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Virgil his account of Roman employments, 211.
Virginity anciently not reckoned a virtue, 103.
Vows, 150; in what they chiefly consisted, 151 ; of the

Nazarites, wnat, ib. see 318.

Wars, 185.
Week, 291; week of days, 292.
Women, their employment among the ancients, 98; often

door-keepers among the Israelites, ib. inherited only

in default of male issue, 102.
Worship, among the Jews, attended with sensible mirth

mixed with spiritual, 148.
Writing probably invented before the delug", 25; not

mentioned before the time of Moses, 24; contracts in
writing not mentioned till a little before the destruction
of Jerusalem, 180; obtained late among the Rom

mans, 181.
Xenophon quoted, 50. Sec the notes, passim.

Year, Jewish, of how many days, 148; how computed,

295, 296 ; civil, 297; ecclesiastical, ib. exact regula-

tion of, 301.
Years, four sorts among the Jews, 302,
Zakonim, who, 184.
Zebachim, who, 311,
Zereth, what, 334.

Heney unu Aaddon, Printers, 12, Tabernacle Walk.





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