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At a Convention of the Physicians of Kentucky, held in the Senate Chamber at Frankfort, on the 1st day of October, 1851, 10 o'clock A. M., Dr. W. L. SutTON, of Georgetown, was called to the chair, and Drs. E. H. Watson and J. M. Mills, of Frankfort, appointed Secretaries.

On motion, a committee, consisting of Drs. Chipley, Evans, and Breckinridge, was appointed to ascertain the names and localities of the physicians present, who reported the following:

Drs. S. D. Gross, Henry Miller, W. H. Miller, David W. Yandell, T. G. Richardson, D. D. Thomson, R. J. Breckinridge, Jr., N. B. Anderson, and J. B. Flint, of Louisville; E. D. Foree, Jefferson county ; J. Dudley and J. P. Letcher, Nicholasville ; W. L. Sutton, Henry Craig, and John D. Winston, Georgetown ; C. H. Spillman, Harrodsburg ; W. R. Evans, Mercer county ; A. Evans, Covington; W. R. Chew, Midway; George B. Harrison, Fayette county; W. S. Chipley and D. J. Ayres, Lexington ; W. C. Sneed, H. Rodman, C. G. Phythian, E. H. Watson, Ben. Monroe, Jr., J. M. Mills, Joseph G. Roberts, and Ben. Hensley, Frankfort; L. Y. Hodges, Franklin county ; E. H. Black and Jas. R. Adams, Scott county ; Joshua Gore, Nelson county ; D. L. Slaughter and R. W. Glass, Shelbyville; L. G. Ray and Edward Ingels, Paris; E. C. Drane, Henry county.

Dr. Flint offered the following resolution :
Resolved, That

be a committee to report to this Convention a suitable address to the profession of the State, calling upon them to assemble at such time and place as this meeting may advise, for the purpose of organizing a permanent State Medical Society; and that, in the meantime, we take steps at once to connect the profession of our State with the national organization, by appointing delegates to attend the next annual meeting of the American Medical Association.

Dr. Breckinridge offered the following as a substitute for the resolution of Dr. Flint. Strike out all after the word resolved, and insert the following:

That a committee be appointed to report the order of business for the convention now assembled.

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