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21st October 1873... An Act to make provision for Bank Holidays, and respecting obli- The whole Act ex

gations to make payments and do other Acts on such Bank cept sectionsone, from
Holidays ....

and inclusive of “all
bills of exchange" in
the fourth line to
the end thereof, and

section two.
1st April, 1885 An Act to extend the provisions of“ The Bank Holidays Act, 1873."| The whole Act.
21st December, 1887. An Act to amend “The Bank Holidays' Acts”.

The whole Act. 11th March, 1889... An Act to extend the provisions of “The Bank Holidays' Act, 1873."

The whole Act.


SESSION OF 1889-'90.


(Assented to 11th March 1890.) BARBADOS.

An Act to consolidate the Acts relating to

Co-operative Factories.
E it enacted by the Governor, Council,

and Assembly of this Island, and by
the authority of the same as follows;
1. This Act may be cited

as “The

Short title. Co-operative Factories Act, 1890." 2. Sections two, three, ten, and eleven,

Certain sections sections twenty two to twenty seven (both tates Act 1877" to

of “The Settled Esincluded,) sectio:s twenty nine and thirty be deemed part of two, sections thirty nine to forty three (both this Act. included,) sections forty six to fifty (both included,) and section fifty two of “The Settled Estates Act, 1878," shall be deemed to be incorporated in this Act as if tbey were herein expressly enacted and shall continue to be so incorporated notwithstanding that such Act may be subsequently re. pealed; and when in any of the said sections the word “lease” occurs, the wor(!s“

“such contract as mentioned in this Act" shall be deemed to be substituted therefor.

3. The power and jurisdiction by this Act The Court to exconferred, on the court, shall be exercised, ercise its power acsubject to and in accordance with the pro- cording to sections visions incorporated in this Act by the last of settled Estates preceding section.

Act incorporated in

this Act. 4. It shall be lawful for the court if it

The Court may shall dcei it proper and corsistent with a authorise contracts due regard for the interests of all parties to be made for the

of entitled under any settlement to authorise reaping contracts to be made for the manufacture Estates at Co-opera

grown on settled into sugar of the canes grown on settled tive Factories.



estates at co-operative factories on the basis that the proprietors of plantations situate near or contiguous to each other should combine and should enter into a contract on a basis of co-operation and mutual benefit with any company or person that might be willing to erect at their or his expense a sugar factory for the use of the plantations of such combined proprietors, namely; on the terms that such combined proprietors shall send all the canes grown on such plantations to such factory for manufacture into sugar, and that the owner or owners of such factory sball accept payment in kind for the use of such factory, and shall retain by way of remuneration one fifth or one fourth or such other proportion of the sugar produced from the canes delivered to such factory as shall be agreed on between the contracting parties and shall deliver the remainder of such sugar to the proprietors of the said combined plantations in the shares and proportions in which they shall be entitled to the same; such contracts to be on such terms and to contain such covenants, conditions and stipulations as the court shall deem expedient or shall approve of with reference to the special circumstances

of each estate. The Court may 5. (1.) In the case of plantations, which now direct a Receiver of are or may hereafter be cultivated and manany plantation

aged under the direction and control of the which is under its control to execute a court, it shall be lawful for the court to contract with a co. authorise a contract to be made for the operative factory on manufacture into sugar of the juice conbehalf of all persons tained in canes grown on any such planinterested.

tation at a co-operative factory, on the basis and in

the manner

hereinbefore set forih ; and when any such contract

SESSION OF 1889-'90.



has been sanctioned by the court, the court shall direct the receiver of the rents and crops of the said plantation to execute the same on behalf of the owners, mortgagees, and all persons interested in the said plantation ; and the contract executed by such receiver, shall have the same valid. ity and effect in all respects as it would have if such receiver were at the time of the execution thereof absolutely entitled to such plantation.

(2.) No contract shall be authorised by the Consent of owners court under the first part of this section

and incumbrancers cept with the concurrence or consent of the required for

tracts under first owners, mortgageps, incumbrancers, and

part of this section. all persons interested in the plantation to which such contract relates.

6. No contracts authorised to be made by Contracts under the two last preceding sections of this Act, for two last preceding the manufacture into sugаr of canes grown

sections of this Act on settled plantations or estates, or on plan

not to exceed forty

years. tations or estates under the direction and control of the Court of Chancery, at a co-operative factory on the basis and in the manner set forth in section four of this Act shall be for a longer period than the term of forty years.

7. Any person having or beneficially in Persons having terested in any mortgage, lien, orcharge onor

liens against such affecting any plantation which now is or may

plantations may

with concurrence of hereafier le cultivated and managed under all others having the control of the court as aforesaid, may liens apply to the apply to the court to sanction such contract Court to sanction as aforesaid, andevery such application must such contract. be made with the concurrence or consent of every other person baving or beneficially in. teres'ed in any mortgage, lien, or charge on or afïecting the said piantation.


Trustees and cor 8. It shall be lawful for any trustees or porations having. trustee, corporation, or society, having money invested in plantations may

money subject to the trust belonging to the consent to a contract corporation or society (as the case may be) between owner of invested on security on or over any plantathe plantation and tions to consent to any such contract as factory respectively aforesaid being made between the owners or

owner or persons beneficially interested in such plantation, and the proprietors of such co-operative factory as aforesaid, and the responsibility of such trustees or trustee, corporation or society shall not be increased by reason of their having given such con

sent. Contract executed 9. When any contract such as is indicatunder the provisions ed in section four of this Act has been of this Act shall run entered into between the owners and others with the land.

beneficially interested in a plantation with the consent of the incumbrancers thereon (if any) on the one part, and the owners of any co-operative factory on the other, or has been executed under the provisions of this Act, the burden and benefit of such contract shall run with the land ; and it shall be binding and enjoyed by all and every person and persons who shall thereafter in any way acquire any estate or interest in the said

plantation. The owners of a

10. It shall be lawful for any company or cooperative factory person who shall be under any contract to may lay tramways erect a co-operative factory in this Island, to roads or lands in. lay down tramways to facilitate the delivery tervening between of the canes to the factory, and such tramthe plantation of an ways may be constructed, subject to the owner who has made provisions hereinafter mentioned on and a contract as afore. said and the factory

across public roads, and, if any lands not owned by any of the persons who shall have entered into such contract as aforesaid, with

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