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used up South Carolina, which Mr. Beecher calls the “rotten stave in the barrel of the Union” in opposition to the usages of civilized warfare—That General Sheridan has carried out to the letter the following special order, signed “Ulyss. S. Grant, which was published in the New York Papers, Oct. 6, 1864, and reads as follows ::

Head-quarters, &c. Do all the damage you can to the railroad and crops. Carry off all stock of all descriptions, and negroes, so as to prevent further planting. If the war is to continue another year, let the Shenandoah Valley remain a barren waste.

And also that the Boston Recorder cites as lesson which American Christians should not forget at such a crisis as this," the example of Saul, who, having been commanded by the voice of the Lord, speaking through Samuel the prophet, to go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not, but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass," had been "rejected from being king over Israel,because he took Agag, the king of the Amalekites, alive instead of killing him, and because he allowed the soldiers of the Jewish army to spare the best of the sheep and oxen," under pretence of reserving them for sacrifice, instead of destroying them utterly, according to the literal terms of the commission he had received from the Almighty.


The nation needs peace,” says the Hon. Horace Greely, the editor of the Tribune :"the nation needs peace and not vengeance." This is necessary for the purpose of reconstruction. An abortive attempt has been made to promote peace and goodwill on the basis of a foreign war.

The object contemplated was to clear the North American continent from what is called "imperial usurpation." The reasons specified were to cover their own shame in going to war with each other. Foreign war has always been a favourite object with political parties in America, in order to make capital to promote partizan objects. The Federal administrators have also presumed on the peaceable disposition of foreign nations, according to the testimony of Sir E. Head, by backing up unrighteous demands with threats of war; and the avowed leaders of North and South have met on the banks of the Potomac, and held a conference to devise a scheme to heal


the breaches of the States and people, where both parties entered upon a discussion of the “extrinsic policy" of war, as a means to reunite the North and South, and make them fast in the bonds of the Union. This cannot be very consolatory or flattering to neighbouring governments or nations. Whether the above policy is to be revived is not for us to say, but the Editor of the New York Times, March

“Whatever may be the policy of our

27th says,

government, sixty days will not elapse after the disbandment of our armies, before Maximilian will see the gleam of American bayonets. Thousands of veteran soldiers in both the National and Confederate armies, have contracted a taste for war that would of itself draw them into any fold within their reach. Other thousands who would be willing under ordinary circumstances to return to peaceful pursuits, would be eager to join in clearing the continent from imperial usurpation. Our government has no power to prevent any soldier from going to Mexico, and enlisting after he gets there, under the republican flag. Could those who had been American soldiers, fight foreign mercenaries for any length of time on behalf of republicanism, without so firing the American heart at home that the government would have no alternative but to launch into the conflict.” In the Wasbington Chronicle, May 5th, appears the following advertisement :

« Now that our

war is over, all who wish to emigrate to Mexico, in accordance with the Mexican decree, will call at 258, Pennsylvania-avenue, and register their names and addresses ; or address, by note, Colonel A. J. M., 380, E-street, Washington, D. C.

“Offices will also be opened in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and other cities.

Office-hours at 258, Pennsylvania-avenue, between Nine and Four.

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THESE also are necessary; but what signs are there of a “hearty return to loyalty” or civilization? The following letter recently addressed to Governor Fletcher of Missouri, by the late President, presents the most appalling picture of misery and calamity next to war itself, that the human mind can contemplate in connexion with terrestrial things.

Executive Mansion, Washington.

February 20, 1865. “It seems that there is now no organised military force of the enemy in Missouri, and, yet, that destruction of life and property is rampant everywhere. Is not the cure of this within easy reach of the people themselves. It cannot be but that every man, not naturally a robber or a cut-throat, would gladly put an end to this state of things. A large majority in each locality must feel alike on this subject, and if so, they only need to reach an understanding one with another. Every one leaving all others alone solves the problem. And surely each would do this, but for his apprehension that others would not leave him alone. Cannot this mischievous distrust be removed ? Let neighbourhood meetings be everywhere called and held, all entertaining a sincere purpose for mutual security in the future, whatever they may heretofore

have thought, said, or done about the war, or about any thing else.

Let all such meet, and, waiving all else, pledge each to cease harassing others, and make common cause against whoever persists in making, aiding, or encouraging farther disturbances. The practical means they all best know how to adopt and apply. At such meetings old friendships will cross the memory, and honour and Christian charity will come into help.

Please consider whether it may be well to suggest this to the now afflicted people of Missouri. Yours truly,

A. LINCOLN. Here is intestine succeeding to civil war, turning a whole State into lawless banditties of robbers and murderers; and the remedy prescribed to rid Missouri of these gangs of desperadoes is to put the law into their own hands, with full license to use the prerogatives of Judge Lynch. This is what is called “free' America.


This is the deepest pit in the Union Inferno; and yet, according to the testimony of the New York Times, the organ of the Federal Government, the Northern war chieftains are prepared to descend into this pit in order to bridge over the course of events in their favour. The article is so important that we give it in full. It is headed

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