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SESSION OF 1889-'90.

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the keeping of
places of public

entertainment... The Whole Act
17th July 1885...... An Act to regulate

The Whole Act

“The Licensed
Places of Public

Act, 1885 ”.
6th September 1887. An Act

Date of Act


(Assented to 10th March 1890.)
A Bill entitled, An Act to consolidate the

Acts relating to Bank Holidays.
E it enacted by the Governor, Council,

and Assembly of this Island, and by the authority of the same, as follows;

1. This Act may be cited for all purposes as “ The Bank Holidays Act, 1890."


Sbort title.



2. In this Act the expression “place of business” means any office, counting house, store, shop, workshop, warehouse, stall or booth, or any other place where business of

any description is carried on or transacted. Days noted in

3. The several days in schedule A to this Schedule to be kept Act annexed (and which days are in this as close holidays.

Act hereinafter referred to as Bank holidays) shall be kept as close holidays in all Banks in this Island, and as public holi

days at the several public offices. No person obliged 4. No person shall be compellable to to make payment make any payment or to do any act upon &c., on holidays.

such bank holidays, which he would not be compellable to do or make on Christmas Day or Good Friday; and the obligation to make such payment and to do such act shall apply to the day following such Bank holiday, and the making of such payment and doing of such act on such following day shall be equivalent to payment of the money or performance of the act on the

holiday. No employee to be 5. Every person or body politic or corallowed or required porate, who shall allow or require the atto attend at any tendance of any one or more employee or place of business on any bank holiday. Bank holiday, shall be deemed to have

employees at any place of business on any offended against the provisions of this Act, and shall for every such offence incur and pay a penalty not exceeding fifty pounds, and such penalty shall be to Her Majesty, her heirs and successors for the uses of the Island, and may be recovered on the complaint of any person as in the case of

servants' wages. Exceptions. 6. There shall be excepted from the

operation of this Act;

1-Hotels, boarding houses, and clubs.

SESSION OF 1889-'90.

2-Restaurants and refreshment bars

for the sale of articles consumed

on the premises. 3-Livery Stables. 4-The business of “The Barbados

Railway Company, Limited." 5- The business of "The Bridgetown

Tramways Company, Limited." 6-The business of “The West India

and Panama Telegraph Company,

Limited." 7- The business of "The Barbados Tel.

ephone Company, Limited.” 8-The business of “The Barbados Gas

Company.” 9-The business of agents of any

steamers coming to the Island on any business for the purpose of such

steamers. 10– The business of plantations or busi

ness of owners of lands relating

to such plantations or lands. 11-The business of undertakers of fune

rals in any case of emergency or necessity ; such

such emergency or necessity to be determined by the Police Magistrate before whom

any complaint is beard. 12–Any place of business for the sale of any of the following articles,

(a) Drugs or medicines.
(b) Bread, fresh fish, butchers

meat or ice not later than
nine o'clock in the morn-


(c) Cooked food. 13-The selling of any article in any

place of business which may be required in any case of illness



of any person or animal, where the seller thereof has reasonable grounds for believing such article to be required for either of these purposes ; such resonableness to be determined by the Police Magistrate before whom any

plaint is heard. Sitting of a Court 7. Whenever a Bank holiday falls on any not to begin on a day on which according to law a sitting of need not be continu. any Court would begin, such sitting shall not ed on such day if it begin on that day but on the week-day next begins before. following the Bank holiday, and whenever a

Bank holiday occurs during the sitting of any Court, it shall be lawful for such Court at its rising on the day next preceding such Bank holiday to adjourn until the week

day next succeeding the Bank holiday. The opening of 8. It shall be lawful for the Colonial the General Post Post Master to open the General Post Office, days for certain Bridgetown, on Bank Holidays, and to repurposes authorised quire the attendance thereat of the Post

Office employees for the purpose of despatching mails to places beyond the seas by steamers, of receiving mails that have been brought from places beyond the seas by steamers, and of delivering such mail letters at the said General Post Office to the addressees thereof, subject to the reg. ulations that now exist, or may bereafter be made, concerning the delivery of letters at the General Post Office to the addres

sees thereof. If a Royal Mail 9. In every case in which the day apSteamer would pointed by law as a Baik Holiday is also otherwise arrive or the day appointed for the arrival or depardepart on, a Bank ture of any of the Royal Mail Steamers, Holiday the Bank Holiday to be kept

and is not the day after Christmas or one of three consecutive days each of which is

SESSION OF 1889.90

a public holiday, such day shall not be in the following kept as a Bank holiday but the correspond-week. ing day in the following week shall be a Bank Holiday instead. Notice of the day to be kept as a Bank Holiday sball in each case in which the provisions of this section shall come into operation be inserted in the Official Gazette at least two weeks before the day's arrival.

10. It shall be lawful for the Governorin-Executive Committee from time to time, Powers to Gover. when they are of opinion that in any year nor in Executive it is inexpedient that a day by this Act Committee to appointed for a Bank holiday should change day fixed be a Bank holiday, to declare by procla-for a holiday. mation, in the inanper in which solemn fast or days of public thanksgiving may be appointed, that such day shall not in such year be a Bank holiday, and to appoint such other day as to them may seem fit to be a Bank holiday instead of such day, and thereupon the day so appointed shall in such year be substituted for the day so appointed by this Act.

11. The several Acts set forth in schedule B to this Act annexed are hereby re

Repeal section. pealed to the Extent to which such acts are by such schedule expressed to be repealed.


Bank Holidays.
The first day of January in every year,
if a week day.

Easter Monday.
Whit Monday:

The day appointed for the celebration of the birthday of the Sovereign.

The first Monday in August.

The twenty-sixth day of December, if a week day.

If either the first day of January or the twenty-sixth day of December falls on a Sunday, the next following Monday shall be a bank holiday.

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