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The original resolution and substitute were both laid on the table, and a committee, consisting of Drs. Chipley, Spillman, A. Evans, Dudley, and Sneed, was appointed to draft a constitution for the formation of a State Medical Society.

The Convention adjourned until half past 2 o'clock.

HALF PAST 2 O'CLOCK, P. M. The Convention was called to order by the President.

Dr. Chipley, from the committee appointed to draft a constitution, presented the following report, which, on motion of Dr. Gross, was received. *

The reported constitution was taken up, each article separately considered, and after slight amendments, was adopted as a whole.

On motion of Dr. Gross, a committee, consisting of one from each city and county now represented, and entitled to a representative in the State Legislature, was appointed to nominate officers of the Society for the present year.

The following gentlemen were appointed : Dr. Breckinridge, of Louisville ; Dr. Foree, of Jefferson ; Dr. Letcher, of Jessamine ; Dr. Spillman, of Mercer; Dr. Harrison, of Fayette ; Dr. Roberts, of Franklin ; Dr. Gore, of Nelson ; Dr. Slaughter, of Shelby ; Dr. Evans, of Kenton; Dr. Chew, of Woodford, and Dr. Black, of Scott; who, after a short interval, reported the names of the following persons as suitable to fill the various offices :

For PresidentDR. W. L. SUTTON, of Georgetown.
For Senior Vice PresidentDR. W. S. CHIPLEY, of Lexington.
For Junior Vice President-Dr. J. DUDLEY, of Nicholasville.
For Recording SecretaryDR. W. C. SNEED, Frankfort.
For Corresponding SecretaryDR. R. J. BRECKINRIDGE, JR., of Louisville.
For Treasurer-DR. R. W. GLASS, of Shelbyville.
For Librarian-DR. BEN. MONROE, of Frankfort.

The report was received, and the ballot being taken on each officer separately, the nominees of the committee were declared duly elected.

Drs. J. M. Mills, E. H. Watson, and W. C. Sneed, of Frankfort, were elected a committee of publication.

The CONVENTION then adjourned sine die, and the first annual meeting of the STATE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF KENTUCKY was held, and proceeded to business.

W. L. SUTTON, President. E. H. WATSON, J. M. MILLS,

* See Constitution, page 7.





Ar the first annual meeting of the State Medical Society of Kentucky, held in the Senate Chamber at Frankfort, on the 1st day of October, 1851, at 5 o'clock, P. M., the President, Dr. W. L. Sutton, took the chair, and called the Society to order.

On motion of Dr. Ayres, a committee, consisting of Drs. Dudley, Yandell, Harrison, Roberts, and Winston, was appointed to apply to the next meeting of the Legislature for a charter for the Society.

On motion of Dr. Chipley, the next annual meeting of the Society was ordered to be held in the city of Louisville, on the third Wednesday in October, 1852.

On motion of Dr. Richardson, it was

Resolved, That the Code of Medical Ethics of the American Medical Association be adopted as the Code of this Society.

Dr. Chipley presented a form of charter for the Society, which, after some discussion, was withdrawn.

On motion of Dr. Breckinridge, a committee, consisting of Drs. Rodman, Anderson, Thomson, Ayres, and Spillman, was appointed to draft a set of by-laws.

The application of Dr. J. C. Darby, of Lexington, was received for membership, and then the Society adjourned until half past 7 o'clock.

HALF PAST 7 O'CLOCK, P. M. The society was called to order by the President.

The application of Dr. Darby was taken up, and he was duly elected a member of the Society.

The President announced the appointment of the following gentlemen as Chairmen of the various standing committees, each Chairman having the liberty to select two others as associates :t

Chairman of Committee of Arrangements—DR. ANDERSON—DRS. BRECKINRIDGE and W. H. MILLER, Associates.

Chairman of Committee on Improvements in Practical MedicineDR. FOREEDRS. RODMAN and RICHARDSON, Associates.

page 13.

* See Code of Ethics,

+ Up to the time of the proceedings going to press, the Chairmen of several of the commit. tees had not handed in the names of their associates.

Chairman of Committee on Improvements in Pharmacy-DR. Mills-DRS. GORE and Ray, Associates.

Chairman of Committee on Vital StatisticsDR. CHIPLEY_Drs. YANDELL and DUDLEY, Associates.

Chairman of Committee on ObstetricsDR. H. MILLER—Drs. SNEED and LETCHER, Associates.

Chairman of Committee on Medical EthicsDR. A. EVANS.
Chairman of Committee on Public HygieneDR. E. C. DRANE.
Chairman of Committee on Epidemics—DR. DARBY.
Chairman of Committee on Improvemets in SurgeryDr. Gross.
Chairman of Committee on Indigenous BotanyDR. SPILLMAN.
Chairman of Coinmittee on Finance—DR. THOMSON.

On motion of Dr. Breckinridge, the President was appointed Chairman of a committee to memorialize the Legislature upon the subject of registration of marriages, births, and deaths.

The committee on by-laws were granted until next regular meeting of the Society to report.

On motion of Dr. Breckinridge, the Society determined to go into the election of honorary members. The vote was reconsidered, and the subject for the present postponed

The Society elected the following persons as delegates to the next annual meeting of the American Medical Association, viz : Drs. L. G. Ray, E. D. Foree, T. G. Richardson, D. J. Ayres, D. S. Slaughter, E. C. Drane, W. H. Miller, W. R. Evans, and Joshua Gore.

A series of resolutions were offered by the President, Dr. Sutton, which were laid over until the next regular meeting.

The Secretary and Treasurer were required to give bonds in the sum of two hundred dollars, each, for the faithful performance of their respective duties.

On motion of Dr. Gross, the President was requested to deliver an opening address at the next annual meeting of the Society.

The Society recommended the formation of County Medical Societies.

The record of proceedings was read, and after slight amendments, was adopted, and ordered to be published in connection with the Constitution and Code of Medical Ethics.

A vote of thanks was tendered the officers of the Society for the prompt and efficient manner in which they discharged their respective duties, and The Society adjourned.

W. L. SUTTON, President. W. C. SNEED, Secretary.

NOTE.-Owing to the limited time in which the notice for the call of the Convention was issued, the attendance was comparatively small; but, as will be observed from the proceedings, the Society may now be regarded as constituted upon such a permanent basis as will tend to the elevation of the profession, and a more zealous and harmonious co-operation in accomplishing its legitimate objects.

All regular surgeons and physicians in the State are requested to unite with the Society, on the terms prescribed by the Constitution, and forward their applications, prepaid, to De. W. C. SNEED, RECORDING SECRETARY, Frankfort.

Several applications have already been received since the adjournment.
Particular attention is requested to the Code of Ethics.





TITLE OF THE ASSOCIATION. This association shall be known as the KENTUCKY STATE MEDICAL SOCIETY, and shall be composed of permanent, temporary, and honorary members.

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The objects contemplated by the Kentucky State Medical Society are,

1. The establishment and maintenance of union, harmony, and good governmint among

its members, thereby promoting the character, interests, honor, and usefulness of the profession.

2. The cultivation and advancement of Medical science and literature, by the collection, diffusion, interchange, preservation, and general circulation of medical knowledge throughout the State.


MEMBERSHIP. Sec. 1. The Kentucky State Medical Society shall be composed of all the Physicians and Surgeons now members of this Convention, and such other

persons as may be admitted according to the provisions of the following sections of this article.

Sec. 2. Every candidate for PERMANENT MEMBERSHIP, must make application to the society in writing, bearing his own signature. Such application is to be presented and seconded by members having a competent knowledge of the character and standing of the applicant. The application shall lie over at least one adjournment of the society, after which the candidate shall be ballotted for, and the approving votes of three-fourths of the members present shall be necessary to his admission.

Sec. 3. The TEMPORARY MEMBERS, shall be those who may be selected by any regularly organized City, Town, or County Medical Society, to represent said society in the state association. Their membership shall terminate with the session for which they may have been elected.

Sec. 4. HONORARY MEMBERSHIP, shall be conferred only on distinguished medical gentlemen residing beyond the limits of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Sec. 5. The election of Honorary Members can take place only at the annual meetings of the society, and not more than three shall be elected in any one year.

Sec. 6. The election of Honorary Members shall be by ballot, and the concuring votes of four-fifths of the members present shall be necessary to their election.

Sec. 7. Honorary Members shall be exempt from all pecuniary contributions to the society, and shall have all the privileges of permanent and temporary members, except the right of voting and holding office.

Sec. 8. Every member shall be entitled to a certificate of his membership after he shall have complied with the requisition of Article 3, and on payment of one dollar to the Recording Secretary. The form of such certificate shall be prescribed by the by-laws.


FEES. All members of this society not exempted by the provisions of this Constitution, shall, at the time of their admission, pay to the society a fee of two dollars, and shall also pay once a year, to fall due on the first day of each annual meeting, such contributions as the by-laws may, from time to time, prescribe.


RESIGNATION OF MEMBERSHIP. Any member wishing to withdraw from the society, may do so when he shall have presented the Secretary's receipt for all moneys due.


FORFEITURE OF MEMBERSHIP AND OTHER CENSURE. Sec. 1. Any member who shall be guilty of gross misconduct either as a member or a citizen of the community, or shall be palpably derelict in duty either as a member or officer, shall be liable to expulsion, or such other censure as the society

may direct.

Sec. 2. No judgment of expulsion, suspension, or other censure, shall be passed against a member until after due notice and fair trial; but the society may proceed in the absence of the delinquent if such due notice has been given and the member fails to attend. No member shall be expelled unless by the votes of three-fourths of the members present. And should such member come forward at the next annual meeting succeeding his expulsion, and offer a satisfactory explanation, he may be reinstated without delay or expense, provided three-fourths of the members present agree thereto. In this case the vote shall be taken by ballot.


MEETINGS. Sec. 1. This society shall hold its session for the present year, commencing on the first day of October, and shall hereafter convene annually on the third Wednesday of October, at such places as the society may, from time to time, direct.

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