Gambar halaman

Christian Science, Mrs. Eddy's Relation to, W. D. Mc

Cracken, NAR. Christian Unions of Young People, E. Sautter, Refs, Febru

ary 16. Church Influence, Passing of, D. Mowry, Arena. Cimabue, The Real, L. Douglas, Ninec. Citizenship, American Aim as to, A. Bierbower, ww. City's Business District, Street Plan of a, C. M. Robinson,

Arch. Coal, Green, G. Caye, Revue, February 15. Coal Strike Hearings, Yale, February Columbus Codex, A, H. Putnam, Crit. Commune, Recollections of the, G. Toudouze, Nou, Febru.

ary 1 and 15. Confucius, E. Chavanne, RPar, February 15. Congress, Humors of, F. E. Leupp, Cent. Cook Books, Old, Conceits from the, Elizabeth R. Pennell, Ev. Cooperative Undertakings of Danish Craftsmen, Yale. Cortelyou, George Bruce, H. B. F. Macfarland, AMRR. Cost Keeping for Moderate-Sized Shops, W. Magrutor, Eng. Country Home, Why and How I Made My, W.c. Egan, CLA. Coursing as a Sport, A. Coke, PMM. Court of Equity,-A Theory of Its Jurisdiction, C. P. Camp

bell, GBag. Cremation, Barbarity of, A. M. Cornelio, RasN, February 16. Cretan Exhibition, D. G. Hogarth, Corn. Crete Under the Venetians, 1204-1669, W. Miller, Gent. Criminals, Professional, Crusade Against, R. Anderson,

Ninec. Cuba, Military Government of, L. Wood, Annals. Cuba, Opening of the New Railroad in, J. W. Davies, Gunt. Currency Reform, Importance of, C. N. Fowler, Gunt. Curzon, Lord, Career of, G. Peel, NatR. Czar Alexander III., At the Coronation of the, Mary K.

Waddington, Serib. Darwin, Charles, Hitherto Unpublished Letters of, PopS. Dawes, Henry Laurens, G. P. Morris, AMRR. Delhi Durbar: A Retrospect, Black. Dill, James Brooks, W.J. Boies, Cos. Diseases, Preventable, in the State of New York, San. Dismal Swamp, In the, F. Street, FrL. Divorce Question: A Symposium, Revue, March 1. Dog Breeding in America, J. Watson, O. Domestic Servant, A College Woman's Experiences as a

I., Lillian lettengill, Ev.
Drama, Future of the, B. Matthews, Bkman.
Drama in the Eighteenth Century, B. Matthews, SR, Janu-

Drama, The Unactable, B. Matthews, Lamp.
Drew, John, F. S. Hoppin, Jr., FrL.
Drouet, Juliette, L. Séché, R Par, February 15.
Durbar, At the, G. Peel, Corn.
Dust and Disease, A. N. Bell, San.
East, The Outlook to the, O. L. Triggs, SR, January.
Eclipses, Notes on Ancient, W. H. S. Monck, Popa.
Education: see also Kindergarten.

American Education, Impressions of, M. E. Sadler, EDR.
Carnegie Institution of Washington, D. C. Gilman, ww.
Commercial Work in the School, E. L. Robinson, Ed.
Compulsory Education, Beginnings in, J. W. Perrin, EdR.
English, Conflicting Ideals in the Teaching of, W. E.

Mead, EDR. Ethical Education in American Schools, H. T. Mark,

Revue, February 15. Freedom, Academic, in Theory and in Practice-II., A. T.

Hadley, Atlant.
Hygiene, School, in the Training School, Caroline T.

Haven, KindR.
Keller, Helen, and Education, Agnes C. See, Mind.
Manual Training, Influence of the Jews on, J. H. Leiser,

Manual Training, Moral Value of-V., B. T. Washington,

Ev. Manual Training, Recent Developments in, H. Diemer, Ed. Moral Training of Children, E. H. Griggs, LHJ. Parents, Trained, Ellen L. Wyman, Kind. Philosophy: Its Relation to Graduate Studies, J. G.

Hibben, EdR. Physique of the English Schoolboy, J. H. Vines, West. Professions, Education for, R. H. Thurston, Pops. Public-School Teaching as a Profession, W. McAndrew,

WW. Religious and Moral Education, Convention for the Im

provement of, Kind. Religious Education as part of General Education, G. A.

Co6, Kind. Schoolhouses, Widening the Use of, S. Baxter, WW. Supervision of Public Schools, M. A. Tucker, Ed. Electric Transmission Lines, A. D. Adams, CasM. Elephant Catchers, S. F. Whitman, Ev. Eliot, George, The Country of, W. Sharp, PMM. Engineer, Business Training for the, A. C. Humphreys,

England: see Great Britain.
England, Tercentenary of the Annexation of, R. S. Rait,

Ethics, Modern, Rationalism in, D. Irons, Phil.

Evolution, The New Thought and, H. Wood, Mind.
Excavating and Dredging Machinery, A. W. Robinson, Eng.
Explorers, A School for, W. Fitzgerald, Pear.
Factory Grounds, Landscape Improvement of, W. H. Man.

ning, Socs.
Fiction, Battles in, Eveline C. Godley, NatR.
Fiction, Music in, C. W. James, BL.
Fiction, Sanity in, H. Garland, NAR.
Fiction : The Decline of the Heroine, Anne O'Hagan, Mun.
Financial Despots and Freebooters, WW.
Financial Outlook, Our Present, F. A. Cleveland, Annals.
Fireman, London, In Training as a, F. Dolman, Cass.
Fish, Edible, J. Scott, YM.
Fishing Through Ice, M. Woodward, Pear.
Football Crowds in England, M. R. Roberts, Cass.
Forests, Southern, Saving the, O. W. Price, WW.
Fossil Man of Lansing, Kansas, S. W. Williston, Pops.
Foundry Management--IV. R. Buchanan, Eng.
France, Religious Congregations in, A. Leroy-Beaulieu,

RDM, March 1. Franchises, Question of, G. C. Sikes, Atlant. French Republican Leaders and European Peace, K. Blind,

West. Gamblers, River, of Old Steamboat Days, G. W. Ogden, Ev. Game, Big, of Western Alaska, Hunting the-III., J. H.

Kidder, O. Gardening: Annuals, Novel Method of Growing, Hattie L. Knight,

CLA. Back Yard, Improvement of the, W. E. Britton, CLA. Flower Garden, The Home, L. H. Bailey, CLA. Formal Garden: How to Make One at a Moderate Cost,

W. H. Manning, CLA. Japanese Garden in an American Yard, W. Verbeck, CLA. Notes, Practical, for the Amateur-A Symposium, CLA. Roses, Pruning, B. M. Watson, CLA. School-Gardens, L. H. Bailey, and Jean E. Davis, CLA. Shrubbery, Home Propagation of, F. H. Sweet, CLA.

Vegetable Garden, The Home, T. Greiner, CLA.

Affairs in Germany, W.C. Dreher, Atlant.
Coal and Iron Combinations, A. E. Sa yous, QJEcon.
Colonial Ambitions, German, and Anglo-Saxon Interests,

0. Eltzbacher, Fort. Kaiser, Multiplex Personality of the ("The Kaisers"),

Sea, Germany on the, W. L. Marvin, AMRR.
South America, German Interests in, F. A. Ogg, WW.

South America, German Policy in, W. B. Duffield, MonR.
Gladiator, The Modern, R. Edgren, O.
God, The Being of, G. T. Ladd, Phil.
Goethe and Italy-II., A. de Gubernatis, Deut, February.
Goethe and Nietzsche, E. Faguet, Revue, March 1.
Great Britain : see also South Africa.
Admiralty, Lord Selbourne and the-III., J. S. Corbett,

MonR. Admiralty Scheme, E. R. Fremantle, and C. C. P. Fitz

Gerald, USM. Army Reform, Some Elements of, USM. Clergy and the Education Act, NatR. Colonial Conference at London, E. Dubois, RGen. Corn Laws, Effects of the, G. L. Molesworth, NineC. Educational Struggle in England, G. Simmons, Cath. Electoral Machine, W. B. Hodgson, West. England and the Black Races, S. Gwynn, Fort. England's Power, Agitation Against, A. Vambéry, NineC. Free Trade and Its Critics, A. Č. Pigou, Fort. Housing Question in 1903, F. Thomasson, West. Imperial Federation, T. B. Strange, USM. Imperial Policy, L. G. C. Laughton, USM. Irish Land Measure, Final, NatR. Laborer and the Law, R. B. Haldane, Contem. Legislation in 1902, E. Porritt, Yale, February. National Defense Movement, Opposition to the, West. Naval Supremacy of Great Britain, A. S. Hurd, CasM. North Sea, England's Position in the, T. Moody, Fort. Order of Merit, D. Story, Mun. Oxford Tory, Lament of an, E. Cadogan, NatR. Political Pledges, G. C. T. Bartley, NatR. Poverty of an English Town, D. I. Green, Yale, February. Social Reform : The Obligation of the Tory Party, J. Gorst,

NineC. Greek Attitude Toward Athletics, and Pindar, W. C. Law

ton, SR, January. Grolier, Jean, Library of, W. Y. Fletcher, BL. Hammurabi, Recently Discovered Civil Code of, C. F. Kent,

Bib; G. H. Schodde, Hom. Hampstead, England, A. Colton, Harp. Happiness, Causes and Conditions of, H. Cowell, Mind. Hapsburg Monarchy, Austro-Hungary Leaders on the, N.

Banffy, S. R. von Starzynski, and M. A. Gerothwohl,

Harriman, Edward Henry, R. N. Burnett, Cos.
Hebrew Patriarchs, Historicity of the, A. H. Sayce, Hom.
Heredity in Royalty, Mental and Moral-VIII., F. A. Woods,

Herschel, Caroline, Elsie A. Dent, PopA.

Hill, Rowland, Preaching of, E. S. Tipple, MethR.
Hindu, The "Heathen," B. P. Bhárati, Mind.
History, The Writing of, A. T. Mahan, Atlant.
Holland : Notes Made in a Dutch Village, D. Bates, LeisH.
Home, The Selection of a, C. A. Martin, Cos.
Homes of Working People, D. A. Tompkins, CasM.
Horses: The American Trotter, G. Beever, Bad.
Hotel, Modern, Workings of a, A. B. Paine, ww.
Human Personality After Death, A. Lang, MonR.
Hymns of Our Grandmothers, A. E. Caffee, Era, February.
Hypno-Suggestion as a Therapeutic Agent, H. G. Petersen,

Hypnotism, Dr. Milne-Bramwell and, H. Begbie, PMM.
Ice-Boating on Toronto Bay, J. M. Jackson, Can.
Iceland, An Isle of Fire and Blood, Sophie L. MacIntosh,

Bad. Immigrant Station on Ellis Island, J. A. Riis, Cent. Improvement Societies, Rural and Village, E. E. Rexford,

Lipp. India, Money and Prices in, R. Murray, BankL. India, Princes of, M. G. White, Mun. Indians, Moki, and Their Snake Dance, 0. P. Phillips, Era,

February. Indians, Reservation, Practical Help for, W. H. Chapple,

NatM. Industrial Problems, American, BankL. Infantry Attack, Lessons from the Boer War for, Lieuten

ant-Colonel Lindenau, JMSI. Initiative and Referendum in Oregon, W. S. U'Ren, Arena. Insanity and Morality, W. R. MacDermott, West. Insurance as a Profession, C. F. Thwing, Cos. Intellectual Communism, Sara Y. Stevenson, Lipp. Ireland, The Chance in, H. W. Nevinson, Contem. Ireland, Vision of Spiritual Hope for, H. E. O'Keeffe, Cath. Irrigation : Our Arid Eldorado, A. Jacobson, Gunt. Italian Popolino-II., H. Aubert, BU. Italy: How to See Italy on Three Hundred Dollars, Virginia

Butler, Era, February. Italy, Modern, Importance of Social Service for, Countess

Salazar, Socs. Italy, Modern Pastoral in, E. M. Cesaresco, Contem. Italy, Southern, Problem of, G. Frascara, NA, February 1. Japan, Constitutional Government in, E. W. Clement, An

nals. Japan, Women of, A. F. White, YW. Jerome, Jerome K., G. B. Burgin, yW. Job, The Book of, G. D. Sparks, SR, January. Journalism, F. A. Munsey, Mun. Journalism, American Undergraduate, L. G. Price, Bkman. Judicature, Federal, Century of--III., Van V. Veeder, G Bag. Kindergarten: Cutting, Katherine Beebe, KindR. Froebel's Shadow Plays, M. M. Glidden, KindR. Froebel's Traveling Box of Gifts and Occupations, Kind. Social Nature and Needs of the Child, C. McKenny, Kind.

Story, Function of the-II., Mrs. M. D. Bradford, Kind. “King Richard II.," A.C. Swinburne, Harp. Labor Organizations, Rights and Methods of, A. S. Bolles,

NAR. Labor, Progressive Non-Union, at the Baldwin Locomotive

Works, J. W. Converse, CasM. Land Agent and Farmer, Profession of, Corn. Law and Human Progress, W. Clarke, Arena. Le Conte, Joseph,-A Great Teacher, A. Lewis, Ed. Legal Penalties and Public Opinion, J. Hawthorne, NAR. Legislation, Political and Municipal, in 1902, R. H. Whitten,

Annals. Leo XIII., the Great White Shepherd of Christendom, Cath. Letters, Significance of-I., The Vowel "A," B. Sparhawk,

Mind. Levitical City, Excavation of a, C. W. Wilson, MonR. Life-Saving Service: Heroes of the Surf, J. R. Spears, Out. Lincoln, Abraham, Personal Recollections of, J. M. Scovel,

Living, Mere, More Joy in, Caroline L. Hunt, Chaut.
Lockwood, Belva A.: How I Ran for the Presidency, NatM.
Locomotives, Abnormal British, C. Rous-Marten, Cas M.

Education Authority, New, E. L. Stanley, NineC.
London the Step-Mother, and the Stranger Within Her

Gates, W. T. Stead, RRL.
Police, London, Evelyn Ansell, West.
Police Methods, "Josiah Flynt," NAR.
Port of London, Trinity House and the, E. P. Edwards,

NatR. Unemployed, Problem of the, W. Carlile. Corn. Longfellow's “King Robert of Sicily," Antecedents of, H.

Edgren, AQ. Los Angeles, California, H. Wright, NatM. Lumber Industry of the Pacific Coast, A. Hovey - King,

AMRR. Lunatics, Mild, Treatment of, A. Lefèvre, RPar, February 1. Macedonia and Its Revolutionary Committees, G. F. Abbott,

NineC. Macedonian Reform, NatR. Macedonia, Reign of Terror in, E. J. Dillon, Contem. Machine Shop Progress, Decade of, E. H. Sanborn, CasM.

Magnien, Rev. Alphonse L., M. F. Foley, Cath.
Man, Antiquity of, J. K. Richardson, Hom.
Mankind in the Making-VI., Schooling, H. G. Wells, Cos;

Man's Place in the Universe, A. R. Wallace, Fort.
Manufacturers, American, Success of, J. F. Fraser, NineC.
Marconi's Cape Cod Station, F. W. Jones, NEng.
Marionettes: Living Liliputians, W. Pain, Str.
Marionettes and Puppet Shows, E. C. Peixotto, Scrib.
Markham, Edwin, Cowboy and Poet, C. H. Garrett, Era,

February. Maryland Tea Party, J. E. Tuttle, NEng. Mathematics, Correlation of, w. s. Jackman, EDR. Mazzini, Giuseppe, B. 0. Flower, Arena. Medicine and Surgery, Recent Advances in, A. T. Bristow,

WW. Men, High-Grade: In College and Out, E. G. Dexter, Pops. Metals More Precious than Gold, Cham. Methodist Board of Church Extension, G. Adams, MethR. Methodist Episcopal Church, "Twenty - Million - Dollar

Fund” of the, J. M. Buckley, AMRR. Methodist Prayer Book, D. A. Goodsell, MethR. Mexico, the Richest Mineral Storehouse, S. G. Andrus, NatM. Mexico's Wonder Plant, J. O. Licey, Era, February. Military Psychology, Dr. Campeano, JMSI. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, W.F. Hooker, NatM. Mines, Metalliferous, Management of, A. Williams, Jr., Eng. Missions : Africa, Central, Some Peculiarities of the Natives of,

DeW.C. Snyder, MisR. Africa, South, A Tuskegee Institute in, MisR. Ahmednagar, One Center of Christian Influence in India,

R. A. Hume, MisH. Australian Revival, Genesis of the, W. Warren, MisR. Central America, Unknown Land of, A. E. Bishop, MisR. Challenge of God to the Church, A. T. Pierson, MisR. Evangelizing the Young Men of Non-Christian Lands,

F. W. Anderson, MisR. India, Growth of Protestant Missions in, Mis H. India, Some Interesting Institutions in, C. B. Ward, MisR. Insane in Syria, Work Among the, MisR. Library, Foreign Missionary, Belle M. Brain, MisR. Madras Missionary Conference, J. T. Gracey, MisR. Mission of the Living Waters, New York City, J. A. Rich

ards, MisR. Mormon Town, Recent Observations in a, S. M. Forman,

MisR. Mormonism, Menace of, MisR. Quarrier Orphan Homes in Scotland, F. B. Pierson, MisR. Rescue Work in London Slums, T. Paul, MisR. Monte Carlo, W. Muir, Cass; H. S. Maxim, NatR. Montluel, France, L. J. Markoe, Cath. Moon, Glimpses at the, A. D. Austin, Leis H. Mormon Hierarchy, Aims and Methods of the, S. E. Wish

ard, Hom. Morocco: Ancient Morocco, H. de Castries, RDM, February 15. Moroccan Question, E. Maxey, Arena; J. Becker, EM,

February Morocco, V. Bérard, RPar, February 15. Sultan of Morocco, RPar, February 1. Sultan of Morocco, and His Present Troubles, T. Williams,

AMRR. Tetuan, the Alhambra of Morocco, E. A. Reynolds-Ball,

Cham. Morris, William, the Happiest of the Poets, W. B. Yeats,

Fort. Mosaic Law, F. Delitzsch, Deut, February. Motors and the Roads, E. P. Wilberforce, Bad. Municipal Art in Baltimore, T. Marburg, SocS. Municipal Movements, Nationalization of, C. R. Woodruff,

Annals. Musicians, Eccentric, J. F. Rowbotham, Str. Napoleon, The Young--II., Viscount Wolseley, Cos; PMM. Natural History, Real and Sham, J. Burroughs, Atlant. Natural Science: Is It Self-Contradictory? C. Richardson,

West. Nature, Mysterious Beings in, G. C. Nuttall, Pear. Naval Engineer, British, C. M. Johnston, Eng. Naval Strength of the United States, G. W. Melville, NAR. Navy, The New American-V., J. D. Long, Out. Navy, United States, on the Pacific Coast, 1847, JMSI. Nervous Diseases and Their Treatment, Dr. Engelmann,

Deut, February. Netherlands, Agricultural Education in the, J. C. Medd,

Ninec. New England Coast, Early Explorations of the, H. Asko

with, NEng.
New England in Colonial Literature, M. P. Sellers, NEng.
New Mexico, A. E. Winship, NatM.
New York City:

American Metropolis, New York as the, Arch.
Dutch Founding of the City-II., T. A. Janvier, Harp.
Literary Landmarks-VIII., C. Hemstreet, Crit.
New York at Night, A. Hewitt, Out.
Twentieth Century City, The, J. Corbin, Scrib.
Nile Reservoir, The New, F. C. Penfield, NAR.

Nitrogen in Forest Soil, R. G. Zon, Pops.
Nobel Peace Prizes and the Norwegian Judges, By One of

the Recipients, Deut.
Norris, Frank, Work of, H. Garland, Crit.
North Pole, Martyrs of the, Marquis de Nadaillac, Deut.
North Pole, Truth About the, A. F. White, YM.
Northwest, The Great, R. S. Baker, Cent.
Novel, American, Tendencies of the, J. M. Bulloch, Lamp.
Novel, Short Story in the, Isabel Moore, Crit.
Novel, The, and the Short Story, Gertrude Atherton, Bkman.
Novels, Famous, and Their Contemporary Critics-I., “Un-

cle Tom's Cabin," A. B. Maurice, Bkman. Observatory site, Far Search by American Astronomers for

an, W. H. Pickering, Çent. Occupations in Their Relation to the Tariff, E. Atkinson,

QJEcon, February. Ohio,

A Hundred Years of, C. M. Harvey, WW. Old Testament, Ethical Teaching of the-II., G. R. Berry,

Bib. Opera Makers of To-day, G. Minkowsky, Mun. Oranges in Florida, How to Grow, H. J. Webber, CLA. Oxford University, Needs of, Black. Orient, American Trade Routes to the, H. Emerson, Eng. Oxford University, Restoration of, J. H. F. Peile, MonR. Pacific Ocean, Discoveries on the Floor of the, W. E. Meehan,

FrL. Pacific Ocean: Routes to the Orient, H. Emerson, Eng. Paris, Thirty Years in, J. G. Alger, Fort. People's Rule Versus the Rule of the Corporations, B. 0.

Flower, Arena. Persia and the Persians of Our Day-III., M. Delines, BU. Pests and Perils, Modern, A. S. Atkinson, NEng. Petra, The Second High Place at, F. E. Hoskins, Bib. Philippines : Education in the Philippines, F. W. Nash, EdR; T. de

Lagune, Gunt. Moro Princess, A, Harriet A. Febiger, Scrib. Negros, The Course of Law and Status of Politics in, W.F.

Norris, February. Philippines, What One Eats in the, A. W. Greely, LHJ. Religious Question, RasN, February 1.

Tariff, Philippine, T. M. Patterson, Out. Philosophical Association, American, Proceedings of the

Second Meeting of the Phil. Philosophy and Its Correlations, A. T. Ormond, Phil. Philosophy and Science, J. T. Driscoll, NAR. Photography: Bromide Prints, Conversion of, into Platinum, C. W. Som

erville, WPM, February. Carbon Transparencies, How to Make, A.J.Jarman, CDR. Chicago Salon, Third, C. E. Fairman, PhoT, February. Child Photography, N. Aukerman, Phot, February. Clouds in Landscapes, R. Melville, WPM, February. Color Photography on Paper, WPM, February: Detective, Photography as a, P. Clare, WPM, February. Development-III., F. Voitier, CDR. Enlargements, Bromide, C. W. Somerville, WPM, Feb

Gum-Bichromate Process, C. Moss, WPM, February.
Hewitt Mercury Vapor Lamp. WPM, February.
Interior Photography by Gaslight, P. Uhlich, ČDR.
Lantern Slide Work, J. P. St. Clair, CDR.
Negative Filing, Method of, W. D. McGlennan, CDR.
Night Photography in New York City, A. Hewitt, Out.
Ozotype Printing, Latest in, WPM, February.
Photo-Micrography, Electric Arc Light in, W. H. Walms-

ley, Phot, February,
Portraits of Women, J. A. Tennant, WPM, February.
Printing Processes-- II., Silver Papers, F. Leach, CDR.
Stereoscope, Plea for the, S. Merrill, PhoT, February.

Women Photographers, Notable English, Cass.
Poe (Edgar Allan) Revival, Mrs. E. N. Morgan, BL.
Poe, Edgar Allan, The Truth About, E. L. Didier, BL.
Poets of Ancient Greece, Nature-Love Among the, J. V.

Cheney, NEng. Police Methods in London, "Josiah Flynt," NAR. Police Systems of Europe, A. D. Andrews, Cos. Polygamy in the United States-Has It Political Signifi

cance? J. Smith, NAR. Porto Rico, Native Literature of, Cora F. Morrow, BL. Poultry and Pet Stock Shows, W. B. Ashley, 0. Poverty as a Character Builder, Gunt. Powell, John Wesley-IV., The Explorer, Mrs. M. D. Lin

coln, Oc. Power, Electric and Compressed Air, J.J. Flather, CasM. Power-Transmission, Long-Distance, in Canada, T. C. Mar

tin, AMRR. Preacher and the Poet, W. A. Quayle, MethR. Prison Labor, Problems of, T. Hopkins, LeisH. Profit-Sharing Plan of the United States Steel Corporation,

W. Wellman, AMRR. Profit-Sharing Plans That Represent High-Handed Plun

der, B. O. Flower, Arena. Prussians in 1813, G. Cavaignac, RDM, February 15. Psalm 8: An Interpretation, H. Gunkel, Bib. Punch, Predecessors and Contemporaries of-III., F.C. Bur

nand, PMM,

Quarrier Orphan Homes in Scotland, F. B. Pierson, MisR.
Quebec, Montgomery's Struggle for, J. H. Smith, Cent.
Quotations Misquoted, R. L. C. White, Lamp.
Race, The Coming, in America, G. Michaud, and F. H. Gid.

dings, Cent. Railway Station-Master in England, Gertrude Bacon, Leis H. Railway Subsidies in Canada and the United States, J. E.

Le Rossignol, Can. Railways, British, Waking

Up, W. R. Lawson, Contem. Rampolla, Cardinal, Nou, February 15. Reform Movements, Basis of Present, J. T. Young, Annals. Reform, Results of, H. J. Ford, Annals. Reincarnation, N. Harischandra, NineC. Religion, Governmental Recognition of, P. Milburn, MethR. Religious Truth, Scientific Training and, J. M. Wilson, Con

tem. Residual Claimant Theory of Distribution, J. H. Hollander,

QJEcon, February. Revivals: Are They Out of Date? D. J. Burrell, Hom. Rhine, The German, P. Léon, RPar, February 1 and 15. Ritschl, Theology of, G. B. Stevens, MethR. Roberts, Percival, Jr., Sketch of, J. Christie, CasM. Roland, Madame, Philosophy of, Eleanor Boswell, Gent. Roman Catholic Sisterhoods in America, J. T. Smith, Mun. Roman Forum, Recent Discoveries in the, G. Boni, Harp. Roosevelt, President, The Man of Duty, F. Moore, PMM. Roosevelt, Theodore : His Early Days in the Wild West, F.

Moore, Cass. Russia Judged by an Englishman, R. Wassia, Nou, Febru

ary 1. Russian Liberalism, Revival of, F. Volkhovsky, Contem. Russian Village Industries, T. Bentzon, RDM, February 15. St. Louis, The Shamelessness of, L. Steffens, McCl. St. Petersburg, Recollections of a Diplomat at, 1860-1865,

Count Revertera, Deut. Salem, Ancient (Massachusetts), R. S. Rantoul, Ed. Sardine Industry of Concarneau, G. Deviloaine, Refs, Feb

ruary 1. Sargent Home, Near Boston, W. Miller, CLA. Saybrook (Connecticut) Sketches, Old, M. Louise Greene,

NEng. Scientific Training and Religious Truth, J. M. Wilson, Con

tem. Servants and Service in Eighteenth Century, Violet A.

Simpson, Corn. Shakespeare: Why He Is Not Understood, WW. Shakespeare's History-VI., Julius Cæsar, J. L. Etty, Mac. Shakespeare's "Love's Labor's Lost," Charlotte Porter and

Helen A. Clarke, AQ.
Shakespeare's Use of the Bible, A. King, Can.
Shipping: Germany on the Sea, w. L. Marvin, AMRR.
Shooting with the king at Sandringham, O.
Siberia, Journey in, A. Bordeaux, RGen.
Silver Problem, Final Stage of the, W.R. Lawson, BankL.
Skating: How to Cut Figures on the Ice, J. F. Bacon, O.
Ski-Running and Ski-Jumping, D. M. M. C. Somerville, Pear.
Slav, Jottings of a Friend of the, L. Leger, BU.
Slovak and the Pole in America, E. A. Steiner, Out.
Snowshoer, Winged, of the North Land, C. Whitney, 0.
Social Force, A Neglected, C. D. Wilson, Chaut.
Social Tendencies in Literature, G. W. Cooke, AQ.
Socialist Systems, E. Fournière, RSoc, February.
Songs, Unpublished Popular, J. Tiersot, Revue, February 15.
South Africa:
Boer Leaders on the Boer War–Kruger, De Wet, Viljoen,

RRM, January.
Chinese and the Labor Question, H. S. Maxim, Fort.
Johannesburg: A Review and Forecast, Cham.

Labor Question, E.J. Dyer, Contem.
South America, German Interests and Tendencies in, F. A.

Ogg, WW. South America, German Policy in, W. B. Duffeld, MonR. South American Waters, Voyage of the Aquidneck in-V.,

J. Slocum, O. Spiritualism: Old and New-III., Adelle W. Wright, Mind. Sport, Humor of-III., A. Thomas, Str. Staël, Mme. de, Salons of, G. Stenger, Nou, February 15. Standard Oil Company, History of the-V., The Price of

Trust Building, Ida M. Tarbell, McCl. Standard Oil Company, Later History of the, G. H. Mon

tague, QJEcon, February. Stars, Variable, New Catalogue of, G. Muller, PopA. Statuary Hall, the American Westminster Abbey, H. Suth

erland, Mun. Steeplechasing, Masters of, Bad. Stuart, Mary, Mystery of-II., N. W. Sibley, West. Sudermann and Hauptmann, and Their Latest Plays, P. H.

Grumann, AQ. Sugar Convention, --A Reply, R. J. Boyd, NatR. Supreme Court of the United States, D. J. Brewer, Scrib. Swift, Dean, Love-Letters of, K. L. Montgomery, Gent. Tarkington, Booth, The Real, Pear. Telegraphy, Electric, Progress of,0. Jentsch, Deut, February. Telegraphy, Wireless, Commercial, L. Perry, WW. Temperature, Critique of the Concept of-II., E. Mach, OC. Teresa de Cepeda, Annie Fields, Atlant. Thackeray, An Estimate of, J. D. Bruce, SR, January.

Theater in France at the Time of Corneille, Racine, and Vol. Village Improvement Societies, Work of, F. G. Ford, Socs. taire, F. Funck-Brentano, Deut.

Villon, François, A New Life of, H. D. Davray, MonR. Theater, The First Night at the, F. E. Fyles, FrL.

Vital Statistics, Coöperation Essential to Progress in, C. L. Theosophy at Home, P. Loti, RDM, February 15.

Wilbur, San. Thiers, M., in 1871, E. Peyron, RSoc, February.

Volcanic Action, Theories of, NatGM. Tobacco Trust, The So-called, G. B. Fife, Cent.

Walker, Robert J., G. J. Leftwich, G Bag. Tobacco War, The, E. Mayo, FrL.

War, Aims and Methods in, USM. Toledo, Ohio, K. O'Dwyer, NatM.

War of 1812-III., J. Hanney, Can. Tolstoy, Count Leo, Visit to the Home of, E. J. Steiner, Chaut. War, Prevention of Enteric Fever in, W. Hill-Climo, USM. Touraine, A Manor in, Mary Duclaux, Contem.

Warfare : Strategy and Tactics in Mountain Ranges--VII., Transvaal: see South Africa.

T. M. Maguire, USM. Traps, Man-, and Spring-Guns, M. Christy, 0.

Washington, George, Private Account Book of, Irma M. Trolley Car System, Marvelous Development of the, S. E. Peixotto, Bkman. Moffett, McCI.

Water Craft of the World, R. I. Geare, NEng. Trollope, Anthony, Re-coming of, Dial, March 1.

Welfare, A Study in the Science of, F. K. Blue, QJEcon. Trowbridge, J. T.: My Own Story-III., Atlant.

White, General Sir Robert, R. Staveley, Temp. "Trusts : " Are They an Enemy of Labor? G. Gunton, Whitman, John L., Jailer of the Cook County Jail, Chicago, BankNY, February.

F. H. Spearman, McCl. Trusts : The New Anti-Trust Law, Gunt.

Wilhelmina, Queen, The Truth About, E. Bok, LHJ. Tunnels, Simplon and Gothard, BU.

William, Emperor, Childhood of the, Temp. Turkey, Conditions in, Cham.

William, Emperor, Orthodoxy of, P. Carus, oC. Turkish Literature, Modern, Dihcer Bey, Revue, March 1. Wilson, Francis, and His Bookish Home, G. Kobbé, LHJ. United States Steel Corporation, Profit-Sharing Plan of the, Woman of Fifty, The, Mrs. W. Woodrow, Cos. W. Wellman, AMRR.

Women, American, in Europe, Lady Randolph Churchill Vancouver and Victoria, C. Hanbury-Williams, Black.

PMM. Venezuela, Glimpse of, D. Gibbons, Pear.

World-Legislature, A., R. L. Bridgman, Atlant.
Venezuelan Affair and the Monroe Doctrine, NAR.

Worship, Christian Idea of, H. D. Atchison, MethR.
Venezuelan Trouble, Questions Out of the, J.C. O'Laughlin, Yachts, Big, of 1903, J. R. Spears, O.

Yale University, Some Literary Instructors of, B. J. Hen. Vermont: Our Tyrol and Its Types, J. Ralph, Harp.

drick, Crit. Vienna Academy of Science, R. F. Williams, Pops.

Young, Maj.-Gen. Samuel B. M., W. H. Carter, Mun. Village Improvement and the Social Conscience, J. Strong, Zangwill, Israel, as I Know Him, G. B. Burgin, Crit. Socs.

Zionism and Socialism, B. G. Richards, Arena. Abbreviations of Magazine Titles used in the Index. [All the articles in the leading reviews are indexed, but only the more important articles in the other magazines.) ACQR. American Catholic Quarterly Ed. Education, Boston.

NC. New-Church Review, Boston. Review, Phila.

EaR. Educational Review, N. Y. NEng. New England Magazine, BosAHR. American Historical Review, Eng. Engineering Magazine, N. Y.

N. Y.
Era. Era, Philadelphia.

Ninec. Nineteenth Century, London. AJS. American Journal of Soci. EM. España Moderna, Madrid.

NAR. North American Review, N.Y. ology, Chicago.

Ev. Everybody's

Magazine, N. Y. Nou. Nouvelle Revue, Paris.
AJT. American Journal of The. Fort. Fortnightly Review, London. NA. Nuova Antologia, Rome.
ology, Chicago.
Forum. Forum, N. Y.

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ALR. American Law Review, St. FrL. Frank Leslie's Monthly, N. Y. 0. Outing, N. Y.

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A MonM.American Monthly Magazine,


OutW. Out West, Los Angeles, Cal.
Washington, D.C.
GBag. Green Bag, Boston.

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cisco. Reviews, N. Y.

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Hartford, Conn.

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N. Y.

Photographic Times-Bulletin,
IJE. International Journal


N. Y. Annals. Annals of the American Acad.

Ethics, Phila.

PSQ. Political Science Quarterly. emy of Pol. and Soc. Science, Int. International Quarterly, Bur


lington, Vt.

PopA. Popular Astronomy, NorthArch. Architectural Record, N. Y. Ints. International Studio, N. Y.

field, Minn, Arena. Arena, N. Y.

JMSI. Journal of the Military Ser Pops. Popular Science Monthly, N.Y. AA. Art Amateur, N. Y.

vice Institution, Governor's

PTR. Princeton Theological Re. AI. Art Interchange, N. Y.

Island, N. Y. H.

view, Phila. AJ. Art Journal, London.

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ics, Boston. Bad. Badminton, London.

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field, Mass.

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Revue. Revue, Paris. Black. Blackwood's Magazine, Edin Lipp. Lippincott's Magazine, Phila. RDM. Revue des Deux Mondes, Paris. burgh.

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RPar. Revue de Paris, Paris, Bkman, Bookman, N. Y.

Long. Longman's Magazine, London. RPP. Revue Politique et ParlemenBP. Brush and Pencil, Chicago. Luth. Lutheran Quarterly, Gettys

taire, Paris. CDR. Camera and Dark Room, N.Y.

burg, Pa.

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Rosary, Somerset, Ohio. Cass. Cassell's Magazine, London. Mac. Macmillan's Magazine, Lon San. Sanitarian, N. Y. CasM. Cassier's Magazine, N. Y.


School. School Review, Chicago. Cath. Catholic World, N.Y. MA. Magazine of Art, London.

Serib. Scribner's Magazine, N. Y. Cent. Century Magazine, N. Y.

Meth. Methodist Quarterly, Nash SR. Sewanee Review, Sewanee, Cham. Chambers's Journal, Edin


MethR. Methodist Review, N. Y.

Socs. Social Service, N. Y.
Chaut. Chautauquan, Springfield, 0. Mind. Mind, N. Y.

Str. Strand Magazine, London. Contem. Contemporary Review, Lon MisH. Missionary Herald, Boston. Temp. Temple Bar, London. don. Mis R. Missionary Review, N. Y.

USM. United Service Magazine, Corn. Cornhill, London. Mon. Monist, Chicago.

London. Cos. Cosmopolitan. N. Y.

Mon R. Monthly Review, London. West. Westminster Review, LonCLA. Country Life in America, N.Y. MunA. Municipal Affairs, N. Y.

don. Crafts. Craftsman, Syracuse, N. Y. Mun. Munsey's Magazine, N. Y.

WPM. Wilson's Photographic MagaCrit. Critic, X. Y. Mus. Music, Chicago.

zine, N. Y. Deut. Deutsche Revue, Stuttgart. NatGM. National Geographic Maga WW. World's Work, N. Y. Dial. Dial, Chicago.

zine, Washington, D. C.

Yale. Yale Review, New Haven. Dub. Dublin Review, Dublin.

NatM. National Magazine, Boston. YM. Young Man, London. Edin. Edinburgh Review, London. NatR. National Review, London. YW. Young Woman, London



The Right Hon. George Wyndham ....Frontispiece

Various Cartoon Comments

541 The Progress of the World

With reproductions from American and foreign jour.

nals. A Notable Anniversary

515 The Mississippi Outlet

515 The Louisiana Purchase Exposition..... 547 A Napoleonic Real Estate Deal


By Frederick M. Crunden. The Boldness of Monroe and Livingston. 516 With portraits of Walter B. Stevens, Isaac S. Taylor, The Real Hero Was the American Pioneer.. 517 Frederick J. V. Skiff, Halsey C. Ives, Howard J. Jefferson's Interest in the West..

517 Rogers,and David R. Francis, and other illustrations, The Lewis and Clark Expedition..

St. Louis-a Strong Western City...

557 A Brilliant Page in Our History.

519 What We have Done with the Purchase. 519

By William Flewellyn Saunders. Railroads as Later Pioneers..

520 With portrait of Rolla Wells, and other illustrations. St. Louis and Its Celebrations..


Giant Ships for Our Oriental Trade...... 665 Western Prosperity and Its Diffusion.. Good Times and What Makes Them.


By F. N. Stacy. The Present Tendencies...


With illustrations. Labor and Capital on Better Terms..

521 The German Municipal Exposition...... 571 The Anthracite Situation


By George E. Hooker. Northern Securities Decision..


With illustrations. What Is the N. S. Company?

523 Compete, or Liquidate !..


The Right Hon. George Wyndham, M.P., An Obsolete Theory.... 523 Champion of the Irish Land Bill.

574 Appealed to the Supreme Court.


By W. T. Stead. How to Get Out of a False Position.


With portrait of Mr. Wyndham.
Smashing versus Regulating Combinations... 525
Some Names to Be Recalled This Year...


The Significance of the Louisiana Purchase.. 578 Livingston in Louisiana..


By Frederick J. Turner. Clinton and the Erie Canal... 526 A Forecast of Great Gatherings....

585 The New Erie Canal as Now Projected..

527 Waterways and Cities...

527 Leading Articles of the MonthThe Mississippi River..

527 A Great Congress of Arts and Sciences at St. Inundation, -Mississippi and Nile

Louis ...

593 Governmental Economic Projects.. 528 The Key to Emerson's Influence.

594 Our Irrigation Schemes...

528 The Czar's Manifesto: Its Genesis and Meaning 595 The Irish Land-Purchase Bill.. 528 “ The Macedonian Claimants

597 Its Success Assured...

King Christian IX. of Denmark..

597 Will Home Rule Follow ?.

Submarine Warfare...

598 A New Century of Hope for Ireland.


The Coöperation of the Navy and the Merchant Progress in Our Own South..


600 North Carolina's Attitude as Typical...

The Mulatto in the Negro Problem...

600 Illiteracy and Child Labor 531 Transporting New York's Millions.

601 The New Laws to Protect Children..

Reindeer in Alaska...

602 New Juvenile Courts in Several States..


The Chukchee Reindeer-Raisers of Siberia.... 603 Municipal Tendencies.

Prosperous Canada..

604 Fighting the “Grabbers" and " Boodlers" 533 Southern Cotton Mill Communities.

605 The Presidential Tour..

Ohio and Mississippi Floods...

606 King Edward's Travels. 534 Is Man the Center of the Universe

608 British Politics.. 535 The Coming Telescope...

609 London Measures..

535 What Science Has Found Out About the Brain. 610 A New Naval Station..

England's Need of Universities..

611 French Affairs...

Martyrs of the Pole.....

612 Germany, Denmark, Holland..

The Great Breakfast-Food Industry

613 In Southeastern Europe..

Insect Enemies of Pine Forests..

614 With portraits of James Monroe, Robert Livingston,

Adelaide Ristori....

615 Barbé Marbois, Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon Bona With portraits of Hugo Münsterberg, and King Chris. parte, William Clark, Meriwether Lewis, Willis

tian IX., and other illustrations. Van Devanter, Henry Clay Caldwell, Walter H. Sanborn, Amos J. Thayer, James J. Hill, Edward

The Periodicals Reviewed...

616 Livingston, De Witt Clinton, George Wyndham, The Spring Output of Fiction.

627 Samuel M. Jones, Tom L. Johnson, Julius Fleischmann, John Burroughs, the late W. S. Caine, and With portraits of Egerton Castle, Arthur Sherburne Lord Monkswell, map showing extent of the Louisi

Hardy, Mrs. Humphry Ward, Stewart Edward ana Purchase, cartoons, and other illustrations.

White, and Joseph Conrad. Record of Current Events.... 537 Other Books of the Season...

631 With portraits of the ambassadors of the European With portraits of William E. D. Scott, Edward S. powers at Constantinople, four generations of the

Holden, Helen Keller, and J. Mark Baldwin. royal house of Denmark, and the late Dean Farrar, and other illustrations.

Index to Periodicals.

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