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duly acknowledged and the reports turned over to the Supreme Court Librarian at Columbus, where all the members of the Bar may have access to them.

The Secretary attempts to keep a complete mortuary list of the deceased members of the Association, which list is found in each annual volume. It occasionally happens that the memorials prepared to the deceased members do not contain the date of the death of the deceased. An examination of the entire mortuary list reveals the fact that the date of the death of the following deceased members has been omitted: James H. Anderson, Columbus Robert E. McKisson, Cleveland Herbert E. Bradley, Columbus J. F. McNeal, Marion Frank M. Chandler, Cleveland John McSweeney, Wooster Benjamin R. Davis, Cleveland George D. Parker, Ashtabula Nelson W. Evans, Portsmouth William J. Piero, Canton D. W. Gage, Oberlin

W. D. Pudney, Cleveland
Lucien L.Gilbert, Pittsburgh, Pa. John K. Rohn, Tiffin
Charles W. Gilgen, Youngstown George M. Skiles, Shelby
J. H. Heitmann, Columbus W. B. Starbird, Sandusky
J. T. Holmes, Columbus Anthony W. Taylor, Salem
Wm. A. Lynch, Canton

The Secretary is desirous of securing these dates, and if anyone present can furnish this information, or refer the secretary to someone who can furnish the same, it will be appreciated.

So far as the secretary is at present advised, of those who were members of the Association at the close of the last annual meeting, fourteen have died and thirty-seven have resigned, so that the present active membership of the Association is 1,089. The number of attorneys in the state of Ohio, including members of the bench and attorneys who have practically retired from practice, is, according to the 1919 edition of Martindale's American Law Directory, 4,350. Based upon these figures about twentyfive per cent. of the lawyers of the state who are engaged in the active practice of the law, including members of the bench, are members in good standing of our Association. This proportion should be increased to at least seventy-five per cent.

Last year your secretary, in his annual report urged that some radical and aggressive measures be adopted to strengthen and enlarge the State Association for the purpose of making it a strong, virile, active agency through which the Ohio bar could and would express its united opinion and action on questions of interest to members of the bar and to the citizens of the state at large. To accomplish such a result the secretary suggested the appointment or election of a secretary who would be paid sufficient compensation to warrant the giving of all, or a greater portion of his time, to the work of the Association, believing that it was possible for such a secretary to organize local associations in every county of the state and to make these local associations a working unit in the State Association, to build up an efficient organization, and to conduct a perpetual campaign for new members. It was not thought expedient at the last annual meeting to adopt or authorize such a course. Your secretary, however, is still of the opinion that the suggested plan is one of the practical solutions that ultimately must be adopted to make the State Association an active factor throughout the state during the entire year. If this course is not desirable at the present time, would it not be well to have a special committee appointed to conduct a membership campaign during a special day or week set aside for that purpose? Drives for many worthy objects have become numerous during the past two years. Why not have a "Membership Drive" conducted by a special committee of the Association with sufficient authority and organization to put across a successful campaign for new members before the next mid-winter meeting of the Association. The time seems to be ripe for such action.

Members are particularly requested to register promptly upon arrival. Application blanks for membership may be obtained from the secretary. The secretary endeavors to keep the street address of each member, and prompt notification of changes is requested. Respectfully submitted,



Simeon M. Johnson, of Cincinnati, moved that the report of the Secretary be received and filed.

Motion seconded and carried.

Treasurer John F. Carlisle then presented his annual report as follows:


FOR THE YEAR ENDING JULY 1, 1919. August, 1918—To Balance as per report...

$ 848.71 August, 1918—To donations for A. B. Ass'n. Ent. to Ladies.

99.00 August, 1918—To additional donations since last Annual Meeting.. 10.00 July 1st, 1919—To Admissions and Reinstatements..

140.00 Membership dues: 1916..

$ 2.00 1917.

59.00 1918.

1,630.00 1919.

2,383.00 1920.


- $4,106.00 Dividends Briar Hill Steel Co....



$5,229.96 Order

No. 51 The Whitehead & Hoag Co., Badges, (For Annual Meeting)...

$ 28.25 52 Armstrong & Okey, (Reporting 1918 Meeting).

66.06 53 Spahr & Glenn, (Programs for 1918 Meeting, etc.). 59.25 54 The Ohio Company, (Stationery for Treasurer).

38.50 55 J. F. Carlisle, postage..

30.00 56 Hiss Stamp Co., (Rubber Stamps for Treasurer).

3.65 57 Hotel Winton, Cleveland, Ohio, entertainment, Ladies, Am. Bar Assn...

639.00 58 Ohio Company, (Stationery and Statements for Treas.) 9.00 59 Hiss Stamp Co., (Rubber Stamps for Treasurer)....... 2.30 60 J. F. Carlisle, Treasurer, (Clerk Hire).

25.00 61 J. F. Carlisle, (Postage).

6.00 62 Spahr & Glenn, (Stationery and Application Blanks). 31.93 63 J. F. Carlisle, (Postage and Rubber Stamp)...

15.27 64 Cols. Blank Book Co., (Record Books for Treasurer).. 48.70 65 J. F. Carlisle, Treasurer, one-half yearly salary. 150.00 66 C. E. Blanchard, Secretary, one-half yearly salary and postage.

155.50 67 E. N. Brown, Expense of Executive Committee... 125.00 68 Hiss Stamp Co., (Rubber Stamps for Treasurer).

3.25 69 The Ohio Company, (Envelopes and Notices).

6.75 70 J. F. Carlisle, (Postage)..

40.00 71 The Ohio Company, (Envelopes and Notices);

7.00 72 E. N. Brown, (Legislature as to Ap. Rep. Bill). 30.78 73 J. F. Carlisle, Treasurer, (Clerk Hire)..

15.00 74 E. N. Brown, (Expense to secure speaker, 1919 meeting).

100.00 75 J. F. Carlisle, (Rent for Assn. Hdqrts., 7 months) 140.00 76 The Ohio Company, (Envelopes and Notices).

8.00 77 J. F. Carlisle, Treasurer, (Clerk Hire).

15.00 78 Mrs. L. C. Laylin, (Ladies Ent. Com., 1919 Meeting).. 50.00 79 J. F. Carlisle, one-half yearly salary as Treasurer.. 150.00 80 Č. E. Blanchard, one-half yearly salary, clerk hire, stamps and envelopes...

230.50 81 Spahr & Glenn, (Printing Annual Reports, Postage, Programs)...




Expenses of 1918 Annual Meeting..
Expenses of 1919 Annual Meeting.
Printing and Distribution of 39th Annual Report.
Stationery and Printing.
Rent for Headquarters of the Association.
New Association Records..
Expenses of the Executive Committee.
Expenses of E. N. Brown, President.
Secretary's Clerk Hire.
Treasurer's Clerk Hire.
Secretary's Salary.
Treasurer's Salary.

Balance: Cash on hand July 1st, 1919.

Briar Hill Steel Stock..


65.00 460.50 110.65 102.00 140.00

48.70 125.00 130.78 60.00 55.00 300.00 300.00

.$2,690.19 $1,999.77




Fifty names were added to the membership roll since the Annual Meeting last August.

The deaths of fourteen have either been reported or have come to the knowledge of the Treasurer. The names of these have been sent to the Committee on Legal Biographies, Mr. Baer, of Cincinnati, Chairman.

The resignation of thirty-seven members have been received during the year.

At the last annual meeting held in Cleveland a resolution was adopted remitting the dues of those members who were in the Military or Naval Service of the United States. The Treasurer endeavored to find the names of those coming within the scope of this resolution. The result was that sixty-eight members were in the Military Service. The Treasurer further states that there are probably more than this, but he has been unable to learn their names, but as they come to hand will embody them in the Annual Reports from time to time.

The total number on the rolls of the Association at this time is 1,089.

Earnest efforts have been made to collect all back dues, but as many were in the Military Service it was thought not safe to drop names from the membership for non-payment of dues. The names of all have therefore been retained and dues for preceding years have been added to the 1919 statement, the result of which cannot now be reported, for the reason that there has not been enough time to respond. Respectfully submitted,




GO IN FORMER REPORT. John W. Kreitzer.

. $1.00 N. H. McClure..

2.00 Addison C. Lewis.

2.00 C. M. Buss..

2.00 T. I. Gillmer.

1.00 Robt. N. Wilkin.

1.00 D. W. Iddings..

1.00 Total.


CEDAR POINT, OHIO, July 8, 1919. We, the undersigned, appointed as an Auditing Committee to audit the books of the Treasurer, Mr. J. F. Carlisle, beg to report that we have examined and checked the books and vouchers of the Treasurer and find them correct in all particulars.


William L. Hart, of Alliance, moved that the report of the Treasurer be accepted and filed.

Motion seconded and carried.

Chairman Sidney G. Stricker, of Cincinnati, presented the following report on behalf of the Committee on Admissions:


MR. PRESIDENT AND FELLOW MEMBERS OF THE ASSOCIATION: Recognizing the necessity of awakening a broader and more universal interest in the work of the Association, the Committee on Admissions has made an earnest effort to enlarge our membership by securing new members, who will take an active interest in the progress and development of the Association.

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