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Curt. Cond. (U. S.)-Curtis' Condensed United Dav. & M. Davison & Merivale's Queen's Bench States Reports.

1 Reports. Curt. Conv.-Curtis' American Conveyancer. Daveis (U. S.)-Daveis' U. S. District Court Curt. Copyr.-Curtis on Copyright.

Reports. Curt. Ecc., or Curteis--Curteis Ecclesiastical Daw. Arr.-Dawes on Arrest in Civil Cases. Reports.

Day Com. L. Pro.-Day's Common Law ProCurt. Eq. Prec.-Curtis' Equity Precedents.

cedure Acts. Curt. Pat.-Curtis on Patents.

Day (Conn.)- Day's Connecticut Reports. Curt. Seam.-Curtis on Seamen.

Dayt. Surr.---Dayton on Surrogates. Curt. (U. S.) -Curtis' United States Reports. De G.-De Gex's English Bankruptcy Reports. Curw. Abs. T.-Curwen on Abstracts of Title. De G. F. & J.- De Gex, Fisher & Jones' English Cush, El. Cas.--Cushing's Massachusetts Elec Chancery Reports. tion Cases.

De G. J. & S.-De Gex, Jones & Smith's English Cush. (Mass.)- Cushing's Massachusetts Reports. Chancery Reports. Cush. Par. L.-Cushing's Parliamentary Law. DeG. M. & G.--De Gex, Macnaghten & Gordon's Cush. Rom. L.---Cushing on the Roman Law. English Chancery Reports. Cush. Trust Pr.--Cushing on Trustee Process. De G. & J.-De Gex & Jones' English ChanCust. Rep.-Custer's Ecclesiastical Reports.

cery Reports. De G. & S. - De Gex & Smale's English Chan

cery Reports.

Dea. & Sw.- Deane & Swabey's English Probate D.-- Dialogue; Digest; Dictionary; Dictum. I and Divorce Reports. D. C.-- District Court; District of Columbia. Deac.- Deacon's English Bankruptcy Reports. D. Chip. (Vt.)-- D. Chipman's Vermont Reports. Deac. Bankr.-Deacon on Bankruptcy. D. N. S.-See Dowl. N. S.

Deac. & C.- Deacon & Chitty's English BankD. P. B.-See Damp. MSS.

ruptcy Reports. D. & C.-See Deac. & C.

Deady U.S.)- Deady's U.S. Circuit and District D. & D. Prec. Conv.-Davidson's & Dicay's Court Reports.

Concise Precedents in Conveyancing. Dean Med. Jur. - Dean's Medical Jurisprudence. D. & E.-- See Durnf. & E.

Deane, or Deane Ec.-- Deane & Swabey's English D. & L.-See Dowl. & L.

Probate and Divorce Reports. D. & M.-See Dav. & M.

Deane Conv.-Deane's Principles of ConveyD. & R.--See Dowl. & Ry.

ancing. D. & S. - See Dr. & S.

Dears.- Dearsley's Crown Cases Reserved. Dail. Reg.-Daily Register, New York City. Dears. Cr. Pro.-- Dearsly on Criminal Process. Dag. Cr. L.-Dagge's Criminal Law.

Dears. & B.-Dearsley & Bell's Crown Cases Dak. T.-Dakota Territory Reports.

Reserved. Dal.-Dalison's Common Pleas Reports.

Deas & And.-Deas and Anderson's Court of Dall.-- Dallas' United States and Pennsylvania Session Reports. Reports.

De Boism. Hall.-De Boismont on Hallucination. Dalr.- Dalrymple's Court of Session Cases. De Coly. Guar.-De Colyar on Guaranty and Dalr. Ent.- Dalrymple on Entails.

Suretyship. Dalr. Feud. L.- Dalrymple on Feudal Law. Deft.-Defendant. Dalr. Feud. Prop.-Dalrymple on Feudal Pro- De H. Mil. L.-De Hart on Military Law. perty.

Del.-Delaware. Dalt. Just.–Dalton's Justice.

Del. Ch.--Delaware Chancery Reports Dalt. Sher.-Dalton's Sheriff.

Del. Cr.--Houston's Delaware Criminal Reports. Daly (V. Y.)- Daly's New York Common Pleas Den. C. C.-Denison's Crown Cases Reserved. Reports.

Den. (N. Y.) or Denio (N. Y.)-Denio's New Damp. MSS.--Same as A. P. B. (g. v.)

York Reports. D'An.-D'Anvers' Abridgment.

Den. & S. Pr. & Pro.-Denison & Scott on PracDan.--Daniell's Exchequer Equity Reports.

tice and Procedure. Dan. Att.- Daniel on Attachment.

Des. or Desaus. (S. C.)--Desaussure's South CaroDan. Ch. Pr.- Daniell's Chancery Practice.

lina Chancery and Court of Appeals Reports. Dan. Neg. Inst. - Daniel on Negotiable Instru- Desaul, Dict.- Desaulnier's Dictionnaire. ments.

Desty Cal. Cit.- Desty's California Citations. Dana (Ky.)- Dana's Kentucky Reports.

Desty Fed. Cit.--Desty's Federal Citations. Dane Abr.-Dane's Abridgment.

| Desty Fed. Pro.-- Desty's Federal Procedures. Dans. &. L.- Danson & Lloyd's Mercantile Cases. Desty Sh. & Adm.-Destyon Shipping & Dart Vend.--Dart on Vendors and Purchasers. Admiralty. Das.-- Dasent's Reports.

Dev. (N. C.) Eq.-Devereux's North Carolina Dav., or Davies.-Davies' King's Bench Reports. Equity Reports. Dav. B. Soc.--Davis on Building Societies. Dev. (N. C.) L.--Devereux's North Carolina Dav. El. & R.-Davis on Elections and Registra Law Reports. tion.

Dev. (U. S.)-Devereux's U. S. Court of Claims Dav.Hawaii.- Davis' Hawaiian Reports.

Reports. Dav. Just.-Davis on Justices of the Peace. Dev. & B. (N. C.) Eq.-Devereux & Battle's Dav. Pat. Cas.- Davis' English Patent Cases. North Carolina Equity Reports. Dav. Poor L.-Davis on the Poor Laws. Dev. & B. (N. 0) L.-Devereux & Battle's Dav. Prec. Conv.-Davidson's Precedents in Con North Carolina Law Reports. veyancing.

Dic. Dom.—Dicey on the Law of Domicil.

Dic. Part.- Dicey on Parties to Actions. Drewry Cl. & Def.--Drewry's Forms of Claims Dick.-Dickens' English Chancery Reports.

and Defense. Dick. Eq. Prec.-Dickinson's Equity Precedents. Drewry Inj.-Drewry on Injunctions. Dick. Just.—Dickenson's Justice.

Drewry & S., or Drew. & S.-Drewry & Smale's Dick. Qr. Sess.- Dickenson's Quarter Sessions English Chancery Reports. Guide.

Drone Copyr.-Drone on Copyright. Dict.- Dictionary.

Dru., or Drury-Drury's Irish Chancery ReDig.-Digest; Digest, or Pandects of Justinian. ports. Digby Hist. R. P.--Digby's History of the Law Dru. Sel. Cas.-- Drury's Irish Chancery Select of Real Property,

Cases. Digby Shares - Digby's Sale and Transfer of Dru. & W.-Drury & Walshe's Irish Chancery Shares.

Reports. Dill. Mun. B.–Dillon on the Law of Municipal Dru. & War.–Drury & Warren's Irish Chancery Bonds.

Reports. Dill. Mun. Corp.—Dillon on Municipal Corpora Dub.-Dubitatur; it is doubted; it is doubtful. tions.

Dudley (Ga.)--Dudley's Georgia Superior Court Dill. (U. S.)- Dillon's U. S. Circuit Court Reports. Reports.

Dudley (S. C.) Eq.-Dudley's South Carolina Dirl.- Dirleton's Court of Session Decisions.

Equity Reports. Disn. (0.)— Disney's Cincinnati Superior Court Dudley (S.C.) Î.-Dudley's South Carolina Law Reports.

Reports. Dix. Gen. Av.-Dixon's General Average. Duer Const.–Duer on Constitutional JurispruDix. Mar. Ins.-Dixon on Marine Insurance. dence. Dix. Part.–Dixon on Law of Partnership. Duer M. Ins.--Duer on Marine Insurance. Dix. Prob.--Dixon on Law of Probate.

Duer (N. Y.)-Duer's New York City Superior Dix. Sh.-Dixon's Law of Shipping.

Court Reports. Dix. Subrog.–Dixon on Subrogation.

Duer Repr.- Duer on Representations. Doct. & S.-Doctor & Student.

Dugd. Orig.-Dugdale's Origines Juridiciales. Dod. Eng. L.- Doderidge's English Lawyer. Duke Char. Uses.-Duke on Charitable Uses. Dodd & B. Prob. Pr.-Dodd & Brooks' Probate Dun. Abr.-Dunlap's Abridgment. Court Practice.

Dun. Adm. Pr.--Dunlap's Admiralty Practice. Dods.- Dodson's English Admiralty Reports. Dun. For.-Dunlap's Book of Forms. Domat--Domat on Civil Law.

Dun. Pr.-Dunlap's Practice. Domesd.-Domesday Book.

Dunl., or Dun.-Dunlop, Bell & Murray's Court Donn. Ch.-Donnelly's Chancery, English.

of Session Reports. Donn. Ir. L. Cts.-Donnell's Irish Land Court Dupon. Const.--Duponceau on the Constitution. Reports.

Dupon. Jur.-Duponceau on Jurisdiction. Doria Bankr.-Doria on Law and Practice in Durant. Dr. Tr.-Duranton, Droit Francais. Bankruptcy.

Durie--Durie's Court of Session Reports. Doug.- Douglas' King's Bench Reports. Durnf. & E.--Durnford & East's King's Bench Doug. El. Cas.- Douglas' Election Cases.

Reports; Term Reports.
Doug. (Mich.)---Douglass' Michigan Reports. Dutch. (N. J.)-Dutcher's New Jersey Reports.
Dow-Dow's House of Lords Cases.

Duv. (Ky.)- Duvall's Kentucky Reports.
Dow. St. L.-Dowell's Stamp Duties and Stamp | Dwar. Stat.--Dwarris on Statutes.

Dwight Ch. U.- Dwight on Charitable Uses.
Dow & C.-Dow & Clark's House of Lords Cases. Dy., or Dyer-Dyer's King's Bench Reports.
Dowl.-Dowling's Bail Court Reports.
Dowl. N. S.-Dowling's Bail Court Reports, New

Series. Dowl. Pr. C.-Dowling's English Practice Reports.

| E.-Easter Term.
Dowi. Pr. C. N. S.-Dowling's English Practice E. C. L.-See Eng. Com. L.
Reports, New Series.

E. E. R.-See Eng. Eccl.
Dowl. & L.–Dowling & Lowndes' Bail Court E. g.-Erempli gratia ; For example.

Reports; Dowling & Lowndes English Prac-| E. L. & Eq.--See Eng. L. & Eq.
tice Reports.

E. T.-Easter Term. Dowl. & Ry.-Dowling & Ryland's King's Bench E. & A.--Spink’s Ecclesiastical and Admiralty Reports.

Reports. Dowl. & Ry. M. C.-Dowling & Ryland's King's Eag. & Yo.--Eagle & Younge's Tithe Cases. Bench Magistrate's Cases.

East-East's King's Bench Reports. Dowl. & Ry. N. P.-Dowling & Ryland's Nisi East P. C.-East's Pleas of the Crown. Prius Cases.

Ec. & Ad.-Spink's Ecclesiastical and Admiralty Dr.-Debtor.

Reports. Dr. & S.-Doctor & Student.

Eccl.- Ecclesiastical. Drake Att.- Drake on Attachments.

Ed., or Edit.- Edition.
Drake Jur.- Drake on Jurisdiction.

Eden-Eden's English Chancery Reports.
Draper--Draper's Upper Canada Queen's Bench Eden Inj.--Eden on Injunctions.

Eden Pen. L.-Eden's Principles of Penal Law. Draper Dow.-Draper on Dower.

Edg.-Edgar's Court of Session Reports.
Drewry, or Drew.-Drewry's English Chancery Edic.- Edicto by Justinian.

Edm. Ex. Pr.- Edmund's Exchequer Practice.


Edm. (N. Y.) Sel. Cas.-Edmond's Select New Ex. D.-Law Reports, Exchequer Division. York Cases.

Exch.-Exchequer Reports. Edw.-King Edward; 1 Edw. I. denotes the first Exec.- Execution.

year of the reign of King Edward I. Exp.- Ex parte, Edw. Adm.-Edwards' English Admiralty Re- Eyre-Eyre's King's Bench Reports.


Edw. Bailm.-Edwards on Bailments.
Edw. Bills-Edwards on Bills.

Edw. Fac. & Bro.- Edwards on Factors and

F.--See Fitz. Abr.
Edw. L. Dec.-Edwards' Leading Decisicns. F. B. C.-- See Fonb. B. C.
Hlw. (N. Y.) Ch.-Edwards' New York Chan- F. C.-Faculty of Advocates Collection, Court
cery and Supreme Court Reports.

of Session Cases. Edw. Par.--Edwards on Parties in Chancery. F. N. B.-See Fitz. N. B. Edw. Rec.- Edwards on Receivers.

F. & F.--See Fost. & F. Edw. Ref.- Edwards on Referees.

F. & S.-- See Fox & S.
El., B. & E.-Ellis, Blackburn & Ellis' King's Fac. Coll.-Faculty of Advocates Collection,
Bench Reports.

Court of Session Cases.
El., B. & S.-Ellis, Best & Smith's Queen's Fairf. (Me.)-Fairfield's Maine Reports.
Bench Reports.

Falc.-Falconer's Court of Session Reports.
El. Dr. & Cr.-Ellis on Debtor and Creditor. Falc. & F.--Falconer & Fitzherbert's Election
El. Ins.--Ellis on Insurance.

Cases. El. & B.-Ellis & Blacburn's Queen's Bench Re- Farr.-Farresley's King's Bench Reports. ports.

Farr. Man. Const.- Farrar's Manual of the ConEl. & E.-Ellis & Ellis' Queen's Bench Reports. stitution. Elchie--Elchie's Court of Sessions Decisions. Farr Med. Jur.-Farr's Elements of Medical Elchie F.-Elchie, Faculty Collection.

Jurisprudence. Elec.Elections.

Farw. Pow.-Farwell on Powers. Eliz.--Elizabeth; as 11 Eliz. c. 9.

Fawc. L. & T.-Fawcett's Law of Landlord and Elm. Dig.- Elmer's New Jersey Digest.

Tenant. Elm. Pr. Lun.--Elmer on the Practice in Fearne, or Fearne Rem.-Fearne on Contingent Lunacy.

Remainders and Executory Devises. Elph. Conv.-Elphinstone's Conveyancing. Fed.--The Federalist. Elt. Com.- Elton on Commons and Waste Lands. Fed. Rep.- The Federal Reporter. Elt. Copyh.- Elton on the Laws of Copyholds. Fell Mer. Guar.--Fell on Mercantile Guaran Elw. Med. Jur.--Elwell's Medical Jurispru tees. dence.

Ferard Fixt.--- Amos & Ferard on Fixtures. Emer. Ins.- Emerigon on Insurances.

Ferg.-Ferguson's Consistorial Court Reports. Encycl.- Encyclopedia.

Ferg. Mar. & D.--Fergusson on Marriage and Eng. Adm. R.- English Admiralty Reports.

Divorce. Eng. Ch. R.--English Chancery Reports. Ferr. Hist. Civ. L.-Ferriere's History of the Eng. Com. L-English Common Law Reports. Civil Law. Eng. Eccl.-- English Ecclesiastical Reports. Fess. Pat.-Fessenden on Patents. Eng. Exch.- English Exchequer Reports. Ft.--Pandects of Justinian. Eng. L. & Eq.-- English Law and Equity Re- Fi, Fa.-- Fieri Facias. ports.

Field Com. L.-Field on the Common Law of
Eng. Railw. Cas.- English Railway and Canal England.

Field Corp.-Field on Corporations.
Eng. Rep.- English Reports, Moak's Notes. Field Dam.-Field on Damages.
Eq. Cas. Abr.- Equity Cases Abridged.

Field. Pen. L.-Fielding on Penal Laws.
Eq. Draft.-- Equity Draftsman.

Fin., or Finch-Finch's English Chancery ReEq. R.-Equity Reports.

ports. Ersk. Inst. -Erskine's Institutes of the Law of Finch Law-Finch's Law. Scotland.

Finch Prec.-Finch's Precedents in Chancery. Ersk. Prin.--Erskine's Principles of the Law Finl. L. C.-Finlayson's Leading Cases on of Scotland.

Pleading. Esp. Ev.-Espinasse on Evidence.

Fish. Copyh.-Fisher on Copyholds. Esp. N. P.--Espinasse's Nisi Prius Reports. Fish. Cr. Dig.--Fisher's English Criminal DiEsp. Pen. Ev.--Espinasse on Penal Evidence. gest. Est. Pl. & For.--Estie's Pleadings and Forms. Fish. Dig.--Fisher's English Digest. Et al. - Et alii; and others.

Fish. Mort.-Fisher's Law of Mortgage. Eunom.--Wynne's Eunomus.

Fish. Pat. Cas.- Fisher's U. S. Circuit Court Ev., or Evid.-Evidence.

Patent Cases. Ev. Pl.-Evans on Pleading.

Fish. Pat. Dig.-Fisher's Patent Digest. Ev. Pr. & A.-Evans on the Law of Principal Fish. Pat. Rep.-Fisher's Patent Reports. and Agent.

Fish. Pr. Cas. --Fisher's U. S. Prize Cases. Ev. Stat.- Evans' Collection of Statute

Fitz. Abr.-Fitzherbert's Abridgment. Ew. Just.---Ewing's Justice.

Fitz. N. B.-Fitzherbert's Natura Brevium. Ewell Fixt.-Ewell on the Law of Fixtures. Fitz G.--Fitz Gibbon's English Reports. Ewell L. Cas.-Ewell's Leading Cases.

F1.-Fleta, Commentarius Juris Anglicani. Ex., or Exr.-Executor.

| Fla.--Florida; Florida Reports.


Flan. & K.-Flanagan & Kelly's Irish Rolls Freem. (III.)---Freeman's Illinois Reports.
Court Reports.

Freem. Judg.-Freeman on Judgments Fland. Ch. J.-Flanders' Lives of the Chief Jus- | Freem. (Miss.)-Freeman's Mississippi Superior tices.

Court of Chancery Reports. Fland. Ins.-Flanders on Insurance.

Freem. Pr.--Freeman's Illinois Practice. Fland. Mar. L.-Flanders on Maritime Law. Fry Lun. L.-- Fry on Lunacy Laws. Fland, Sh.-Flanders on Shipping.

Fry Spec. Perf.-Fry on Specific Performance Fletch. Trust.-Fletcher on Trustees.

of Contracts. Flood SI. & L.-Flood on Slander and Libel. Fult. Man.-Fulton's Manual of Constitutional Flood Wills--Flood on Wills of Personal Prop- History,

erty. Flover Proc. Pr.-Floyer on Proctor's Practice. Foard Mer. Sh.-Foard on the Law of Mer

chant Shipping. Fol. -Folio; Foley's Poor Law Reports. 6.-King George; 1 G. I., denotes the first year Fol. Dict.-Kames & Woodhouslee's Court of of the reign of King George I. Session Cases Dictionary.

G. & J.-See Glyn & J. Fol :. SI. & L.--Folkard on Slander and Libel. Ga.-Georgia; Georgia Reports. For J., or Fonb. Eq.- Fonblanque on Equity. Ga. Dec.--Georgia Superior Courts Decisions. Fonb. B. C.-Fonblanque's Bankruptcy Cases. Gaius-Gaius' Institutes. Foote Pr. Int. Jur. ---Foote on Private Interna- Gaius Com.--Gaius' Commentaries on Roman

tional Jurisprudence. Forbes -- Forbes' Court of Session Reports. Gaius El.-Gaius' Elements of Roman Laws. Forbes Bills-Forbes on Bills of Exchange. Gale-Gale's Exchequer Reports. Forbes Inst.- Forbes' Institute of Scottish Law. Gale Easm.-Gale on Easements. Form. Pla. - Brown's Formuloe Placitandi. Gale & D.-Gale & Davison's Queen's Bench Forrest, or Forr. - Forrest's Exchequer Reports. Reports. Forrester, or Forr, Ch.--Forrester's English Gale & W.-Gale & Whatley on Easements. Chancery Reports.

Gall. (U. S.), or Gallis. (U. S.)-Gallison's U. S. Forsyth Comp. Dr.-Forsyth on Composition Circuit Court Reports. with Creditors.

Garde Ev.-Garde on Rules of Evidence. Forsyth Const. L.-Forsyth on Constitutional Gardn. Int. L.---Gardner's Institutes of InternaLaw.

tional Law. Forsyth Hist. Tr. J.-Forsyth's History of Trial Gaz. Bank. Dig.--Gazzam's Bankruptcy Digest by Jury.

Geo.--King George; see G. Forsyth Ini.-Forsyth on Infants.

Geo. Lib.-- George on Criminal Libel. Fortes.- Fortescue's English Reports.

Ger. Real Est.-Gerard on Titles to Real Estate. Fortes. de Laud.Fortescue de Laudibus Legum Gibb. Fixt.--Gibbons on Fixtures. Angliae.

Gibs. Cod.--Gibson's Coder Juris Ecclesiastici Forum -The Forum.

Anglicani. Foss Biog. Jur.–Foss Biographia Juridica. Giff.--Giflard's English Chancery Reports. Fost.- Foster's English Reports and Crown Law. Gilb.-Gilbert's English Common Pleas Re Fost. C. L.-Foster's Crown Law.

ports. Fost. Jt. Own.-Foster on Law of Joint Owner-Gilb. Ch.-Gilbert's English Chancery Reports, ship.

Gilb. Cas.--Gilbert's Cases in Law and Equity. Fost. (N. H.)-Foster's New Hampshire Re- Gilby. Ch. Pr.-Gilbert's Chancery Practice. ports.

Gilb. Dey.-Gilbert on Devises." Fost. Sci. Fa.-Foster on Scire Fucias.

Gilb. Ev.-Lotits' Gilbert on Evidence. Fost. & F.-Foster & Finlason's Nisi Prius Gilb. Exec.-Gilbert on Executions. Cases.

Gilb. For. Rom.-Gilbert's Forum Romanum. Foulkes Ac. L.-Foulkes on Actions at Law. Gilb. K. B.--Gilbert's English King's Bench Fount.- Fountenhall's Scotch Court of Session Reports. Reports.

| Gilb. Lex Præt.-Gilbert's Lex Prætoria. Fox Part. Dig.--Fox's Partnership Digest. Gilb. Rem.---Gilbert on Remainders. Fox & S.-Fox & Smith's Irish King's Bench Gilb. Rents-Gilbert on Rents. and Court of Error Reports.

Gilb. Repl.--Gilbert on Replevin. Fr.- Fragment; Law, in Titles of Pandects of Gilb. Ten.-Gilbert on Tenures. Justinian.

| Gilb. U. & T.-Gilbert on Uses and Trusts. Fr. Max., or Fran. Max.-Francis' Maxims. Gill (Md.)Gill's Maryland Reports. Fras. Dom. Rel.- Fraser on Personal and Do-| Gill & J. (Md.)-Gill & Johnson's Maryland mestic Relations.

Reports. Fras. El. Cas.-- Fraser's Election Cases.

Gilm.-Gilmour's Court of Session Reports. Fraz. Adm.-Frazer's Scottish Admiralty Re- Gilm. (III.), or Gilman (III.)-Gilman's Illinois

Reports. Freem.-Freeman's King's Bench and Chancery Gilm. (Va.), or Gilmer (Va.)-Gilmer's Vir. Reports.

ginia Reports. Freem. Ch.-Freeman's English Chancery Re- Gilm. & F.-Gilmour & Falconer's Reports. ports.

Gilp. (U. S.)-Gilpin's U. S. District Court Re Freem. Co-ten. & P.-Freeman on Co-tenancy and Partition.

Gl.-Glossa; a gloss; an interpretation. Freem. Exec.- Freeman oh Executions. | Glanv.-Glanville de Legibus.




Glanv. El. Cas.-Glanville's English Election Gresl. Eq. Ev.--Gresley's Equity Evidence. Cases.

Griff. Inst. Eq.-Griffith's Institutes of Equity. Glasc.--Glascock's Irish Reports.

Griff. L. R.-Griffith's Law Register. Glassf. Ev.-Glassford on Evidence.

Gro. B. et P.-Grotius de Jure Belli et Pacis. Glen Pub. H.-Glen on the Public Health. Gundry-Gundry Manuscripts, in Lincoln's Inn Glov. Mun. Corp.-Glover on Municipal Corpo

-Glover on Municipal Corpo Library. rations.

Güt. Brac.--Güterbock on Bracton. Glyn & J.-Glyn & Jameson's English Bank-Guth. Sher. Cas.--Guthrie's Scottish Sheriti ruptcy Cases.

Court Cases. Godb. - Godbolt's English Reports.

Guy Med. Jur.-Guy on Medical Jurisprudence
Godd. Easem.-Goddard on Easements. Gwill., or Gwm.-Gwillim's Tithe Cases.
Godef. Dig.-Godefroi's Digest of the Law of Gwyn. Sher.-Gwynne on Sheriffs.

Trusts and Trustees.
Godef. & S. R’y Co.--Godefroi & Short's Law

of Railway Companies. Godolph.-Godolphin's Abridgment of Ecclesi- H.-Hilary Term; King Henry; 1 H. 1., deastical Law.

notes the first year of the reign of King Godolph. Adm.-Godolphin on Admiralty Jur Henry I. isdiction.

H. Bl.--Henry Blackstone's Common Pleas and Gods. Pat.-Godson on Patents.

Exchequer Chamber Reports. Goirand Fr. Co.-Goirand's French Code of H. L.-House of Lords. Commerce.

H. P. C.-Hale's Pleas of the Crown. Golds, Eq.-Goldsmith's Doctrine and Practice H. & B.-See Huds. & B. of Equity.

H. & C.-See Hurlst. & C. Good. Pat.-Goodeve's Letters Patent.

H. & G.-See Har. & G. Gord. Dig.---Gordon's Digest of United States II. & J.-See Har. & J. Laws.

H. & M.--See Har. & M.; Hem. & M.; Hen. Gosf.-Gosford's Court of Session Reports.

& M. Gould Pl.-Gould on Pleading.

| H. & N.-See Hurlst. & N. Gouldsb.--Gouldsborough's English Reports. | Hals. Corp.Habeas Corpus. Gow, or Gow N. P.-Gow's Visi Prius Cases. Hadd.-Haddington's Court of Session Reports. Gow Part.--Gow on Partnership.

Hladı. Adm.--- Haddan's Admiralty Jurisdiction. Grady Fixt.--Grady on Fixtures.

Hagg. Adm.-Haggard's English Admiralty ReGrah. Jur.-Graham on Jurisdiction.

ports. Grah. Pr.--Graham's Practice.

Hagg. Cons.-Haggard's Consistory Court ReGrah. & W. New Tr.-Graham & Waterman on ports. New Trials.

Hagg. Ec.--Haggard's Ecclesiastical Reports. Grand Coust. Norm.-Grand Coustoumier of Hailes-Hailes Court of Session Decisions. Normandy.

Hale C. L.--Hale's History of the Common Law Grant Bank. --Grant on Bankers ani Banking IIale Jur. H. L.-Hale's Jurisdiction of the Companies.

House of Lords. Grant Cas., or Grant (Pa.)-Grant's Pennsyl- Hale P. C.--Hale's Pleas of the Crown. vania Cases.

Hall Adm. Pr.-Ilall's Admiralty Practice. Grant Ch. Pr.-Grant's Chancery Practice Hall Com.-Hall, on Commons. .. Grant Corp.--Grant on Corporations.

Hall L. J.--See Am. L. J. Grant U. C. Ch.-Grant's Upper Canada Chan- Hall (N. Y.)---Hall's New York City Superior cery Reports.

Court Reports. Gratt. (Va.)-Grattan's Virginia Reports. Hall Neut.---Hall on the Rights and Duties of Gray (Mass.)-Gray's Massachusetts Reports. Neutrals. Grayd. Conv.--Graydon's Forms of Convey- Hall R. Cr. -Hall on the Rights of the Crown. ancing

Hall & T.-Hall & Twell's English Chancery Green Br. U. V.-Green's Brice's Ultra Vires. 1 Reports. Green C. E. (N. J.)--C. E. Green's New Jersey Hallam Const. Hist.-Hallam's Constitutional Chancery Reports.

History of England. Green Cr. Cas.---Green's Scottish Criminal Cases. Halst. Dig.--Halstead's Digest. . Green Cr. L. Rep.-Green's Criminal Law Re- Halst. Ev.--Halstead's Digest of the Law of

Evidence. , Green (N. J.) Ch.-Green's New Jersey Chan- Halst. (N. J.) Ch.-Halsted’s New Jersey Chancery Reports.

cery Reports. Green (N. J.) L.-Green's New Jersey Law Re- Halst. (N. J.) L.-Halsted’s New Jersey Law ports.

Reports. Greene (Iowa)-Greene's Iowa Reports. Ham., A. & ().-Hamerton, Allen & Otter's Greenl. Cru. Dig.-Greenleaf's Cruise's Digest. 1 English Magistrates' Cases. Greenl. Evid.--Greenleaf on Evidence. Hamm. F. Ins.-Hammond on Fire Insurance. Greenl. (Me.)--Greenleaf's Maine Reports. Hamm. Ins.-Hammond on Insanity in its Greenl. Ov. Cas.-Greenleaf's Overruled Cases. Medico-Legal Relations. Greenl. Test. Ev.--Greenleaf's Testimony of the Hamm. N. P.-Hammond's Nisi Prius. Evangelists.

Hamm. (Ohio)- Hammond's Ohio Reports. Greenw. Conv.-Greenwood's Manual of Con- Hamm. Part.-Hammond on Parties to Actions. veyancing.

Hamm. Pl.--Hammond's Analysis of the PrinGreenw. Courts Greenwood on Courts.

ciples of Pleading.


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