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Bloomf. Cas.-Bloomfield's New Jersey Negro Brice Pub. Wor.-Brice on Laws Relating to

Public Worship.
Blount-Blount's Law Dictionary and Glossary. Brice U. V.-Brice on the Doctrine of Ultra
Blum. B'kcy.-Blumensteil on Bankruptcy.

Blvd. Cs.- Blydenburg on Usury.

Bridg. Conv.-Bridgman's Precedents of Con-
Boh. Dec.-Bohun's Declarations.

Boh. Eng. L.— Bohun's English Lawyer. Bridg. Dig. Ind.—Bridgman's Digested Index.
Bond (U. S.)-Bond's Circuit Court Reports. Bridg. J.-J. Bridgman's Common Pleas Re-
Book Judg.- Book of Judgments.

Booste Ch. Pr.-Boote's Chancery Practice. Bridg. Leg. Bib.—Bridgman's Legal Bibliogra-
Booth Real Ac.-Booth on Real Actions.

Borth. Lib. Borthwick on the Law of Libel. Bridg. 0.-Orlando Bridgman's Common Ileas
Bos. & P.-Bosanquet & Puller's Common Pleas Reports.

Bridg. Refl.-Bridgman's Reflections on the
Bos. & P. N. R.- Bosanquet & Puller's Common Study of the Law.
Pleas New Reports.

Bridg. Synth.-Bridgman's Synthesis.
Bosc. Convic.-Boscawen on Convictions. Bridg. Thes. Jur.---Bridgman's Thesaurus Juridi-
Bost. L. Rep.--The Boston Law Reporter.

Bosw. (N. Y.)-Bosworth's New York Superior Bright. Costs—Brightly on Costs.
Court Reports.

Bright. Dig.-Brightly's Digest of the Laws of
Bott-Bott's Poor Laws.

the United States.
Bourke Par. Prec.-Bourke's Parliamentary Bright. El. Cas.- Brightly's Election Cases.

Bright. Eq.-Brightly's Equity Jurisprudence.
Bouv. Dict., or Bouvier-Bouvier's Law Dic- Bright. Fed. Dig.-Brightly's Federal Digest.

Bright H. & W.--Bright's Husband and Wife.
Bouv. Inst.-Bouvier's Institutes.

Bright. (Pa.) N. P.-Brightly's Pennsylvania
Bov. Pat. Cas.—Bovill's Patent Cases.

Nisi Prius Reports.
Bowl. Lib.-Bowles on Libels.

Bright. Purd. --Brightly's Purdon's Pennsyl-
Bowy. Com.-Bowyer's Commentaries on Uni vania Digest.
versal Law.

Britt.-Britton's Pleas of the Crown.
Bowy. Const. L.-Bowyeron Constitutional Bro. Abr.-Brooke's Abridgment.

Bro. Ch. C.- Brown's English Chancery Cases.
Bowy. M. Civ. L.-Bowyer on Modern Civil Bro. Civ. L.-Brown's Civil and Admiralty Law.

Bro. Com.- Brown's Commentaries.
Boyce Man.-Boyce's Manual U.S. Circuit Court Bro. Ent.-- Brown's Entries.

Bro. Lim.-Brown on Limitations.
Bord Adm. Pr.-Boyd's Admiralty Practice. Bro, N.C.-Brooke's (King's Bench) New Cases.
Bovd Mer. Sh. L.- Boyd's Merchant Shipping Bro. Nat. B. Cas.-- Browne's National Bank

Br. Abr.-Brooke's Abridgment.

Bro. Not.--Brooke on Notaries.
Br. Brev. Jud.-Brownlow's Brevia Judicialia. Bro. P. C.- Brown's (House of Lords) Parlia-
Br. Ch. C.- Brown's English Chancery Cases. I mentary Cases.
Br. V. C.-Brooke's (King's Bench) New Cases. Bro. Sales— Brown on Sales.
Br. P. C.- Brown's House of Lords Parliamen- Bro. Stair-Brodie's Notes and Supplement to
tary Cases.

Stair's Institutes of Scottish Law.
Bradw. (Ill.)- Bradwell's Reports, Illinois Ap-Bro. Supp.- Brown's Supplement to Morrison's
peal Courts.

Brac., or Bract.-Bracton's Treatise on the Laws Bro. Syn.-Brown's Synopsis of Scotch Court of
and Customs of England.

Sessions Decisions.
Brack. L. Misc.-Brackenridge's Law Miscel- Bro. V. M.-Brown's Vade Mecum.

Brock. Marsh.-Brockenbrough's United States
Brack. I'rusts-Brackenridge on Trusts.

Reports. Marshall's Decisions.
Bradb. Dist.-Bradby on Distresses.

Brod. & B.-Broderip & Bingham's Common
Bradf. (X. Y.) or Bradf. Surr.-Bradford's New Pleas Reports.
York Surrogate Reports.

Broom Com. L.-Broom's Commentaries on the
Braithw. Pr.- Braithwaite's Record and Writ Common Law.

Broom Const. L.-Broom's Constitutional Law.
Branch Pr.or Branch Max.--Branch's Principles Broom Max.- Broom's Legal Maximi's.

of Law and Equity; Branch's Maxim's. Broom Part.- Broom on Parties to Actions.
Brand. For. Att.-Brandon on the Law of For- Broom & H. Com.- Broom & Hadley's English
eign Attachment.

Brandt Div.--Brandt on Divorce or Matrimonial Broun, or Broun Just.- Broun's Scotch Justiciary

Court Reports.
Brandt S. & G.-Brandton Suretyship and Brown, or Brown (Mich.) N. P.-Brown's Michi-

gan Nisi Prius Reports.
Pravt. (V't.) -Bravton's Vermont Reports. Brown Adm.- Brown's Admiralty Reports, C.S.
Breese (Ill.)-Breese's Illinois Reports.

Circuit Court.
Brev. Dig.–Brevard's Digest.

Brown Ch.C. - Brown's English Chancery Cases.
Brev. Sel.-Brevia Selecta ; Choice Writs. Brown Dict. or Brown-Brown's Law Dictionary.
Brev. (S. C.) Brevard's South Carolina Reports. Brown D. & M.-Brown's Practice in Divorce
Brews. (Pa.)-Brewster's Pennsylvania Reports. and Matrimonial Causes.

Brown Ent.--Brown's Entries.

Burg. Col. & For. L.-Burge's Colonial and Brown Fixt.— Brown on the Law of Fixtures. 1 Foreign Law. Brown Lim.-Brown on Limitations.

Burg. Contl. L.-Burge on Conflict of Laws. Brown P. C.-Brown's (House of Lords) Par- Burg. Sur.- Burge's Law of Suretyship. liamentary Cases.

Burlam. Nat. L.-Burlamaqui's Natural and Brown Prob. Pr.- Brown's Probate Practice. Public Law. Brown R.-- Brown's Scotch Reports.

Burn. Cr. L.-Burnett on Criminal Law of ScotBrown Sales-Brown on Sales.

land. Brown St. of F.-Brown on the Statute of Burn Dict.—Burn's Law Dictionary. Frauds.

Burn Eccl. L.-Burn's Ecclesiastical Law. Brown Supp.-- Brown's Supplement to Mor Burn Just.- Burn's Justice of the Peace. rison's Dictionary.

Burn. (Wis.)– Burnett's Wisconsin Territorial Brown Supp. R.- Brown's Supplemental Scotch Court Reports. Reports.

Burr.-Burrow's King's Bench Reports. Brown Syn.-Brown's Synopsis of Scotch Court | Burr. Sett. Cas.- Burrow's Settlement Cases. of Session Decisions.

Burr Tr.-Burr's Trial. Brown V. M.-Brown's Vade Mecum.

Burrill Ass.-Burrill's Law of Voluntary AssignBrown. & L.-Browning & Lushington's Eng- ' ments. lish Admiralty Reports.

Burrill Circ. Ev.-Burrill's Circumstantial EviBrowne Act.--Browne's Actions.

dence. Browne Carr.--Browne on the Law of Carriers. Burrill Dict., or Burrill-Burrill's Law DictionBrowne Civ. L.-Browne's Civil and Admiralty ary. Law.

Burrill Pr.—Burrill's Practice in Personal AcBrowne Dig. Div.-Browne's Digest of Divorce tions. and Alimony.

Burroughs Pub. Sec.—Burroughs on Public Browne Div.-Browne on Divorce.

Securities. Browne Fixt.-Browne on Fixtures.

Burroughs Tax.-Burroughs on Taxation. Browne Fraud.-Browne on the Statute of Burt. Comp. R. P.-Burton's Elementary ComFrauds.

pendium of the Law of Real Property. Browne Ins.-Browne on Insanity.

Busb. (N. C.) Eq.-- Busbee's North Carolina Browne (Pa.)-Browne's Pennsylvania Common Equity Reports. Pleas Reports.

Busb. (N. C.) L.--Busbee's North Carolina Law Browne Prob. Pr.-Browne's Probate Practice. Reports. Browne St. Fr.-Browne on the Statute of Bush (Ky.)--Bush's Kentucky Reports. Frauds.

Bush. P. El.-Bushby on Parliamentary ElecBrowne Tr.-Browne's Law of Trademarks.

tions. Browning Mar. & D.-Browning's Marriage and Butler Co. Litt.—Butler's Notes to Coke on LitDivorce.

tleton. Browning & L.-Browning & Lushington's Eng- Byles Bills-Byles on Bills. lish Admiralty Reports.

Bynk. Jur. Pub.-- Bynkershoek's Quaestiones Brownl. or Browni. & G.-Brownlow and Golds- Juris Publici. borough's Common Pleas Reports.

Bynk. War-Bynkershoek's Law of War. Brownl. Brev. Jud.-Brownlow's Brevia Judici- Byth. Prec. -- Bythewood's Precedents. alia.

Byth. & J. Conv.-Bythewood & Jarman's SysBruce-Bruce's Scotch Court of Sessions Cases. tem of Conveyancing. Bruce M. L.-Bruce on Military Law. Buchan.-Buchanan's Reports, Cape of Good

Hope. Buchan. c. C.-Buchanan's Scotch Criminal C.-Caption ; Chapter; Chancellor; Chancery ; Cases.

Code; Coder. Buck-Buck's Bankruptcy Cases.

C. B.-Common Bench; Chief Baron; Common Buckn. Lun.-Bucknill on Lunacy.

Bench Reports. Bufl. Super. Ct. R.- Buffalo Superior Court Re-C. B. N. S.-Common Bench Reports, New ports.

Series. Bull. N. P.-Buller's Nisi Prius.

| C. C.---Chancery Cases; Crown Cases ; Civil Bull. & C. Dig.-Bullard & Curry's Louisiana Code; Circuit Court. Digest.

C. C. A.-County Court Appeals. Bull. & L.-Bullen & Leake's Precedents of C. C. E.-See Cai. (N. Y.) Cas. Pleadinys.

C. C. P.-See Code Civ. Pro. Buller, MSS.-Same as A. P. B. (9. v.)

C. C. R.-Crown Cases Reserved. Bulst.-Bulstrode's King's Bench Reports. C. Cr. P.-- See Code Cr. Pro. Bump Bankr. Pr.-- Bump's Bankruptcy Practice. C. E. Gr. (N. J.)-C. E. Green's New Jersey Bump Fed. Pro.- Bump's Federal Procedure. Equity Reports. Bump Fraud. Cony.-Bump on Fraudulent Con C. J.-- See Ch, J. veyances.

C. J. C.-See Cowp. J. C.
Bump No. Const.-- Bump's Notes of Constitu- C. L. P. Act.—See Com. L. P. Act.
tional Decisions.

C. L. R.-See Com. L. R.
Bump Pat.- Bump on Patents, Trademarks and C. M. & R.-See Cromp M. & R.

C. P.-Common Pleas; Code of Procedure. Bunb.- Bunbury's Exchequer Reports.

C. P. D.-Law Reports, Common Pleas DiviBuny. Ass.—Bunyon on Life Assurance.


Bumpong Decisions on Patents,

C. S.-Court of Session.

Cas. B. R.-Cases Banco Regis. C. t. N.-Cases tempore Northington.

Cas. Ch.--Cases in Chancery. C. & A.-See Cooke & A.

Cas. L. & Eq.--Cases in Law and Equity. C. & F.-See Cl. & F.

Cas. Pr. C. P.-Cases of Practice, Common Pleas. C. & H. Dig.-See Cov. & H. Dig.

Cas. Pr. K. B.-Cases of Practice, King's Bench. C. & J.-See Cromp. & J

Cas. Self Def.- Horrigan and Thompson's Cases C. & K.--See Car. & K.

of Self Defence. C. & M.-See Car. & M.

Cas. Set.--- Cases of Settlement, King's Bench. C. & P.-See Car. & P.

Cas. Six Circ.- Cases on the Six Circuits, Irish Ca.-Case; Cases.

King's Bench. Ca. resp.-Capias ad respondendum.

Cas. t. F.-Cases tempore Finch, English ChanCa. sa.-Capias ad satisfaciendum.

cery. Cab. Int. & Att.-Cababe on the Law of Inter- Cas. t. H.-Cases tempore Hardwicke, King's pleader and the Attachment of Debts.

Bench. Cai. (N. Y.)-Caines' New York Reports. Cas. t. Holt-Cases tempore Holt, King's Bench. Cai. N. Y.) Cas.-Caines' New York Cases in Cas. t. King-Cases tempore King, English ChanError.

cery. Cai. Pr.-Caines' Practice.

Cas. t. Macc.- Cases tempore Macclesfield, EngCairns Dec.--Cairns' Decisions.

lish Law and Equity. Cal.-California ; California Reports.

Cas. t. Talb.--Cases tempore Talbot, English Cal. Pr.--Hart's California Practice.

Chancery. Cald.--Caldecott's Justice of the Peace Cases. | Cas. t. Will. III.-Cases tempore William III. Caldw. Arb.--Caldwell on Arbitration.

Cas. & Op.- Cases with Opinions of Eminent Call (Va.)-Call's Virginia Reports.

Counsel. Calth.--Calthorphe's King's Bench Reports. Cass. Man. Proc.- Cassel's Manual of Procedure. Calth. Copyh.-Calthorphe on Copyhoids. Cast. Ra.--Castle on the Principle of Rating. Calv. Lex.-Calvin's Lericon Juridicum. Cav. Sec.-Cavanagh on Securities. Calv. Part.-Calvert on Parties to Suits in Cent. L. J.-Central Law Journal. Equity.

Ch.-Chancellor; Chancery. Cam.--Cameron's Upper Canada Queen's Bench Ch. Cas.- Cases in Chancery. Reports.

Ch. Cas. Ch.-Choyce Cases in Chancery. Cam. Brit.-Camden's Brittania.

Ch. Chamb. — Chancery Chambers, Upper Cam. Scacc. --Camera Scaccaria.

Cam. & N.(N.C.)-Cameron & Norwood's North Ch. D.-Law Reports, Chancery Division.
Carolina Conference Reports.

Ch. J.-Chief Justice; Chief Judge.
Campb.-Campbell's Nisi Prius Reports. Ch. Pre.- Chancery Precedents.
Campb. Dec.- Campbell's Taney's Decisions. Ch. R.-Chancery Reports.
Campb. Ld. Ch.-Campbell's (Lord) Lives of Ch. Sent.-Chancery Sentinel, New York city.
the Lord Chancellors.

Chadw. Man.--Chadwick's Probate Court ManCampb. LI. Ch. J.-Campbell's (Lord) Lives of the Chief Justices.

Chal. Dig.--Chalmer's Digest of Bills of ExCampb. Neg.-Campbell on Negligence.

change. Can.-Canada.

Chal. Op. - Chalmer's Opinions. Can. L. J.-Canada Law Journal.

Chamb. --Chamber Reports, Upper Canada. Can. L. T.-Canadian Law Times.

Chamb. High.-Chambers on Highways and Can. Sup. Ct.-Canada Supreme Court Reports.

Bridges. Cand. M. C.Pr.-Candy's Mayor's Court Practice. Chamb. L. & T.-Chambers on Landlord and Cap.-Capitulo; Chapter.

Tenant. Car.-Carolus; as 13 Car. II. c. I.

Chamb. Pub. H.-Chambers on Public Health Car. Cr. L.-Carrington's Criminal Law.

and Local Government. Car. H. & A.--Carrow, Hamerton & Allen's Chamb. Ra.--Chambers on Rate and Rating. Magistrate's Cases.

Chand. (Wis.) - Chandler's Wisconsin Reports. Car. L. Rep.-Carolina Law Repository. Chap. & S. Copyr.-Chappell & Shoard's CopyCar. O. & B.-Carrow, Oliver & Beayan's Rail- right Law. way and Canal Cases.

Char. Merc.- Charta Mercatoria. Car. Qu. Tr. - Trial of Queen Caroline. Char. Pr. Cas.-Charley's English Practice Car. & K.-Carrington & Kirwan's Nisi Prius I Cases. Reports.

Charlt. R. M. (Ga.)—R. M. Charlton's Georgia Car. & M.-Carrington & Marshman's Nisi Reports. Prius Reports.

Charlt. T. U. P. (Ga.)—T. U. P. Charlton's Car. & 0.--Carrow & Oliver's Railway and Georgia Reports. Canal Cases.

Cheves (Š. C.) — Cheves' South Carolina Cases Car. & P.-Carrington & Paine's Nisi Prius Re at Law.

Cheves (S. C.) Eq.-Cheves' South Carolina Carp.--Carpmael's Patent Cases.

Cases in Equity. Cart.--Carter's Common Pleas Reports.

Chic. L. N.-Chicago Legal News. Cart. (Ind.)--Carter's Indiana Reports.

Chip. Cont.-Chipman on Contracts for PayCarth.-Carthew's King's Bench Reports.

ment. Caruth. L. S.-Caruther's History of a Law Suit. Chip. D. (Vt.)—D. Chipman's Vermont Reports. Cary-Cary's English Chancery Reports. Chip. N. (Vt.)--N. Chipman's Vermont ReCary Part.-Cary on Partnership.



Chit. App.-Chitty on Apprentices & Journey- | Cliff. (U. S.)--Clifford's Circuit Court Reports. men.

Clift Ent.-Clift's Entries. Chit. Arch. Pr.-Chitty's Archbold's Practice. Clin. & Sp. Dig.--Clinton & Spencer's Digest. Chit. B. C.-Chitty's Bail Court Reports. Co.-Coke's Reports; Company ; County. Chit. Bills-Chitty on Bills.

Co. Ent.- Coke's Entries. Chit. Bl. Com.--Chitty's Blackstone's Commen- | Co. Litt.—Coke on Littleton. taries.

Co. P. C.-Coke's Pleas of the Crown. Chit. Burn. J.-Chitty's Burns' Justice.

Cobb. Slay.- Cobb on Slavery. Chit. Carr.-Chitty on Carriers.

Cochr.- Cochran's Nova Scotia Reports. Chit. Com. L.-Chitty on Commercial Law. Cock. & R.-Cockburn & Rowe's Election Cases. Chit. Cont.-Chitty on Contracts.

Cocke U. S. Pr.-Cocke's United States PracChit. Crim. L.--Chitty on Criminal Law.

tice. Chit. Desc-Chitty on the Law of Descents. Cod. Jur. Civ.-Codex Juris Civilis; Justinian Chit. Eq. Dig.-Chitty's Equity Digest.

Coder. Chit. Jr. Bills--Chitty Junior on Bills.

Codd. Dig. Tr.-Coddington's Digest of TradeChit. Med. Jur.—Chitty's Medical Jurispru- | marks. dence.

Code Civ., or Code N.—Code Civil; Code NapoChit. Pl.-Chitty on Pleading.

leon. Chit. Gen. Pr.-Chitty on General Practice. Code Civ. Pro.-Code of Civil Procedure. Chit. Prec.--Chitty's Precedents of Pleading. Code Cr. Pro.--Code i Criminal Procedure. Chit. Prerog.-Chitty on the Prerogatives of Code La.-Louisiana Civil Code. the Crown.

Code P.-Code Penal.
Cho. Cas. Ch.-Choyce Cases in Chancery. Code P. C.-Code de Procedure Civile.
Chris. B. L.-Christian's Bankrupt Law. Code Pro.---Code of Procedure.
C'hris. Med. Jur.-Christison on Poisons & Medi-Code R.-New York Code Reports.
cal Jurisprudence.

Code R. N. S.-New York Code Reports, New
Church. Sher. -Churchill on the Law of Sheriff. Series.
Chute Eq.--Chute's Equity in Relation to Com- Code Rep.--- New York Code Reporter.
mon Law.

Coe Pr.--Coe's Practice at Judges' Chambers. Cinc. (0.)---Cincinnati Superior Court Reports. Col.-Colorado; Colorado Reports; Column. City Hall Rec.-New York City Hall Recorder. Col. Cas.-Coleman's New York Cases. City Hall Rep.-New York City Hall Reporter. Col. & C. Cas.- Coleman & Caines' New York Civ.Civil.

Cases. Civ. Code - Civil Code.

Colb. Pr.--Colby's Practice. Civ. Pro. Rep.-Civil Procedure Reports, New Coldw. (Tenn.) - Coldwell's Tennessee Reports. York.

| Cole Inf.---Cole on Criminal Informations. Cl. Ass.---Clerk's Assistant.

Coler Mun. B.-- Coler's Law of Municipal Bonds. Cl. & F.-Olark & Finnelly's House of Lords' Coll.--Collver's English Chancery Reports. Reports,

| Coll. Contrib).---Collier's Law of Contributories. Cl. & F. N. S.-Clark & Finnelly's House of Coll. Id.-Collinson on Idiots, &c. Lords' Reports, New Series.

Coll. Min.-Collier on Mines. Clan. H. & W.--Clancy on the Law of Husband Coll. Parl. Cas.- Colles' Parliamentary Cases. and Wife.

Coll. Part.-Collyer on Partnership.
Clark-Clark's House of Lords' Reports. Coll. Pat.-Collier on Patents.
Clark Dig. H. L.-Clark's Digest of House of Colles-Colles Cases in Parliament.
Lords Reports.

Com.-Comyn's King's Bench and Common Clark H. L. Ind. -Clark's Index to Reports in Pleas Reports. the House of Lords.

Com. Cont.--Comyn on Contracts. Clark L. -- Clark's Enquiry into the Nature of Com. B.-Common Bench Reports. Leases.

Com. B. N. S.--Common Bench Reports, New Clarke Adm. Pr.--Clarke's Practice in Admir Series, alty,

Com. Dig.-Comyn's Digest. Clarke Bills—Clarke on Bills, Notes, Cheques, Com. L. P. Act--Common Law Procedure Act. & I. (. U's.

Com. L. R.-- Common Law Reports. Clarke Cr. L.-Clarke on Criminal Law of Com. L. & T.-Comyn on Landlord & Tenant. Canada.

Com. Us.-Comyn on Csury. . Clarke Extrad.-Clarke on Extradition. Comb.-Comberhach's King's Bench Reports. Clarke Ins.--Clarke on Insurance.

Comst. Eyrs.-- Comstock on Executors. Clarke Iowa)-Clarke's Iowa Reports.

Comst. (V. Y.)-Comstock’s New York Reports. Clarke (N. Y.) Ch.-Clarke's New York Chan- Con. Dig. In.-Conover's Digested Index. cery Reports.

Con. & L.-Connor & Lawson's Irish Chancery Clarke Part.--Clarke on Law of Partnership. Reports. Clavt.-Clayton's Assize Reports.

Cond. Ch. R.-Condensed Chancery Reports. Clerk Home-Clerk Home's Scottish Sessions Cond. Ex. R.-Condensed Exchequer Reports. Cases.

Conf.--Cameron & Norwood's North Carolina Clerke Dig.- Clerke's Digest.

Conference Reports. ('lerke Rud.-Clerke's Rudiments of American Cong.– Congress. Law.

| Conk. Adm.-Conkling's Admiralty. Clem. Corp. Sec.-Clemens on Corporate Securi. Conk. Ex. Pow.-Conkling's Executive Powers.

Conk. Pr.-Conkling's United States Courts Clev. Bank.-Cleveland on the Banking System. Practice.


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Conk. & B. Just.-Conklin & Bissell's Iowa Jus Cox, or Cox Ch.—Cox's English Chancery Retice.

ports. Conn.-Connecticut; Connecticut Reports. Cox Anc. L.-Cox's Law and Science of Ancient Cons, del Mare-Consolato del Mare.

Lights. Consist.-Haggard's Consistory Court Reports. Cox C. C.-Cox's English and Irish Criminal Const. (S. C.)- Tredway's South Carolina Con- Cases. stitutional Court Reports.

Cox Const.-Cox on the English Constitution. Const. (S. C.) N. S.-Mill's South Carolina Con-Cox Inst.-Homersham Cox's Institutes of the stitutional Court Reports, New Series.

English Government. Cont.-Contra; to the contrary. See Acc. Cox Jt. St. Co.--Cox on the Law of Joint Stock Cooke--Cooke's Common Pleas Practice Cases. Companies. Cooke Def.--Cooke on Defamation.

Cox Mag. Cas.-Cox's English Magistrate Cases. Cooke Tenn.)-Cooke's Tennessee Reports. Cox Tr. Cas.-Cox's American Trademark Cases. Cooke & A.-Cooke & Alcock's Irish King's Coxe (N. J.)-Coxe's New Jersey Reports.

Bench and Excheqner Chamber Reports. Crabb Com. L.-Crabb's History of the ComCooler Bl. Com.-Cooley's Blackstone's Com- mon Law. mentaries.

Crabb Conv.-Crabb's Precedents in ConveyCooley Const. L--Cooley on Constitutional Law. Cooler Const. Lim.-Cooley on Constitutional Crabb R. P.-Crabb on Real Property. Limitations,

Crabbe (U. S.)-Crabbe's United States Reports. (ooler Tax.--Cooley on the Law of Taxation. | Craig & P..--Craig & Phillipps' English ChanCooler Torts --Cooley on Torts.

cery Reports. Coop.-Cooper's English Chancery Reports. Craig. & S. --Craigie, Stewart & Paton's House Coop. Eq. Pl.-Cooper on Equity Pleadling.

of Lords' Reports. ('oop. Inst.-Cooper's Institutes of Justinian. Cranch C. C.-Cranch's District of Columbia Cop. Lib.--Cooper on the Law of Libel.

Circuit Court Reports. Coop. Med. Jur.-Cooper's Medical Jurispru-Cranch (U.S.)-Cranch's United States Reports.

Crar. Pr.-Crary's New York Practice. Coop. Pr. Cas.-Cooper's English Chancery Craw. & D.--Crawford & Dix's Irish Circuit 'Practice Cases.

Reports. Coop. t. Brough.-Cooper's English Chancery Craw. & D. Abr. Cas.-Crawford & Dix's Reports tempore Brougham.

Abridged Notes of Irish Law and Equity Coop. t. Cotten. -Cooper's English Chancery Cases. Reports tempore Cottenham.

Creas. Const.--Creasy on the English Constitution. Coop. ( Tenn.) Ch.--Cooper's Tennessee Chancery Cressw. Rep.-Cresswell's Insolvency Reports. Reports.

Crim, Con.-Criminal Conversation.
Coote Adm. Pr.-Coote Admiralty Practice. Crim. L. Mag.-Criminal Law Magazine.
Coote Mort.--Coote on Mortgages.

Cro.--Croke's King's Bench and Common Pleas Coote Pr.-Coote on the Practice of the High Reports. The separate volumes are cited Courts of Justice.

as Cro. Eliz., Cro. Jac. and Cro. Car. Coote Pro. Pr.-Coote's Probate Practice. Crock. Sher.-Crocker on Sheriffs. Cop. Conv.-Copinger on Precedents in Convey- Cromp.-Star Chamber Cases. ancing.

Cromp. Jur.-Crompton on Jurisdiction of Cop. Copyr.-Copinger on Copyright.

Courts. Cop. Tit. D.-Copinger on Title Deeds.

Cromp. M. & R.--Crompton, Meeson & Roscoe's (opp V. Dec.-Copp's Mining Decisions.

Exchequer Reports. Corb. & D.-Corbett & Daniell's Election Cases. Cromp. & j.-Crompton & Jervis' Exchequer Cord Mar. W.-Cord on the Rights of Married Reports. Women.

Cromp. & M.-Crompton & Meeson's Exchequer Corn. Rem.--Cornish on Remainders.

Reports. Corn. Uses- Cornish on Uses.

Cross L.-Cross on Liens and Stoppage in TranCorp. Jur. Civ.-Corpus Juris Civilis.

situ. Corp. Jur. Can.- Corpus Juris Canonici. Cruise Dig.–Cruise's Digest of Law of Real Corvt. Pat.-Coryton on Patents.

Property. Couls. & F. Waters-Coulson and Forbes on Crump M. Ins.-Crump on Marine Insurance Waters.

and General Average. Courty Ct. Rep.-County Court Reports, Eng. Ct. of Cl.–United States Court of Claims ReTish.

ports. County Ct. Rep. N. S.-County Court Reports, Ct. Sess. Cas.--Scotch Court of Sessions Cases. New Series

Cum. Civ. L.-Cumin's Manual of Civil Law. Cov, Conv. Ev.-Coventry on Conveyancer's Evi- Cun.--Cunningham's King's Bench Reports. dence.

Cun. Dict.-Cunningham's Dictionary. Cov. & H. Dig.-Coventry and Hughes' Digest. Cun. El.-Cunningham's Parliamentary and Cow. Cr. Dig.-Cowen's Criminal Digest.

Municipal Elections. ('ow. Just.--Cowen's Justice of the Peace. Cun. & M. Elec.-Cunningham & Mattinson on Cow. (N. Y.)-Cowen's New York Reports.

Law Relating to Elections. Cow. Tr.-Cowen's Treatise.

Cun. & M. Prec. Pl.--Cunningham & Mattinson Cowell, or Cowell Dict. ---Cowell's Law Diction on Precedents of Pleadings. ary; Cowell's Interpreter.

Curt. Ad. Dig.-Curtis' Admiralty Digest. Cowp.-Cowper's King's Bench Reports. Curt. Com.---Curtis' Commentaries on the United Cowp. J. C.-Cowper's Justiciary Court Cases. States Courts.

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