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Municipal Programme, An American, C. R. Woodruff, PSQ.
Municipal Trading in England, R. Donald, Contem.
Musical Celebrities, Modern, H. Klein, Cent.
Myers, F. W. H., Gospel of, W. H. Mallock, NineC.
Napoleon, Example of, D. A. Merrick, ACQR.
Napoleon on America and the Americans, L. Rosen, Fort.
Napoleon, The Outwitter of, H. W. Wilson, Corn.
Napoleon, The Young-IV., Viscount Wolseley, Cos; PMM.
Natural Religion, Problem of, J. Royce, Int.
Nature, Books About, H. C. Merwin, Scrib.
Navy, The New American-VI., J. D. Long, Out.
Negro and Public Office, J. B. Bishop, Int.
New England Farmer, H. C. Merwin, Ev.
New England Gas and Coke.Company, A. D. Adams, JPEcon.
New Testament, Interpretation of the, H. Gunkel, Mon.
New York City :
Beggars of New York, J. J. Goodwin,

Dutch Founding of New York-III., T. A. Janvier, Harp.
Flat-Dwellers of New York, A. B. Paine, WW.
Jerome Versus Crime-I., H. Davis, Pear.
Lecture System, Free, G. Iles, WW.
School No. 1 (“New Citizens for the Republic"), A. R.

Dugmore, WW. New York, Elections in, in 1774, C. Becker, PSQ, March. New Zealand-Political, Social, and Religious, J. M. Pee

bles, Arena. Newfoundland Difficulty, French Side of the, J. C. Bracq,

NAR. Newspaper, English Illustrated Weekly, J. M. Bulloch,

Lamp. Newspaper, The Modern, Mac. Nile Dams and Reservoir, B. Baker, Pops. Oarsman, University, Making of a, J. Rogers, Jr., 0. Ohio, A Century of the State of, M. Halstead, AMRR. Old Testament Traditions, Early, Study of, Sarah A. Emer.

son, Bib, Opera, New Régime for, L. Reamer, AMRR. Operatic Season, Lessons of the, J. Sohn, Forum. Operatic Stage, Beauty on the, F. Dean, Mun. Order in the New-Church Doctrines, J. Whitehead, NC. Quida-An Estimate, F. T. Cooper, Bkman. Oyster, An, of the Kills, C. F. Stansbury, O. Pacific Coast, Early English Voyages to the-VI., OutW. Paris, Gaston, M. Bréal, RPar, March 15. Paris, Living in, on an Income of $3,000, F. Mazade, Arch. Paris : The Passing of the Maison Dorée, S. Demey, Mac. Parliamentary Power, Decline in, H. W. Massingham, Int. Pardee, Gov. George C., C. Alberti, NatM. Paul's Doctrine of Justification, Legalism in, G. Vos, PTR. Peter's Thought of the Cross, R. B. Peery, Luth. Philippines, Roman Catholic Church in the, ACQR. Photography: Children, Portraiture of, R. Lee, CDR. Color Printing Process, Three-, J. Husnik, PhoT, March. Composition, Some Principles of-III., L. A. Osborne, CDR. Copying Photographs, R. Melville, WPM, March. Distortion, Correction of, J. T. Cundall, PhoT, March. Gum-Bichromate Made Easy, PhoT., March. Hands in Portraiture, F. C. Lambert, WPM. Journalistic and Rush Photography, W. H. Cooper, CDR. Negatives, Improving, S. H. Chapman, WPM. Photographs

Upon Watch Caps, Lids, and Dials, A. J. Jarman, WPM, March. Pioneers in Photography, Cham. Portraits of Men, Notes on, C. H. Hewitt, WPM, March. Portraiture Indoors and Out, J. V. Woodruff, CDR. Printing with Matt Collodion Papers, F. Leach, CDR. Snowstorm, After a, S. Allan, Phot, March.

Tree-Tops, Photographing in the, W.L. Finley, CLA. Peacock, Thomas Love, Novels of, H. Paul, Ninec. Pineapples, How to Grow, W. Mann, CLA. Pineapples in Florida, P. H. Rolfs, CLA. Plant Table, A Home-Made, Hattie L. Knight, CLA. Pneumatic Tube Service, E. A. Fordyce, CasM. Polar Expedition of Prince A. of Savoy, G. Belgivjoro, Rass,

March 16. Political Babel, The, C. Schubert, IJE. Politics, American, H. L. West, Forum. Polynesians, Poetry of the, C. W. Stewart, Over, March. Pomona, California, F. Llewellyn, Out W, March. Population in the Twelfth Census, J. Cummings, JPEcon. Portugal, Rise of, J. P. de Guzman, EM, March. Power Plant, Practical Economy in the, W. H. Booth, Eng. Preaching the Old Doctrines, H. Johnson, Hom. Princes, Marriageable, F. Cunliffe-Owen, Mun. Property in Land, Origin of, G. T. Lapsley, AHR. Psalm 19: 1-6: An Interpretation, H. Gunkel, Bib. Psychology, Inter-, G. Tarde, Int. Pulpit, Being Interesting in the, F. H. Foster, Hom. Racing, American, F. Trevelyan, 0. Racing World and Its Inhabitants, A. E. T. Watson, Bad. Railroad President, Day's Work of a, F. N. Barksdale, WW. Railway Merger, The First, E. D. Berry, Ev. Raindrop, Romance of a, Cham. Rainsford, Rev.W.S.: A Preacher's Story of His Work, Out. Reality in Both Worlds, J. B. Keene, NC. Reform and Reformers, W.J. Kerby, ACQR.

Reformation of Juvenile Offenders, T. H. MacQueary, AJS.
Reindeer in Alaska, G. H. Grosvenor, NatGM.
Religion, Attitude of Teachers of Philosophy Towards, J.

Royce, IJE.
Religion, Natural, Problem of, J. Royce, Int.
Religion, Philosophy, and Science, C. G. Shaw, Meth.
Religious Education, Modern Conception of, J. Dewey, Kind.
Religious Education, Place of Action or Deeds in a, D. Bea-

ton, Bib. Religious Experience, Professor James on, F. Sewall, NC. Religious Training of Children by Agnostics, Ellen Darwin,

Resurrection, The, L. Tolstoy, Revue, March 15.
Revelation, Divine Need of Belief in, J. Reed, NC.
Revolution, American, Prologue of-V., J. H. Smith, Cent.
Revue, La: After Twelve Years, J. Finot, Revue, March 15.
Ritual of the Church, C. C. Grafton, Mun.
Ruskin Coöperative Colony, J. W. Braam, AJS, March.
Czar's Reform Proclamation, Gunt; A. Leroy-Beaulieu,

Revue, April 1.
Finland, Russia and, By a Finn, Nou, March 15.
Manifesto of the Czar, Literal Translation of the, RRL.
Obstinacy of the Romanoffs, G. Calderon, MonR.
Peterhof, In Old, Vera Johnston, Era.
Political Conditions in Russia, N. I. Stone, AMRR.
Prophecy of Russia, W. Littlefield, Crit.

Women in Russia, J. Burns, West.
Rustic Work, Points on, W. C. Egan, CLA.
Sacrifice Among Primitive Semites, S. I. Curtiss, Bib.
St. Augustine and Rousseau, Confessions of, J. McCabe,

Crit. St. Petersburg, Capital of All the Russias, E. Noble, Chaut. St. Vincent, Eruption of the Soufrière of, in 1812, NatGM. Salamander, Giant, Habits of the, A. M. Reese, Pops. Salvini, Tommaso, J. S. Crellin, Out. Sanitation and Social Progress, W. H. Allen, AJS, March. Schiff, Jacob Henry, R. N. Burnett, Cos. Science, Applied, H. H. Suplee, Forum. Sciences, New Classification of the, A. Schinz, Mon. Scotland, Local Government in, Mabel Atkinson, PSQ,March. Scott, Sir Walter, The Country of, W. Sharp, PMM. Scottish Aldershot, and Some of Its Memories, Cham. Scudder, Horace E., A. V. G. Allen, Atlant. Servia, King of, and His Court, H. Vivian, PMM. Shakespeare and the Genevan Bible, Rev. Dr. Carter, LeisH. Shakespeare, Medical Knowledge of, J. Knott, West. Shakespeare, William: Had He Read the Greek Tragedies ?

J. C. Collins, Fort. Shakespearean Representations, P. Fitzgerald, Gent. Shakespeare's Working Classes, E. Crosby, Crafts. Sharp, William: A Literary Wanderer, J. Macleay, YM. Shipping and Subsidies, B. Taylor, NAR. Shop Girl, Autobiography of a, C. H. White, FrL. Siam, English and French Interests in, L. R. Holland, NatR. Silver as a Monetary Metal, Disappearance of, R.-G. Lévy,

RDM, April 1. Social Settlements, M. West, Chaut. Socialism, Political Differences of, G. Renard, Revue,

March 15.
Socialism, The New, and the Trusts, M. A. Lane, NatM.
Socialist Systems, E. Fournière, RSoc, March.
Sociology, Introduction to-II., G. De Greef, AJS, March.
South Africa:
British Policy in South Africa, W. B. Worsfold, MonR.
Labor Question, Native, A. F. Fox, J. Macdonell, and

H. E. Seebohm, Contem; F. D. P. Chaplin, NatR.
Natal, Farm Life in, Cham.
Resettlement in the Transvaal, MonR.

Water Power in South Africa, F. Fox, CasM.
South America, Europe and, S. Somerset, NineC.
South American Republics and the Monroe Doctrine, J. Mac-

donell, NineC. South, Educational Qutlook in the, B. W. Arnold, Jr., Meth. South, Effects of Malaria in the, G. W. Herrick, Pops. Southern College Curriculum, E. M. Banks, Meth. Southern Cotton-Mill Communities, Leonora B. Ellis, AJS. Southern Pulpit, The Inevitable in the, M. T. Plyler, Meth. Species, On the Origin of, H. de Vries, Pops. Spiritualism and Its Representatives, B. O. Flower, Mind. Sprat, Bishop, J. M. Attenborough, West. Stabats, The Two-II., The Dolorosa, H., T. Henry, ACQR. Stage as a Profession, Ellaline Terriss, NatR. Standard Oil Company, History of the-VI., The Defeat of

the Pennsylvania, Ida M. Tarbell, McCl.'
Steamship, Below the Water-Line of a, B. Brooks, Scrib.
Steamship Trust, The So-Called, J. D. J. Kelley, Cent.
Stevenson, Robert Louis: The Dramatist, A. W. Pinero, Crit.
Stock and Produce Exchanges, C. A. Conant, Atlant.
Stoddard, Richard Henry, Library of, Carolyn Shipman,

Storm, Myths of the, Gertrude B. Blackwelder, Kind.
Style, Qualities of, B. A. Heydrick, Chaut.
Submarine Boat, Menace of the, G. E. Armstrong, Corn.
Submarine Navigation, F. M. Barber, Forum.
Sun's Place in the Universe, G. M. Searle, Cath.
Sussex (England) Valley in Spring, W. Hyde, PMM.

Swedenborg's Doctrine of the Relation of Soul and Body, J.

R. Hunter, NC.
Switzerland, --A Real Republic, B. O. Flower, Arena.
Tariff, American Colonial Policy and the, R. F. Hoxie,

JPEcon, March.
Tariff Commission, Permanent, Scope of a, A. H. Washburn,

Tarpon Fishing in Florida, A. W. Dimock, CLA.
Taxation, Value in, V. Rosewater, PSQ, March.
Tenement, Menace of the, W. H. Tolman, Socs.
Tenements, Friendly Rent Collecting in, Hannah Fox, SocS.
Thackeray and Dickens, Friendship of, G. R. Miller, Mun.
Thackeray, William Makepeace, C. K. Chesterton, Bkman.
Thames and Severn Canal, C. J. Aubertin, Gent.
Theologies, The Two Reformation, J. W. Richard, Luth.
Tolstoy, Count Leo, My Last Memory of, Alexandria Nic-

chia, Crafts.
Tortoise, Box., A. R. M. Spaid, CLA.
Transvaal: see South Africa.
Treasury, United States, F. A. Vanderlip, Serib.
Trolley Road, Trackless, in Germany, Sleighing on a, AMRR.
Trusts, American, A. M. Low, Mac.
Trusts, Federal Control of, A. D. Adams, PSQ, March.
Trusts : Their Relation to Individual Welfare and National

Integrity, B. 0. Flower, Arena.
Tuan Fang, Confucian, F. H. Nichols, Ev.
Tuberculosis: Its Causation and Prevention, H. M. Biggs,

Tuberculosis, Struggle Against, A. Rendu, Refs, March 1.
Turkey: The Sultan and the Caliphate, L. Sanders, NAR.
Turtles: Some Queer Things That They Do, CLA.

United States : Growth of Federal Expenditures, C. J. Bul.

lock, PSQ, March.
Van Eeden, Frederik, L. C. Van Noppen, Crit.
Vaughan, Henry, MonR.
Vermont, A Trip with a Tin-Peddler in, J. Ralph, Harp.
Victoria, Queen, Lee's Life of, W. P. Trent, Forum.
Vigny, Alfred de, E. Gosse, Int.
Virginity of Our Blessed 'Lady, Attitude of Protestants

Towards the, A. J. Maas, ACQR.
Voragine, Jacobus de, and the Golden Legend, E. C.

Richardson, PTR.
Ward, Mrs. Humphry, Work of, H. W. Mabie, NAR.
Warren, Mistress Mercy, Annie R. Marble, NEng.
Waterfalls, Harnessing the Power of, E. R. White, Mun.
Wealth of the World, E. Parsons, Gunt.
White House, The New, M. Schuyler, Arch; C. Moore,

Cent; J.J. Dickinson, Mun.
Woman's Costume, Grace in, H. H. Boyesen (2d), Cos.
Women: How They are Winning the Ballot, A. McIlroy,

Women in the United States, Legal Status of, Edith M.

Hadley, Gunt.
Women Novelists and Marriage, Mrs. J. D. Hammond, Meth.
Wordsworth as the Poet of Common Things, C. Fisher,

Workingmen, Compensation for Accidents to, in Belgium,

A. Julin, Refs, March 1.
Wyndham, Right Hon. George, W. T. Stead, RRL.
Yacht, British Royal, R. A. Freeman, Cass.
Young Men's Christian Association, R. Stevens, WW.
Zangwill, Israel, as I Know Him, G. B. Burgin, yw.



Abbreviations of Magazine Titles used in the Index.
(All the articles in the leading reviews are indexed, but only the more important articles in the other magazines.]
ACQR. American Catholic Quarterly Ed. Education, Boston.

NC. New-Church Review, Boston.
Review, Phila.

EdR. Educational Review, N. Y. NEng. New England Magazine, Bos-
AHR. American Historical Review, Eng. Engineering Magazine, N.Y.

ton. N. Y.

Era, Philadelphia.

Ninec. Nineteenth Century, London. AJS. American Journal of Soci. EM. España Moderna, Madrid. NAR. North American Review, N.Y. ology, Chicago.

Ev. Everybody's Magazine, N. Y. Nou. Nouvelle Revue, Paris.
AJT. American Journal of The. Fort. Fortnightly Review, London. NA. Nuova Antologia, Rome.
ology, Chicago.
Forum. Forum, N. Y.


Open Court, Chicago.
ALR. American Law Review, St. FrL. Frank Leslie's Monthly, N. Y. 0. Outing, N. Y.

Gent. Gentleman's Magazine, Lon Out. Outlook, N. Y.
A MonM.American Monthly Magazine,


OutW. Out West, Los Angeles, Cal.
Washington, D.C.
GBag. Green Bag, Boston.

Over. Overland Monthly, San Frali
AMRR. American Monthly Review of Gunt. Gunton's Magazine, N. Y.

Reviews, N. Y.
Harp. Harper's Magazine, N. Y.

PMM. Pall Mall Magazine, London.
ANat. American Naturalist, Boston. 'Hart. Hartford Seminary Record, Pear. Pearson's Magazine, N. Y.
AQ. American Quarterly, Boston.

Hartford, Conn.

Phil. Philosophical Review, N. Y.
AngA. Anglo-American Magazine, Hom, Homiletic Review, N. Y.

PhoT. Photographic Times-Bulletin,
IJE. International Journal of

N. Y.
Annals. Annals of the American Acad.

Ethics, Phila.

PSQ. Political Science Quarterly,
emy of Pol. and Soc. Science, Int. International Quarterly, Bur-


lington, Vt.

PopA. Popular Astronomy, North. Arch. Architectural Record, N. Y Ints. International Studio, N. Y.

field, Minn. Arena. Arena, N. Y.

JMSI. Journal of the Military Ser Pops. Popular Science Monthly, N.Y.
Art Amateur, N. Y.

vice Institution, Governor's PTR. Princeton Theological ReAI. Art Interchange, N. Y.

Island, N. Y. H.

view, Phila. AJ. Art Journal, London.

JPEcon. Journal of Political Economy, QJEcon. Quarterly Journal of EconomAtlant. Atlantic Monthly, Boston.


ics, Boston. Bad. Badminton, London.

Kind. Kindergarten Magazine, Chi QR. Quarterly Review, London. BankL. Bankers' Magazine, London.


RasN. Rassegna Nazionale, Florence.
Bank NYBankers' Magazine, N. Y. KindR. Kindergarten Review, Spring Refs. Réforme Sociale, Paris.
Bib. Biblical World, Chicago.

field, Mass.

RRL. Review of Reviews, London. Bibs. Bibliotheca Sacra, Oberlin, O. LHJ. Ladies' Home Journal, Phila. RRM. Review of Reviews, Mel. BU. Bibliothèque Universelle, Lau Lamp. Lamp, N. Y.

bourne. Leish. Leisure Hour, London.

Revue. Revue, Paris. Black. Blackwood's Magazine, Edin Lipp. Lippincott's Magazine, Phila. RDM. Revue des Deux Mondes, Paris. burgh.

LQ. London Quarterly Review, RGen. Revue Générale, Brussels. BL. Book-Lover, N. Y.


RPar. Revue de Paris, Paris, Bkman. Bookman, N. Y.

Long. Longman's Magazine, London. RPP. Revue Politique et ParlemenBP. Brush and Pencil, Chicago. Luth. Lutheran Quarterly, Gettys.

taire, Paris. CDR. Camera and Dark Room, N. Y.

burg, Pa.

RSoc. Revue Socialistic, Paris,
Can. Canadian Magazine, Toronto. McCI. McClure's Magazine, N. Y. Ros. Rosary, Somerset, Ohio.
Cass. Cassell's Magazine, London. Mac. Macmillan's Magazine, Lon San. Sanitarian, N. Y.
CasM. Cassier's Magazine, N. Y.


School. School Review, Chicago.
Cath. Catholic World, N. Y.


Scrib. Scribner's Magazine, N.Y.
Cent. Century Magazine, N. Y.
Meth. Methodist Quarterly, Nash-

SR. Sewanee Review, Sewanee,
Cham. Chambers's Journal, Edin-


MethR. Methodist Review, N. Y.

Socs. Social Service, N. Y.
Chaut. Chautauquan, Springfield, 0. Mind. Mind, N. Y.


Strand Magazine, London,
Contem. Contemporary Review, Lon MisH. Missionary Herald, Boston. Temp. Temple Bar, London.
MisR. Missionary Review, N. Y.

USM. United Service Magazine,
Corn. Cornhill London.
Mon. Monist, Chicago.

Cos. Cosmopolitan. N. Y.

MonR. Monthly Review, London. West. Westminster Review, Lon-
CLA. Country Life in America, N.Y. MunA. Municipal Affairs, N. Y.

Crafts. Craftsman, Syracuse, N. Y. Mun. Munsey's Magazine, N. Y. WPM. Wilson's Photographic Maga-
Crit. Critic, V. Y.
Mus. Music, Chicago.

zine, N. Y.
Deut. Deutsche Revue, Stuttgart. NatGM. National Geographic Maga WW. World's Work, N. Y.
Dial. Dial, Chicago.

zine, Washington, D. C. Yale. Yale Review, New Haven. Dub. Dublin Review, Dublin,

Vat M. National Magazine, Boston. YM. Young Man, London. Edin. Edinburgh Review, London, Vatr. National Review, London. YW. Young Woman, London.



M. Paul Lessar..

Frontispiece The Progress of the WorldA Serene Summer in Prospect...

643 The Labor Situation

643 Unskilled Labor and Union Methods.

644 Strikes in the Building Trades...

644 Employers Organizing in Self-Defense.

645 Let Strikes Be Abolished !

645 The State as Model Employer..

645 Foreigners as Our Common Laborers.

646 What of the Anglo-Saxon Race ?.

646 The War Against Consumption..

647 The Landmarks of Our History.

647 Some New York Anniversaries..

648 A Hudson Tercentenary..

649 A Chicago Centennial..

649 The Ohio Celebration...

650 The Virginia Tercentenary.

650 The James, -an Historic River..

651 Contemporary Progress at Hampton Roads.. 653 The Legislature at Richmond..

653 Lee's Statue for the Capitol..

653 A Conference at Richmond..

654 On Negro Education and Other Themes.

655 The Suffrage Agitation..

656 Mr. Carnegie and Booker Washington.

656 Washington as an Orator...

657 Some New England Notes

657 New York's Legislative Year.

657 The Franchise Tax...

658 Tammany versus Fusion.

658 Boss Rule and a Free Press in Pennsylvania.. 659 Things Good and Bad at St. Louis.

659 In Chicago and the Northwest.

660 The President in the National Parks..

660 On the Pacific Coast..

660 Presidential Politics..

660 Mr. Cleveland and the Democrats..

661 Affairs at Washington...

662 Currency and Business..

662 “Rock Island” and the Railway Combinations. 662 Crops, Trade, and Prosperity..

603 Distress of the Silver-Standard Countries.. 663 Our Commission, and the General Outlook. 663 A Mexican Plan Decided Upon..

664 Will Diaz Have a Seventh Term ?.

664 The Venezuelan Affair...

664 Russia and Manchuria

665 The Anti-Jewish Riots at Kishineff.

665 With portraits of Henry M. Leipziger, Fitzhugh Lee, Ed.

ward V. Valentine, James H. Kirkland, Walter B.
Hill, Charles F. Murphy, Samuel W. Pennypacker,
Grover Cleveland and his son, Hugh H. Hanna, and
the members of the Mexican Monetary Commission,

cartoons, and other illustrations. Record of Current Events....

666 With portraits of the late George Dana Boardman, the

late John F. Hurst, and the late Randolph S. Foster. Some Current Cartoons......

669 The College of the City of New York and Its New President

672 With portrait of Dr. John Finley, and other illustra

tions. Governor Ramsey, of Minnesota..

674 By Warren L'pham. With portrait of the late Alexander Ramsey.

The Well-Governed District of Columbia.... 677

With portrait of the Hon. Henry B. F. Macfarland. Forest-Making on Barren Lands ...,

679 By Charles Moreau Harger.

With illustrations. An American's Views of Patagonia. ... 682

With map of Patagonia, and other illustrations. New Hope for Consumptives: I. The Outdoor Treatment of Tuberculosis. 689

By Day Allen Willey.

With illustrations. II. How to Live Out of Doors...

696 By Evelyn Mae Hart.

With illustrations. III. The Consumptive's Chances in Colorado. 698

By Francis S. Kinder.

With illustrations. IV. New York's Fight Against Tuberculosis 702

By Charles H. Johnson.
The Renascence of Nonconformity in England 705

By W. T. Stead.
With portraits of Dr. John Clifford, Rev. R. J. Camp-

bell, and Rev. Silvester Horne. Wesley and the Wesleyan Movement....... 714

By J. M. Buckley.

With portrait of John Wesley.
Leading Articles of the Month-
Peter Cooper Hewitt, Inventor.

724 When Shall We Fly?..

724 Castro: A Latin-American Type.

725 The Irish Land Bill Under Fire...

727 The Rise of the German Navy...

729 If France Should Invade England..

729 The French Religious Protectorate...

731 The Russian “Stundists.".

731 Financing the Nation...

732 A New Currency Plan

734 A French Sanatorium for Consumptives. 736 How Bubonic Plague Was Driven Out of the Philippines....

736 How Long Ago Was America Peopled ?

737 Are American Families Dwindling?

738 Can I Afford an Automobile?.

739 Woman and Music...

741 A New Source of Heat: Radium.

741 The French Child Criminal..

742 Post-Mortem Action of the Heart

743 The Capital of All the Russias....

744 With portraits of Peter Cooper Hewitt, Samuel P. Lang

ley, and Cipriano Castro, and other illustrations. The Periodicals Reviewed.....

745 Why America Is Beating England: The Re

port of the Mosely Commission of Trade-

757 The Oldest Code of Laws in the World.. 760

With portrait of Khammurabi. Index to Periodicals.


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[graphic][merged small]

(The distinguished ambassador of Russia at Peking, now arranging for the evacuation of Manchurian

though said to be suffering from a fatal malady.)

Review of Reviews.



No. 6.


A Serene

[blocks in formation]

The Labor Situation.

Next summer will find us in the Summer in thick of a Presidential campaign, Prospect.

with an immense world's fair as a public diversion. In short, 1904 promises to be a year of exceptional activity and interest, from the international as well as from the national standpoint. The mild season of the present year, on the contrary, brings the prospect of unusual quiet and serenity for the people of the United States, and of a very welcome atmosphere of peace and repose for Europe and the world at large. There was an effort, early last month, to create excitement about the actions of Russia in Manchuria ; but, as we shall set forth in more detail, the alarm was both false and foolish. The disturbed condition of Macedonia is, indeed, a very real and grievous matter, but it is not now likely to involve either the Great Powers or the Balkan states in a serious war during the present

The rivalry of the powers in the Persian Gulf is not a new affair, although it was freshly illustrated last month by English outbursts against Russia. It will all end, doubtless, in some entirely sensible arrangement by which everybody, under proper conditions, may have commercial access to Persian ports. European sovereigns and rulers have notably furthered good relations between the powers by their recent journeys and visits of courtesy. The eagerness with which British and European investors took up England's new South African loan, subscribing many times over for the amount offered, indicated not only the strength and vigor of the financial situation in general, but is also to be taken as a mark of confidence in the prospect of enduring peace among the nations. The passage of the Irish land bill to its second reading by an almost unanimous vote of Parliament is a further mark, from the internal point of view, both of British financial power to meet great problems and of almost unprecedented domestic harmony. A whole book could be written to show in how many ways the settlement of the


newspapers here at home, last month, were full of reports and ru

mors of general uneasiness in the world of labor ; but when these were analyzed and sifted to their simple elements there was much less occasion for anxiety than appeared upon the surface.

The tide of wage-betterment always rises tardily. The country has been enjoying a period of unprecedented prosperity. The good prices that all sorts of products have obtained has meant an increase in the cost of living. This must be met by an increase in the amount for which the laborer sells his services, or else prosperity has no advantage for him except that it brings him regular work. Many in ntal circumstances connected with this large movement for wage-readjustment are deplorable in their manifestations of bad judgment and wrong feeling.

But the movement as a whole is natural enough, and what it calls for is wise effort at all points to mitigate its evils. Herein lies the great advantage of the wagescale system, under which committees of work. men in a given trade meet representatives of capital, as often as once a year, to consider all new conditions that affect the industry, and to make fresh adjustment, if necessary, of wages and conditions affecting employment.


[blocks in formation]
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