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Letter from David Espy, Esq., 517.

from Abraham Cable, Esq., 533.
to the Commissioners to view the Susquehanna, Delaware

and Juniata rivers, 181.
to the Chiefs of the Six Nations, by Thomas Mimin, 357.
from Oliver Phelps, Esq., 439.

from the Attorney General, 452.

Le Boeuf, lands at reserved, 47.

Lutheran Congregation in Philadelphia receive warrants for land,

MANUFACTURING FUND, touching, 327.

McGilleyray and Indian Chiefs, 405, 406.
Messages from Tbomas Mifflin, 140, 271, 440.

from the Supreme Excutive Council, 206, 436.
Mud Island, bank at repaired, 121, 146.
Model for making nails deposited, 88.


PENN John, orders in his favor, &c., 5, 33.
Pensioners accounts, &c., 332, 337.
Philadelphia, Notary Public in appointed, 1.
Purchases made from the Indians, 34.
Presque Isle, lands reserved at for the State, 47.

THANKSGIVING DAY, by proclamation, 102, 203.
Traet of land on Lake Erie, bought from the Indians, 139.
Triangular piece of land, touching, 37.


UNIFORMITY in the Military establishment, act touching, 242.


VENANGO, a Fort at mentioned, 161.
Virginia soldiers, bounty land, 384, 443.






The Council met.

PHILADELPHIA, Saturday, February the 7th, 1789.

His Excellency THOMAS MIFFLIN, Esquire, President.

Samuel Miles, Christopher Kucher, 7
Amos Gregg,

Nathan Dennisen,
Zebulun Potts, Richård Willing,
James Read,
George Woods, ,

William Maclay, John Cannon, and

Abraham Smith, Frederick Watt, Upon the petition of Isaac Franks, of the city of Philadelphia, praying Council to appoint him a Notary and Tabellion Public, and also a recommendation of him as a person well qualified to execute the duties of that office from a number of citizens,

Resolved, That the said Isaac Franks be appointed a Notary and Tabellion Public in and for the said Commonwealth, and he was commissionated accordingly.

Anthony Carothers and Jacob Winck, Esquires, were appointed and commissionated Justices of the Peace, the former for the dis. trict of the township of New Providence, Limerick, and Skippack, in the county of Montgomery, and the latter for the district of the townsbip of Belfast, in the county of Bedford, upon returns made according to law from the said several districts.

Anthony Carothers, Esquire, was appointed and commissionated as Justice of the Court of Comwon Pleas in and for the county of Montgomery.

On motion to grant commissions to Mason Fitz Alden and A brabam Nesbitt, who were returned by the Lieutenant of Luzerne county, in November, 1787, as officers in the first battalion of militia of that county.

VOL. XVI. --1.

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