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(Assented to 10th March 1890,)
An Act to consolidate the Acts relating to

the keeping of places of public entertain-
E it enacted by the Governor, Council,

B ,

the authority of the same, as follows;

Short title.

1. This Act may be cited as “The Licensed Short Title. Places of Public Entertainment Act, 1890."

Interpretation. Interpretation

2. The term “place of public entertain . ment” when used in this Act shall mean any house, room, garden, or other place habitu. ally kept, although not at stated intervals, for public dancing or other public entertainment in which the public may join on payment of money either directly or indirectly.

License. No person to kerp 3 No person shall in any year have, keep, & place of Public or open any place of public entertainment entertainment with unless and until he has in manner hereout obtaining annu inafter provided, previously in such year, ally a license.

obtained a license for that purpose. Penalty on in

4. Every person who infringes the profringing section 3. visions of the last preceding section of this

Act, shall for every offence be liable to a

penalty not exceeding five pounds. Mode of obtain. 5. Every person who desires to obtain a ing a license. license to keep a house, rvom, garden, or

other place of public entertainment shall in

in which he desires to obtain such

SESSION OF 1889.290.

license comply with the following require-
(1) be shall produce and leave with the

Colonial Treasurer a certificate
from the police magistrate of the
district in which he intends to keep
such place of public entertainment,
certifying that to the knowledge
of such police nagistrate, he is a
fit and proper person to keep a

place of public entertainment,
(2) he shall pay to the Colonial Trea-

surer the sum of one pound. 6. Every person who complies with the Licenses to be provisions of the preceding section shall given by Colonial receive from the Colonial Treasurer, who is Treasurer. hereby authorized and required to give the same, a license in the form in the schedule Their form and narked 'A' to this Act; which license shall effect. authorize such person to keep a place of public entertainment from the date of such license up to and inclusive of the thirtyfirst day of December in the year in which such license is given.

7. T'he license mentioned in the last Licenses not preceding section shall not be transferable. transferable.

Removal. 8. Whenever any person holding a

Removal of li.

cense holder from license under the provisions of this Act

one place to another shall be desirous to remove from the place of public entertainment in respect of which such license was originally granted, before doing so, he shall have the consent of the police magistrate of the district in which the place to which he intends to remove is situated; provided always that no more than two such removals shall be permitted in any one year.



9. Whoever shall infringe the provisions of the last preceding section shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding five pounds.

Signboard. Signboards. 10. Every person who keeps a place of

public entertainment shall exhibit on some public part of the premises a signboard hav. ing the words “ Licensed Place of Public Entertainment No " and the number of his license painted thereon in white letters of not less than three inches in height on a black ground.

Who deemed to be keeper. Wbo to be deemed 11. Any person who shall appear, act, or the keeper of any behave himself or herself as master or misplace of public en- tress, or as the person having the care, tertainment.

government or management of any place of public entertainment shall be deemed and taken to be the keeper thereof, and shall be liable to be prosecuted and punished as such ; notwithstanding he or she shall not in fact be the real owner or keeper thereof.

No license if house on premises with liquor shop. No place of pub 12. No house, room, garden, or other lic entertainment to place on the same premises with the shop of

the same premises with the

a licensed retailer of liquors shall be licensed shop of a licensed as a place of public entertainment under a retailer of liquors. penalty not exceeding one pound for every

day that such licensed place of public entertainment is kept on the same premises with the shop of a licensed retailer of liquors.

License when cancelled. License of keeper of public entertain- four hundred yards of any place of public

13. Any householder residing within ment prejudicial to entertainment, muay lodge a complaint before of any neighbour- a police magistrate against the keeper of such



SESSION OF 1889-'90,

licensed place of public entertinment for hood may be cancausing the disturbance of the peace and celled on complaint quiet of the neighbourhood and if upon the

of any householder

residing within 400 hearing of such complaint, such police mag- yards thereof. istrate shall be of opinion that or account of the misconduct of those frequenting or attending such place of public entertainment, or on account of the musical performance, held at such place of public entertainment, or from any reasonable or sufficient cause whatsoever the keeping of such place of public entertainment is prejudicial to the peace and quiet of such neighbourhood, he shall cancel the license of such keeper and impose upon him a fine not exceeding five pounds. Exemption from license.

Cases excepted 14 Nothing in this Act contained shall

from the Act. extend or be construed to extend to the case of persons casually visiting the Island, and giving any public entertainment,

Penalties 15. Every person violating any of the Penalty for violaprovisions of this Act for the violation of tion of provisions

of Act for which a which no penalty is expressly provided, penalty not expressshall on conviction thereof be liable for every iy provided. such offence to a penalty not exceeding five pounds.

16. All penalties under this Act shall be Penalties how re. recovered in a summary manner before a covered. police magistrate on the complaint of any person, and paid one half to the informer and one half into the public treasury to the credit of the general revenue.

Repeal 17. The Acts mentioned in schedule “B” Repeal and sav. to this Act annexed are hereby repealed ;

ings. provided that this repeal shall not affect;


1. The past operation of the enactments

hereby repealed noranything done or
suffered under the enactments hereby

repealed; nor
2. any right, privilege, obligation, or liabil-

ity acquired, accrued, or incurred
under the enactments hereby repealed;


3. any penalty, forfeiture, or punishment

incurred in respect of any offence
committed against the enactments

hereby repealed ; nor
4. any investigation, legal proceeding or

remedy in respect of any such right,
privilege, obligation, liability, penalty,
forfeiture, or punishment as aforesaid,
and any such investigation, legal pro-
ceeding and remedy may be carried
on as if this Act had not passed.



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TAINMENT Act, 1890.

I do hereby certify that of

in the parish or City of

having this day paid in the sum of one pound is hereby licensed to keep a

for public entertainment at

in the parish or City of

until the 31st day of December 18

Colonial Treasurer. [NOT TRANSFERABLE.]

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