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rebellion A thousand men ! We cannot hang them all. We cannot hang men in regiments. What! cover the continent with gibbets! We cannot sicken the nineteenth century with such a sight. It would sink our civilisation to the level of Southern barbarism. It would forfeit our very right to supersede the Southern system, which right is based on ours being better than theirs. To make its corner-stone the gibbet would degrade us to the level of Davis and Lee. The structure of government which bore the earthquake shock of 1861 with hardly a jar, and which now bears the assassination of its chief magistrate, in this crisis of civil war, with even less disturbance, needs for its safety no such policy of vengeance, and should use only so much severity as will fully guarantee security for the future. Banish every one of these thousand rebel leaders, -every one of them, on pain of death if they ever return! (Loud applause.) Confiscate every dollar and acre they own. (Applause.) These steps the world and their followers will see are necessary to kill the seeds of caste, dangerous State rights, and secession. (Applause.) Banish Lee with the rest. (Applause.) No government should ask of the South, which he has wasted, or of the North, which he has murdered, such superabundant Cliristian patience as to tolerate in our streets the presence of a wretch whose hand upheld Libby Prison and Andersonville, and whose soul is black with sixty-four thousand deaths of prisoners by

starvation and torture. What of our new President? His whole life is a pledge that he knows and hates thoroughly that caste which is the Gibraltar of secession. Caste, mailed in State rights, seized slavery as its weapon to smite down the Union. Said Jackson in 1833,– Slavery will be the next pretext for rebellion. Pretext !

Pretext! That pretext and weapon we wrench from the rebel hands the moment we pass the anti-slavery amendment to the constitution. Now, kill Caste, the foe who wields it. Andy Johnson is our natural leader for this. His life has been pledged to it. He put on his spurs with this vow of knighthood. He sees that confiscation, land placed in the hands of the masses, is the means to kill this foe. Land and the ballot are the true foundations of all governments. Entrust them, wherever loyalty exists, to all those, black and white, who have upheld the flag. (Applause.) Reconstruct no State without giving to every loyal man in it the ballot. I scout all limitations of knowledge, property, or race. (Applause.) Universal suffrage for me. That was the Revolutionary model. Every freeman voted, black or white, whether he could read or not. My rule is, any citizen liable to be hanged for crime is entitled to vote for rulers. The ballot ensures the school. Mr. Johnson has not yet uttered a word which shows that he sees the need of negro suffrage to guarantee the Union. The best thing he has said on this point, showing a mind open to light, is thus re

ported by one of the most intelligent men in the country—the Baltimore correspondent of the Boston Commonwealth: -“The Vice-President was holding forth very eloquently in front of Admiral Lee's dwelling, just in front of the War Office in Washington. He said he was willing to send every negro in the country to Africa to save the Union. Nay, he was willing to cut Africa loose from Asia, and sink the whole black race ten thousand fathoms deep to effect this object. A loud voice sang out in the crowd, 'Let the negro stay where he is, Governor, and give him the ballot, and the Union will be safe for ever.' ‘And I am ready to do that too !—(loud applause) —shouted the Governor with intense energy, whereat he got three times three for the noble sentiment. I witnessed this scene, and was pleased to hear our Vice-President take this high ground; for up to this point must the nation quickly advance, or there will be no peace, no rest, no prosperity, no blessing for our suffering and distracted country. The need of giving the negro a ballot is what we must press upon the President's attention. Beware of the mistake which fastened M‘Clellan upon us,-running too fast to endorse a man while untried, -determined to believe him hero and leader at any rate. The President tells us that he waits to announce his policy till events call for it. A timely and statesmanlike

Let us imitate it. Assure him in return that the Government shall have our support like


good citizens. But remind him that we will tell him what we think of his policy when we learn what it is. He says, 'Wait—I shall punish; I shall confiscate ; what more I shall do you will know when I do it. Let us reply : 'Good! So far good! Banish the rebels. See to it also that, before you admit a single State to the Union, you oblige it to give every loyal man in it the ballot, —the ballot, which secures education,—the ballot, which begets character where it lodges responsibility,--the ballot, having which no class need fear injustice or contempt,—the ballot, which puts the helin of the Union into the hands of those who love and have upheld it. Land,—where every man's title deed, based on confiscation, is the hond which ties his interest to the Union ; ballot,—the weapon which enables him to defend his property and the Union; these are the motives for the white man, the negro needs no motive but his instinct and heart. Give him the bullet and the ballot; he needs them; and while he holds them the Union is safe? To reconstruct now, without giving the negro the suffrage, would be a greater blunder, and, considering our better light, a greater sin than our fathers committed in 1789; and we should have no right to expect from such reconstruction any less disastrous results. This is the lesson God teaches us in the blood of Lincoln. Like Egypt, we are made to read our lesson in the blood of our firstborn, and the seats of our princes left empty. We

bury all false magnanimity in this fresh grave, writing over it the maxim of the coming four years, -Treason is the greatest of crimes, and not a mere difference of opinion.' That is the motto of our leader to-day. That is the warning this atrocious crime sounds throughout the land. Let us heed it, and need no more such costly teaching. (Loud applause.)”


There having been a final, speedy, and crushing defeat to the Confederates, “ War Christians and the revolutionary leaders of the North are discussing measures and preparing plans for the reconstruction of the States of the South. A committee on the above basis has been forined in the Federal Congress, and bills are before both houses on the subject; but the people in the North are undecided as yet what principle to adopt in the reconstruction of the Southern States. Action, therefore, is the cry of the stump orators, since the administrators of the Federal government have evinced a strong desire to evade the manhood of

The State of Louisiana, for instance, which is now under the military regime of Andrew Johnson, tramples down the inalienable rights of the negro, subjects him to the domineering infamous overseer spirit that has always prevailed on the slave plantations in olden times; and yet, in a bill

the negro.

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