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II. The Order of Exercises at the annual meeting shall be as follows:

(a) Annual Address of the President. (b) Report of Committee on Admission and Election of

(c) Report of Secretary.
(d) Report of Treasurer.
(e) Reports of Standing Committees:

Executive Committee.
On Judicial Administration and Legal Reform.
On Legal Education.
On Grievances.
On Legal Biography.

On Legislation.
(f) President's call upon each Judicial District for names of

deceased members. (g) Reports of Special Committees. (h) The Nomination of Officers. (i) The Appointment of Standing Committees. (i) Miscellaneous Business. (k) The Election of Officers.

The address to be delivered by a person invited by the Executive Committee shall be at the morning session of the second day of the annual meeting, and the reading of papers by the members appointed by the Executive Committee shall be on the same day, unless the Executive Committee shall designate some other time for the address and reading of papers. After the reading of each paper an opportunity shall be given for discussion on the topic of

the paper.

The Executive Committee shall publish some days in advance of each annual meeting, a statement of the person who is to deliver the address, and the persons who are to read papers and the subject of each. (Amended December 28, 1886. Vol. 7, p. 65.)

III. No person taking part in a discussion shall speak more than ten minutes at a time or more than twice on one subject. A stenographer shall be employed at each annual meeting.

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IV. At any of the meetings of the Association, members of the Bar of any foreign country or of any state other than Ohio, who are not members of the Association, may be admitted to the privilege of the floor during such meetings.

V. All papers read before the Association shall be lodged with the Secretary. The annual address of the President, the reports of the Committees, and all proceedings at the annual meeting shall be printed, but no other address made or paper read or presented shall be printed, except by order of the Executive Committee. Extra copies of reports, addresses and papers read before the Association, may be printed for the use of their authors, not exceeding one hundred copies to each of such authors.

The Executive Committee, as a Committee on Publications, shall meet within one month after each annual meeting at such time and place as the Chairman shall appoint.

VI. The terms of office of all officers elected at any annual meeting shall commence at the adjournment of such meetings; but the terms of office of the members of the several committees appointed by the President shall commence immediately on their appointment.

VII. Each committee shall elect its own officers, whose terms of office shall commence on their election and continue until the appointment of a new committee; and each Standing Committee shall continue until its successor shall be appointed.

VIII. All Standing Committees shall meet on the day preceding each annual meeting at the place where the same is to be held, at such hour as the respective chairmen shall designate.

IX. Special meetings of any committee shall be held at such times and places as the chairman thereof may appoint. Reasonable notice shall be given by him to each member by mail.

X. The Treasurer's report shall be examined and audited annually, before its presentation to the Association, by two members to be appointed by the Chairman of the Executive Committee.


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All Judges and ex-Judges of the Supreme Court of Ohio are ex-officio members of this Association. I Rep., 17.

All Judges and ex-Judges of the United States Court who are members of the Ohio Bar are ex-officio members of this Association. VI. Rep., 157.

At each annual meeting of the Association a committee, consisting of three members, to be styled the Committee on Railroads and Transportation, shall be appointed by the President of the Association, whose duty it shall be, at least six weeks prior to the next ensuing annual meeting, to negotiate and complete all practicable arrangements for reduced rates of travel to those attending, and through its Chairman, at least four weeks before the annual meeting, advise the Chairman of the Executive Committee and the Secretary of the Association of the arrangements made, so that the same may be printed in the notices and programs sent out to members in advance of the meeting. (Adopted from Secretary's report, July 18, 1889, X Rep. 23.)

Resolved, That all applications for membership shall be accompanied with the membership fee, and upon default so to do, such application shall be returned without delay to such applicant by the Secretary of the Association or Committee on Membership. (Adopted by the Association, July 18, 1890, XI Rep., 124.)


To the members of the Association the price per volume of the reports of the proceedings held prior to the date of their admission shall be twenty-five cents, except the first four reports bound in one book, which shall be $1.25 for the book.

To all other persons, excepting to law libraries and the exchange list of the Association, the price per volume shall be fifty cents, and for the four reports, bound in one book, the price shall be $2.00.

The payment of the annual dues entitles each member so paying to the volumes issued after the date of his membership. (Adopted July 8, 1903. Vol. 24, p. 15.)




Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, July 8th, 9th and 10th,


Tuesday, July 8th The Association will be called to order by the President at three

o'clock in the afternoon. Annual Address of the President

ENSIGN N. BROWN, of Youngstown Reports of OfficersSecretary

CHARLES E. BLANCHARD, of Columbus Treasurer..

JOHN F. CARLISLE, of Columbus Reports of Standing Committees— Admissions.

. SIDNEY G. STRICKER, Cincinnati, Chairman Executive..

.E. N. BROWN, Youngstown, Chairman Grievance..

.HENRY S. BALLARD, Columbus, Chairman Judicial Administration and Legal Reform,

N. B. BILLINGSLEY, Lisbon, Chairman Legislation. ...

.C. C. MIDDLESWART, Marietta, Chairman Legal Biography.

.HENRY BAER, Cincinnati, Chairman Legal Education. .GEORGE W. RIGHTMIRE, Columbus, Chairman Reports of Special Committees

Uniform System of Reporting.. DANIEL W. IDDINGS, Dayton, Chairman Drafting Amendments to the Constitution and By-laws of the Association..

.ENSIGN N. BROWN, Youngstown, Chairman


8 P. M.


Select Readings....
Special Music

.Mrs. Louis B. SAWYER, of Cincinnati


10 A. M. Address—"May the United States Join the Proposed League

of Nations by Exercise of the Treaty-making Power?WENDELL PHILLIPS STAFFORD, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

of the District of Columbia. Meeting of Judicial Districts for Election of Standing Committees

(Secure blanks from the Secretary)


2 P. M.
Further Consideration of Report of Committee on Judicial

Administration and Legal Reform


Nomination and Election of Officers
Organization of Committees


6 P. M.
Association Dinner

Thursday, July 10th

10 A. M. Address

HARRY Olson, Chief Justice of the Municipal Court of Chicago
Memorials to Past Presidents-
Asa W. JONES (President, 1884),

JAMES P. Wilson, of Youngstown
PETER A. LAUBIE (President, 1899),

EDWARD KIBLER (President, 1905),

DAVID F. PUGH, of Columbus
A. D. FOLLETT (President, 1908),

Smith W. BENNETT, of Columbus
Unfinished Business
Appointment of three Delegates and three Alternates to

meeting of American Bar Association Adjournment


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