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29th November 1864. An Act for vesting in the Commissioners ap

pointed under the Act of the 10th No-
vember 1856, the buildings and lands of
certain of the signal stations in this Is-
land now vested in Her Majesty's Sec-
retary-of-State for the War Department
and for providing for the establishment

and working of the same.
8th February 1887. An Act to make provision for discontinuing

the use of the signal stations as such, and pensioning the signal men.


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SESSION OF 1889.90,


(Assented to 11th March 1890.)
An Act to consolidate the Acts relating to the

settlement of the poor and prevention of
E it enacted by the Governor, Council

and Assembịy of this Island and by the authority of the same as follows ;

Short title. 1. This Act

be cited as " The Settle-

Short title ment of the Poor and Bastardy Act, 1890.”

Settlement of poor. 2. No poor person shall be granted by When parochial any vestry or churchwarden any relief, relief to be refused schooling or medical aid in any parish to to poor persons. which he or she shall not belong, and have a settlement in, according to the rules of settlement herein laid down ; but it shall be lawful and the bounden duty of every churchwarden, overseer of poor, constable, Churchwardens, police officer, and justice of every parish to police officers &c. apprehend all vagrants and beggars and grants and beggars to take them to any police magistrate, and to deal with of the parish in which they are found, and them as herein prothe said police magistrate shall if such per. vided. son is a pauper proceed to ascertain and fix the settlement of the said person (if he or she shall have no certificate of settlement) as hereafter laid down, and when ascertained shall dispose of the said pauper in his parish, or shall remove him or her by warrant directed to some constable, or in case of necessity, to any person who shall deliver him or her to the churchwarden of the par



ish to which the said pauper shall be adjudged to belong, to be by him lodged in any almshouse or workhouse which may be established or hereafter be erected in the parish to which the said pauper shall belong, to be subject to such rules and discipline, and moderate labour, as shall be established, by the Guardians of such house, and approv

ed by the Governor-in-Executive Committee. Settlement of

3. Whenever any question shall arise as poor by whom to to the settlement of any pauper in this Isbe determined. land, the church warden or overseer or guar

dian of the poor of any parish, where any such pauper shall be found, shall bring such question before the police magistrate, of the parish where such pauper shall be, in a summary manner; and such police magistrate shall proceed to take evidence and try and determine the question in a summary manner; and on deciding such question, the police magistrate shall send a certified copy of the proceedings to the churchwarden of the parish wherein the settlement is fixed

within seven days, and if no appeal is made Removal of paup

after twenty one days, shall cause such paupers to their proper per to be removed to his proper parish by parishes.

warrant under the hand of the police magistrate, directed to any sworn constable, who shall deliver such pauper to the almshouse of the proper parish ; and the said churchwarden shall countersign the said certificate, and dispose of the said pauper as authorised by law; Provided always that the said police magistrate shall be guided in his decision by the following rules of settlement ;

namely, Rules to be ob

i. The place of birth; provided alserved by Police

ways that in case a woman hav

SESSION OF 1889-'90.


ing a settlement in one parish shall Magistrate in deter.
be brought to bed in another, then minin sett glement.
the child so born shall follow the
settlement of the mother, and the
woman shall follow the settlement

of her husband.
ii. The parish in which such person

shall have been last an apprentice

for one year.
iii. The last place where he or she

shall have been an owner or rent-
er for one year.

Appeal. 4. It shall be lawful for the churchwar Churcbwardens dens or overseers or guardians of the poor overseers or guar

dians of the poor of the parishes respectively from or to


and which any pauper shall be transferred, or in

person whomsoever which any pauper shall be declared entitled aggrieved by any to a settlement, and the


himself decision of Magisany other person whomsoever who shall trate may appeal. think himself aggrieved by any decision, sentence, or judgment of any police magistrate, given under the authority of section three of this act to appeal therefrom to the Assistant Court of Appeal, in the same manner as is usual in other cases ; and any person who shall desire to appeal to the said Assistant Court of Appeal shall make known such his intention to the police magistrate by whose decision he consider himself aggrieved within twenty one days after the pronouncing of the same,and shall also within the same time give to the churchwarden, overseer, or guardian of the poor of the parish in which such pauper shall be declared entitled to a settlement and to the churchwarden, overseer, or guardian of the poor, who may prefer any complaint either rela



ting to the government and ordering of the poor or the prevention of bastardy, or other the person making any such complaint, notice of such appeal, and the police magistrate from whose decision the appeal is made shall under a penalty of five pounds in case of default, within six days after receiving such notice, (unless the appellant shall in the meantime declare to the police magistrate his intention to abandon the said appeal), send in to the Clerk of the Assistant Court of Appeal a correct copy of the proceedings in the case appealed from, certified under his hand for the information of the Assistant Court of Appeal, and any such penalty as aforesaid shall be recover. in the

of servants' wages and paid into the public treasury for the uses of the Island ; and upon such proceedings as aforesaid being lodged with the said Assistant Court of Appeal, the same proceedings shall be had and taken in respect of such appeal as is usual in appeals to the said Assistant Court of Appeal from the decision of the police magistrates; provided always that in cases of appeal in bastardy whenever the order of the police magistrate shall be confirmed wholly or in part, the costs and charges for maintenance of any child shall be calculated from the birth of the child, and paid to the church warden of the parish in which such child shall be found, for the uses of the said child.

ed as


Maintenance of relations Fathers, grand

5. The fathers and grandfathers, mothers fathers, mothers, and grand mothers and grandmothers, and the children of any if able compelled to poor, old, lame, blind, impotent person, or

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