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iv. Nothing in this section shall re

lieve the mother of a bastard child of her liability to maintain such


Punishment of 16. If the mother, or person adjudged to mother or putative be the putative father of a bastard child, shall father for the de; desert such child or quit the colony without children becoming providing for its maintenance and it shall

chargeable on a become chargeable to the parish it shall be parish

lawful for the church warden, a guardian, or the inspector of poor, during the time that they or either of them shall be liable to contribute to the support of such child, to attach by warrant under the hand of the police magistrate of the parish to which such child has become chargeable, so much of the goods, chattels and effects of such mother or putative father as shall when sold, realize sufficient to provide for such child; and in case the church warden, guardian, or inspector

of poor can find no goods or chattels, it shall be lawful for the magistrate to issue his warrant for the apprehension of such mother or putative father and to commit him or her to prison, for any time not exceeding six months with hard labour ; provided always that if such mother or putative father can find sufficient security for the maintenance of such child for such time as the magistrate may determine, and the costs of the proceedings, such mother or putative father shall be released, Order on putative father may be varied or

annulled. Review of orders

17. The putative father of any bastard for maintenance on child on whom an order for the maintenance

application of pu- of such child has been made at the instance tative father.

either of the mother or church warden, guar

SESSION OF 1889-'90.

dian, or inspector of poor, may apply to the police magistrate who made such order or his successor in office, to review such order, and such police magistrate, shall review such order, and if upon such review such police magistrate shall be satisfied that the mother of such bastard child is able either wholly or in part to maintain such child, he shall annul or vary his order accordingly.

Repeal. 18. The Acts mentioned in the schedule Repeal and sav. to this Act annexed are hereby repealed ; ings. provided that such repeal shall not affect; 1. The past operation of the enactments

hereby repealed nor any thing done or
suffered under the enactments hereby

repealed ; nor
2. any right, privilege, obligation or lia-

bility acquired, accrued, or incurred
under the enactments hereby repealed ;


3. any penalty, forfeiture, or punishment

incurred in respect of any offence com-
mitted against the enactments hereby

repealed; nor
4. any investigation, legal proceeding or

remedy in respect of such right, priv-
ilege, obligation, liability, penalty, for-
feiture, or punishment as aforesaid, and
any such investigation, legal proceeding
and remedy may be carried on as if this

Act had not passed.
5. Any enactments in which such enact-

ment have been applied, incorporated or
referred to.

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6th June 1838. An Act for the government and better ordering of the poor of
this Island, and the prevention of bastardy.

The whole Act.,


21st August 1851. An Act to amend the Act for the government of the poor and
the prevention of bastardy, 1838

The whole Act.
29th May 1883. An Act to alter and amend the law relating to the government

and better ordering of the poor in this Island, and for the
prevention of bastardy

The whole Act.


9th February 1888. An Act to amend the law relating to the maintenance of bastard children

The whole Act.

SESSION OF 1889-'90.


(Assented to 11th March 1890.)
An Act to consolidate the Acts relating to the

sale of goods distrained or taken under
executions issuing from the inferior

E it enacted by the Governor, Council

and Assembly of this Island, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

Short title. 1. This Act may be cited as “The District Short title, Auctioneers Act, 1890."

Appointment of auctioneers. 2. For the purpose of selling goods and

The Governor chattels distrained on and effects levied on auctioneer for each

may appoint an by police officers or constables as aforesaid, Police District. it shall be lawful for the Governor on the passing of this Act and thereafter as vacancies may occur, to appoint an auctioneer for each district.

3. Every auctioneer shall enter into bond Each Auctioneer to Her Majesty, her heirs and succes. to enter into bond. sors, in the case of the auctioneer for the City of Bridgetown and District "A," himself in the sum of one hundred pounds, and two sureties, to be approved of by the Governor-in-Executive Committee, in the sum of fifty pounds each, and in the case of the auctioneers of the other districts, himself in the sum of fifty pounds and two sureties, to be approved of by the Governor-inExecutive Committee, in the sum of twenty five pounds each, for the faithful discharge of the duties of his office, and for the due


disposal of all money for which he may sell any goods.

Account books. Auctioneer to use 4. Every auctioneer appointed under this counterfoil books Act shall be supplied with counterfoil books for purposes of sale. properly numbered, to be issued from

time to time from the Auditor General's Office in a form to be prescribed by the Governor, and shall upon the completion of every sale hand to the owner of the goods distrained on a copy of the counterfoil duly filled

up and signed by him, and shall enter particulars of each sale, and of all receipts and payments on account of the sale affected by him under this Act in a book to be kept by him in a form to be prescribed by the Governor ; and the said books and the blocks of the counterfoils, shall at all times be sub. ject to the inspection of the Auditor General.

Notice to tenant of distress. Notice to be given

5. Whenever any goods or chattels shall of goods distrained be distrained on for any rents or rates or

taxes, the person levying such distress shall, within twenty four hours after, either leave at the chief mansion house or other most notorious place on the premises on which the said goods or chattels are distrained on a notice in the form prescribed by schedule B to this Act annexed ; and any distress which may be levied without notice being given as aforesaid shall be and the same is hereby declared to be illegal.

Return of distress or levy Writ officers &c.

6. Every writ officer, constable or bailiff distraining on goods who shall make a distress or levy an execuor taking them in execution to make

tion on any goods or chattels, shall make a return thereof to return of such distress or levy and the goods


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