Die handels- und schiffahrts-verträge einzelner deutscher staaten mit Dänemark, Schweden-Norwegen und den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika: Zusammengestellt im reichsamt des innern

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Druck von ES. Mittler & Sohn, 1898 - 111 halaman

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Halaman 109 - ... to the nation whose interests are committed to their charge, without the interference of the local authorities, unless the conduct of the crews or of the captain should disturb the order or tranquillity of the country, or the said Consuls, Vice-Consuls or Commercial Agents should require their assistance to cause their decisions to be carried into effect or supported.
Halaman 100 - The Citizens of each of the contracting parties shall have power to dispose of their personal goods...
Halaman 98 - Vice-Consuls, or Commercial Agents, and may be confined in the public prisons, at the request and cost of those who shall claim them, in order to be sent to the vessels to which they belonged, or to others of the same country.
Halaman 99 - However, if the deserter should be found to have committed any crime or offence, his surrender may be delayed until the tribunal before which his case shall be depending shall have pronounced its sentence, and such sentence shall have been carried into effect.
Halaman 87 - The present convention shall be in force for the term of ten years from the date hereof: and further, until the end of twelve months after either of the high contracting parties shall have given notice to the other of its intention to terminate the same ; each of the high contracting parties reserving to itself the right of giving such notice to the other, at the end of the said term of ten years...
Halaman 98 - The said consuls, vice-consuls, and commercial agents, are authorized to require the assistance of the local authorities, for the search, arrest, detention and imprisonment of the deserters from the ships of war and merchant vessels of their country.
Halaman 98 - The Consuls, Vice-Consuls, and Commercial Agents shall have the right, as such, to sit as judges and arbitrators in such differences as may arise between the captains and crews of the vessels belonging to the nation whose interests are committed to their charge, without the interference of the local authorities...
Halaman 80 - And, in like manner, that whatever kind of produce, manufacture, or merchandise of any foreign country can be, from time to time, lawfully imported into either of the said Hanseatic Republics...
Halaman 80 - And they further agree, that whatever may be lawfully exported, or re-exported, by one party, in its own vessels, to any foreign country, may, in like manner, be exported, or re-exported, in the vessels of the other Party. And the same bounties, duties and draw-backs shall be allowed and collected, whether such exportation or re-exportation be made in vessels of the...
Halaman 72 - Agents commerciaux, et pourront être enfermés dans les prisons publiques à la réquisition et aux frais de ceux qui les réclament, pour être envoyés aux navires auxquels ils appartenaient , ou à d'autres de la même nation.

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