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shall be valid and effectual to all intents and purposes.

Bills payable on bank holidays.

5. All bills of exchange and promissory Bills of exchange &c, due on any bank notes which are due and payable on any holiday may be paid bank holiday shall be payable, and, when or protested next necessary in case of non-payment may be day.

noted and protested on the next following day,and not on such bank holiday; and any such noting or protest shall be as valid as if made on the day on which the bill or note was made due and payable; and for all the purposes of this Act the day next following a bank holiday shall mean the next following day, on which a bill of exchange may be

lawfully noted or protested. Provisions where

6. When the day on which any notice of day of notice of dis- dishonour of an unpaid bill of exchange or honour or presenta- promissory note, should be given, or when tion falls on a bank the day on which a bill of exchange or prom. holiday.

issory note should be presented or received for acceptance, or accepted or forwarded to any referee or referees, is a bank holiday, such notice of dishonour shall be given, and such bill of exchange or promissory note shall be presented or forwarded on the day next following such bank holiday.

Cheques payable to order. Protection to bank. 7. When a cheque or draft on demand

paying cheque for a sum of money payable to order is or draft on demand drawn on a banker, and the banker on whom payable to order which purports to be mand in good faith and in the ordinary

it is drawn pays the cheque or draft on deduly endorsed.

course of business, it shall not be incumbent on the banker to shew that the indorsement of the payee or any subsequent indorsement was made by or under the authority of the


SESSION OF 1889-'90.


two pence.

person whose indorsement it purports to be and the banker shall be deemed to have paid the cheque or draft on demand in due course, although such indorsement has been forged or made without authority.

The dollar 8. In all payments to be made in any Demonetization of part of this Island, tender of payment in dollar. the Spanish, Mexican, oi Columbian silver coins called dollars, shall not be deemed and taken as a legal tender. 9. Where in any contract, undertaking

Dollar to or agreement, for the payment of money entered into before the passing of this Act,

four shillings and any sum or amount is expressed in dollars, the term dollar shall be deemed and taken to mean the sum of four shillings and two pence of British money.

Repeal. 10. The Acts mentioned in the schedule

Repeal and sav. to this Act annexed are hereby repealed, ings. provided that this repeal shall not affect ; 1. The past operation of the enactments

hereby repealed nor anything done
or suffered under the enactments

hereby repealed ; nor
2. any right, privilege, obligation, or lia-

bility, acquired, accrued or incurred
under the enactments hereby repeal-

ed ; nor
3. any penalty, forfeiture, or punishment

incurred in respect of any offence
committed against the enactments

hereby repealed; nor
4. any investigation, legal proceeding or

remedy in respect of any such right,
privilege, obligation, liability, penal-
ty, forfeiture, or punishment as afore-
said and any such investigations, legal
proceeding and remedy may be car-
ried on as if this Act had not passed.

[blocks in formation]

Ist May 1861. An Act declaring the law in relation to bills of exchange and

promissory notes becoming payable on Good Friday, Christmas Day, or on days appointed by proclamation for solemn fasts or days of thanksgiving.

The whole Act. 21st October 1873. An Act to make provision for Bank Holidays, and respecting ob- Section ! from

ligations to make payments and do other acts on such Bank Holi- words and all bills

of exchange" in
line 4 to end of said

Section 2.
26th March 1879. An Act to declare the Spanish, Mexican, and Columbian dollar not|
a legal tender in this Island..

The whole Act.
30th December 1887. An Act to regulate the payment of cheques and drafts on demand
/payable to order.

The whole Act.


SESSION OF 1889-90,



(Assented to 17th April 1890.)
An Act to extend the time within which the

vestry of the parish of Saint Michael may
lay rates for the current parochial year,
and to authorise the vestry to raise a loan
to enable them to carry on the affairs
of the parish until such rates shall be
HEREAS the vestry of the parish

of Saint Michael have by their hum.
ble petition to the Legislature of this Island
prayerl, in effect, that the time within which
they may lay rates for the current parochial
year (that is, the year ending the twenty
fourth day of March one thousand eight
hundred and ninety one) may be extended ;
and that they may be authorised to raise a
loan of three thousand pounds to enable
them to carry on the affairs of the parish
until such rates shall be collected ; And
Whereas it is deemed expedient, for the
reasons stated in the said petition, to grant
the prayer thereof ; Be it therefore enacted
by the Governor, Council and Assembly of
this Island and by the authority of the same,
as follows;
1. This Act may be cited as • The Saint

Short Title. Michael's Parish Rating and Loan Act, 1890.”

2. (1.) The time limited by law within Vestry of St. Miwhich the vestry of the parish of Saint chael authorised to Michael may make and set rates for the lay the rates for

the current year at current parochial year, under the authority of the several Acts of this Island authoris- than 31st May 1890,

time not later

any ing them to lay rates, is hereby extended to


the thirty first day of May one thousand eight hundred and ninety.

(2.) All rates to be made and set by the said vestry shall be published, be subject to objection, confirmation, or amendment,

and be collected in the usual manner. The said Vestry 3. (1) For the purpose of carrying on the authorised to raise affairs of the parish until rates for the curA sum not exceed£3000 for parochial

rent parochial year shall be collected, it

shall be lawful for the vestry of the parish purposes.

of Saint Michael, and they are hereby authorised, from time to time as they may require the same, but not later than three months from the date of the passing of this Act to borrow from any person or persons, bodies politic or corporate willing to lend them the same, a sum

or sums of

money not exceeding three thousand pounds. Sums borrowed

(2) The money so horrowed, with interand interest to be a est thereon at a rate not exceeding six pounds charge on the rates of the current pa- the rates of the said parish, to be laid and

per centum per annum, shall be repaid from rochial year,

collected for the current parochial year, and shall be a charge on the said rates until paid, and shall rank next after the money borrowed under The St, Michael's Central Alms House Act, 1880 ; The Saint Michael's Central Alms House Act, 1880, Amendment Act, 1884; The Saint Michael's Parish (Barbados) Loan Act, 1886, and The Saint Michael's Parish (Barbados) Loan Act, 1889, respectively, and all other sums already made charges on the rates of the said parish by Legislative enactment; and prior to all payments to be made to the employees of thc vestry of the said parish or on count of the said parish.


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