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money paid in under and desiring to obtain the same shall apply last preceding sec. therefor to the Governor-in-Executive Comtion.

mittee who is hereby authorized to direct payment thereof to such person or persons as the Governor-in-Executive Committee may deem entitled thereto.

Penalty. Penal section.

17. In the event of any auctioneer appointed under this Act failing to comply with the provisions of sections fourteen and fifteen of this Act, he shall in addition to any other remedy which can be brought against him on the complaint of any person, incur a penalty not exceeding five pounds to be recovered before the police magistrate of his district and to be levied and raised as in the case of servants' wages.

Repeal. Repeal and sav 18. The Acts mentioned in schedule “C” ings.

to this Act are hereby repealed; provided
that this repeal shall not affect;
1. The past operation of the enactments

hereby repealed nor anything done or
suffered under the enactments hereby

repealed ; nor 2. any right, privilege, obligation, or liabil

ity acquired, accrued, or incurred under the enactments hereby repealed ;


3. any penalty, forfeiture, or punishment

incurred in respect of any offence committed against the enactments,

hereby repealed ; nor 4. any investigation, legal proceeding or

remedy in respect of any such right, privilege, obligation, liability, penalty, forfeiture or punishment as aforesaid,

SESSION OF 1889-'90.

and any such investigation, legal proceeding and remedy may be carried on as if this Act had not passed.



Charges for the keep of live stock per diem,

£ 5. Horses or mules each...... 1 0 Cattl or asses, each......

6 Hogs, sheep or goats, each... 3


Notice of Distress [for rent or rates

or &c., (as the case may be.)] To C. D. and all others whom it may concern

Take notice that I. R. S. as agent of and for A. B., Esquire, (your landlord, or Parochial Treasurer of

or (as the case


may be)] have this day distrained on the premises [in your occupation or possesion, (if the fact be so)] named in the inventory hereunto annexed, the [cattle] goods and chattels mentioned in the said inventory, for £ being the amount due to the said A. B. on the day of

for (rent of said premises : or rates or (as the case may be)] : And unless you pay the said sum of

with the charges of distraining for the same within (seven (in case of rates) ten (in the case of rent)] days from the service hereof, the said [cattle) goods and chattels will be sold according to law. [If live stock or goods are removed mention the place thus, “ And take notice that the said [cattle or goods] have been removed to and are now at

Dated this day of 18

R. S.
Agent of A. B.

[or A. B. of ] Inventory of goods and chattels taken (To be filled in with particulars above referred to.

Date of Act.

Title of Act.

Extent of Repeal. 26th July 1864... An Act to regulate the levying of distress for rates, and the fees of constables for same.

The whole Act.
31st August 1881 An Act to amend the law with respect to the sale of goods and

chattels distrained on, and of effects arising out of levies
made by virtue of executions issuing from the Police
Magistrates, Judges of the Petty Debt Court and Judges
of the Assistant Court of Appeal.

The whole Act.
20th Novr. 1886... An Act to amend the Act of the thirty first day of August one

thousand eight hundred and eighty one,'entitled, "An Act
to amend the law relating to the sale of goods and chattels
distrained on, and of effects arising out of levies made by
virtue of executions issuing from the Police Magistrates,
Judges of the Petty Debt Courts, and Judges of the
Assistant Court of Appeal.'

The whole Act. 20th April 1888... An Act to amend “ The Distraint and Levy on chattels by Con

stables and Police Officers Act, 1881, Amendment Act, 1886. The whole Act.

SESSION OF 1889.90,

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(Assented to 11th March 1890,)


An Act to consolidate and amend the Acts

relating to the General Agricultural
Society and Reid School of Practical
E it enacted, by the Governor, Council,

and ,

the authority of the same, as follows ;Short title. 1. This Act may be cited as

“ The Agricultural Society's Act, 1899." The members of 2. The present and all future members of the General Agri. the General Agricultural Society and Reid cultural Society and School of Practical Chemistry shall be, and Reid School of Prac- they are hereby declared and adjudged to tical Chemistry declared to be one body

be, one body politic and corporate, by the politic and corporate name of “ řhe Agricultural Society and &c.

by that name shall and may have perpetual succession, and shall and may sue and be sued in all courts and before all magistrates, and others, in all actions, suits, complaints, matters and causes whatsoever, and shall and may have a common seal, and the same may vary and alter at their pleasure ; and by the name aforesaid shall be in law capable of holding all such estate, real and personal, as hath been already acquired by them, and of having, taking, and holding forever hereafter, other estate, real and personal, either by purchase, gift, devise, or legacy, for the public use and benefit of the said society ; provided nevertheless, that such real estate shall not exceed in value at any time the sum of two thousand pounds.

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