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With this end in view, the Committee is pleased to recommend the following applicants for membership to this Association: Samuel S. Davies. Second National Bank Bldg., Cincinnati Floyd C. Williams.

Atlas Bank Bldg., Cincinnati Miles W. Townsend.

Walsh Bldg., Cincinnati Gregor B. Moormann.

Traction Bldg., Cincinnati John C. Thompson

Walsh Bldg., Cincinnati Hon. Walter M. Shohl. Judge, Court of Appeals, Cincinnati Frank W. Cottle.. First National Bank Bldg., Cincinnati Clayton Quintrell.

... Williamson Bldg., Cleveland David T. Keating.

Huntington Bank Bldg., Columbus Eugene Carlin.

New Hayden Bldg., Columbus Don. M. Hamilton.

Huntington Bank Bldg., Columbus Franz George Hoster. Cols. Savings & Trust Bldg., Columbus John G. Price..

Hartman Bldg., Columbus Louis D. Johnson.

Columbus Chas. S. Druggan. .Cols. Savings & Trust Bldg., Columbus B. W. Gearheart. New First National Bank Bldg., Columbus Edward Jos. Greely.

.Hartman Bldg., Columbus Olan J. Ross....

.23 E. State St., Columbus Ralph M. Lucas.

.8 E. Long St., Columbus 0. E. Davis.... New First National Bank Bldg., Columbus John F. Ward

Central National Bank Bldg., Columbus J. E. Butler..

New Hayden Bldg., Columbus Edw. F. Berry

55 E. State St., Columbus Frank W. Doyle.

124 S. Main St., Akron Thos. B. Paxton, Jr.

Citizens Bank Bldg., Cincinnati Nicholas J. Hoban. First National Bank Bldg., Cincinnati Reuben R. Holmes..Legal Aid Div., Pub. Welfare Dept., Dayton W. S. Rhotehamel.

Commercial Bldg., Dayton Edw. E. Burkhart. Dayton Savings & Trust Bldg., Dayton Jas. W. Tarbell.

Court House, Georgetown Brooks E. Shell.

. Court House, Lancaster Milo L. Myers.

.Marysville A. W. DeWeese.

.31372 N. Main St., Piqua Frederick W. Gaines.

. Nicholas Bldg., Toledo Murray E. Smith.

124-6 W. Main St., Troy Baird Broomhall.

124-6 W. Main St., Troy Leo S. Wilkoff...

Court House, Youngstown George H. Gessner.

City Hall, Youngstown Dahl B. Cooper.

Court House, Youngstown Arthur Morgan.

Dollar Bank Bldg., Youngstown James E. Bauman.

Columbus Thomas H. Ford.

.Dayton Joseph C. Breitenstein.

312 Federal Bldg., Cleveland Warner M. Pomerene, Coshocton National Bank Bldg., Coshocton Anthony Ronnedaun.

Cincinnati Walter S. Scott.

Loudonville Alton H. Etling.

Tailor-Johnson Block, Wooster J. C. Royer...

13 Court St., Tiffin James D. Watson.

1172 Court St., Tiffin Irving Carpenter.

Norwalk J. Malcolm Strelitz.

107 N. Main St., Marion Curtis T. Johnson..

Court House, Toledo Irving Carpenter

Gallup Bldg., Norwalk James D. Watson.

111 Court St., Tiffin Curtis T. Johnson.

Court House, Toledo C. P. Keiser..

.312 Wick Bldg., Youngstown U. F. Kistler..

706 Mahoning Bank Bldg., Youngstown J. C. Royer...

:. .13 Court St., Tiffin Leonidas E. Speer.

52 Davis Bldg., Dayton J. Malcolm Strelitz..

..109 Main St., Marion Your committee respectfully recommends that each of the foregoing applicants be elected members of the Ohio State Bar Association.

Respectfully submitted,

SIDNEY G. STRICKER, Chairman, Committee on Admissions.

The Chairman of the Committee on Admissions moved that the Secretary cast the vote of the Association for the election of the applicants whose names had been presented by the Committee. Motion seconded and carried and the ballot of the Association cast accordingly.

THE PRESIDENT:The Executive Committee has no report to make except as given in the report of the Secretary, who was also Secretary of the Executive Committee.

The next is the report of the Committee on Grievances. I understand that the Chairman, Mr. Ballard, is not here, but his report is here and will be read by the Secretary.

The Secretary read the report of the Committee on Grievances as follows:


COLUMBUS, OHIO, July 8, 1919. To The Ohio State Bar Association:

The Committee on Grievances takes pleasure in reporting that no complaint has been brought to its attention against any member of the Association during the past year. Members of the Association have not been affected with Bolshevism or kindred evils, and are lending their best efforts toward solving the problems of reconstruction. Respectfully submitted,



Simeon M. Johnson, of Cincinnati, moved that the report be received and filed.

Motion seconded and carried.

THE PRESIDENT:—The next will be the report of the Committee on Judicial Administration and Legal Reform.

SIMEON M. JOHNSON, of Cincinnati:—Why has that report not been printed and sent to the members?

THE PRESIDENT:-It has only been prepared just a short time, I think. The Committee just had a meeting. Louis H. WINCH, of Cleveland:

Judge N. B. Billingsley, the Chairman of the Committee, is unavoidably detained in New York City. He expected to be here today, but I received a telegram from him asking me to submit the report of the Committee. The report of the Committee consists of three propositions or questions, two submitted to it by the Executive Committee and one proposition originated by this Committee. The report is as follows:



To The Ohio State Bar Association:

The Executive Committee has referred two questions to this committee for its consideration:

1. “Should the law for the non-partisan election of judges be repealed?"

The committee submits this question to the Association without recommendation.

At the time a separate ballot for judicial candidates became the law, nominations for all offices, executive, legislative and judicial, in state, county and municipal elections, were made by party conventions and the claim was made that party bosses dictated the nominations of our judges, as well as of all other officers. The opinion prevailed that this was true and so the separate ballot for judges was adopted.

Since that time all party conventions for nomination of candidates have been abolished and it is claimed that the reason for a separate ballot has passed away.

The argument is now made that the present system for the election of judges compels candidates for judicial office to take much more active part in campaigning than it did before. That "hustling" and publicity are required and qualifications for the office count little, for the studious, hard working lawyer with judicial temperament will not, ordinarily, go through a personal campaign to secure a judgeship, which, indeed, brings much honor and dignity, but ordinary remuneration.

Under the present system there is no responsibility for the selection of our judges—nobody to vouch for the candidates. This amounts to little in a small electorate, but in our congested districts, with numerous candidates, there is, necessarily, an unintelligent choice; the candidates are unknown to the great body of electors.

Those who favor a change in the law propose that names of judicial candidates be placed upon the regular party tickets, with a separate column for non-partisan candidates. Parties now nominate judges and it is claimed there is no good reason why their candidates should not go on the ticket as such. Likewise, non-partisan judicial candidates should be privileged to indicate on the ballot what they stand for.

2. “Should the jurisdiction of the State Supreme Court be enlarged and more accurately defined?"

We answer this question, "yes," and suggest that the jurisdiction under the former constitution be restored so that the Supreme Court shall have original jurisdiction as now provided and "such appellate jurisdiction as may be provided by law."

To this end we suggest the appointment of a committee to draft such amendment to be submitted to the people under Section 1-a of Article II of the Constitution, said committee to take charge of procuring signatures to the Initiative Petition.

3. We also recommend that a committee be appointed to draft and present to the next session of the legislature a bill providing for broadening and extending the supervising power of the chief justice of the supreme court over the various courts of the state to the end that there may be efficiency and uniformity in the administration of justice in Ohio. Respectfully submitted,



THE PRESIDENT:—Under the rules this report will be laid over for discussion until tomorrow afternoon.

SIMEON M. JOHNSON, of Cincinnati:—I know Judge Winch is not to blame, but I think this is the first occasion as I recall that we have ever had a report from the Committee on Judicial Administration and Legal Reform that has not been printed, and I do trust that our Secretary, or whoever may have it in charge, will see to it that we have it printed in the future. There can be no intelligent discussion of any question unless there is the fullest possible publication of all the questions presented. The only way to get it and the only way to secure attendance at the Association meetings is to present vital, living questions before the Association, and the way to do that is to print the report of this Committee. I hope we may have in the future a printed report.

THE SECRETARY:— I do not know that there is anything before the House for discussion, but inasmuch as Mr. Johnson has referred to the Secretary, I want to say this: The Secretary cannot print any report unless a copy of the report comes to him. He is ready to print the report of any Committee at any time, even if he has only three or four days notice. My understanding is, however, that the Chairman of this particular Committee

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