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Company, and The Bobbs-Merrill Company, would cease to be published after the present volumes now in course of preparation by them had been printed, and that after said volumes had been printed, the only Reports of the Circuit Courts of Appeals of Ohio would be the official edition now published under the supervision of E. O. Randall, Supreme Court and Circuit Court of Appeals Official Reporter.

Mr. Iddings also reported that the price of the Ohio State Reports would probably be increased from $1.50 to $2.50 per volume, and that the price of the official edition to be published under the supervision of Mr. Randall would also be $2.50 per volume.

On motion, duly made and seconded, it was unanimously resolved that the Committee on Legislation co-operate with Mr. Iddings and his Committee in securing the passage of the legislation by the present General Assembly that would bring about the enactment of a law necessary to carry out his report.

Hon. Ensign N. Brown then made several suggestions to the Committee about proposed legislation and strongly recommended that this Committee do all that it could to secure the passage of all legislation endorsed by it.

Hon. Frank F. Dinsmore, of Cincinnati, Ohio, made an excellent talk on the subject of “Amending the Present Corporation Laws of this State so as to Permit the Organization of Business Corporations without Fixing a Par Value for their Captial Stock," and gave to the members of this Committee copies of a proposed Bill, prepared by him, that would carry out his suggestion.

Hon. U. C. DeFord and Hon. Frank F. Dinsmore were appointed a Committee of two to do what they could to secure the introduction of a proposed Bill in the Legislature and to take whatever other steps were necessary to bring the attention of the public to this Bill. A unanimous rising vote of thanks was tendered Mr. Dinsmore for his most excellent address.

It was found, after a careful investigation by Hon. Freeman T. Eagleson, the Chairman of this Committee, and the Attorney General, that it would not be advisable for this Committee to work for the passage of the law advocated at the first meeting of this Committee, for the reason that practical experience had demonstrated to this Attorney General's legal force that the Bill when enacted would do more harm than good, and it was therefore decided not to push the legislation which this Association had endorsed. If any member of the Association desires further information in regard to the above statement, we would refer him to the Chairman, the present Attorney General, and Hon. Freeman T. Eagleson.

Pursuant to the suggestions made by Mr. Iddings at the second meeting, a Bill was introduced in the 83rd General Assembly, known as House Bill 382, by Mr. Spidel, of Montgomery County. This Bill was ardently supported by Hon. D. H. Scott, member of this Committee from the First District, who was also a member of the House of Representatives of the Ohio General Assembly, and was finally passed and became a law.

It is estimated that the passage of this Act will save the attorneys of the State of Ohio, annually, $15,000.00, and we feel that no measure that was ever backed by this Association has ever brought to the members of the Bar of the State of Ohio more financial benefit in the actual work of securing the passage of this Bill.

Hon. Freeman T. Eagleson, of Columbus, Ohio, the member of the Committee from the Fifth District, and Hon. Chas. E. Blanchard, Secretary of the Association, did most excellent service.

We would further state that all of the members of the Committee actively co-operated in securing the passage of House Bill 382 by taking up the matter with the Senators and Representatives with whom they were acquainted, and we point with pride to the record made by the Committee during the past year, to all of whom the Chairman and Secretary return their sincere thanks for their untiring vigilance and efforts in behalf of what was done.

Respectfully submitted,
C. C. MIDDLESWART, Chairman,

U. C. DE FORD, Secretary.


—This report will lie on the table for future discussion.

Chairman Henry Baer, of the Committee on Legal Biography, presented the following report:


BIOGRAPHY. To the Officers and Members of The Ohio State Bar Association:

The undersigned, your Committee on Legal Biography, submit the following report this 8th day of July, 1919.

We have learned of the death of a number ofour esteemed and beloved members, and we are grieved and with sadness make report of the following members and beloved friends and workers of this association who have passed away:

Stanley Eyre Bowdle, died April 6, 1919, Cincinnati.
David W. Bowman, died April 25, 1919, Greenville.
Edward K. Bruce, died October 20, 1918, Cincinnati.
Asa William Elson, died January 31, 1919, Uhrichsville.
Maxwell V. Emerman, died November 10, 1918, Cleveland.
Alfred Dewey Follet, died November 4, 1918, Marietta.
Clement R. Gilmore, died April 10, 1919, Dayton.
J. A. Gallaher, died April 4, 1919, Marietta.
Charles Andrew Groom, died February 17, 1919, Cincinnati
James Kent Hamilton, died December 29, 1918, Toledo.
Asa Jones, died October 9, 1918, Youngstown.
Edward Kibler, Sr., died April 3, 1919, Newark.
Peter A. Laubie, died January 17, 1919, Washington, D. C.
Joseph L. McDowell, died May 29, 1919, Coshocton.
John Oldham, died December 30, 1918, Sidney.
Frank Ethrington Pomerene, died June 1, 1919, Coshocton.
H. C. Robblee, died February 20, 1919, Cleveland.
John Abner Troette, died August 13, 1918, Cambridge.
Millard Tyree, died May 29, 1919, Cincinnati.
William Robert Warnock, died July 31, 1918, Urbana.

Your Committee does report, and attach hereto, sketches of the life and character of the deceased members, which have been submitted to your Committee for report. Respectfully submitted,


Chairman, (For memoirs, see Appendix, page 118).

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-The report will be filed with the Secretary for publication under the rules. The next order of business is the report of the Committee on Legal Education, George W. Rightmire, of Columbus, Chairman.

Chairman George W. Rightmire presented the following report on behalf of the Committee on Legal Education:


CEDAR POINT, OHIO, July 8, 1919. The Committee on Legal Education of The Ohio State Bar Association begs leave to submit the following report:

Your Committee has considered the reports submitted by its predecessors in the years 1916-17-18 and finds that the subjects of pre-legal, legal, and ethical training for candidates for admission to the bar have been carefully and earnestly presented to your attention. Consideration has also been given to the reports of the corresponding Committee of the American Bar Association in recent years and we find that important and progressive reforms have been adopted, and some proposals for further reforms are still pending before the Association.

The Carnegie Foundation, more than five years ago, began an investigation into the whole matter of legal education in the United

States on somewhat the same scale as the investigation into medical education conducted by it some years previously; the report of that investigation has been expected for several years, but has not yet been made public. When it is published it will doubtless be illuminating and may serve as a guide for further advances in requirements for admission to the bar.

Your Committee has also conducted a partial investigation into records at the office of the clerk of the Supreme Court of Ohio, showing the qualifications of candidates for admission to the bar. This is a matter requiring much time and patience, and has not progressed far enough to justify any conclusions. The desire of the Committee is to study the records for the past ten years and ascertain whether they indicate conditions which need improvement.

In view of this situation your Committee presents this merely as a report of progress and recommends: (1) that the Committee on Legal Education proceed with the investigation into the records mentioned at the office of the clerk of the Supreme Court; (2) that the Ohio State Bar Association approve the resolutions adopted by the American Bar Association prescribing advanced requirements in legal and ethical training for admission to the bar, and tender its support to the American Bar Association in its effort to awaken a dynamic interest in the educational and ethical improvement of the bar.

Respectfully submitted,



THE PRESIDENT:—This report will be received and further consideration deferred.


JOHN F. CARLISLE, of COLUMBUS:Mr. President and Gentle

I desire to submit to the Association at this time the following resolution:

CEDAR POINT, OHIO, July 8, 1919. WHEREAS, the General Assembly of the State of Ohio has recessed until December 1, 1919, and

WHEREAS, a number of laws have been passed by the Eightythird General Assembly, which in the natural course of affairs, would not be printed in the form of session laws until after the final adjournment of the General Assembly, and

WHEREAS, there is a great need for these laws, especially on the part of Attorneys throughout the State, and others interested in the effect of them, be it therefore

Resolved, that it is the sense of The Ohio State Bar Association that Attorney General John G. Price be requested to use his best efforts to have the session laws up to date printed in pamphlet form or otherwise for distribution among the lawyers of the State, so that it would not be necessary to await the final adjournment of the General Assembly making such laws available.

I move the adoption of this resolution.
Motion duly seconded and unanimously carried.

THE PRESIDENT:—The business meeting will now stand adjourned until Wednesday morning at ten o'clock.


Tuesday evening

Eight o'clock

July 8, 1919


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