The Documentary History of the State of New-York: Arranged Under Direction of the Hon. Christopher Morgan, Secretary of State, Volume 1

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Edmund Bailey O'Callaghan
Weed, Parsons & Company, public printers, 1849

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Wonderful four volume set with lots of maps and reproductions of historical documents, including lengthy excerpts from descriptions of early wars with the Indians, and French. Baca ulasan lengkap

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Halaman 186 - Women especially ; Singing Quakers, Ranting Quakers, Sabbatarians ; Antisabbatarians ; Some Anabaptists some Independents ; some Jews ; in short of all sorts of opinions there are some, and the most part of none at all...
Halaman 227 - ... our Rum doth as little hurt as your Brandy and in the opinion of Christians is much more wholesome : however to keep the Indians temperate and sober is a very, good and Christian performance but to prohibit them all strong liquors seemes a little hard and very turkish...
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Halaman 299 - Mohawk chief of the Iroquois from the Sault. He urged on all to perform their duty, and to lose all recollections of their fatigue, in the hope of taking ample revenge for the injuries they had received from the Iroquois at the solicitation of the English, and of washing them out in the blood of the traitors.
Halaman 455 - As also the natives of those countries shall, with the same liberty, resort, as they please, to the British and French colonies, for promoting trade on one side, and the other, without any molestation or hindrance, either on the part of the British subjects, or of the French. But it is to be exactly and distinctly settled by commissaries, who are, and who ought to be accounted the subjects and friends of Britain or of France....
Halaman 753 - Britain. All Laws proposed to be made by this Provincial Legislature, pass thro' each of the Houses of Council and Assembly, as Bills do thro' the House of Commons and House of Lords in England, and the Governor has a Negative voice in the making and passing of all such Laws. Every Law so passed is to be transmitted to His Majesty under the Great Seal of the Province, within three months or sooner after the making thereof, and a duplicate by the next conveyance, in order to be approved or disallowed...
Halaman 753 - From that time it has been a Royal Government, and in its Constitution nearly resembles that of Great Britain and the other Royal Governments in America. The Governor is appointed by the King during his Royal Will and pleasure by Letters Pattent under the Great Seal of Great Britain with very ample powers. He has a Council in Imitation of His Majesty's Privy Council. — This Board when full consists of Twelve Members who are also appointed by the Crown during Will & Pleasure; any three of whom make...
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