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Never ending, still beginning,
Fighting ftill, and still destroying,
If the world be worth thy winning,
Think, O think it, worth enjoying :
Lovely Thais fits befide thee,

Take the good the gods provide thee.



The prince, unable to conceal his pain,

Gaz'd on the fair,

Who caus'd his care,

And figh'd and look'd, figh'd and look'd,
Sigh'd and look'd, and figh'd again :


At length, with love and wine at once opprefs'd, The vanquish'd victor sunk upon her breast..


1. Phœbus, patron of the lyre,

2. Cupid, god of foft defire,
1. Cupid, god of foft defire,
2. Phœbus, patron of the lyre,

1 & 2. How victorious are your charms?



1 & 2,

Crown'd with conquest,

Full of glory,

See a monarch fall'n before ye,
Chain'd in beauty's clafping arms !




Now ftrike the golden lyre again;

A louder yet, and yet a louder strain :
Break his bands of fleep afunder,

Rouze him, like a rattling peal of thunder.
Hark, hark, the horrid found

Has rais'd up his head,

As awak'd from the dead,

And amaz'd he ftares around!

AIR [with fymphonies.]

Revenge, Revenge, Alecto cries,

See the furies arife!

See the fnakes that they rear,
How they hifs in their hair,

And the sparkles that flash from their eyes!



Behold a ghastly band,

Each a torch in his hand !

Those are Grecian ghosts, that in battle were flain,
And unbury'd remain,
Inglorious on the plain.

Give the vengeance due

To the valiant crew.

Behold how they tofs their torches on high,
How they point to the Perfian abodes,
And glittering temples of their hoftile gods!

N 2.



The princes applaud with a furious joy;

And the king feiz'd a flambeau, with zeal to destroy; Thais led the way,

To light him to his prey,

And, like another Helen, fir'd another Troy.



Thus, long ago,

Ere heaving bellows learn'd to blow,
While organs yet were mute;
Timotheus, to his breathing flute,
And founding lyre,

Could fwell the foul to rage, or kindle foft defire.
At laft divine Cecilia came,

Inventrefs of the vocal frame;

The sweet enthufiaft, from her facred store,

Enlarg'd the former narrow bounds,

And added length to folemn founds,

With nature's mother-wit, and arts unknown before.


Let old Timotheus yield the prize,

Or both divide the crown;

He rais'd a mortal to the skies,

She drew an angel down.




G S.



HY origin's divine, I fee,

Of mortal race thou can't not be;
Thy lip a ruby luftre fhows;

Thy purple cheek outfhines the rofe,
And thy bright eye is brighter far
Than any planet, any ftar.
Thy fordid way of life defpife,
Above thy flavery, Silvia, rife;
Display thy beauteous form and mien,
And grow a goddefs, or a queen.

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ONSTANTIA, fee, thy faithful flave,
Dies of the wound thy beauty gave!

Ah! gentle nymph, no longer try
From fond pursuing love to fly.

Thy pity to my love impart,
Pity my bleeding aching heart,
Regard my fighs and flowing tears,
And with a fmile remove my fears.

A wedded wife if thou would'st be,
By facred Hymen join'd to me,
Ere yet the western fun decline,
My hand and heart fhall both be thine.

[blocks in formation]


THRICE lov'd Conftantia, heavenly fair,

For thee a fervant's form I wear;
Though bleft with wealth, and nobly born,
For thee, both wealth and birth I scorn :
Trust me, fair maid, my conftant flame
For ever will remain the fame;
My love, that ne'er will cease, my love
Shall equal to thy beauty prove..

[blocks in formation]

ETERNAL are the chains which here

The generous fouls of lovers bind,

When Hymen joins our hands, we swear
To be for ever true and kind:

And when, by death, the fair are snatch'd away,
Left we our folemn vows fhould break,
In the fame grave our living corpfe we lay,
And willing the fame fate partake.


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