Compendium of the Tenth Census (June 1, 1880)

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1883
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Halaman 1677 - State, brought by the direction of the commissioners of public charities and correction of the city of New- York...
Halaman 1406 - American treaties of 1824 and 1825 respectively, following the summits of a chain of mountains supposed to run parallel with the coast at a distance not greater than three marine leagues from the sea between the head of Portland Canal and Mount St.
Halaman 1336 - ... recognized . . . [however] ... In many of the communities of the land it is difficult to draw distinctions much finer than those between the agricultural, the mining, the mechanical, and the commercial pursuit of professions. Indeed, even this is not practicable, since it is a matter of notoriety that . . . the occupations of carpenter and farmer, or blacksmith and farmer, or farmer and fisherman, are frequently united in one person. In large and more prosperous communities a clear separation...
Halaman 1405 - ... between Ala.ska and the British possessions in North America ; but the task is not yet complete. The general outlines of the country, however, are familiar to all,, and recent maps indicate its boundaries on all sides with substantial accuracy. The whole territory may be roughly divided into six parts, as follows : 1. The Arctic division, containing 125,245 square miles, and comprising all that portion of the North American continent between the one hundred and fortyfirst meridian in the east...
Halaman 1405 - ... in the north, the one hundred fortyfirst meridian in the east, and Behring Sea in the west. The southern boundary lies along a line indicating the watershed between the Yukon and the Kuskokvim, Sushetno, and Copper Rivers, and runs from the abovementioned meridian in the east to the coast of Behring Sea, in the vicinity of Hazen Bay, in the west.
Halaman 1406 - The southeastern division, containing 28,980 square miles, and comprising the coast from Mount St. Elias in the north to Portland Canal, in latitude 54° 40', in the south, together with the islands of the Alexander Archipelago between Cross Sound and Cape Fox. The eastern boundary of this division is the rather indefinite line established by the Anglo-Russian and Russian-American treaties of 1824 and 1825 respectively, following the summits of a chain of mountains supposed to run parallel with the...
Halaman 1405 - Sea, is included in this division. 3. The Kuskokvim division, containing 114,975 square miles, bounded on the north by the Yukon division, and comprising the valleys of the Kuskokvim, the Togiak, and the Nushegak Rivers, and the intervening system of lakes. The eastern boundary of this division is a line running along the main Alaskan range of mountains from the divide between the Kuskokvim and Tennanah Rivers down to the low, narrow isthmus dividing Moller Bay from Zakharof Bay, on the Alaska peninsula.
Halaman 1327 - The number of females between sixteen and fifty-nine not accounted for in these tables is naturally vastly larger, and amounts to 11,093,887. That body is made up of the three classes just mentioned when speaking of the males of this period of life, and of the far greater classes of women — wives, mothers, or grown daughters, keeping house for their families or living at home without any special avocation.
Halaman 1655 - ... burdens to be borne — drains upon the vitality of the community and the nation. It is startling indeed to know that nearly one per cent, of the entire population of the United States is among the dependant portion thereof. We cannot begin too soon or prosecute too vigorously an inquiry into the cause of the prevalence of these evils, which are like a canker at the heart of all our prosperity, nor can we seek with too much assiduity the means of arresting their rapid growth.
Halaman 1164 - twice included" when, for instance, it appear» first as "raw silk" in the returns of a throwster, and secondly as "thrown silk " or "fringe silk , being again reported as raw material in the return of a weaver or fringe maker.

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