Rural Poverty in the United States: A Report

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1968 - 601 halaman
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Halaman 567 - Professional, Technical, and Kindred Workers Farmers and Farm Managers Managers, Officials, and Proprietors except Farm Clerical and Kindred Workers Sales Workers...
Halaman 348 - State to extend and improve (especially in rural areas and in areas suffering from severe economic distress), as far as practicable under the conditions in such State, services for locating crippled children, and for providing medical, surgical, corrective, and other services and care, and facilities for diagnosis, hospitalization, and aftercare, for children who are crippled or who are suffering from conditions which lead to crippling...
Halaman 126 - SMSA is a county or group of contiguous counties which contains at least one city of 50,000 inhabitants or more, or 'twin cities' with a combined population of at least 50,000.
Halaman 569 - Food and kindred products Tobacco manufactures Textile mill products Apparel and other textile products . Paper and allied products Printing and publishing Chemicals and allied products Petroleum and coal products Rubber and plastics products Leather and leather products Transportation and Public Utilities.
Halaman 331 - Bureau shall investigate and report . . . upon all matters pertaining to the welfare of children and child life among all classes of our people...
Halaman 331 - For the purpose of enabling each State to extend and improve, as far as practicable under the conditions in such State, services for promoting the health of mothers and children, especially in rural areas and in areas suffering from severe economic distress...
Halaman 126 - ... with a combined population of at least 50,000. In addition to the county, or counties, containing such a city or cities, contiguous counties are included in an SMSA if, according to certain criteria, they are essentially metropolitan in character and are socially and economically integrated with the central city.
Halaman 569 - Lumber and wood products Furniture and fixtures Stone, clay, and glass products Primary metal industries Fabricated metal products Machinery, except electrical Electrical equipment and supplies.
Halaman 251 - I don't bother anybody and I hope nobody's gonna bother me; I'm simply going through the motions to keep body (but not soul) together.
Halaman 257 - Aside from this kind of direct violence, there is the more pervasive ever-present potentiality for symbolic violence to the self and that which is identified with the self— by verbal hostility, the shaming and exploitation expressed by the others who make up one's world. A source of such violence, shaming, or exploitation may be within one's own family— from children, spouse, siblings, parents— and often is. It seems very likely that crowding tends to encourage such symbolic violence to the...

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