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night, and the small boat shall be manned by two men, and be on guard in the careenage during the day and night, and the boats sball perform such other duties as the

Inspector General or Inspector sball direct Boats to be used but under no circumstances shall the boats only for the public of the force be used or employed except service.

upon the public service.



Inspector General 73. It shall be the duty of such members to appoint not more of the police force, not exceeding forty in than 40 policemen to execute writs &c.

number as the Inspector General of Police may appoint, to execute all writs, warrants, orders or commands of the Chief Justice, the Judges of the Assistant Court of Appeal, the Judges of the Petty Debt Courts, or any magistrate and to attend


the police magistrates and Judges of the petty debt courts in the City and districts, and to execute writs issuing from the office of the Treasurer of the Island for the collection of taxes, and to perform duties of a similar

character. Writs &c., issued 74. When any writ, warrant, order, comin one Magisterial mand, or other process under the hand of district and executed in another may Debt Court, or "Judge of the Court of Ap

any Police Magistrate, Judge of the Petty the Magistrate of peal, shall be executed by any writ officer the district in which in any district or parish other than that executed.

in which the said writ, warrant, order, command, or other process shall have issued, the said writ officer inay, and it sball be lawful for him to make a return to the Police Magistrate, or Judge of the Petty Debt Court, of the district in which

SESSION OF 1889-90.

same as

or any

it was executed and swear to the due execution of the

same ;

and the said Police Magistrate or Judge of the Petty Debt Court shall duly sign the such Police Magistrate or Judge of the Petty Debt Court. And the Clerk of the said Police Magistrate or Judge of the Petty Debt Court shall forthwith forward the same to the Police Magistrate

Court from which such writ, warrant, order, command, or other process had issued, who or which Court shall take notice of the same, and the said writ, warrant, order, command, or other process shall for all purposes whatsoever be considered and recognized as duly served.


THE REWARD FUND 75. All fines imposed on members of the Fines and deducpolice force shall be paid over to the Treasur- tions payable to reer, and carried by him to the credit of the ward fund. reward fund. The Treasurer shall also deduct monthly the following sums from the pay of every constable and carry the same to the credit of the reward fund, namely; From each sergeant major's pay 5s. 6d. sergeant's

4s 2d. corporal's

3s. Ist class constable's ,,

2s. 8d 2nd

2s. 5d. 3rd

2s. 2d.
harbour police

corporal's 3s. 8d.
harbour police

2s. 7d. 76. In appropriating and dealing with the

Constables who reward fund, the constables who became joined before Ist

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Feb. 1873, to have members of the police force or have served claims on the fund therein, previously to the first day of Febin accordance with " the old system”

ruary one thousand eight bundred and seventy three, or the widows and families of such persons after their death shall be interested in the fund under the conditions for distributing and applying the same hereinafter referred to as

is the old system;" Those who joined and the members of the force, except the later in accordance Inspector General and Inspector, who have with. " the new sys- become members thereof or have served tem"

therein on or after the first of February one thousand eight hundred and seventy three or may hereafter become members of the force or serve therein, or their widows and families after their death, shall be inter ested in the fund under the conditions for distributing and applying the same, herein

after referred to as “the new system.” Members under

Provided always that any member of the the “old system” force interested in the reward fund under may elect to come the old system may at any time before reunder “ the new tiring from the force, with the approval of

the Governor-in-Executive Committee elect to have his interest in the fund placed upon the new system. Any member of the force who may elect to be placed on the new system, and his widow and family, if any after his death shall be held, by virtue of such election, to have forfeited all claims on the reward fund which he or they may or

might have possessed under the old system. Appropriation of

77. The reward fund under the old system reward fund under shall be appropriated for payment of such the old system”

rewards, bounties, pensions or other allowances, as the Governor-in-Executive Comniittee from time to time award to the members of the police force interested in the fund


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SESSION OF 1889-90.

such person

under that system, or to the widows and
families of

after death. The Rules for grantfollowing rules shall be observed in grant- ing pensions. ing any such pensions, that is to say, when the person applying for the same shall be under sixty years of age, it shall not be granted unless he is incapable from infirmity of mind or body to discharge the duties of his office, which incapacity must be certified by a medical board appointed as hereinafter mentioned ; in which case, if he shall have served with diligence and fidelity for ten years, it shall be lawful to grant him an annual sum, not exceeding one third of his pay ; if above ten years, and less than fifteen, a sum not exceeding half of his pay if above twenty years a sum not exceeding two thirds of his pay; and where the person applying shall be above sixty years of age and he shall have served fifteen years or upwards, it shall be lawful, although there shall be no certificate of incapacity from infirmity, or injury of body or mind, to grant him by way of superannuation, an annual sum not exceeding two thirds of the pay of his office ; if sixty five years of age or upwards, and he shall have served thirty years or upwards, a not exceeding three fourths of the pay of his office ; if sixty five years of age and upwards, and he shall have served forty years, a sum not exceeding the whole of his pay.

78. If any member of the Police Force Effect of leaving shall leave or be dismissed from the Force, the Force on claims he shall forfeit all claims to the Reward Fund, on the reward fund, unless under very special circumstances the Governor-in-Executive Committee shall be pleased to make an exception in favour of such member, to the extent of returning to




him the whole or any part of his contribu

tions to the Reward Fund. Rules for appro

79. The following rules shall be observed priating and dealing with the reward for appropriating and dealing with the refund under " the ward fund under the new system, that is to new system.” say ;

(1) The deductions from the pay of

such members of the force come under the new system, shall be paid by the Treasurer to the Inspector General and by him into the savings, bank to separate special accounts, (to be numbered consecutively from one upwards), in the joint names of the Inspec

tor General and Inspector. (2.) The Inspector General shall keep

a book in his office, showing the amounts of the deposits on each account together with the names of the men from whose pay the money so deposited has been deducted and the amounts received for interest on each account ; and such book and the savings bank pass-books to which it refers, shall be open at all times to inspection and audit by the Auditor

General. (3.) Subject to the provisions of sub

section six of this section, when a member of the force shall retire from the service with a good conduct certificate, or shall die in the service entitled to such certificate the money deducted from his pay and deposited as aforesaid in the savings bank with the accumula

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