Chronicles of the Plumsted Family: With Some Family Letters, Comp. and Arranged with Notes

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Lippincott, 1887 - 168 halaman

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Halaman 21 - Susquehanna, and all the lands lying on the west side of the said river to the setting of the sun, and to extend from the mouth of the said river northward, up the same to the hills or mountains called in the language of said nations Tayamentasachta and by the Delaware Indians the Kekachtannin hills.
Halaman 24 - Liberties, but upon a fair Trial by the lawful Judgment of his Peers and the Laws of the Land. By which it is evidently meant that he shall first have his Accusers Face to Face, and his Defence fairly and indifferently received and considered; yet, we apprehend, we have the highest reason to complain, that the Persons who, above all others, ought to be the Guardians and Preservers of those inestimable Laws, have in this Instance, tried, condemned and sentenced us to lose our Rights, Liberties and...
Halaman 31 - ... shall grant to any person or persons, one halfpenny lawful money of England, yearly rent; to be paid to us our heirs and assigns, forever, on every five and twentieth day of March according to the English account; the first payment thereof to begin on the twenty-fifth day of March which shall be in the year of our Lord, according to the English account, one thousand six hundred and seventy.
Halaman 91 - GEORGE CLINTON, Captain General and Governor in Chief of the Province of New York, and Territories thereon depending in America, Vice Admiral of the same, and Admiral of the White Squadron of his Majesty's Fleet.
Halaman 79 - Mrs. Gore, in 1781: MY DEAR AUNT, — I wrote you by last opportunity, but as I have time I think I cannot employ it better than in writing to you, tho' there is not the least prospect of sending it.
Halaman 21 - Neshaminy, or the most Westerly branch thereof, so far as the said Branch doth extend, and from thence by line to the utmost extent of the said one day and a half's Journey, and from thence to the aforesaid River Delaware, and from thence down...
Halaman 23 - Reasons, and these Ends, may it please the Governor to recomm-end it to the Judges of the Supreme Court, as an Affair of the greatest...
Halaman 20 - President of the Court of Common Pleas, Quarter Sessions, and Orphans' Court, for the county of Cumberland, when Samuel Laird, Esquire, was appointed.
Halaman 39 - ... and the next Day was buried in St. Peter's Church Burying Ground, in the plainest Manner, at his own Request, according to the new Mode, lately used in Boston and New York, having no Pall over his Coffin, nor none of his Relations or Friends appearing in Mourning. We flatter ourselves, that this frugal and laudable Example of burying our Dead, so seasonably set by People of Family and Fortune, will be imitated by all, both in City and Country ; the good Effects of which must soon be felt, especially...
Halaman 83 - Dec. 8, 1758, Margaret, daughter of Peter Kemble, President of the Council of New Jersey, by his wife Margaret, daughter of the Right Hon.

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