Gambar halaman

Unless otherwise specified, all references are to the May numbers of periodicals.

For table of abbreviations, see last page. Acton, Lord, The late, Edin, April.

Balkans, Freedom and Servitude in the, N. Buxton, West. “Adam Bede," True Story of Characters in-VII., W. Mot Ballad Poetry, Edin, April. tram, LeisH.

Banking in Great Britain and Ireland During 1902-IV. Advance Agent, Confessions of an, F. S. Arnett, Mun.

Ægitna, Ancient, and Cannes the Modern, F. G. Dunlop Banking: The Pass-Book, J. R. Paget, BankL.
Wallace-Goodbody, Gent.

Barrymore, Ethel, D. M. Halbert, FrL.
Afghanistan: A Russian Representative at Kabul, D. C. Bavaria and the Kulturkampf, Count von Bray-Steinburg,
Boulger, Contem.

Deut, April. Afghanistan: Amir Habibullah and the Russians, A. Vam Beauty: Is It a Help to Goodness? A Symposium, YW. béry, MonR.

Berkshire (England) Trout Stream, D. Stafford, Bad. Agriculture, English, Edin, April; C. B. R. Kent, Long; QR, Berlioz as a Critic, A. Hallays, RPar, April 1. April.

Bible, Latest Translation of the-V., H. M. Whitney, Bibs, Air and Life, J. E. Gore, Gent.

April. Alexandra, Queen, Early Life of, J. H. Twells, Mun.

Bibles, Old and New, A. Harrison, Mun. Algiers Before the French Occupation, RDM, April 15.

Bird-Nesting and Bird-Nesters, A. I. Shand, Corn. Alpine Accidents, T. S. Muir, Bad.

Birds: My Chickadee Friends, A. R. Dugmore, Ev. Alps: 'Twixt the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc, G. D. Abra Blacks, Problem of the, W. Hemstreet, Arena. ham, PMM.

Blanc, Mme. (" Th. Bentzon"), Mrs. Fields, Cent. Angler, The Young, and His Activity, W.C. Harris, O. Bloch, Jean de, and "The Future of War," E. D. Mead, NEng. Animals, Central Park (New York), J. W. Smith, 0.

Boat-house, How to Build a, F. H. Taylor, CLA. Anthracite Coal Strike Commission Report, Gunt.

Book, The, and the Place, Martha B. Dunn, Atlant. Antiquity, The Beauty of, Abbie F. Brown, NEng.

Bookbinding Art, Renaissance in, W. H. Edmunds, BL. Architecture:

Bookplates, Some Indiana, Esther G. White, Crafts. Byzantium or Ravenna ? R. Blomfield, QR, April.

Books Read by the Children of the Ghetto, Grace L. Phillips, Country Home, Building of a, E. Loring, o.

WW. Country Houses, English, T. R. Davison, MA.

Boston & Albany Railroad, C. S. Harrington, NatM. Craftsman House, Syracuse, N. Y., Crafts.

Boycott, The Law as to the, B. Wyman, GBag. Decoration of Costly Residences, R. Sturgis, Arch.

Bradford Academy: A Jubilee Sketch, Mabel Hill, NEng. “Grange, The," How We Built, E. Bok, ČLA.

Brain, Mechanism of the, C. Snyder, Harp. “Idlehour," Arch.

Brookfield, Charles H. E., Reminiscences of, Lamp. Wilderness Lodges, E. E. Holman, 0.

Buckinghamshire, England, Edin, April. "Yellowsands"--A Seaside House, M. H. B. Scott, Ints. Bunyan (John) Entries in the Registers of Stationers' Hall, Army:

W. Perkins, Leis H.
Army and Navy Maneuvers as Viewed from Afloat, R. C. Business "Engineer,” The, R. Stevens, WW.
Smith, JMSI.

Business, The Genius of-I., C. Ferguson, NatM. Bureau of Military Intelligence, Organization and Func California, Builders of-III., M. Pixley, Over. tions of a, R. K. Evans, JMSI.

California: The Right Hand of the Continent-XII., C. F. Infantry Attack, Lessons from the Boer War for-III., Lummis, OutW. Lieutenant-Colonel von Lindenau, JMSI.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, F. Waldo, Ed. Veteran Reserve, Organization of a, JMSI.

Camp, How to Cook in, Katherine Chandler, CLA. Arnold, Thomas, the Younger, W. T. Arnold, Cent.

Canada, Northwestern, American Invasion of, C. HanArt:

bury-Williams, MonR; J. 0. Curwood, Over. Arts and Crafts Exhibition at Syracuse, Irene Sargent, Canada, Muskoka, the Summer Playground of, E. M. Crafts.

Smith, Can. Arts and Crafts Exhibition at the New Gallery – III., Canada: Tales of the Northwest Mounted Police, Agnes C. Ints.

Laut, FrL. Bromsgrove Guild of Applied Arts, Crafts.

Canada : Teaching Farmers' Children on the Ground, G. Caricature, History of the Nineteenth Century in-III., Iles, WW. F. T. Cooper and A. B. Maurice, Bkman,

Carlyle, Mrs. Thomas, More Letters of, A. Birrell, NineC. Dogs, Studies of, by Mr. Briton Riviere, W. B. Tegetmeier, Castro: A Latin-American Type, S. Bonsal, NAR. MA.

Charles V., Emperor, Edward Armstrong's Life of, Edin, Education of the Producer and the Consumer, R. F. Zue April. blin, Chaut.

Chemical Industry, Evolution of, P. Banet-Rivet, RDM, Enamels, Painted, A. Fisher, Ints.

April 15.
England and America, as Illustrated by Punch, J. H. Children as Wage-earners, Nettie Adler, Fort.
Schooling, Str.

Children, Care of, V. Garien, Nou, April 15.
French Paintings, German Emperor's Collection of-II., Children, Society and Its, W. M. Salter, Kind.
L. de Fourcaud, MA.

China: A Shanghai Season, Helen F. M. Lewis, Can. Guild of Handicraft, Chipping Camden, C. R. Ashbee, AJ. China, American Opportunities in, F. Hirth, WW. Holroyd, Charles, an English Etcher, MA.

China, Blossoming Peach Orchards of, C. E. Lorrimer, Over, Humorous Artists, Some American-III., T. E. Curtis, Str. April. Impressionism, So-Called Passing of, F. W. Coburn, NatM. China, Coining Machinery, in, O. Smith and H. A. Janvier, Impressionist Painting, W. Dewhurst, Ints.

CasM. London Galleries, Round the, F. Rinder, A.J.

Christianity and Tolstoyism, E. Eberlin, RSoc, April. Netherlands, Art History in the, Edin, April.

Chronology and Eclipses, Ancient, W. H. S. Monck, PopA. Painter-Lithography in the United States, F. Weiten Chuckchee: A Strange People of Siberia, W. Bogoras, Harp. kampf, Scrib.

Church of England, Crisis in the, J. L. Walton, Ninec. Picture, How to Paint a, H. Begbie, PMM.

Church of England: The Nonjurors, E. E. Kellett, LQ, Portrait-Sculpture through the Ages-II., C. Phillips, AJ. April. Pottery: Some Armorial Pieces of Hispaño-Moresque Circus, Society's Amateur, H. S. Archer, Cos. Ware, A. van de Put, MA.

City Street, Waifs of the, E. Poole, McCl. Rembrandt's "Night-Watch," Story of,J.C.Van Dyke,LHJ. Civic and Village Improvement, G. A. Townsend, Jr., E. W. Roberts, Ellis, a Painter of Beautiful Women, YW.

Haines, L. E. Whitney, Lena Schroeder, E. Layman, F. Sargent, John S., J. C. Van Dyke, Out.

F. Horn, J. Keeley, and Anita Moore, CLA. Sargent's “Redemption" in the Boston Public Library, S. Clarke, William Newton, Theology of, C. B. Dalton, MethR. Baxter, Cent.

Cold Scientifically considered, L. Houllevigue, RPar, April 1. Vedder, Elihu, Later Work of, L. Lusk, AJ.

Colonization, Military, T. Bland. Strange, USM. Athletics for College Girls, Alice K. Fallows, Cent.

Constantinople: An Impression, A. Symons, Harp. Australia and Naval Defense, L. H. Hordern, USM.

Cooperative Experiment Among Farmers in Iowa, W. S. Australian Army, G. A. King, USM, April.

Harwood, Cent. Authority, Decay of, NatR.

Corn Culture, Marvels of, A. D. Shamel, Cos. Automobile:

Cost Reduction by the Premium Plan, C. A. Colwell, Eng. America, Rediscovery of, by the Automobile, R. G. Betts, O. Cotton Oil Industry in America, D. A. Tompkins, CasM. Automobile, The, and Automobiling, G. E. Latham, Mun. Crater Lake, National Park, Nora Batchelor, Over. Future of the Automobile, J. P. Holland, Mun.

Creation, The Prayer of, C. Greeley, Bibs, April. Impressions by the Way, F. A. Munsey, Mun.

Cunaxa, Battle of, in Babylonia, B.C. 401, C.F. von der Goltz, Low-priced Automobile, The, W. E. Scarritt, Mun.

Deut, April. Roads, Good, Automobiles and, A. A. Pope, Mun.

Dante, Interpretation of, s. Udny, Contem. Bacon and Shakespeare: A Contrast, A. R. Atkinson, MonR. Dante Play, The New, M. A. Geroth wohl, Fort. Bagdad Railway, E.J. Dillon, Contem.

Deception, The Pleasure of, Black.

Great Britain : see PR April.

Dodge, James Mapes, Sketch of, S. Howard-Smith, CasM. Domestic Servant, A College Woman's Experiences as a

III., Lillian Pettengill, Ev. Doolittle, James Rood, D. Mowry, G Bag. Dover (England) Harbor, The Making of, Cass. Drama, English, Morality Play in the Development of, Flor

ence H. Harvey, Dial, May 1. Dramatic Criticism, J. L. Ford, Mun. Education: Amherst College, Age of Graduation at, G. Harris, EGR. Anthropology in Secondary Schools, F. Russell, Ed. College Entrance Examinations, A. Flexner, Pops. College, Influence of Society on the, Elizabeth D. Hans

com, EDR. Cost of Education, C. W. Eliot, EDR. English Popular Schools-II., F. W. Smith, Ed. Expenditures for Public Schools, E. P. Seaver, EDR. Expenditures in Educational Philanthropy, R. A. Woods,

EdR. Farmers' Children, Teaching, G. Iles, WW. High-School Programme, a Six-Year, P. H. Hanus, EDR. Secondary Education, Improvement of, C. W. Eliot, EdR. Secondary Education, Time Limit of, T. M. Balliet, and

G. I. Aldrich, EDR. Secondary-School Course, C. J. Lincoln, EDR. Seven-Year Course of Study for Ward School Pupils—II.,

J. M. Greenwood, Ed. Southern Factory Children, Educating, Leonora B. Ellis,

Gunt. Sunday-School Problem, J. T. Prince, EdR. Teaching: Its Hardships and Rewards, J.C. Mackenzie,Cos. Years, The Two Lost, in the American Scheme of Public

Education, Dial, April 16.
Egypt, Emancipation of, A. S. White, MonR.
Electric Motor, Small, Use of the-II., F. M. Kimball, Eng.
Electricity as a Motive Power, C. L. de Muralt, NAR.
Elizabeth, Queen, Tercentenary of, H. Reade, West.
Elk, Oregon, On the Trail of an, D. H. Stovall, Over, April.
Emerson, Ralph Waldo:

Centennial, The Emerson, G. W. Cooke, NEng.
Concord and Emerson, H. W. Mabie, Out.
Democracy, Emerson's Ideals of, E. Wiley, BL.
Emerson, Ralph Waldo, as I Knew

Him,Julia W.Howe,Crit. Emerson, Ralph Waldo, in 1903, H. W. Mabie, Harp. Emerson, Ralph Waldo, J. R. Hodgdon, BL; Mac; W.R.

Nicoll, NAR.
Emerson, Ralph Waldo, Sceptic and Pessimist, B. de

Casseres, Crit.
Emerson, The Modern, Edith B. Brown, Crit.
Individualist, Emerson, the, B. De Casseres, Bkman.
Lecture, Emerson's Last, C. W. Kent, BL.
Maxims, A Master of, C. L. Moore, Dial, May 1.
Ministry of Emerson, M. D. Conway, Oc.
Poet, Emerson as a, C. W. Hubner, BL; G. S. Lee, Crit.
Poets, Contemporary, and Emerson, F. B. Sanborn, Crit.
Religious Influence, Emerson as a, G. A. Gordon, Atlant.
Teacher, The, and the Man, M. D. Conway, Crit.
Transcendentalism, Emerson and, H. A. Beers, BL; C. F.

McClumpha, BL; G. W. Cooke, NEng. Works of Émerson, First Editions of the, Annie R. Marble,

Crit. England : see Great Britain. Epileptics, Work for, A. Kussmaul, Deut, April. Eudæmonism: A Study in Ethics, C. C. Dove, LQ, April. Evolution and the Miraculous, T. McK. Stuart, MethR. Evolution : Origin of New Species and of Man, G. Macloskie,

Bibs, April. Executive, The Hampered, H. L. Nelson, Cent. Families, American, Size of, E. L. Thorndike, Pops. Farmers, Five Hundred: An Economic Experiment in Iowa,

W. S. Harwood, Cent. Farming, Freak, Collapse of, L. H. Bailey, CLA. Farrar, Dean, as Headmaster, Corn. “Faust” in Music, E. Newman, Contem. Fear in Children, L. Ferriani, Mind. Ferns, Some California, Kate E. Smith, Over, April. Fiction, Certain of the Chicago School of, W.D.Howells, NAR. Fiction, Nineteenth-Century, The Supernatural in, Edin. Field, Eugene: The Man, BL. Fishes, Classification of, D. S. Jordan, Pops. Fishes, Sense of Hearing in, G. H. Parker, ANat, March. Flight, Human, Edin, April. Flowers, Flies and, C. M. Weed, NEng. Flowers, Perfume of, H.-L. A. Blanchon, Revue, April 15. Food Laboratory, The, J. B. Walker, Cos. Forest, The Conquest of the, R. S. Baker, Cent. Foundry Management in the New Century-VI., R. Buch

anan, Eng. Fraser, John Foster, W. F. Holland, YM. Freight Rates, Making Low, M. C. Miller, WW. Friendship, Platonic, R. Pyke, Cos. Fuel, Liquid, for Power Purposes, A. L. Williston, Eng; Game, Big, Shooting in British East Africa, A. A. Hard.

wick, O. Gardens, American, G. F. Pentecost, Jr., Arch. Gas, Illuminating, at High Pressure, F. H. Shelton, CasM. Gatherings, Great, Forecast of, AMRR.


Colonies, Mission in the, F. von Schleinitz, Deut, April.
Customs, The New, A. Raffalovich, Nou, April 1.
Navy, Reasons for Strengthening the, K. Blind, NAR.
Sobriety in Germany, J. L. Bashford, Contem.
Social Democratic Party, 0. Eltzbacher, NineC.
Gladstone, William E., Reminiscences of, A. West, YM.
Goeschen, Georg Joachim, W. H. Carruth, Dial, May 1.
Gordon, John B.: My First Command and the Outbreak of

the War, Scrib.
Gospel, Fourth, Date of the, C. W. Rishell, Bibs, April.
Gould, George Jay, R. N. Burnett, Cos.
Gower, John, Poet,

South Africa.
Agriculture, English, Edin, April; C. B. R. Kent, Long;

QR, April. Army Problem, Contem; USM, April; M.J. King-Harman;

USM; T. E. Dowse, West. Army School of Cookery, H. Wyndham, Cass. Budgets of 1860 and 1903, W.R. Lawson, Fort. Civil Service, Anomalies of the, D. A. Thomas, Fort. Consular Service, QR, April. Coronation Oath, J. B. Milburn, Dub, April. Defense, Imperial, Edin, April; C. Dilke, Revue, April 15;

Temp; P. A. Silburn, USM. Deterioration in the National Physique, G. F. Shee, NineC. Education Act of 1902, P. Lynch, Dub, April; E. di Parra

vicino, RasN, April 1; G. V. Langlois, ŘPar, April 15. Education, Secularist Position in, T. Gardiner, West. English, Recent Impressions of the, H. C. Merwin, Harp. Expansion and Expenditure, Edin, April. Fashoda, Revenge for, Fort. Fighting Power, Foundations of, F. N. Maude, Mac. Free Trade and Its Defenders, V. Caillard, NatR. “Good Shepherd ”at Nancy-The English Moral, G. Lush

ington, NatR. Government by Hire-Purchase, A. S. Hurd, Fort. Holland and Belgium, Great Britain's Interest in, NatR. Housing of the People, Evelyn Ansell, West. Irish Land Bill, Black; OʻC. Morris, and Lord Monteagle,

NineC; W. Sweetman, West. Irish University Question, QR, April. Latin Rapprochement and the Bagdad Imbroglio, Fort. Liberal Opportunity, J. A. Spender, Contem. License Scheme in Birmingham, A. Chamberlain, NatR. London Education and the Act of 1902. Municipal Trading, Case for-II., R. Donald, Contem. Naval Construction, Royal Corps of, USM. Navy's Importance, A. $. Hurd, USM. Nonconformity, Renascence of, W. T. Stead, RRL. Parcel-Post, Governmental, J. H. Heaton, Cos. Royal Family, “ Woden" Pedigree of the, K. Blind, West. Telegraphs, Imperial, QR, April. Telephone Question, F. James, LQ, April. Volunteer Regulations, A. T. Hunter, USM, April. Woman's Lost Citizenship, West. Griscom, Clement Acton, D. Marshall, Cos. Growing Old, On, J. A. Thomson, LQ, April. Guativita (Colombia), Sacred Lake of, B. Taylor, Temp. Hall, Dr. Lyman, One of the Signers of the Declaration of

Independence, H. O. Hall, AMonM, April. Hammurabi, P. Carus, OC. Harte, Francis Bret, P. F. Bicknell, Dial, May 1. Hausaland, Two Peoples in, and a Prophecy, G. D. Hazzle

dine, Mac. Hays, Charles Melville, A. R. Carman, Can. Hebrew Prophets, Religious Value of the, C.S. Patton, Hart. Hedge, The Making of a, E. P. Powell, CLA. Hellenism in the East, QR, April. Heron Haunts, In, H. K. Job, 0. History and Dogma, T. B. Saunders, MonR. Hoge, Dr. Moses D., as a Preacher, W. W. Moore, Hom. Horse, The All-round Riding, B. Purdy, CLA. Horse Racing Outlook for 1903 : On American Tracks, A. F.

Bowers; On English Tracks, F. Trevelyan, O. Hughes, Hugh Price, H. W. Horwill, MethR. Hume's Treatise, Altruism in, E. B. McGilvary, Phil. Ilium, The Annals of: A Visit to the Troad, F. E. Crow,

LeisH. Immigrant, The Slavic, A. McLaughlin, Pops. Immigrants: Romances of New Americans, Eleanor Hoyt, Ev. India, Military Training of Europeans in, USM, April. Indian Baskets, Nevada-II., Clara Mac Naughton, Out W. Indians, American, Games of the, S. Culin, O. Ireland : “'Mid the Hills of Kerry," C. Wilkinson, AJ. Irish Bogs, A Future for, R. Sankey, NineC. Isis and Osiris, Mysteries of, H. R. Evans, OC. Italy in 1819, Journey into, Maud Lyttelton, NatR. Italy, May Customs in, Grace V. Christmas, Cath. Italy, Municipalization of the Public Services in, A. Major

ana, RSoc, April. Jackson, Andrew, and John Calhoun, E. N. Vallandigham,

Japan: The Battle of Shimonoseki, P. Carus, OC.
Jefferson, Thomas : His Service to Civilization, B. O. Flower,

Jesus, Inner Life of, J. G. Tasker, LQ, April.

Jesus, Virgin Birth of, A. Brown, LQ, April.
Job and Fuust, W.C. Rhoades, MethR.
Johnson, Lionel: A Celtic Poet, J. R. Hayes, BL.
Journalism, English Religious, Personal Forces in-VI.,

D. Williamson, LeisH.
Judicature, Federal, Century of-V., Van V. Veeder, GBag.
Keller, Helen: A Psychological Autobiography, J. Jastrow,

Kimberley Mines, Romance of the, S. E. Moffett, Cos.

Drawing and Picture Study in Schools, F. Koch, KindR.
Group Morality of Children, G. E. Vincent, Kind.
International Kindergarten Union, Tenth Annual Meet.
ing of the, Kind.
Kindergarten as a Preparation for the Highest Civiliza-

tion, W. T. Harris, Kind. Lullabies, Group of Old-Fashioned, Laura E. Poulsson,

KindR. “King John," J. Knight, Harp. Klausen, a Tyrolean Paradise, Charlotte H. Coursen, Cath. Knots, E. Arnold, Cos. Knowledge in Its Foundations and Tests, D.S. Gregory, Hom. Kolli, Baron de, Countess of Jersey, Ninec. Labor, a Federation of, J. A. Slanker, Arena. Labor and Capital, Harmonizing of, M. Cokely, Eng. Labor's Complaint Against Capital, F. Hay, Eng. Lacrosse, Romance of, M. Woodward, Pear. Lakes, Great, On the, C. T. Chapman, 0. Latin Alliance, G. de Contenson, Nou, April 1. Laurels and Laureates, Estelle Gardiner, BL. Lawyer's Duty with a Brd Case, F. T. Hill, Ev. Legal Profession, Educacional Status of the, E. G. Dexter,

GBag. Leprosy, G. Pernet, QR, April. Liebig, Justus von, W. A. Shenstone, Corn. Literary Fathers and Sons, C. Kahn, Nou, April 15. Literature, Form and Fashion in, Minnie D. Kellogg, Bl. Literature, Uncertainties of, E. Flower, Crit. Loafers and the Police, W. Hemstreet, Gunt. Locomotives: Great Eastern Railway Decapod, J. Holden,

CasM. London, Business Prospects in, Corn. London Congestion and Cross-Traffic, G. S. C. Swinton,

Ninec. London Hospital, a Day's Work at the, P. H. O. Williams,

PMM. London: The Evolution of a Slum, W. H. Hunt, LQ, April. Lopez, Femao, the Earliest Exile of St. Helena, H. Clifford,

Black. Louisiana Purchase Centenary: Builders of the Louisiana Purchase States, W. B. Allison,

Nat M. Development of the Louisiana Purchase States, D. R. Fran.

cis, NatM. Liberty, Spirit of, in the Province of Louisiana, W. B.

Stevens, Nat M. Louisiana Purchase Exposition, F. M. Crunden, AMRR;

E. S. Hoch, NatM. Louisiana Purchase, P. Chouteau, NatM; L. B. Evans,

NEng; C. M. Harvey, WW. Louisiana Purchase, Significance of the, F. J. Turner,

AMRR. Napoleon's Sale of Louisiana, H. S. Ballou, Ed. Lung-Fish, Obituary Notice of a, B. Dean, Pops. Lytton, Bulwer, Temp. Lytton, Lord, Art of, F. Gribble, Fort. Macedonia : Boris Sara foff, Emancipator, S. F. Whitman,

and E. P. Lyle, Jr., Ev. Macedonian Caldron, H. O. Dwight, MisR. Macedonian Conspiracy, H. Vivian, Fort. Macedonian Maze, The, QR, April. Machine Tools, Modern American, C. H. Benjamin, CasM. Magic, Modern, The Strangest Feat of, B. Matthews, Serib. Mankind in the Making-VII., H. G. Wells, Cos; Fort. Manxland, My Visit to, J. M. Bacon, LeisH. Mars, Canals of: Are They Real? E. Ledger, Ninec. Mars. The Evidence of Life on, A. R. Hinks, MonR. Martineau and Modern Unitarianism, W. T. Davison, LQ,

April. Merchant Marine, Future of Our, E. Maxey, Gunt. Milton, John, An Utopia Attributed to, Atlant; J. W.

Mackail, QR, April. Mine Accounting, Practical System of, E. Jacobs, Eng. Miracle Play, The Sixteenth-Century, J. Psichari, RPar,

April 15. Missions: Bombay Church, Diamond Jubilee of the, J. E. Abbott,

MisH. China, Outlook for Missions in, A. H. Smith, MisH. Doshisha of Today, G. E. Albrecht, MisH. India, Dr. Charles Cuthbert Hall in, R. E. Hume, MisR. India, Industrial Missions in, J.T. Gracey, MisR. India, Notes on Islam in, J. Monro, MisR. India, Women of, Mrs. J. T. Gracey, MisR. Patteson, John Coleridge, D.D., A. T. Pierson, MisR. Persia, Islam in, S. L. Ward, MisR. Philippines, Evangelization of the, H. C. Stuntz, Hom.

Prayer in the Missionary Meeting, Belle M. Brain, MisR.

Self-Support in Siam and Laos, A. J. Brown, MisR. Monroe Doctrine from an English Standpoint, A. E. Miller,

NAR. Montesquieu in England, J.C. Collins, QR, April. Mormonism and Polygamy-I., The "Mormonism" of To

day, J. F. Smith; II., Plural Marriage in America, J. Smith; III., Origin of American Polygamy, J. T. Brid

well, Arena. Morning-Glories, Japanese, Ida D. Bennett, CLA. Morocco, With the Sultan of, A. Schneider, Cent. Morris, William, as I Remember Him, A Stringer, Crafts. Moryson, Fynes, an Elizabetha.. Traveller, Edin, April. Motion, Vital, Stages of, 0. F. Cook, Pops.' Motor-Cars of King Edward, A. W. Myers, Cass. Motoring, Economical, C. G. Matson, Bad. Mount Bryce, Canada, First Ascent of, J. Outram, FrL. Muller, Max, Cornelia Sorabji, Temp. Multiplying on the Fingers, C. F. Jenkins, Mun. Municipal Affairs :

Cemetery, Park or Landscape, W. Miller, Socs. Corporations. Public Control of, R. R. Bowker, MunA. Electric Lighting, Municipal, Opposed, J. B. Cahoon,

MunA. Electric Lighting, Municipal Ownership of, V. Rosewater,

MunA. Franchises, Local, Municipal Operation Needed to Cor.

relate, J. De W. Warner, MunÅ. Gas Plants, Municipal, A. D. Adams, MunA. Gas Supply and the Public, W.S. Allen, MunA. German Municipal Exposition, G. E. Hooker, AMRR. Germany, Municipal Ownership in, E. T. Heyn, MunA. Great Britain, Municipal Ownership in, Recent Attacks

on, R. Donald, MunA. Great Britain, Municipal Trading in-II.,R.Donald, Contem • Growth of Demand for Municipal Ownership, C. R. Wood

ruff, MunA. Labor Clauses in Franchise Grants, R. V. Ingersoll, MunA. Lighting, Municipal: In Chicago, E. B. Ellicott; In Wal

lingford, Conn., A. L. Pierce; In Detroit, F. F. Ingram, and J. E. Lockwood, MunA. Louisiana, Municipal Ownership Experiments in, W. W.

Howe, MunA. Municipal Operation: European and American Methods

and Results Compared, R. P. Porter, MunA. Municipal Ownership Convention, New York, February

25 to 27, 1903, Arena. Municipal Ownership, Problem of, J. G. Agar, MunA. Owning and Leasing, City, E. M. Shepard, MunA. Parks and Playgrounds, J. Strong, Socs. Parks and Possibilities, Mira L. Dock, Socs. Pittsburg: A City Ashamed, L. Steffens, McCI, Playground at Albany, Lillian C. B. McAllister, SocS. Public Service Corporations: How They Should Be Con

trolled, C. T. Lewis, MunA. Public Service Corporations, Regulation and Taxation of,

A. R. Foote, MunA. Recreation Grounds for Employees, F.G. Ford, Socs. Referendum and Initiative in Relation to Municipal Own

ership, G. H. Shibley, MunA. Street Railways, Experience of Massachusetts in, L. D.

Brandeis, MunA. Street Railways in Liverpool, C. R. Bellamy, MunA. Street Railways, Private Control of, C. T. Yerkes, Mun. Taxation of Franchise Values, E. R. A. Seligman, Muna. Taxation of Public Utilities, W. H. Peckham, and J. Ford,

MunA. Telephone, Reasons for Public Ownership of the, F.

Parsons, MunA. Telephones, Superiority of Corporation Ownership of, U.N.

Bethell, MunA. Telephony, Municipal, in Great Britain, A. R. Bennett,

MunA. Toronto, Public Franchises in, T. Urquhart, MunA. United States, Municipal Ownership in the, C. W. Haskins,

Water Supply, City Ownership of, W. R. Hill, MunA.
Music, Monarchs and, S. K. Ludovic, Str.
Muskrat, Story of the, C. Mcllvaine, CLA.
Myths of the Storm-II., Gertrude B. Blackwelder, Kind.
Näiural History, Smaller Museums of, W. Orr, PopS.
Nature-Study, Modern School of, W.J. Long, NAR.
Naval Scouts, B. W. Lees, USM, April.
Naval Strength of the Powers, A. Ĝleaves, WW.
Navy Department, The, A. T. Mahan, Scrib.
Navy Leagues, J. H. Gibbons, NAR.
Navy, The New American--VII., J. D. Long, Out.
Nebulæ, Photographing the, G. W. Ritchey, Harp.
Negro, Future of the, A. R. Colquhoun, NÁR.
Negro, The Case of the, W. H. Johnson, Dial, May 1.
New England Primer, The, C. Johnson, NEng.
New England Elections, O. T.J. Alpers, NineC.
New Thought, Political Significance of the, A. P. Barton,

New York City:

Farm, The First Children's, Fannie G. Parsons, Out.
Gerome Versus Crime-II., H. Davis, Pear,

Jews, NewlyArrived, Start and Rise of the, H.Hapgood, ww. Park Row, W. L. Hawley, Mun. Street Railway Emergency System, W. L. Mallabar, Pear. Transporting New York's Millions, w. W. Wheatly, ww. Trinity Parish, S. D. Hamilton, Mun. Zoological Park, E. R. Sanborn, Pear. New Zealand, Woman Suffrage in, Mrs. A. R. Atkinson,

RRM, March. North, Lord, the Prime Minister, Lord North, NAR. Northern Securities Company Decision, Gunt. Novel, The Russian and the English, Adeline E. Gross,

Nurse, Trained, Evolution of the, Mary Moss, Atlant.
Oberstdorf, Germany, The Wild Men of, J. Salters, Str.
Ocean, Crossing the, for the First Time, H. Morris, LHJ.
Oklahoma, W. R. Draper, Mun.
Opera, Comic: Past and Present, L. M. Isaacs, Bkman.
Ornament, Evolution of, P. Carus, OC.
Oxford and Louvain, L. C. Casartelli, Dub, April.
Pacific Coast, Early English Voyages to the-VII., Outw.
Palmer, Alice Freeman, Anna G. Spencer, Pear.
Panama Canal, Building of the, P. MacQueen, NatM.
Papal Fallibility, Curious Story of, H. B.Workman, LQ, April.
Parallelism, Functional Theory of, H. H. Bawden, Phil.
Paris Congress of 1856, G. Bapst, Deut, April.
Paris, Gaston, R. T. Holbrook, Bkman.
Paris, Life in, on $3,000 a Year-II., F. Mazade, Arch.
Paris: The Sorbonne, E. R. Spearman, Scrib.
Park, Edwards Amasa, J. E. Rankin, Bibs, April.
Parsons, William Barclay, A. Goodrich, WW.
Patriotism, True, and Good Citizenship, J. T. Yates, Arena.
Patti, Adelina, Hermann, Cent.
Paul's Conversion, Ethical Aspect of, A. Bumstead, MethR.
Pepys, Samuel, J.C. Hadden, fort.
Persian Gulf, German March to the, R. Blennerhassett,

Philippines :
American Development, NatGM.
Bubonic Plague, Conquest of, NatGM.
Education in the Philippines, B. Shank, Gunt.
Evangelization of the Islands, H. C. Stuntz, Hom.
Spanish Campaign, 1896-1897, JMSI.
Telegraph Engineering in Moro Land, Eng.

Artistic Photography of To-day, A. H. Hinton, MA.
Camera, Hand, w. Ide, CDR.
Chemicals, Photographic, A. G. Woodman, CDR.
Developers, Comparisons of, WPM, April.
Developing Papers, F. Leach, CDR.
Exposure, Under and Over, J. Bartlett, WPM, April.
Exposures, Correct, F. Voitier, CDR.
Nebulæ, Photographing the, G. W. Ritchey, Harp.
Photography, Amateur, That Pays, M. E. S. Hymers, CDR.
Platinum, Pictorial Printing in, c. P. Marshall, WPM,

Polychromatic Plate, J. Carbutt, WPM, April.
Pose, The Best, WPM, April.
Varnishes, Photographic, H. C. Standage, WPM, April.
Washington, Picturesque, C. E. Fairman, CDR.
Watch Caps, Lids, and Dials, Photographs Upon, in Silver

and Carbon-II., A. J. Jarman, WÖM, April. Workroom Recipes, WPM, April. Pittsburg: A City Ashamed, L. Steffens, McCl. Plague-Stones, W. Andrus, Cham. Planets, Communications Between the, A. Le Mée, Revue,

April 15. Plants, Annual, and How to Grow Them, L. H. Bailey, CLA. Playhouse, The Making of a, F. H. Taylor, CLA. Poetry, Italian, of Our Time, J. Lindsay, Bibs, April. Poetry of the Polynesians, G. W. Stewart, Over, April. Pope Leo XIII., Jubilee of, Bishop of Newport, Dub, April. Pope's Temporal Power, Fall of the, RasN, April 1. Poultry Culture at Agricultural Colleges, Ruth Everett,

Pear. Poverty: Is Itan Obstacle,or an Opportunity ? F.M.Life, Gunt. Powell, John Wesley-V., G. K. Gilbert, OC. Preacher's Appeal to the Emotions, J. W. Van Cleve, MethR. Prefaces and Epilogues, Margaret Laughlin, BL. President of the United States: The Hampered Executive,

H. L. Nelson, Cent. Printer, Art and the, A. L. Cotton, MonR. Prophets of Israel and Their Writings-II., L. B. Paton, Hart. Prosperity, Bases of Our: Are They Secure? WW. Provincial Mind, The, G. S. Street, QR, April. Psychology, Structural and Functional, Relations of, to

Philosophy, J. R. Angell, Phil. Race Problem, Mulatto Factor in the, A. H. Stone, Atlant. Racing: Handicappers and Handicapping, Bad. Radioactivity, Recent Advances in, F. Soddy, Contem. Radium: A New Source of Heat, H. C. Bolton, Pops. Radium and Its Position in Nature, W. Ackroyd, NineC. Railway Accounts, Need of a Depreciation Fund in, C. H.

Griling, BarkL. Railway Trains on Ferries, A. S. Hurd, CasM, Rainsford, W. S.: A Preacher's Story of His Work-V., Out. * Red Rose, The," Mary T. Earle, Lamp. Religion and the Social Life, J. R. T. Lathrop, MethR.

Religion as a Credible Doctrine, V. McNabb.
Religion, W. H. Mallock's Defense of, J.J. Fox, Cath.
Religious Education Association, F. N. Peloubet, Hom.
Respiratory Diseases, Preventable, J. O. Cobb, San.
Riley James Whitcomb, Interview with, M.C.Chomel, Lamp.
Rochdale Cooperative Movement in California, C. Y. Roop,

Rocky Mountains of the North, Crossing the, R. Dunn, O.
Roemer, Olaus, Historical Sketch of, T.J.J. See, PopA
Rome, Fountains in, E. McAuliffe, Cath.
Russell, Annie, Out-of-Doors, G. Kobbé, LHJ.
Archangel, Impressions of, F. R. Sanderson, Cham.
Czar's Manifesto, Nou, April 15.
Moscow Philanthropist, À. G. C. Frankland, Long.
Religious and Political Liberty, I. A. Hourwich, Arena.

Russian Policy, Present Tendencies of, C. Johnston, NAR. Sackett's Harbor, Battle of, 1813, J. Brown, JMSI. Sailor, The Deep Sea: Life on a Liner, B. Brandenburg, FrL. Saint Denis and Its Royal Tombs, Mary R. Gray,

Cath. St. Francis, Gospel Read to, M. Carmichael, Dub, April. St. Louis-a Strong Western City, W. F. Saunders, AMRR. St. Louis Congress of Arts and Sciences, H. Münsterberg,

Atlant. St. Louis Robbed of Fifty Million Dollars, B.O.Flower, Arena. St. Paul's Cathedral, Monuments in, A. Higgins, NineC. St. Pierre (Martinique), The Second, P. T. McGrath, NEng. Salt Meadows, A Day in the, S. Hartmann, Harp. San Francisco, Humbler Restaurants of, R. Whittle, Over. Sanitation, Municipal and Household, M. N. Baker and Ella

B. Baker, Chaut. Sarafoff, Boris, Emancipator, S. F. Whitman and E. P. Lyle,

Jr., Ev. Saxon and Slav: Two Imperial Creations, F. A. Ogg, Chaut. Scent-Distillation, R. H. Wallace, Cham. Scholarly Men in America, Careers of, E. L. Thorndike, Cent. Science, International Congress of, in Rome, A. Gotti, RasN,

April 1. Science Teaching: Is It Passing Away? G. E. Boxall, West. Scotland : Lowland Life and Character, R. Richardson, Gent. Scott, Sir Walter, The Country of-II., W. Sharp, PMM. Scripture, Interpretation of, T. K. Davis, Bibs, April. Sea, How to Travel by, L. Perry, CLA. Selfishness and Superselfishness, W.J. Colville, Mind. Seville Cathedral, H. Ellis, Mac. Shakespeare: Had He

Read the Greek Tragedies ? J.C. Col. lins, Fort. Shakespeare, Medical Knowledge of, G. G. Greenwood, West. Shakespeare's Working Classes, E. Crosby, Crafts. Sheckinah and the Real Presence, J. Freeland, Dub, April. Ship Armor and Its Attack, USM, April. Ships, Giant, for Our Oriental Trade, F. N. Stacy, AMRR. Shop Girl, Autobiography of a: Life Outside the Store, FrL. Siberia, Western, and Turkestan, G. F. Wright, Chaut. Sin, The First, C. Walker, Bibs, April. Singing, Lost Art of, M. A. R. Tuker, Ninec. Social Ideals, C. M. Geer, Hart. Social Success of a Girl, Elements of, J. O. Hobbes, PMM. Socialism, Free, W. L. Garver, Arena. Socialist Systems, E. Fournière, RSoc, April. Sociology, Formative Principal of, B.T. Stafford, Bibs, April, Socrates, The Faith of, W. P. Drew, MethR. Somaliland, Letters from, Hawkins-Whitshed, USM. Somnambulism and the Somnambule, A. C. Halphide, Mind. South Africa: Kaffir Labor and Kaffir Marriage, H. C.

Thomson, MonR. South Africa: Natal, R. Russell, West. South Polar Expedition, British, NatGM. Spain's New Battleship Alfonso XIII., J. P. de Guzman, EM,

April. Spiritual? Is the World, J. Bascom, Bibs, April. Spiritualism, Imposture of, Nou, April 1. Sport, Famous Homes of-I., Belvoir, Marquess of Granby,Bad. Sprinter, What Makes Man a, P.S. Phillips, O. Stage Management, A. Antoine, RPar, April 1. Standard Oil Company, History of the--VII., The Crisis of

1878, Ida M. Tarbell, McCl. Star, New, in Gemini, H.C.Wilson, and E.C.Pickering, PopA. Steam Turbine Applications, Recent, G. L. Parsons, CasM. Steel Trust, The Men Who Made the, D. G. Phillips, Ev. Steele, Dick, J. K. Tullo, Gent. Strawberry Culture for Profit, A. E. Colcord, J. S. Craw.

ford, J.0. Chapin, E.W.Wooster, W.D.Barns & Sons, CLA. Strawberry Culture, Intensive, G. T. Powell, CLA. Sudan, Wonders of the, J. Ward, MonR. Sun Book, The-II., J. Hazelrigg, Mind. Sunday-School Problem, J. T. Prince, EdR. Surgery, W.J. Faure, Revue, April 15. Swift, Gustavus Franklin, S. E. Moffett, Cos. Switzerland of the Wayside, H. C. Macdowall, Mac. Tandem, How to Drive a, B. Purdy, 0. Tariff Policy of President Roosevelt, Gunt. Taxation, Equable, A Méthod of, J. B. Walker, Cos. Teaching: Its Hardships and Rewards, J.C. Mackenzie, Cos. Temperatures, High, Determination of, E. Mach, OC. Theater, Danish, Madame Rémusat, Revue, April 15. Theater-Building, J. von Wertber, Deut, April.


Theology, Preachable, Outlines of a, A. A. Berle, BibS, April.
Towns, Building, to Order, H. H. Lewis, WW.
Trade, Foreign, Advantage of, L. Courtney, NineC.
Trade of the Great Nations, M. Warren, Contem.
Tree-Planting on the Plains, J. Johnson, Can.
Trees, Woodland, Flowers of, J. J. Ward, LeisH.
Trinity Parish, New York City, S. D. Hamilton, Mun.
Tropics, Future of the, P. C. Mitchell, NAR.
Trout Culture as a Business, A. R. Dugmore, CLA.
Trout Fishing for Everybody, E. Sandys, O.
Trout Stream: What It Saw, W. D. Hulbert, FrL.
Trowbridge, J. T.: My Own Story-V., Atlant.
Tunisian Problem, Nou, April 15.
Turin, Holy Shroud of, C. di Lesegno, RasN, April 16.
Turkey, Religious Protection in, P. Arminjon, R Par, April 15.
Typhoid Fever, and How to Prevent Its Spread, F. G. Ansell,

United States a Nation of Inventors, C. D. Davis, WW.
United States-Land and Waters, C.C. Adams, NatGM.
Vacation, How to Spend a: The Things to Do and How to

Do Them, A. R. Dugmore; A Walking, Vacation, F.
Auld; How I Built My Vacation Home, E. B. Rawson;
Vacation in a Mountain Wagon, M. W. Cole; A Camp-
ing Vacation, Katherine Chandler; A House-boat Vaca-
tion, C. Emery; Vacation Camps for Boys, S. W. Trus.

low, CLA.
Vandeleur, Seymour, NatR.
* Vanity Fair" and Its Contemporary Critics, A. B. Maurice,

Venezuela, the Land of Stand-Still, J. Barnes, Out.
Venezuelan Affair, Aftermath of the, E. Maxey, Arena.
Verlaine,Paul, Posthumous Work of,G.Kahn,Revue, April 15.

Verse, Writing in, B. A. Heydrick, Chaut.
Wages and Distress for Debt, Delcourt-Haillot, Refs, April

1 and 16.
Waifs of the Street, E. Poole, McCl.
War of 1812–VII., J. Hannay, Can.
Warfare in Mountain Ranges-IX., T. M. Maguire, USM.
Warfare: Skirmishing, A. A. S. Barnes, USM.
Water Powers, Small, with High Heads, T. Reid, CasM.
Wesley, John, Educator, W. H. Meredith, MethR.
Wesley, John: His Preaching and Hints to Preachers, W.

H. Meredith, Hom.
Wheeler, Andrew C. (“J. P. M."), E.M. Bacon, WW.
White, Stewart Edward, L. Denison, Bkman.
Wildfowler, The, D. C. Macmichael, Bad.
Wolf, The Tasmanian, C. R. Knight, and A. H. Knight, Cent.
Woman and Music, J. C. Hadden, Gent.
Woman in Politics, D. Story, Mun.
Woman of the People, The, Mrs. J. Van Vorst, Harp.
Woman Suffrage, Frances P. Cobbe, Contem.
Woman's Eyes, Power and Beauty of, Ella A. Fletcher, Cos.
Women Doctors, M. Suni, Nou, April 15.
Women Editors of London, R. de Cordova, Cass.
Wordsworth, William, Mary H. Norris, MethR.
Wordsworth, William, The Secret of, W. E. Henley, PMM.
Working Girls, Homes for, SocS.
Workingwomen in England, Priscilla E. Moulder, Cham.
World, The End of the, s. Newcomb, McCl.
Writers, Scottish and English, J. M. Bulloch, Lamp.
Wyndham, The Right Hon. George, W. T. Stead, AMRR.
Yacht: What It Costs to Put One in Commission, J. F.

Tams, 0.
Yachting: Class Racing in the Solent, H. L. Reiach, Bad.

Abbreviations of Magazine Titles used in the Index. (All the articles in the leading reviews are indexed, but only the more important articles in the other magazines.] ACQR. American Catholic Quarterly Ed. Education, Boston.

NC. New-Church Review, Boston. Review, Phila.

EUR. Educational Review, N. Y. NEng. New England Magazine, BosAHR. American Historical Review,

Engineering Magazine, N. Y.

N. Y.

Era, Philadelphia.

Ninec. Nineteenth Century, London.
AJS, American Journal of Soci. EM. España Moderna, Madrid. NAR. North American Review, N.Y.
ology, Chicago.
Ev. Everybody's Magazine, N. Y.

Nou. Nouvelle Revue, Paris.
AJT. American Journal of The Fort. Fortnightly Review, London. NA. Nuova Antologia, Rome.
ology, Chicago.
Forum. Forum, N. Y.

OC. Open Court, Chicago.
ALR. American Law Review, St. FrL. Frank Leslie's Monthly, N. Y. 0. Outing, N. Y.

Gent. Gentleman's Magazine, Lon Out. Outlook, N. Y.
A Mon M.American Monthly Magazine,


Out W. Out West, Los Angeles, Cal.
Washington, D.C.
GBag. Green Bag, Boston.

Over. Overland Monthly, San FralAMRR. American Monthly Review of Gunt. Gunton's Magazine, N. Y.

Reviews, N. Y.
Harp. Harper's Magazine, N. Y.

PMM. Pall Mall Magazine, London. A Nat. American Naturalist, Boston. Hart. Hartford Seminary Record, Pear. Pearson's Magazine, N. Y. AQ. American Quarterly, Boston.

Hartford, Conn.

Phil. Philosophical Review, N. Y. AngA. Anglo - American Magazine, Hom. Homiletic Review, N. Y.

PhoT. Photographic Times-Bulletin,
N. Y.

International Journal of

N. Y.
Annals. Annals of the American Acad.

Ethics, Phila.

PSQ. Political Science Quarterly, emy of Pol. and Soc. Science, Int. International Quarterly, Bur


lington, Vt.

PopA. Popular Astronomy, NorthArch. Architectural Record, N. Y. Ints. International Studio, N. Y.

field, Minn. Arena. Arena, N. Y.

JMSI. Journal of the Military Ser Pops. Popular Science Monthly,N.Y. AA. Art Amateur, N. Y.

vice Institution, Governor's PTR. Princeton Theological ReAI. Art Interchange, N. Y.

Island, N. Y. H.

view, Phila. AJ. Art Journal, London.

JPEcon. Journal of Political Economy, QJEcon. Quarterly Journal of EconomAtlant. Atlantic Monthly, Boston.


ics, Boston. Bad. Badminton, London.

Kind. Kindergarten Magazine, Chi. QR. Quarterly Review, London, Bankl. Bankers' Magazine, London.


RasN. Rassegna Nazionale, Florence. BankNYBankers' Magazine, N. Y. Kindr. Kindergarten Review, Spring Refs. Réforme Sociale, Paris. Bib. Biblical World, Chicago.

field, Mass.

RRL. Review of Reviews, London. Bibs. Bibliotheca Sacra, Oberlin, O. LHJ. Ladies' Home Journal, Phila. RRM. Review of

Reviews, Mel. BU. Bibliothèque Universelle, Lau Lamp. Lamp, N. Y.

Leis A. Leisure Hour, London.

Revue. Revue, Paris. Black. Blackwood's Magazine, Edin Lipp. Lippincott's Magazine, Phila. RDM. Revuedes Deux Mondes, Paris, burgh.

London Quarterly Review, RGen. Revue Générale, Brussels, BL. Book-Lover, N. Y.


RPar. Revue de Paris, Paris, Bkman. Bookman, N. Y.

Long. Longman's Magazine, London. RPP. Revue Politique et ParlemenBP. Brush and Pencil, Chicago. Luth. Lutheran Quarterly, Gettys

taire, Paris. CDR. Camera and Dark Room, N. Y.

burg, Pa.

RSoc. Revue Socialistic, Paris. Can. Canadian Magazine, Toronto. McCi, McClure's Magazine, N. Y.

Ros. Rosary, Somerset, Ohio. Cass. Cassell's Magazine, London. Mac. Macmillan's Magazine, Lon San.

Sanitarian, N. Y. Cas M. Cassier's Magazine, N. Y.


School. School Review, Chicago. Cath. Catholic World, N.Y.

MA. Magazine of Art, London. Scrib. Scribner's Magazine, N. Y. Cent. Century Magazine, N. Y.

Meth. Methodist Quarterly, Nash SR. Sewanee Review, Sewanee, Chim. Chambers's Journal, Edin


MethR. Methodist Review, N. Y.

Socs. Social Service, N. Y.
Chaut. Chautauquan, Springfield, 0. Mind. Mind, N. Y.

Strand Magazine, London. Contem. Contemporary Review, Lon MisH. Missionary Herald, Boston. Temp. Temple Bar, London. don. MisR. Missionary Review, N. Y.

USM. United Service Magazine, Corn. Cornhill, London, Mon. Monist, Chicago.

London. Cos. Cosmopolitan. N. Y.

Mon R. Monthly Review, London. West. Westminster Review, LonCLA. Country Life in America, N.Y. MunA. Municipal Affairs, V. Y.

don. Crafts. Craftsman, Syracuse, N. Y. Mun. Munsey's Magazine, N. Y. WPM. Wilson's Photographic MagaCrit. Critic, V. Y. Mus. Music, Chicago.

zine, N. Y. Deut. Deutsche Revue, Stuttgart. NatGM. National Geographic Maga WW. World's Work, N. Y. Dial. Dial, Chicago.

zine, Washington, D. C.

Yale, Yale Review, New Haven, Dub. Dublin Review, Dublin.

VatM. National Magazine, Boston. YM. Young Man, London. Edin, Edinburgh Review, London. NatR. National Review, London, YW. Young Woman, London.



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