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SESSION OF 1889-'90.

by virtue of the provisions of “The Facilitat-
ing of Proof Act, 1890." (Barbados).

(Justice of the Peace,
Notary Public,
or, officer authorized
by law to administer
oaths, as thecase may be.)


(Assented to 26th April, 1890.)
An Act to amend The Justices of the Peace

Procedure Act, 1860.”
E it enacted by the Governor, Coun-


by the authority of the same, as follows;

1. In all cases in which any person resid Police Magistrate ing or being, or suspected to reside or be, given a summary within the limits of the jurisdiction of any jurisdiction over of

fences committed police magistrate, has committed or is sus

on the high seas pected to have committed on the high seas

near the coasts of near the coasts of this Island, any felony, this Jaland. misdemeanour, or other offence punishable upon a summary conviction, such police magistrate shall have and exercise the same jurisdiction, authority and power for enquiring into, trying and adjudicating on such felony, misdemeanour or other offence as he would have had and exercised if such felony, misdemeanour or other offence had been committed on shore within the limits of his jurisdiction.



(Assented to 26th April, 1890.) BARBADOS. An Act to provide for the payment of the

expenses arising in cases where natives of the Colony are tried by British [Courts in foreign countries.

and Assembly of this Island, and by

the authority of the same, as follows; Expenses arising 1. In all cases in which a person wbo is a from the trial by native of, or ordinarily resident in, this IsBritish Courts in Foreign countries,

land commits an offence in a foreign country of natives of Bar- and is tried by a British Court under the Forbados, to be borne eign Jurisdiction Acts, 1843 to 1878, and by the Public Trea- is either convicted, or on the ground of insury.

sanity acquitted, the expenses of the prisoner's removal to the Colony or place in which he is to undergo his sentence, or to be confined as a criminal lunatic, and of his maintevance during his imprisonment or confinement, and also any other expenses incident to his conviction or to his acquittal on the ground of insanity shall, so far as they cannot be met out of the effects of the prisoner under any order of the Court, be paid on the warrant of the Governor-inExecutive Committee out of the public treasury.

SESSION OF 1889-'90,


(Assented to 26th April, 1890.) BARBADOS.

An Act to consolidate and amend the Acts

relating to the West India and Panama
Telegraph Company, Limited.


E it enacted by the Governor, Council,

and Assembly of this Island, and hy the authority of the same, as follows;

1. This Act may be cited as The Tele Short title. graph (West India and Panama) Company's Act, 1990." 2. In this Act the expression “the Com

“ the Com- Interpretation. pany,” shall mean "the West India and Panama Telegraph Company, Limited,” incor. porated on the ninth day of January one thousand eight hundred and seventy-seven.

3. An annual subsidy of two thousand An annual subsidy five hundred pounds is hereby granted from of £2,500 granted to the public treasury of this `Island to the the Company for the

term of 10 years, Company for a term of ten years, to com

commencing ist of mence and be computed from the first day of January, 1890, on January one thousand eight hundred and certain conditions. ninety, and payable by quarterly payments of six hundred and twenty five pounds on the thirty first day of March, the thirtieth day of June, the thirtieth day of September, and the thirty first day of December, in each year, and the Treasurer of the Island is hereby authorised to pay to the duly constituted agents of the Company the said subsidy in the manner and at the times aforesaid, on the warrants of the Governor-in-Executive Committee ; provided, that a duplicate cable be laid between this Island and the Island of Saint Vincent before the expiration of one


year from the date of the passing of this Act, and provided that the said duplicate cable and the cable connecting Europe and America with the Islands of St. Thomas, or Tortola, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Barbados, Trinidad, Cuba, and with the Colony of British Guiana in South America, and all of the other West India Colonies, between which and the Continent of North America telegraphic communication has been established, is maintained in efficient operation throughout the extent of the line, and the provisions of this Act are duly observed. And provided always, that the Governor-in-Executive Committee shall have and is hereby invested with a discretionary power to determine whether any, and if so, what deductions shall be made from the current amount of subsidy payable to the Company for any interruption in the regular and complete transmission of intelligence by such Company's line, and in the event of any such deduction as aforesaid becoming necessary, the same shall be made from the quarterly amounts payable : and provided always that the condition of maintenance of communication with the United States and Europe shall be deemed to be fulfilled if either route, via Havana or via Para, shall be available for the transmission of messages.

4. In consideration of the annual subsidy Daily bulletin of news to be furnished. granted by this Act, and during the said term

of years in which such subsidy shall be paid, there shall be published daily at the Telegraph Station in Bridgetown, free of charge and for the use of the public, a bulletin making known the general news of Europe and the United States of America, as also

SESSION OF 1889-'90.

the ruling market prices in London, and in New York, of :

Flour, per brl., New York shipping of the St. Lawrence brand.

In New York

Pork ditto
Two Sugars, per pound
Barbados Molasses, pergal. In New York
Premium on gold
Exchange, New York
Three Sugars, per pound
Demerara Rum, per gallon
Trinidad Cocoa, per cwt.

In Loudon
Bank of England rate of

discount Rentes and intelligence of the arrivals of the West India Packets in England, and any delay or alteration in their departures therefrom, and the arrivals and departures at and from the first and other ports in the West Indies, together with any news of importance at places in the line of route, and a copy of the daily bulletin shall be forwarded by the Company to the Public Printers, to be published in the Officiai Gazette, and to the Colonial Postmaster, who shall cause it to be posted in some conspicuous place Rate of charges, for the information of the public.

how to be fixed. 5. The rate of cbarges for messages to be made by the Company shallfrom time to time, be fixed by the Governor-in-Executive Committee and the tariff settled and agreed upon by the Committee and the Company, and approved of by the Governor, shall forthwith be published in the Official Gazette,

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