor & p’pr
William Penn & ,

{ p’pros
Sam Groome 5
Coll' Morris
Capt Berry -
Capt Palmer-
Capt Sandford- of the Counc:
Law: Andress &

Ben PriseCapt Berry reportes hee has received from Capt Vickers severall pape's of publick Concerne wch Capt Vickers affirmed was all hee had relateing to goverment and publick Concerne of the p’vince

A bill sent sent here by the Deputyes to voyd all Courts and p'ceedures in this p’vince since the 2d November 1681

A message here alsoe from the Deputyes

We are sent by the house of Deputyes to lett you know that wee have Considered of the Conveyances and Com'issions yesterday read And are satisfied wth the reasonable and legall pt of them saveing unto vs our rights and desire a faire Correspondence, then the Deputyes desire to know what's become of the publick records books and pap's wch were by the Joynte Consent of the late Governor Counc: and Deputyes att the session of the late Assembly sealed up and securedThey wth-drew

Coming in again A reporte was made to them what was yesterday don wih Captn Vickers-and alsoe accompt what books and pap’s have bin recd and in what Order but by whome or how the same were broken vp wee know not

Sam! Groome and Captn Bessy Desired to goe to the Widdow Carterett and demand of her the seales and to bring wth them Captn Vickers

Captn Vickers here A question askt who opened the Records books and paps

Ans That the Governor and pt of his Councill Ordered them to bee broke up and were by them broke open in p’sence of two freeholdrs and then a Catalogue of all the Irrasures and Interliniations made in the booke or Entys. Vickers ordered to wth draw-whereupon he delivered here the late seale of the p’vince vsed in the p’prietorship of Sr George CarterettSam! Groom and Capt Berry reporte that the Widd: Carte



rett solemnly affirmed there was no other seales to her knowledge.

Capt Vickers Cald in againe These questions askt him by the Councill

1st Wherefore the Deputys were called in to seale up the Records,

2 Why broke open wthout them

3 Whether they are in the same Condition as they where when sealed up

The first question wav'd by Capt Vickers—To the second hee answereth that the Deputyes had not the Constitution of the Secretary nor keeping of the Records they had not power of them neither ought to bee concerned with them in his opinion,

To the third he would p'duce the Catalogue of Irrasures to evidence that the books are not abused and then wth drew

Sam Windor and James Graham p'sented here a petition wth their former Case here p'sented wch being read It's agreed that it bee fyled And that Capt Brickhouse and other the p’sons concerned have nothin thereof and Coppy of the Case and pe’tion that a heareing between the p'tyes may bee in Convenient tyme had

Captn Vickers againe cal'd in brought here the Catalogue of Irrasures

In fol 60 of the book of Entryes of pattents in the margent agt the pattent made for 2000 Acres to Robt Vauquellin upon examination those appeares an irrasure on wch is writt 1674 Hackinsack-Wee finde on examination that this irrasure and writeing was not notified by the Catalogue of irrasures, and Captn Vickers being here p’sent alledged that hee believed the same to be an irrasure but was not there when hee Received the books

John Inions and Joseph Benbridge came into the Councill board and after the debate and Consideration thereof by the p’prietors alone and also in Councill The result was that the said John Inions and Joseph Benbridge and associates should have pattents for the land according to the p’portion mentioned in the warrt for Surrey in sol 142 vizt John Inions 1000 Acres and all the other 500 Acres apeece at £ p Acre and that the whole overplus of the tract of land shall bee appropriated to the p’prietors in liew of their sevenths to bee laid out by the Surveyer Generall and that the p’prietors shall pay and alow to the said John Inions and associates apportionable pt of the Indians pts for the said overplus

Adiorned to 3 afternoone


post Meridiem

A Message from the Deputyes—The Deputyes desireing an answer whether the bill here brought from them this forenoone were passed here or noe

Ans: That it being of weight and haveing much urgent business vpon our hands-wee had not Considered the same but would speedely, Take the same into consideration and when ready returne them answer by a Messenger of our owne

The Bill entitled a Bill to make voyd the p'ecedure of sume, late Courts wth amendm to read and passed here by the board, And delivered to the Messenger aboue who came here for our Answer

A Bill brought here by the Deputeyes to Constitute a high Sheriffe for this province

Capt Berry and Capt Sandford to desire a Conference in the Councill Roome wth the Deputyes or a Com'itte of them this Evening by 7 Clock

Adjouned till 7th hour A petic'on by William Johnson and Jeffery Jones agt Robt Vanquillin read and agreed to be filed

And the Councill adjourned to the eight hour next moorning.

Att a Councill held the 3rd day of the 1st month called March Anno Dni 1687

Tho. Rudyard, D Governor & p’pr-
William Penn & L
Sam!! Groome

Coll Morris,
Pisent Capt Berry

Capt Palmer-
Capt Sandford

Şof the Conno :
Law: Andress &
Ben Prise-


Lawrence Andress tendring the Admi’stration of James Bollens Estate appraismt and sale might bee Entred in the Secretarys office vpon view thereof.—It appears .

1st the letters of admi’stration bear date the 12th Day of September 1682.

2 The appraisement the 27th March 1682 3 The sale of the Estate the 28th of September 1682 amount

ing to 9316 158 10_Lawrence Andress declared here in Councill that he was wth the Governor Phillip Carterett in December last wch was after the p'prietors arivall here and then and not before the Governor sealed the letters of Admi’stration in Lawrence Andress p’sence and delivered them to him in company of Capt Vickers

Wee observe the sale of the Estate and disposition was some months before the Admi'stration granted-

Lawrence Andress Alledges he never had any pt of the Estate or received or disposed any pt thereof

Wee finde not that any bond was given for the due admini’stration thereof wch is aledged in the Admi’stration to bee entred into the 12th Sept 1682—

A Bill drawne for Constitution of Sheriffs read and amendedA petic'on for Capt Baker read

Adiourned to 2 afternoone


post meridiem

James Graham came to the Councill here and desired that noe furthur p'ceedure might be had here upon his Case and petition formerly delivered and that the shee] might wildraw the same

It's agreed and ordered that hee [the] same be delivered back vnto him wh was done accordingly

The bill to make voyd the p'ceedings of some late Courts read heare a second tyme and signed onely by their Clarke

It's agreed that it bee transcribed and signed by their speaker and then by the Governor

Ordered by the Governor and Councill That James Emott be Clarke of the Councill and Deputye Secretary dureing the pleasure of the Deputy Governor-

The bill to make voyd the p'ceeding &c and to Constitute Sheriffs given here to the Deputyes-

The Deputyes brought the said bills downe againe Ordered that the bill to avoyd the p'ceedings of some late Courts bee signed by the Governor

Ordered that the bill for Constitu'ion of Sheriffs bee signed by the Governor—wch was done accordingly

Ordered that the said bills be carryed vp to the house of Deputyes soo signed by Capt Palmer and Ben Prise two of the Councill—wch was done accordingly

A Bill disinabling severall p’sons &c was heere read the first tyme

A petic'on from Daniel Hoop M'chant to have the benefitt of land according to Concessions for nine servants &c-

Ordered and agreed that hee have the p’porc'on of land in lieu of p’sons transported according to the Tenor of the Concessions and have warrt for the same hee bringing in names of his servants and famely transported

Adjourned till next 2d day eight of the Clock in the moorneing

Att a Councill held the 5th day of the 1st month called March Anno Dni 168


Tho: Rudyard D Governor & p’pr-
William Penn & bu’pr-
Sam" Groome
Coll Lewis Morris'
Capt Berry
Capi Palmer

of the Counc:
Capt Sandford
Law Andres &
Ben Prise-

Agreed that a message be sent to the house of Deputyes to desire a Conference this afternoone vpon the substance of the Bill for Disinableing severall p’sons &c to bee sent by Capt Berry and Captn Sandford

A petic'on of Capt Baker p’sented here and read

As to the petic'on for his 1200 Acres of land for wch hee bad a warrt and delivered the same to R Vauquillin late Surveyor - Agreed that the matter bee heard and Considered tomorrow moorneing 8th a Clock R. Vauquillin having notice thereof.

And as to the 2d petic'on agreed that tomorrow moorneing hee bring in a p'ticular of his Charges—that the substance of the petic'on may bee further Considered.

The petic'on of William Johnson and Jeffery Jones, Exhibited the second instant-it being Joynte and their Case distinct and divers, Agreed the wthdraw their petic'on and peticion sepa’tely-if the [they] see Cause soe to Doe. .

Agreed that Capt Vickers & other p’sons who were of the late Governors Councill since the death of the late Secretary Capt Bullen and are here in towne may here notice to bee here

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