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spectable, than that of the modern pretenders 10 orthodoxy.

There is something striking and consistent in the ge.. nuine Supralapsarian system, of thc eternally destined fall of man, an infinite penalty incurred by one, and, by the imputation of his sin, affecting all, aud an infinite atonement adequate to it, made by an infinite being; by which means a small remnant of the human race are necessarily saved; while all the rest of mankind, including new-born children, unbelieving Jews, Mahometans, and Heathens, Arminians and Baxterians, Arians and Socinians, without distinction, (as destitute either of faith, or the right faith,) are consigned to everlasting torments with the Devil and his angels; from whence results glory to a God, who, in all this dreadful scheme, is supposed to have sought nothing else.

These are the tremendous doctrines which have overawed mankind for so many centuries; and, compared with this, all the modern qualified, intermediate systems are, crude, incoherent, and contemptible things. My antagonists may cavil at election and reprobation, or any other single article in the well compacted sy. stem : but every part is necessary to the whole; and if one stone be pushed out of its place, the whole build. ing tumbles to the ground. And when, in consequence of their ill-judged attempts to alter, patch, and repair, they have brought things to this catastrophe, there will be nothing left but the simple be


dief, that the merciful parent of the universe, who never meant any thing but the happiness of his crea. tures, sent his well-beloved son, the mun, Christ Jesus, to reclaim men from their wickedness, and to teach them the way of righteousness; assuring them, for their encouragement, of the free and unbought pardon of their sins, and promising a life of endless happiness to all that receive and obey the gospel, by repenting of their sins, and bringing forth fruits meet for repentance.

This is the essence of what is called Socinianism; and though this simple doctrine may, on account of its excellence and simplicity, be a stumbling-block to some, and foolishness to others, I believe it to be the sum and substance of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the wisdom and power of God.

Formidable as the greatest adversary of the truth may be, I make no doubt but that, by the help of reason, and the sword of the spirit, which is the word of God, it will be finally overcome. And whenever the holy apostles and prophets shall rejoice at the fall of this last part of mystical Babylon, Rev. xviii. 20., happy will they be who may join the chorus, as having employed their efforts, however feeble, with those who, in this great cause, fight under the banners of the lamb, and who are called, and chosen, and faithful. Rev. xvii. 14.


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