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C. Scribner's Sons, 1924 - 469 halaman

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Halaman xvi - To set before the public no cut-and-dried codes, but the phenomena of life and character, selected and combined, but not distorted, by the dramatist's outlook, set down without fear, favour, or prejudice, leaving the public to draw such poor moral as nature may afford. This third method requires a certain detachment; it requires a sympathy with, a love of, and a curiosity as to, things for their own sake; it requires a far view, together with patient industry, for no immediately practical result.
Halaman xx - As a man lives and thinks, so will he write. But it is certain, that to the making of good drama, as to the practice of every other art, there must be brought an almost passionate love of discipline, a white-heat of self-respect, a desire to make the truest, fairest, best thing in one's power; and that to these must be added an eye that does not flinch. Such qualities alone will bring to a drama the selfless character which soaks it with inevitability. The word "pessimist...
Halaman 78 - January 21st, 24th, 26th, 29th. Read letter from Mr. Simon Harness, of the Central Union, asking for an interview with the Board. Read letter from the Men's Committee, signed David Roberts, James Green, John Bulgin, Henry Thomas, George Rous, desiring conference with the Board ; and it was resolved that a special Board Meeting be called for February 7th at the house of the Manager, for the purpose of discussing the situation with Mr. Simon Harness and the Men's Committee on the spot. Passed twelve...
Halaman xvii - Now, true dramatic action is what characters do, at once contrary, as it were, to expectation, and yet because they have already done other things. No dramatist should let his audience know what is coming; but neither should he suffer his characters to act without making his audience feel that those actions are in harmony with temperament, and arise from previous known actions, together with the temperaments and previous known actions of the other characters in the play. The dramatist who hangs his...
Halaman xvi - Now, in writing plays, there are, in this matter of the moral, three courses open to the serious dramatist. The first is: To definitely set before the public that which it wishes to have set before it, the views and codes of life by which the public lives and in which it believes.
Halaman 96 - SCANTLEBURY (rising heavily). I suppose so, I suppose so. It's the only thing we can do. (They go out through the double doors.) WANKLIN (in a low voice). Do you really mean to fight to a finish, Chairman? (ANTHONY nods.) WANKLIN. Take care! The essence of things is to know when to stop. (ANTHONY does not answer.) WANKLIN (very gravely). This way disaster lies. The ancient Trojans were fools to your father, Mrs. Underwood. (He goes out through the double doors.) ENID.
Halaman 131 - Oh! men — for the love o' them, don't roll up another stone upon their heads, don't help to blacken the sky, an' let the bitter sea in over them. They're welcome to the worst that can happen to me, to the worst that can happen to us all...
Halaman 74 - DAVIES, | A RED-HAIRED YOUTH. BROWN | FROST, valet to John Anthony ENID UNDERWOOD, Wife of Francis Underwood, daughter of John Anthony ANNIE ROBERTS, wife of David Roberts MADGE THOMAS, daughter of Henry Thomas MRS. ROUS, mother of George and Henry Rous MRS. BULGIN, wife of John Bulgin MRS. YEO, wife of a workman A PARLOURMAID to the Underwoods JAN, Madge's brother, a boy of ten A CROWD OF MEN ON STRIKE ACT I.
Halaman 130 - ... afraid — like children that get into a wood at night, and start at every rustle of the leaves. I ask you, men — [he pauses, holding out his hand till there is utter silence} — Give me a free hand to tell them: "Go you back to London. The men have nothing for you!" \A murmuring.} Give me that, an' I swear to you, within a week you shall have from London all you want.
Halaman 70 - Barthwick. Tsst. (There is a silence, while the Magistrate consults his Clerk ; Jones leans forward waiting. Magistrate. This is your first offence, and I am going to give you a light sentence. (Speaking sharply, but without expression.) One month with hard labour. (He bends, and parleys with his Clerk. The Bald Constable and another help Jones from the dock. Jones. (Stopping and twisting round.) Call this justice ? What about 'im ? 'E got drunk ! 'E took the purse — 'e took the purse but (in a...

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