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brief score of years? This girl, deprived in infancy of sight, hearing, and power of speech, is an educated woman at twenty-three, a graceful and effective writer, a student of literature, and a witty conversationalist. Miss Keller herself cannot tell how all this has been brought about. Much has been due to the skill and tact of her teacher, Miss Sullivan. The publishers

epoch maps showing the political divisions at the time of Charlemagne, about 1500 A.D., at the time of Napoleon's power, in 1812, and after the Congress of Vienna, in 1815. The other geographical articles in the seventh and eighth volumes are developed on similar plans.

The third volume of “The Jewish Encyclopedia" (Funk & Wagnalls Company) completes the letter B and makes a beginning on the letter C. If the work is maintained on this scale throughout, it would seem that more than the twelve volumes announced will be required for its completion. What especially distinguishes this third volume is the remarkable contribution that it makes to biblical science. There are articles on the Bible canon, Bible editions, biblical exegesis, Bible manuscripts, the Bible in Mohammedan literature, Bible translations, and biblical ethnology. It is announced by the publishers that other articles relating to the Bible,-namely, Bible concordances, Bible dictionaries, Bible inspiration, and Bible text, will be treated in subsequent volumes. Notwithstanding the fact that most of the biblical commentaries of the nineteenth century were written by Christians, it is clearly brought out in the article on Bible exegesis that the Jews were the real founders of this science. The writer concludes his survey of the vast exegetical literature that has been accumulated by the Jews with the regret that the Jewish scholars of the nineteenth century have not maintained the high standard of their predecessors.

A useful volume entitled “Scientific Side-lights” has been compiled by Mr. James C. Fernald (Funk & Wagnalls Company). These side-lights are quotations from eminent writers on scientific subjects, arranged alphabetically and numbered. No digests or summaries are made, but the exact language of the author is given without note or comment. A high degree of skill has been required in the successful compilation of such a work, and the result has fully justified the claim of the publishers that “all the tiresome work has been done for the reader by the editor,-the authors have been selected, the volumes read, the dull parts skipped, and wherever a bright gem was hidden, it has been picked up and set so as to catch the light.”

"All the World's Fighting Ships," edited by Fred. T. Jane (New York: Munn & Co.), is an annual giving statistical and graphic information about the world's great navies, together with authoritative articles on naval progress. The book is indispensable for editors and others who would keep pace with the rapid growth of the world's great naval armaments. The author is well known as the originator of the naval war game, now played by all the pavies of the world.

The “Atlas of the Geography and History of the Ancient World,” edited by John King Lord (Boston: Benjamin H. Sanborn & Co.), is a book that should be of great service to the students in schools and colleges in helping to make clear the relation existing between the geography and the history of the ancient world. The maps that are included in this atlas show the general changes in the political geography and history of the ancient nations. The map of the peoples of antiquity is followed by others showing the rise of the Persian kingdom, the conquests of Alexander, and the governments of his successors. A series of maps show the changes in the political divisions, peoples, and governments that followed in Asia Minor, Greece, and lands about the Ægean; others present similar changes that mark the history of Italy; and the relations of

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have done well to include in the volume the reports and letters of this faithful and efficent instructor, and the cause of blind and deaf-mute education is undoubtedly the gainer by the publication of this material. The editor of the volume, Mr. John Albert Macy, adds an interesting account of Miss Keller's education, including an exposition of her methods of writing, her speech, and other details of a most attractive personality.

WORKS OF REFERENCE. The eighth volume of “The New International Encyclopædia” (Dodd, Mead & Co.) has now been issued, and it is possible to form some conception of the general characteristics of the work as a whole. Of the special features to which we have alluded in former notices, the department of geography is well maintained in all the volumes that have thus far appeared. A notable illustration of the geographical thoroughness of the work is the elaborate article in the seventh volume on “Europe.” This is illustrated by a physical map of Europe on which is shown, for the sake of comparison, a map of the State of Pennsylvania drawn to the same scale. In addition to this map of the physical features of the continent, there is a general map of the political divisions as they are to-day, together with historical

Rome and Carthage, the conquest of Gaul, Spain, “A Descriptive Guide to the Best Fiction, British and and Germany, as well as the movements of the peo American,” by Ernest A. Baker (Macmillan), includes ples in Central Europe, are shown in other maps. translations from foreign languages, and contains altoThere are also maps of Egypt and Palestine, and the gether about forty-five hundred references, with copious final map of the book presents the growth of the Roman indexes and an historical appendix. Some indication Empire.

of the growing esteem in which American writers are The annual edition of the English “Who's Who," held in Great Britain is afforded by the fact that in the the well-known biographical dictionary which is now present volume nearly one-quarter of the space given to in its fifty-fifth year of issue (Macmillan), has so in fiction in the English language is claimed by American creased in size that much of the statistical matter that authors. formerly occupied the first part of the book has been “An Italian and English Dictionary” has been comremoved to make room for the second and more impor- piled by Prof. Hjalmar Edgren, formerly professor of tant portion containing the biographies. The publishers romance languages in the University of Nebraska, with state that they hope to reissue at a later date the ma the assistance of Giuseppe Bico, of the University of terial of this kind that has appeared in earlier editions Rome, and John L. Gerig, of the University of Nebraska of “Who's Who."

(Holt). This dictionary is based on the foremost recent Mr. Robert Donald's valuable “Municipal Year Book authorities, and embodies a copious selection of modern of the United Kingdom" (London : Edward Lloyd, words, as well as important obsolete ones, presented in Limited) has been expanded from a volume of five hun practical and yet etymological form. dred pages to one of nearly seven hundred. This en The “Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology," largement has been made necessary, it appears, by edited by Prof. James Mark Baldwin (Macmillan), is recent developments in the work of local government completed with the second volume. The general scope in Great Britain. Sections of the book which indicate of this work has been explained in a former notice. In the greatest progress are those devoted to street rail the prefatory note to the concluding volume, the editor ways, electric lights, telephones, and housing. As edu replies to one or two criticisms that have been passed cation is now municipalized in Great Britain, the editor has included in the year book for 1903 a complete digest of the Education Act. All the information and statistics have been thoroughly revised and brought up to date, it is said, and the attempt has been made to cover the whole field of municipal activity and to make the year book a municipal encyclopedia as complete as space will permit. A perusal of the book at once suggests the query why some such volume has not been planned to cover the municipal activities of the United States.

Another annual publication edited by Robert Donald is “The London Manual,” now in its seventh year of publication (London: Edward Lloyd, Limited). This book aims to give a complete and popular account of how London is governed in all departments of public service. In the present volume, special attention is given to the subject of locomotion in London, housing, the working class, London's water supply, London's light, London's markets, London's post-office, telephones, and other great municipal problems now under consideration.

The New York State Library's “Comparative Summary and Index of Legislation for 1902” is a minutely classified summary of the new laws passed by all the States, including votes for constitutional amendments and decisions declaring statutes unconstitutional.

One of the useful publications of the American Li on the work. He shows that, far from slighting Greek brary Association (Houghton, Mifflin & Co.) is the and Latin philosophy, a large amount of historical “Guide to the Study and Use of Reference Books,” by matter on classical thought is presented in this second Alice Bertha Kroeger. This is a manual for libraries, volume. As to the treatment of biography in the teachers, and students, which makes no pretensions to dictionary, the editor's belief is that while no more completeness, but includes in its lists the most useful than the proverbial half-loaf has been granted this works in the English language, and, with some excep department, still it was a case of part of the loaf or no tions, in other languages. Reference books limited to bread. Each volume of this important work consists the use of specialists have been usually omitted.

of about nine hundred octavo pages.



Unless otherwise specified, all references are to the April numbers of periodicals.

For table of abbreviations, see last page.

Accidents to Workingmen, Dutch Law Regarding, H. van

Groenendael, RGen. Acropolis, Athens, P. Carus, OC. "Adam Bede," True Story of the Characters in-VI., W.

Mottram, LeisH. Advertising, A Study in, H. C. Sheafer, Arena. Africa, French Colonization in, J. Gleize, Nou, March 15. Africa, French East, J. Gleize, Nou, March 1. Alaska, Reindeer in, G. H. Grosvenor, NatGM. Albania, Roman Catholic, R. Wyon, Black. Alcohol, R. H. Clare, Luth. Algeria at the Opening of the Century, RDM, April 1. Alps: In the Grisons-A Reminiscence, Alice C. Hall, Lamp. American Historical Association, Eighteenth Annual Meet

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Crafts. Homes, Low Priced and Artistic, Stone & Leeming, Socs. Lalique, M. René, Workshops and Residence of, T. Destere,

Crafts. Residence, Model American, Katherine C. Budd, WW. Story of a $2,100 House, A. R. Dee, CLA. Suburban House and Garden, H. P. G. Maule, Ints. White House, The New, M. Schuyler, Arch; C. Moore,

Cent; J. J. Dickinson, Mun.
Arctic, An Explorer-Naturalist in the, A. J. Stone, Scrib.
Arid Line, Pushing Back the, C. M. Harger, AMRR.
Aristophanes as a Student of Society, A. Fairbanks, AJS.
Arnold, Matthew, and His Critics, C. H. Harvey, West.

Albright, Adam Emory, H. E. Willard, BP.
Anderson, Percy: Costume Designer, Gladys B. Crozier,

Anticythera, The Finds at, E. Vicars, PMM.
Arts and Crafts Exhibition at the New Gallery-II., Ints.
Blake's “Illustrations of the Book of Job, R. E. D. Sketch-

ley, AJ. Caricature, History of the Nineteenth Century in-II.,

1815-1848, F. T. Cooper and A. B. Maurice, Bkman. Colton, W. R., Sculptor, M. H. Spielmann, MA. Etchers, Modern British, D. Y. Cameron, MA. Flemish and Dutch School in the United States-II., N. H.

Moore, Chaut. Gallé, Emile, H. Frantz, Ints. Hoeber, Arthur-An Appreciation, C. H. Caffin, NEng. Hogarth, J. La Farge, McCl. Houbron, Frédéric, a Painter of Paris, O. Uzanne, Ints. Humorous Artists, Some American-II., T. E. Curtis, Str. Industrial Art in America-II., R. F. Zueblin, Chaut. Knowledge a Prime Requisite in Art, T. Moran, BP. Loukmanoff Cartoons, Vera Campbell, AJ. Luca Della Robbia, Genius of, Mary F. Nixon-Roulet, Cath. Machine, The Revolt from the, F. W. Coburn, NatM. Municipal Art Leagues, True Function of, 0. D. Grover, BP. Nature's Laws and the Making of Pictures-III., W. L,

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mer, MA. Titian's “Entombment,” J. C. Van Dyke, LHJ. Turin Exhibition of Decorative Art, M. Morasso, RasN,

March 16. Twachtman, John H., T. W. Dewing, C. Hassam, R. Reid,

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Asia, English and Russian Rivalry in, F. A.Ogg, Chaut.
Astronomy, Current, and Its Publication, W. W. Payne,

PopA. Astronomy: New Method of Obtaining Time, Latitude, and

Azimuth for Field Work, W. E. Cooke, PopA. Atmospheric Strata, Law of the, W. E. Thomas, PopA. Australasia, State Arbitration in, H. W. Macrosty, PSQ. Australia, South, Land-Grant Railway of, J. 8. Gordon,

AMRR. Australia, South, State Socialism in, L. Katscher, JPEcon. Austria-Hungary, “ Partition" of, E. Reich, Int. Automobile, The Coming of the, H. Norman, ww. Avalanches, Mrs. A. Le Blond, Pear. Babylon and Israel, R. D. Wilson, PTR. Bacteria, Influence of the Discovery of, in Relation to Dis

ease-II., H. J. Lipes, San. Balkans, Unrest in the, M. T. Jonescu, General Tzontcheff,

and M. P. Skatistivis, MonR. Ballooning as a Pastime, Gertrude Bacon, Bad. Bank Investment, Commercial Paper as a, G. E. Bartol,

BankNY. Banking: Increasing the Net Earnings, A. Hamilton,

BankNY. Banks, National, Issue of an Asset Currency by, BankNY. Baskets, Pomo, The Dau" in, C. Purdy, OutW, March. Batavia, Reminiscences of, R. A. Durand, Cham. Bears, When They Awake in the Spring, E. Mott, 0. Beauty, Evolution of the Art of, Gent. Beet Sugar Culture on Utah Deserts, H. C. Myers, OutW. Berlin, The New, C. A. Luhnow, NatM. Bernard, St., of Clairvaux, D. S. Schaff, PTR. Bernhardt, Sarah, Playwright, Arsène Alexandre, Lamp. Bible and Pulpit, W. Kelly, Luth. Bible: Is It More Familiar Than Formerly? A Symposium,

Bib. Bible, Present Knowledge and Influence of the, Bib. Biologists, the Making of, T. D. A. Cockerell, Pops. Birds : How the Vireo Outwitted the Cowbird, A. R. Dug.

more, CLA. Birds, How to Make a Garden for, Helen L. Jones, CLA. Birds: The Cuckoo, O. H. Latter, Corn. Birds : The Great Auk in Art, F. Bond, Pops. Björnson, Björnstjerne, Louis P. Richards, Cos; W. M.

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Davis, Gunt. California: Death Valley Party of 1849–II., J. W. Brier,

OutW. California, The Builders of-Franciscan Period, M. Pixley,

Over, March. Calumet and Hecla Mines, Romance of, S. E. Moffett, Cos. Canada : Colonial Naval'Reserves, P. T. McGrath, Can. Commercial Independence, Growing, E. Wiman, NAR. National Policy, Å, J. S. Willison, Can. Northwest, Americanization of the, W. R. Stewart, Cos. Parliament Buildings at Montreal, Burning of the, J.J.

Bell, Can.
Quebec, From, to James Bay, E. T. D. Chambers, Can.
Railway, Trans-Canada, E. T. D. Chambers, AMRR.
Railways, Transcontinental, N. Patterson, Can.
Cannon, Joseph G., N. 0. Messenger, Pear.
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Caribbean, A Bit of Holland in the, W. Hale, Out.
Carnegie Institution and the National University, J. H.

Gore, Pops.
Catkins: When They Bloom, C. M. Weed, NEng.
Census-Taking, American, W.R. Merriam, Cent.
Chapman, Robert Cleaver, A. T. Pierson, MisR.
Chicago, Municipal Situation in, H. P. Judson, AMRR.
Children of Labor, W. S. Waudby, FrL.
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Christ and Revelation, Kaiser's Letter on, A. Harnack,

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NAR. Christianity and the Natural Virtues, G. Tyrrell, IJE. Christ's Work in Redemption, A. C. Smith, Meth. Church of England: The Crisis in the Church, Viscount

Halifax; The Church's Last Chance, Lady Wimborne; Loyalty to the Prayer-Book, G. Arthur; An Appeal to the Dean and Canons of Westminster, H. Handley,

Ninec. City, Flat-Dwellers of a Great, A. B. Paine, WW. City Transportation, Means of, G. d'Avenel, RDM, April 1. Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, W. J. Colville, Mind. Clark, George Rogers, and the Kaskaskia Campaign, 1777

1778, AHR. Coal Club, Boston, B. 0. Flower, Arena. Coal Strike, Anthracite, Echoes from the, G. F. Baer, CasM. Cogswell, William Browne, Sketch of, CasM. Coleridge, Hartley, J. K. Hudson, Temp. College, Christianity in the, D. W. Fisher, PTR. College? What Is the Best, E. G. Dexter, WW. Colonization, Dutch, Lessons from, J. W. Jenks, Int. Colonization in the Nineteenth Century, M. de Borchgrave,

RGen. Color in the Word, E. Madeley, NC. Colorado, How Women Vote in, Mary C. C. Bradford, Pear. Commerce and Labor, New Department of, F. Emory, WW. Compromise, The Foe of, W. G. Brown, Atlant; Fort. Concord and Lexington, F. B. Sanborn, Ed. Congress, Some More Humors of, F. E. Leupp, Cent. Consumers' Leagues in America, Henriette J. Brunhes,

Refs, March 15. Consumptives, Indigent, Treatment of, F. Mangini, RPar,

March 15. Cookery, Flamboyant Period in, Elizabeth R. Pennell, Corn. Copyright Laws, Our Archaic, S. J. Elder, ALR. Corporations, National Control of, W. S. Logan, ALR. Cortelyou, George Bruce, D. S. Barry, WW. Cost Keeping for Moderate-Sized Shops, K. Falconer, Eng. Country, The Return to the -I., Making a Summer Home;

II., Wilderness Lodges, E. E. Holman, O. Cruiser, Making a, Out of a Ship's Longboat, A. J. Kenealy, 0. Crusades, Devotional Study of the, J. A. B. Scherer, Luth. Cures and Humbugs of Europe, Famous, J. Ralph, Cos. Dahlia, The New Life in the, CLA. Dalny, a Fiat-City, C. Cary, Scrib. Danger, Sense of, and the Fear of Death, G. R. Wilson, Mon. Dante, Quoting of, P. Bellezza, Ras N, March. Davidson, Dr. Randall, C. T. Bateman, YW. Dead Letter Office, Joanna N. Kyle, Over, March. Death, Legend of, Among the Bretons, A. Le Braz, Int. Democracy and Political Parties, E. B. Smith, Dial, March 16. Democracy or Autocracy-Which? J. W. Bennett, Arena. Des Cartes and the Philosophy of the French Revolution, G.

McDermot, ACQR. Dickens' "American Notes,” “Martin Chuzzlewit,” and “A

Tale of Two Cities," and Their Contemporary Critics, A

B. Maurice, Bkman. Dickens, Thackeray and, Friendship of, G. R. Miller, Mun. Disease, Physiological Immunity from, C. Snyder, Harp. Diseases, Preventable Respiratory, J. 0. Cobb, San. Disinfecting Stations, Floating, D. A. Willey, CasM. Dogs: The Airedale Terrier, J. Watson, CLA. Domestic Servant, A College Woman's Experiences as a

II., Lillian Pettengill, Ev. Drama, French, Development of the, B. Matthews, Int. Drama, Literary Critics and the, H. A. Jones, NineC. Drama of To-Day, Makers of the, B. Matthews, Atlant. Drama : The Popular Play, J. T. Smith, ACQR. Dramatic Realism, Modern, Fannie H. Gaffney, Arena. Duel, The, in Germany and Austria, R. C. B. von Echt,

NineC. Easter in Many Lands, C. B. Taylor, Ev. Eastern Church, The, NC. Eddy, Mrs. Mary Baker, in Error, “Mark Twain," NAR. Edison, Thomas A.: How He Makes His Phonographs, W. B.

Northrop, LeisH. Education : see also Kindergarten. Biography in the Schools, D. R. Major and T. H. Haines,

Pops. Civil-Service Reform Principles in Education, Lucy M.

Salmon, EDR. Co-Educated Girls, Ten, Two Hundred Years Ago, Mrs.

H. M. Plunkett, Scrib. College, American, A Weakness in, C. F. Thwing, Lamp. Educational Outlook, O. H. Lang, Forum. Educators I Have Known, J. M. Greenwood, EDR. English, Teaching of, E. K. Broadus, Ed. English Popular Schools, F. W. Smith, Ed. Geometry, Psychological and Logical in, J. Dewey, EDR. Hour's Work Done by School Children, G. Bellei, EdR. Indústrial Training in Rural Schools, A. Bayliss, Kind. Latin and Greek, Education in, C. Woeste, ŘGen. Literature, American, and the High Schools, J. M. Berdan, Arena.

Moral Education in Public Schools, W. H.P. Faunce, EDR.
New York, School No. 1 in, A. R. Dugmore, WW.
Normal School, Passing of the, W. G. Chambers, Ed.
Physical Education in the Universities, A. Mosso, Revue,

April 1.
Rome, Public Elementary Schools of, J. F. Reigart, EDR.
Scholastic Profession, Prospects in the, Corn.
Seven-Year Course of Study for Ward School Pupils, J.M.

Greenwood, Ed. Southern College Curriculum, E. M. Banks, Meth. Southern Education, The Old and the New in, D. E. Cloyd,

AMRR. Teaching, Talent Versus Training in, J. M. Rice, Forum. Women, Higher Education of, C. de Garmo, EDR. Electric Motor, Development and Use of the Small, F. M.

Kimball, Eng. Electric Traction on Steam Railways, A. D. Adams, CasM. Electrical Developments in Russia, T. E. Heenan, CasM. Electricity: Alternating Current for Light and Power,

C. F. Scott, CasM. Electricity, Healing by, J. H. Girdner, Mun. Emerson, Ralph Waldo: His Correspondence with Herman

Grimm, Atlant. Employer's Obligation to Pay a Living Wage, J. A. Ryan,

Cath. "Encyclopædia Biblica" and the Gospels, A. N. Jannaris,

Contem. Energetics, Theory of, J. G. Hibben, Mon. England: see Great Britain. England, Haunted Roads in the West of, R. Carnsew, Temp. Ethics, Utilitarian, Domain of, G. L. Roberts, IJE. Evangelism, New Era in, D. R. Breed, PTR. Expatriation: Right of the American Citizen to Expatriate,

G. B. Slaymaker, ALR. Fame, Posthumous and Contemporary, Dial, April 1. Far East, England and Russia in the, F. A. Ogg, Chaut. “Farm Colonies," Minnie J. Reynolds, CLA. Farm Colony at Hadleigh, England, Countess of Warwick,

NineC. Farmer, The New England, H. C. Merwin, Ev. Farms, French, A. Girard, Arch. Fencing and Fencers, Stage, K. Bellew, 0. Fencing, Art of, T. Lowther, NatR. Ferns, Native, for Shady Places. W. H. Taplin, CLA. Financial Affairs, A. D. Noyes, Forum. Finland, Situation in, I. A. Hourwich, JPEcon, March. Fire Walkers of Fiji, W. Burke, FrL. Fish Commission, United States, C. H. Stevenson, NAR. Fiske, John, as a Popular Historian, H. M. Stephens, WW. Flamingoes in the Bahamas, 0. Flood, What the Bible Teaches Concerning the, G. F.

Wright, Hom. Florida, A Ship-Canal Across, Leonora B. Ellis, NatM. Flowers, Hardy Border, W. Falconer, CLA. Folk-Song: Its Influence Upon Classical Music, L. C. Elson,

Int. Football, College, Accidents from, E. G. Dexter, EDR. Foreign Affairs, A. M. Low, Forum. Forest, How to Tell Direction in, and on Prairie, H. Kep

hart, o.
Forest, The-IV., On Making Camp, S. E. White, Out.
Forestry, Railroads and, J. Gifford,'ww.
Fort Riley, Kansas, Great New Camping and Exercise

Ground at, L. L. Driggs, Mun.
Fox, William Copp, the 'Saukee Poet, J. L. Wright, Era.

Agricultural Associations, E. de Ghélin, RGen.
André, General, Ministry of, E. Mayer, BU.
Nancy, The "Good Shepherd " at, L. J. Maxse, NatR.
National Assembly, American Precedents in the, H. E.

Bourne, AHR.
Press, The French, E. Pierret, Refs, March 1.
Fur Seal as an International Issue, G. A. Clark, and D. S. Jor-

dan, Int. Garden and Park, E. Schoen, Crafts. Garden, Next Summer's, E. E. Rexford, Lipp. Garden, Water, A Beginner's, C. F. Barber, CLA. Gardening, Market, in Vacant Lots, Jane A. Stewart, CLA. Gardens, English Pleasure, A. C. David, Arch. Gas, Natural,--the Ideal Fuel, J. T. Murphy, Cath. Geometry, Foundations of, P. Carus, Mon. Germany:

Austria, Germany and, 1898-1900, G. Goyau, RDM, March 15. German-American “ Most Favored Nation" Relations,

G. M. Fisk, JPEcon, March. Navy, Evolution of the E. Lockroy, RDM, April 1. Policy of Emperor William, Fort. Political and Social Methods, German, W. von Schier

brand, WW. Golf Ball, Flight of a, F. Broadbent, Str. Golf: Why It Has Improved, H. Hilton, O. Goodwin, N. C., J. E. McCann, FrL. Gorky, Maxime, G. Savitch, Revue, March 15. Gospel Miracles and Modern Thought, J. B. Thomas, Hom. Granger Acts, Effects of the, C. R. Detrick, JPEcon, March. Great Britain : see also South Africa.

Army Corps, Six, H. Cust, NatR.

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Army: The Times and the Parliamentary Critics, Contem. By-Elections and Liberal Prospects, J. Shirley, West. Churchmen and Disestablishment, O. D. Watkins, Contem. Corn-Growing in British Countries, E. J. Dyer, NineC. Education Crisis, J. Bourdeau, RDM, March 15. Education Schemes, New, D. L. George, Contem. England, Depopulated, W. Stevens, LeisH. Finances, Imperial, and Budget Prospects, BankL. Germany, Relations with, Contem. Irish Land Laws, A. Miller, NineC. Irish Land Question, M. McD. Bodkin, Fort. Labor Party, Independent, J. K. Hardie, NineC. Liberal Eclipse, J. S. Mills, Fort. Liberalism and Labor, H. J. Darnton-Fraser, West. Licensing Question, Position of the, R. Hunter, NineC. Municipal Trading, The Case for, R. Donald, Contem. Naval Base, New, and Russian Designs, K. Blind, West. Old Age Pensions and Military Service, S. Low, Fort. Railway Monopoly at Work, F. Stopford, NatR. War Otice: Past, Present, and to Come, A Griffiths, Fort. Hale House Farm: An Experiment with Boys, G. W. Lee,

NEng. Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, A. E. Gibson, Arena. Havemeyer, Henry Osborne, R. N. Burnett, Cos. Hawaii, Coffee Culture in, J. L. McClelland, Over, March. Health Made and Preserved by Daily Exercise, B. Mac

Fadden, Cos. Henequen--the Yucatan Fiber, E. H. Thompson, NatGM. Henry I.'s Writ Regarding the Local Courts, G. B. Adams,

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